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Why these anti-first amendment hate speech policies are complete bullsh*t. When men are deciding what constitutes hate, it's women's voices. Nearly every major platform is banning women from speaking about the conflicts between women's rights & transgenderism. /1
It's no accident that 'misgendering' is considered 'hate speech' while 'revenge porn' and misogyny -- even violent hatred & threats -- are not. #RedditHatesWomen & so does Medium, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, CrowdJustice, Care2 & Change petitions, Wikipedia, Amazon & others. /2
Can we come together & build our own platforms? If you have skills or money, even if you can't put your name out there, we need you. This #censorship cannot stand. It's how fascism starts & democracy dies. We need #FreeSpeech & for-profit platforms have NO incentive to ensure. /3
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Psychological Warfare: E. Michael Jones on YouTube Censorship
The essence of Psychological Warfare is the attempt to prevent un-authorized communication between subject peoples (1,5 metres is also Psycho Warfare 😉)

#FreeSpeech #CultureWars #LogosRising

The B'nai B'rith is part of the Masonic Scottish Rite Order established in 1843. It's militant arm, the "Anti Defamation League" (#ADL) was formed in 1913, the same year as the US Federal Reserve.…
Hidden History of B'nai B'rith & the Young Turks
The B'nai B'rith is an abject tool of British intelligence, run and directed to serve the interests of British imperial policy. B'nai B'rith and the Young Turks efficiently destroyed the Ottoman empire.…
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THREAD: (All my Footage from #chazseattle Yesterday)

First Clip; #Antifa Thug tries to turn crowd against me because I'm a Right Winger; Left Wing Community Activists Shut him down.

Using this to call out Instigators while fighting Misinformation about #SeattleAutonomousZone
#AntifaTerrorist in Black Bloc tries to stop me from filming an incident with a Street Preacher in the #CapitolHillAutonomousZone.

I use my "Brown Person" Card to push back (Why are you Policing a Brown Muslim Guy WHITE MAN!)

#SeattleAutonomousZone #seattleprotests
Scenes from the Barricades when I first entered the #SeattleAutonomousZone.

There were NOT ID Checks or Armed Guards. In fact the guys "Guarding"the Barricades were quite cordial even when I explained exactly who I was.

Just didn't want to be on camera. 🤷

#chazseattle #CHAZ
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@realDonaldTrump I just got my report from Twitter after turning this account in please look at the rules that he was guilty of violating & of course the results which was absolutely not thing because if you are a #Conservative you better not say boo on Twitter but if you are a
Liberal you have free reign to do whatever the hell you want including posting content on a platform that has a minimum age of 13 for those who are +18, abuse and harassment, & encouraging people to break the law, cause civil unrest. I said before that the EO will do nothing
on its own they are sociopaths & the only way they will stop is for the government to shut them down. Because these are platforms of propaganda & brainwashing part of a long plan that they will not give up with out a fight. #Freespeech #Shadowban @GenFlynn @NSAGov @VP @POTUS
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Why Wasn’t #Netanyahu Ever Indicted in the US?
Milchan-Netanyahu nuclear trigger smuggling caper impunity
In 2002 Richard Kelly was sentenced to a very mild prison sentence for selling Nuclear Triggers to Israel in the eighties.
BenjaminNetanyahu worked at Heli Trading and was active in this nuclear smuggle ring.

A former Pentagon analyst was sentenced to 12 years and seven months in prison on Friday for passing U.S. defense information to two pro-Israel lobbyists and for sharing classified information with an Israeli diplomat.…
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🚨 BREAKING: Today, we've taken a critical & necessary stand for the First Amendment. @CenDemTech filed a lawsuit against @POTUS' “Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship,” which violates 1A by chilling constitutionally protected speech of online platforms & individuals.
@POTUS .@AlexReeveGivens: “@POTUS’ Order is designed to deter social media services from fighting #misinformation, voter suppression & stoking of violence on their platforms. Access to accurate info about the voting process & security of our elections is the lifeblood of our democracy."
@POTUS @AlexReeveGivens .@AlexReeveGivens: "@POTUS has made clear his goal is to use threats of retaliation & future regulation to intimidate intermediaries into changing how they moderate content, essentially ensuring dangers of voter suppression & #disinformation grow unchecked in an election year.”
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@jack get your knee off my neck and let me speak. #FreeSpeech Image
Here we go again. Chip...chip..chip... so much for free speech. Twitter is a publishing company and should not be afforded the exemptions it has. Get your knee off my tweets! #racism Image
Attention my fellow black brothers and sisters: why did it come to this before your fellow Democrat leaders decide to speak up? President Trump lowered black unemployment, created urban revitalization, and a prison 2nd chance program. Why did Obama do? Nothing! #GeorgeFloyd
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#Hamas-linked #CAIR demands that @Twitter suspend accounts of @WhiteHouse and @realDonaldTrump
Proof that #Hamas-linked #CAIR is a pressure group that seeks to silence #FreeSpeech
and yet @FOXNashville blindly accepts #Hamas-linked #CAIR's description of itself as "the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization…."
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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1. News: What!? TWITTER TAGS TRUMP TWEETS AS 'MISINFORMATION'...mere hours after KARA SWISHER appeared on CNBC to CALL ON TWITTER to establish a panel of 'content reviewers' who can help the platform tag & remove "misinformation"… @realDonaldTrump
2. News: Twitter 'UN-VERIFIES' Journalist 1 Hour After He Tweets About Obama Spying On Journalists: His article suggests #Obamagate is just the "latest development in nearly a decade-long battle" for journalists like former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson…
3. News: Former worker on Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean Pedo island says HE SAW BILL CLINTON ON THE ISLAND, Netflix doc… #Trump #ShareTheNews
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Facebook,Google Take down the #Qanon grifters apps & videos. Now you are probably wondering why these Mullt-Billion dollar platforms are not afraid that the Grifters will see them for interfering with their #FreeSpeech It is because it is not, they violated the Terms of Service &
While I am not about to tell them exactly what their videos & Apps need to say to prevent them from being band I will explain in Details what terms of Service they violated to get them banded. How do I know so much about it? I have made games & apps for Google Play & iphones for
the last 5 years. It is because #Qanon is a Psyop it is not real & if someone complains they can get sued for not removing them but it has to be someone big & important not just a person. Like the government of a consumer protection organization because remember they have allowed
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Look at that. @TPUSA & @charliekirk11 spend all day retweeting corporate media clips & other people's content. But if you dare to use their own words/videos to expose their #AmericaLast true colors through FAIR USE, they hide behind bogus DMCA intellectual property claims. Gross.
Here's the clip @TPUSA & @charliekirk11 don't want their MAGA donors & supporters to see==>
Here's an entire thread of mass migration-pimping clips of @charliekirk11 - Do @TPUSA lawyers plan on issuing DMCA threats to every single #AmericaFirst social media user who shares them? #FREESPEECH #BigTechTyrannySucks
@ColumbiaBugle @NickJFuentes
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Tucker: Big Tech censors dissent over coronavirus lockdowns via @YouTube
Has little challenge as do corrupt politicians as long as #FreeSpeech is suppressed. The #NumberOne #HumanRight that made #AmericaGreat. The principle upon which the internet was made to acquire knowledge and exchange ideas. Let’s reflect on that #MothersDay
With out #SydneyPowell speaking up for #GeneralFlynn America wouldn’t know the general Is an American Hero set up by those involved in #ObamaGate. They would still think @POTUS was a Russian Agent when it was @HillaryClinton @DNC aid for and organized #Spygate
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It's 2020. It's time to embrace the way liberals do things.

