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💥"There was no order"—Trump's own Defense Secretary testified that Trump NEVER ordered Nat'l Guard troops for #Jan6. Pathetic liar Trump claims he did & Pelosi rejected it. And the GOP & GOP propaganda media shamelessly blame Dems for Trump's terrorist attack/coup/insurrection.
💥“prosecutors have asked…detailed questions about meetings Trump led in December 2020 and January 2021; his pressure campaign on Pence to overturn the election; and what instructions Trump gave his lawyers & advisers about fake electors and sending electors back to the states”
AG Garland is on it >> Justice Dept received phone records of key Trump officials and aides—including Mark Meadows—in April. BEFORE the @January6thCmte hearings in June & July.

The DOJ criminal probe into Trump & his coup attempt has apparently been going on for months.
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🚨BREAKING: Prosecutors informed 16 Trump supporters who formed an FAKE slate of 2020 electors from #Georgia that they may face CRIMINAL charges, underscoring the risk of criminal charges that Trump and his cronies may face.……
The target letters—signaling imminent CRIMINAL charges of Trump’s cronies—were sent by #Georgia’s Fulton County DA @FaniWillisForDA.

And she’s not done yet.😎

🔥“This is a sign of a dramatic acceleration of her work,” as prosecutors typically work their way “up the food chain, so usually the first wave of target letters is not the last.” ~@NormOrnstein special counsel to the @HouseJudiciary Committee during the 1st Trump #impeachment.
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#KremenchukMall - 5 QUESTIONS:

1/ What shutter speed should a camera have to freeze the movement of the projectiles of the explosion? 1/500th, 1/1000th 1/2000th?

#NATO #WarInUkraine - #falseflag?

2/Can a surveillance camera film with such speed?

#NATO #WarInUkraine #KremenchukMall - #falseflag?
3/ What is the speed of a missile? Is it possible to film it without any motion blur? (Motion and focus blur less than focus blur/quality of rest of scene)

#NATO #WarInUkraine #KremenchukMall #falseflag?
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Mucha gente ha estado haciendo bromas sobre Mafe Walker por su conección Astral y conocimiento de lengua alienígena.

#OVNI #ancientaliens #ufos #extraterrestrials #Aliens #conspiracy
Lo que no saben es que un experto en lenguas desconocidas ya dió su punto de vista y en conjunto con la NASA hicieron la traducción de lo que Walker interpreta. Y la traducción es la siguiente:
"Seres de este mundo nos comunicamos con ustedes a través de este puente Astral y frecuencia Dimensional para decirles que no importa de que planeta o dimensión sean, es necesario que sepan que los aliens ya se dieron cuenta que vas al gym
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🚨New paper with @Flavio_Azevedo_ & @Sander_vdLinden!🚨
Climate of conspiracy: A meta-analysis of the consequences of belief in conspiracy theories about climate change in Current Opinion in Psychology.…
🧵1/11 Screenshot of the landing p...
We analyse the meta-analytic associations between climate change #conspiracy beliefs and a number of attitudes, perceptions, behavioural intentions and policy support from 22 independent samples. 2/11… Figure summarizing our main...
With regards to attitudes and perceptions, medium-to-large associations were found between climate change conspiracy beliefs and lower acceptance of both climate and general science, pro-environmental concern, and a small-to-medium association for lower trust. 3/11
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#epsteindidntkillhimself and my favorite conspiracy about #theranos. Here I lay out the foundation for a D&O lawsuit against the #theranos board of directors and show a plausible explanation as to why Holmes ended up in such a bad situation.
#theranos never worked b/c the pinprick test's error rate was too broad. This is likely b/c blood is not a homogenous substance. However, the board of directors never questioned this.

And who was on the board of directors?
Henry Kissinger
Sam Nunn - former senator
William Perry - former defense secretary
William First - former senator
General Mattis

Why were they on the BoD for a healthcare company?

To raise capital. Note who invested in #theranos
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Although conspiracy thinking is of all times, we now face a different kind of #conspiracy theories: conspiracy without theory. 1/
The increased visibility of conspiracy thinking at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be partly explained by the need for certainty in uncertain times. But there is more going. 2/
There is a distinction between classical conspiracy thinking and the new conspiracy thinking. Classical conspiracy thinking aims to offer an alternative explanation for a major event, sometimes by following journalistic or even scientific standards. 3/
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The Crimes of Julian Assange:🧵

Publishing a US Army manual on "standard operating procedures" for Guantanamo Bay, showing a policy of hiding some prisoners from Red Cross inspectors & holding new prisoners in isolation for 2 weeks to make them more "compliant" for interrogators
The Crimes of Julian Assange: 2/

Publishing Collateral Murder: the infamous video footage from a 2007 U.S. Apache helicopter attack in Baghdad, Iraq, that killed at least 9 men, incl. a Reuters news photographer and his driver, and wounding 2 children.
The Crimes of Julian Assange: 3/

Publishing more than 90,000 documents related to Afghanistan and more than 400,000 documents from the war in Iraq. Documenting how the US had underreported civilian deaths by at least 15000.

