📣 I know I've already posted these links several times, but I still keep seeing people asking "has anyone looked into whether the #GOPCovidDeathCult had a decisive impact on any midterm races, so once again, here you go:

If Katie Hobbs or Kris Mayes end up winning by less than ~4,100 votes, there's a very strong argument to be made that the #GOPCovidDeathCult was a decisive factor.

In NV, Catherine Cortez Masto looks like she's outside of Nevada's ~2,100 vote range.
HOUSE RACES: Assuming all of the races *not* listed below don't see some dramatic turnaround, there's perhaps 8 House races left which could potentially end up falling within the #GOPCovidDeathCult range: AZ06, CA03, CA13, CA22, CA41, CA47, CO03, NY22.
As I keep saying, while I estimate perhaps ~150K more Trump voters died of COVID between the 2020 & 2022 elections than Biden voters, the vast bulk of them died in districts which are deep red (or deep blue) to begin with & the rest are spread out.
For instance, here's 2 of the deepest red districts in the nation: #AL04 & #KY05.

In each, I estimate around *30x more* Trump voters died of COVID between the 2020 & 2022 elections as Biden voters, or ~1,900 more apiece. Yet that was a rounding error in electoral impact.
And yes, the same holds true in deep blue districts, where more *Biden* voters likely died of COVID than Trump voters during the same time period, although not by nearly as dramatic ratios. Here's my estimates for 2 of the deepest *blue* districts (CA-12 & MD-04):
UPDATE: OK, as @swiley1983 notes, there's a third statewide race which is already currently in the #GOPCovidDeathCult zone: Arizona School Superintendent. We'll see if that holds, however.
There's probably a few dozen state legislative races & other local races which fell into this zone as well (county commissioners, city councils, etc) but most of these get so granular that it'd be impossible to tell even if I had the resources to dig down that deep.
UPDATE: Welp. There was just another small Arizona ballot drop, and the State School Superintendent race just flipped red.
UPDATE: Annnnd Dem Hoffman retakes the lead!
UPDATE: Annnnd all three Dems build up their lead a smidge more...
UPDATE: Annnnd with the Big Maricopa County vote drop, the GOP Superintendent candidate retakes the lead.

Dem Hobbs still up 20.5K, Dem Mayes now up just 4.2K...just barely outside of my #GOPCovidDeathCult 💀 range.
📣 UPDATE: Dunno many votes are left to tabulate in Arizona, but it looks like the only statewide race in which the #GOPCovidDeathCult 💀 ended up being a decisive factor in the outcome is ARIZONA ATTORNEY GENERAL.

I'll check other states to see if I missed anything else.
🚨 UPDATE: Again, I don't know how many votes are left to count in Arizona, but at this point, unless her lead doubles or more, if Kris Mayes wins Attorney General, it was DEFINITELY the #GOPCovidDeathCult💀 which put her over the top.
OK, *almost* certainly, anyway. My low-end estimate for Arizona's Red/Blue voter COVID death is ~900, my high end is ~4,100, so I can't be 100% certain, and of course I could never prove it, but I'm as confident about this as I can be, anyway.
If Hamadeh ends up winning, of course, this is all moot; it won't end up being the deciding factor in *any* statewide races.

• • •

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Nov 13
In case folks have forgotten, there's still a chance Democrats flipped the Arizona State Senate...
And Dems also have a shot at flipping the Arizona State House as well.

It's unlikely, but conceivable that Dems managed to squeak out a trifecta in Arizona!
Re. HD-002B: AZ's state house districts have 2 members apiece, so I think the parties occasionally only run 1 of their party in hopes of focusing on being sure to get at least one seat instead of risking not getting either seat. It seems to be working for Judy Schwiebert so far.
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Nov 13
Out of curiosity, I decided to take a look at how some of the long shot Senate races which there had been some minor buzz about ended up going.

In Missouri, there was hope that a beer fortune heiress billionaire might be competitive. She wasn't.
In Indiana, there were a couple of polls showing Tom McDermott might be competitive. He wasn't.

(again, this isn't a reflection on the candidates themselves, just about the state they ran in).
In Louisiana, there was some controversy on the Democratic side about whether to back a "safer" moderate candidate (Mixon) or one more to the left on issues (Chambers). It didn't matter--Kennedy ended up getting nearly twice as many votes as both of them *combined*.
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Nov 13
I posted a long thread about this yesterday but here again is my analysis of the possible impact of the #GOPCovidDeathCult on House races: 1/

In short, there’s really only a dozen races where the GOP candidate *might* end up losing by less than the #GOPCovidDeathCult margin, which ranges from 0 - 600 votes in these 20 races (some of which have already been called since yesterday). 2/
I estimate that perhaps ~150K more Trump voters died of COVID than Biden voters between the 2020 & 2022 elections nationally. That’s a lot of people, but it’s tiny vs the ~112M who voted in the midterms, and most of these deaths happened in solid red/blue districts anyway. 3/
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Nov 12
📣📣 A few days ago I posted my analysis of whether the GOP's COVID Death Cult 💀 is likely to be the decisive factor in any *statewide* races. My conclusion was that #NVSenate is the most likely candidate for this (& potentially #AZGov, #AZAG & the upcoming #GASenate Runoff). 1/
I estimate that *if* CCM ends up winning the #NVSenate race by less than ~2,400 votes, there's a very strong argument to be made that the GOP COVID Death Cult is what made the difference.

The same applies if Dems win #AZGov or #AZAG by less than ~4,100 votes. 2/
In the case of #GASenate, if Raphael Warnock ends up winning the upcoming runoff election by less than ~5,700 votes, I would also put it in this category.

TODAY, as promised, I'm looking at this question for HOUSE races, which are a lot trickier to do due to district borders. 3/
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Nov 11
House state of play (h/t @Taniel & @Fritschner; I just gussied up the table a bit, including adding the current vote margins & % reported via the NY Times).

If Dems hold all seats they're currently leading in *and* flip 5 of the 10 currently w/GOP leading, they get to 218. Image
Whoops...the margin cell for MD-06 should be orange instead of blue...but it's my understanding that that one is expected to flip blue soon anyway...
IMPORTANT: Notice that the California races (which make up 10 of the 17 listed) have only reported an average of 55% of their votes so far!

I have no clue where the other ~45% are located but all 10 of them could *easily* change.
Read 4 tweets
Nov 11
Latest Arizona numbers via @NYTimes...all 4 Dems are slowly padding their leads...
Latest Nevada numbers via @NYTimes...no change to AG or SOS, but Gov & Senate inched towards Dems some more. #NXP
I'm gonna remove AG from Nevada since it's actually been called for Ford at this point.

Conventional wisdom seems to be that Cortez Masto & Francisco Aguilar have a solid shot at winning but Sisolak can't close the gap, but we'll see...
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