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3 December 2022 - It May Be Sad, But We Need Our Billionaire Heroes

You may never have thought of it, but this is NOT a new phenomenon. Let's dive in with Ben Franklin. He was arguably America's 1st modern entrepreneur.
2) No, his millions would not, moved forward to today, land him in the Billionaire Boys Club. But that his wealth was vast for the day, and all created during his own lifetime, is quite extraordinary. We'll come back to him.
3) While George Washington was certainly born well, his real economic wisdom was in marrying well. His wife was one of the wealthiest widows in America at the time. And, image the value of the 1,000 or so slaves he freed upon his death. And the land. Oh, the land!
4) Washington's actual profession, as you may recall, was Surveyor...of land. This was an outstanding choice for him. He never lost his passion for it. And, of course, he knew the great power of land holdings. That'd be a great study in its own right, you know?
5) We could multiply examples, perhaps we should use my friend @shestokas's favorite founder, Gouverneur Morris. Now this guy was rich, as in, yeah, he'd be in the Billionaire Boys Club today, for sure. You want to check him out if you don't know him!

6) Let's get back to Franklin. He famously quipped something like, 'Gentlemen, we'll either hang together, or we will most certainly hang separately.' By the way, on @Shestokas again, look him up at Amazon and buy his books. You'll learn what "hang separately" really meant.
7) It is impossible for us, today, to imagine the power that George III wielded over us, all the from his palaces on the other side of the pond. Quartering meant he could place his redcoats in your house and you had to serve them, in any way they required. That's power.
8) So, here our these future founding fathers rag tag joining each other to rebel. What possible shield of protection could they have against the greatest empire not only in the world, but in human history? The answer is money.
9) No, it certainly wasn't the only answer. But it was a critical part of the mix, and they all knew it. So, when Franklin is urging they hang together, that included they use all the power available to help each other. If some of them had not been wealthy, America isn't born.
10) Today's two greatest heroes are both billionaires: @realDonaldTrump & @elonmusk, with Musk of course being the wealthiest man alive, and likely the wealthiest man in human history so far. Why is that important? I hope it's obvious.
11) Obvious or no, I'll come back to that. We turn, perhaps strangely, to the question of law, now. I'm not quite sure when the evil powers of the Great Cabal realized that American Law was their greatest enemy, but I am absolutely certain they did. My guess is around 1900.
12) They were the wealthiest men of their age. They wanted true, global control. Not mere power. They already had that in spades. No, they wanted a new form of control, one made possible for them by more than just their limitless wealth.
13) They understood the stage of the industrial and technological revolutions they lived in. From travel to communications, a new world had been born. Steam engines and telegraphs, even wireless communication - radio - and then...the telephone.
14) Automobiles, albeit invented, would have to wait, really, until highways and garages changed the face of our civilization. Oh, I skipped electricity, didn't I? Now, imagine you're both evil and near infinitely rich. What's all this mean to you?
15) First, you have to add in that every cheap government official in the world is simply waiting for your bribes and help, and thrilled to corrupt law on your behalf. That's the real key. Government officials are cheap. They control the application of law. That's the pivot.
16) We've discussed the 16th & 17th Amendments many times. Just for reference, though, they are the two amendments that altered the balance of law in America. They are the virus, infecting and destroying our Constitution and our freedoms ever since. They are genius. Evil genius.
17) Another note...I'm not a Convention of States supporter. I only realize it right now, this is what I support:


Now let's get back to our billionaire heroes.
18) The phrase that opens this up for us is this:

The best law money can buy.