#WikiLeaks #FreePress #assangecase
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அனைத்து இந்துக்களுக்கும் இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்🎉🎊🥰 Image
என்னடா இவன் இந்துக்களுக்கு மட்டும் தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்து சொல்கிறேன் னு தப்பா நினைக்க வேண்டாம்
இப்போது இங்குள்ள அனைத்து இந்துக்களுக்கும் சுவாரஸ்யமான ஒரு விஷயம் உள்ளது. நான் உங்களுக்கு விளக்கப் போகிறேன்.
திராவிடக் கட்சிகள் ஏன் தமிழ் புத்தாண்டை பொங்கலன்று (தை 1 ஆம் தேதி) பின்பற்றத் தூண்டுகின்றன என்பதை நான் உங்களுக்கு விளக்கப் போகிறேன். ஜூலியன் நாட்காட்டியில் ஜனவரி 14 கிரிகோரியன் நாட்காட்டியில் உள்ளது. ஜூலியன் நாட்காட்டி கிரிகோரியன் நாட்காட்டிக்கு முந்தையது.
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Last Thursday (s. ; or for the full live stream, s. ), @SevimDagdelen from #DieLinke has discussed with @RaniaKhalek & @EugenePuryear esp. the recently decided & billion-dollar rearmament of the German #Bundeswehr... a result of the #RussianFederation's military invasion of #Ukraine, as officially justified by the #GermanFederalGovernment. A recommendable interview! Besides her opposition to such rearmament & the associated fundamental departure...
...from the so-called „#Entspannungspolitik“ established by #WillyBrand & #EgonBahr for #Germany's relationship with the #USSR (& also its territorially largest & politically strongest successor state in the form of the #RussianFederation),...
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Kashmiri Muslims, INC, NC, PDP, Left & Cohorts unanimously hold the then Governor #Jagmohan guilty of ordering the firing that left 50 dead in Srinagar.

Can reality be opposite of consensual 'truth'?

Let's find out. 1/n

FACT: Gawkadal Massacre refers to the indiscriminate firing upon a separatist procession passing through the Gawkadal locality of Srinagar on 21 Jan 1990 that left 50 dead. The then DSP #ALLAH #BAKSH led the JKP+CRPF contingent that opened fire on the procession upon his orders.
State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) accused #Allah #Baksh of #conspiracy leading to deaths.
However, no action was ever taken against The Butcher of Gawkadal '90, who retired as DIG through a series of promotions. He died in the year 2012.…
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🚨BREAKING: #OathKeepers founder & leader Stewart Rhodes ARRESTED and CHARGED with **seditious #conspiracy** for organizing a wide-ranging plot to storm the Capitol on #Jan6th.

FINALLY, the first insurrectionist has been charged with #sedition.💥…
At least 4 #OathKeepers who were at the Capitol on 1/6 and are cooperating with the government have **sworn in court papers that the group intended to breach the Capitol with the goal of obstructing the final certification of the Electoral College vote**.

Total #sedition.
On #ElectionDay, Rhodes allegedly said that an “honest” count of the votes could only result in a victory for Trump and called on #OathKeepers members to “stock up on ammo” and prepare for a “full-on war in the streets.”

ABOUT TIME this #traitor was charged with #sedition.🤬
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It is more likely that humans are doing what they have always done...

... than there is a massive co-ordinated conspiracy where lots of people are deliberately choosing evil

#conspiracy #human #nature #awareness
Humans generally:
😶Do as they are told by perceived authority figures
😶Do not want to be responsible for poor decisions
😶Think & live in familiar patterns
😶Care & worry

When they have an 'upline' telling them what to do they feel safer as that person has the accountability.
This is why many people enjoy tribes & a place in society where they know what their role and these patterns are.

Even leaders enjoy an upline to whom they can delegate responsibility up the chain.
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🚨BREAKING: Elizabeth Holmes found GUILTY of #conspiracy as part of her role in the total scam that was #Theranos.

She deserves to pay for her crimes.
#Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes found GUILTY on 4 counts of wire #fraud + 1 count of #conspiracy, but not guilty on 3 counts. Jury deadlocked on 3 counts.…
There were 11 total charges. Still awaiting confirmation on the exact number that we’re GUILTY.
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1/N “Food for thought-Deficiencies” in @ttindia wd focus on Conf of Interest #Food #policy #conspiracy triggered in 2002 with @gatesfoundation founded @GAINalliance with a 50 M $ grant to broker with food companies to make fortified foods… @TimothyWSchwab
2/N I discuss two food policies fortification and marketing of ultra-processed foods, food industry and makers of chemical nutrients dominate the development through partnerships with the @FSSAI creating #ConflictsOfInterest @aiimsrishi @CSEINDIA @pahowho @MoHFW_INDIA @PMOIndia
3/N Key working with @fssaiindia Food Fortification Resource Centre are GAIN, @NutritionIntl @WFP @tini_tatatrusts , ‘The India Nutrition Initiative’ and ‘Food Fortification Initiative’ funded by one or another food industry. Stakes in the bottom-line, but not in your health
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Slovenian PM and current #EU-president @JJansaSDS tweeted an hour ago an image of a #conspiracy which says #GeorgeSoros has "puppets" in the European Parliament: (via @markduursma)

Where does this image come from? 👇👇👇 1/...
@JJansaSDS @markduursma We upload the image to #TinEye, a search engine which looks for the oldest version of an image online. 2/...
@JJansaSDS @markduursma A file named 'soros.puppets.jpg' was posted on a blog called 'eunmask' in 2019.

With Google we search on this site for "soros" and find the picture on this page:… 3/...
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Lies people tell about #Water
Part: 1

"We can find charlatans peddling #snakeoil in a wide variety of spheres, but there are quite a lot of lies that are told specifically about water. It's such a ubiquitous substance, everywhere around us, and inside of us,
and since we need it to survive,it's fertile grounds for #pseudoscience. What kinds of lies do people tell about water?There are many colorful examples we will cover,but this first part will focus on the main #conspiracy surrounding water & that is the fluoridation of tap water.
From government mind control to neurotoxic effects, there is no shortage of #misinformation associated with this incredible achievement of modern society, so let's run through the most common talking points and see what they're all about, shall we?
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One last thread on the origins of #SARSCoV2 before the upcoming publication of the US intelligence report. First of all, there are two things that might be even more important than the origin itself: research ethics and scientific debate. 1/
Since the beginning, some scientists working in Chinese institutions haven't been fully transparent. The history of #RaTG13 and the issues with its sequencing data, the miners pneumonia, the missing database, the pangolin CoV data. Hiding info, playing with words. Bad science. 2/
The second thing that I didn't like was the suppression of an open dialogue between scientists, which lasted for several months. Now it's easier for scientists to freely talk about the different scenarios, but do you remember how difficult it was one year ago? 3/
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What's the deeper meaning behind it all?

Follow the white rabbit through this maze connecting art, Jeffrey Epstein, the illuminati, possible dimensional portals and... escape rooms?
This rabbit hole actually leads to more topics than just this thread, a part 2 will be needed

After reading this thread keep your eyes peeled for these symbols and feel free to send me any connections you make on your own
It started when I saw a commercial for the movie Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions

I noticed the white and black checkerboard floor and the black cube

The characters are in a bank called "Illuminus Bank"

The black cube image is also placed over lower Manhattan ImageImageImageImage
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Gurugram-based Ambience Mall owner Raj Singh Gehlot argues through Sr Adv @vikaspahwasradv, who opposes Enforcement directorate custody in a bank fraud case. Gehlot was arrested earlier today.
. @vikaspahwasradv: There are no proceeds of crime as mandated in a money laundering case.
Judge Dharmender Rana: The allegation is of conspiring to procure the amount.
. @vikaspahwasradv: I have cooperated with the agency. Assisted the ED with the best of my ability, unless they say he is possession of some information and we will take him into custody, custody can't be granted. #bankfraud
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#McAfee #Afterlife Telegram drop #176 on July 26 displays a 16-second video. The media implies that McAfee is alive and has arrived at a protected location. Or is this an older video from some previous event in McAfee's life?
👆 Do the five numbers in this #McAfee #Afterlife drop refer to the five agents who are guarding #McAfee in this "arrival" video?
#WHACKD $WHACKD #DMS #Ingersoll… Image
#McAfee #Afterlife telegram drop 191 purports to include McAfee's laugh and voice in this recent video. Previous telegrams have stated that "Rusty Shackleford" is an alias for McAfee:
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It's time to go viral. @officialmcafee didn't kill himself. He Knew way too much.


Retweet! Power of Information!

@DonaldJTrumpJr #TRUMP
#lies #conspiracy
#Epstein #Epsteindidntkillhimself #mcafeeclintond $MCFE $SPY $SPX #NEWS
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