Of course, it goes vastly beyond mere law alone. How do you prevent assisted suicides perpetrated by commando intelligence black ops teams? We might call it the Mithridates Mandate.
19) If you don't remember him, Mithridates was an ancient king, who famously drank two full challices every day containing every known poison. In this manner, he trained his immune system and could not be poisoned. Don't know if it's true, but it's cool, isn't it?
20) That is exactly the kind of security strategy that @realDonaldTrump and @elonmusk MUST employ. Their security must be ready for every known form of attack, and most especially, assisted suicides. I hear that heart attacks are not hard to induce or make appear as natural.
21) That was the obvious part. What is less obvious, to me at least, is the function of law. Why isn't HRC in jail? She is protected by the two tiers of law that Trump made famous for us all. She absolutely knew that she had NO risk. Zero percent. Nada. Zilch. None.
22) That is what our billionaire heros face in reverse. The law will NEVER stand as safety for them. They must provide their own safety, and again, more than just physical safety. They have the power to hire as many attorneys as the Federal Government will send against them.
23) A very real advantage enters in here. Government attorneys are lazy, sloppy, and corrupt. Our billionaire heroes can do more than hire teams of attorneys, they can hire the very best attorneys, far superior to the government's. I love that advantage. I really do!
24) And don't try to hit me with Cowardly Cohen, or any other flakes that our heroes may ever have been stuck with. They're not perfect, and even for them, wisdom comes from failure, just like for all of us. Still, they are ready to face the two-tiered legal system and fight.
25) We'll close out our romp today with implications. Now that @elonmusk has released this treasure trove of perfidy and corruption, this story is NOT going to be swept under the rug. This is a true, pivotal moment, right up there with 2016's MAGA Movement. Maybe more so.
26) Instead of focusing large, let's go small. Collusion - illegal collusion - occured between the DNC, the FBI, and Twitter. That is a fact. You can state that fact. Yes, even in, and perhaps especially in liberal company. This fact affected the outcome of the 2020 election.
27) Here's another small anecdote to lay out the power of this factual basis. I used to try to have good debates with liberals, until they all broke my heart for being, well, not capable. Here's how I ended that so-often-disappointing run. I found a single fact.
28) Here's the argument-smashing question I found:

Is there such a thing as a Forgotten American, do Forgotten Americans exist?

All my former friends went scurrying for cover and stopped hanging out with me over that question. Back then, that was a good outcome.
29) The fact of DNC/FBI & Twitter corruption in 2020, over Hunter Biden's laptop, is now just such a fact. Follow it out:

1) Have you heard of Hunter Biden's laptop?
2) Do you know what it is, and what it holds?
3) Do you know its contents demonstrate high crimes?

4) Do you know that this laptop was found, and published, in 2020, before the election?
5) Do you know that the DNC/FBI & Twitter colluded to suppress this information, in order to ensure Biden's election?
6) Take your time, research these facts for yourself.

7) Are you able to disprove any of the above facts?
8) Okay then, will you recognize that this set of facts challenges our democracy and threatens our republic?
9) Can you at least agree that it was wrong?
32) If I was a more social guy, and hung out with real people at real places - I don't - I'd absolutely print out that list of 9 items and hand it to people. I wouldn't say much, either. And I wouldn't wait for perfect moments, or the right timing. Nope. Read it and weep.
33) Now, if I was so happy to stop debating liberals, why would I offer this set of 9 steps now? Simple. I actually will provide this to the tiny number of liberal friends I still have. We have to talk about family, though.
34) I'm thinking social media or text messages is the way to go. Like private DMs here at Twitter, or Facebook Messenger, or What's App, etc. And with family, I assure you, I will wait for the right moment. I know exactly what my triggers will be. I can't wait!
35) Now, last, back to the big picture. I will NOT make any predictions. Rather, I'll offer my own prescriptions. Ready?

1) Defund the FBI
2) Replace it...somehow...I don't know how...
3) While Biden is POTUS, there can be no cleaning out of the DOJ, can there?

If we could clean out the DOJ, let's get it done! Back to reality...

4) Cleaning out the DOJ MUST be, for 2024, an equal issue to appointing SCOTUS Justices was in 2016 - and what a Great Disappointment they've been!
5) Equally, a complete redesign of our entire IC.

6) What about the Media? Let's follow @elonmusk and have our billionaire heroes elsewhere take over the media by means of billionaire capitalism. This could include built from scratch, or buyouts like at Twitter.
38) Join me. Analyze this for yourself. What are the implications of @elonmusk's revelation? How do we take back America? What are the steps you can personally take? Who do you know? What steps should they take?
39) And yes, don't leave our heads in the sand liberal friends and family behind forever. The 9 steps above are powerful. They're factual. Hold onto that. Precisely as its impossible to argue that there are no Forgotten Americans, you can't argue DNC/FBI & Twitter collusion.
40) And you can't argue that it isn't important, or that it did not affect the 2020 election. You can try, but you can't succeed. Intelligent minds wake up by the wonderful alarm clock of factual truth.

Let's celebrate this. Yes?

Please unroll.

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