They revise history. They manipulate language and even make up words.

Today our example is:


The fictitious belief that human beings have an irrational fear of gay people.
To date there has been no offered proof that such a thing even exists.

Liberals believe that weaponizing language can be a great tool to batter those they oppose. By calling you homophobic, or accuse you of internalized homophobia if you happen to be gay, they feel superior.
When you control a word and weaponize it for usage against your enemies you sell others on the idea of an emotion being more important than logic and reason.

Most liberal arguments stem from usage of emotional weapons as a tool to override common sense and education.
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#Fact Congress is all for #FreePress so long as #media sucks up to Nehru Dynasty and attacks opponents of 'Family'. Moment 'Family' is attacked, the mask of #tolerance and #FreeSpeech is dropped, fangs are bared. #LeftLiberals scurry to defend the indefensible: the Dynasty. 1/n
I've faced the ire of the Nehru Dynasty on 4 occasions. On the second occasion I lost my job, and along with that my company leased flat and phone. Those days there was little money left in the kitty to see you through bad days. Child in tow, we were literally on the street. 2/n
We those who refused to toe the line of least resistance and matha theko at the altar of Nehru Dynasty have survived and can look back with pride. But where is the 'Family' today? The concerted, coordinated attack on Arnab Goswami @republic to intimidate him will not work. 3/n
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When you tweet the truth backed up by their own words in video👇🏾, your free speech and expression is challenged. #FreeSpeech #FreeTwitter
Patriots be strong and support one another. Just imagine what they will do as we approach the election in November.
Twitter spam? Is that like email spam? Yeah ok.
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THREAD 101{Sober Dystopia}
••THE VALLEY•• Image
•38 companies spawned in 1957
•Don Hoefler coined the term #SilconeValley in 1971
•GE, Hp, Intel, Lockheed Martin, and KODAK to name a few in the start
•In 2020 Silicone Valley is a multi trillion dollar cluster of companies Image
•We all probably remember [a/s/l] on simple chat platforms that connected us the oldschool way.
•We now have more advanced ways of connection such as geo-tagging
•However does that share of info stop on a peer to peer level?
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Ever since we were founded just 6 months ago there have been orchestrated attempts to misrepresent us and close us down. Luckily for us, our opponents have an infallible ability to prove our point that we, not they, are the voice of tolerance, reason and truth. #SexNotGender/1of7
Their refusal to discuss or even acknowledge problems and their unreasonable and vicious tone only end up making them look both foolish and bigoted. Each time they try to bully us into silence, our support grows, and more journalists and opinion-formers realise /2of7
that we are the ones upholding civilised liberal values of #FreeSpeech and inclusion. We understand how frustrating it has become for our opponents that every campaign they mount backfires and reveals their extremism and their deep wellsprings of misogyny./3of7
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The #Chinese regime has muzzled citizens who have sought to reveal the true situation of the #CCPVirus outbreak that originated in #Wuhan.

Those suppressed include #Whistleblower doctors, citizen #Journalists, scholars, and business people. (Thread👇)…
Dr. Li Wenliang

“Seven ‘SARS-like’ cases from the Huanan seafood market have been confirmed,” he wrote on Dec. 30, 2019 on @WeChatApp.

#LiWenliang was among the first people to publicize information about the #CCPVirus outbreak in #Wuhan.
The police statement said he had violated the law.

“Don’t go against the authorities, don’t wear masks, don’t make careless remarks,” hospital colleague Zhao Chen recalled a department director as saying, after #LiWenliang was summoned by police.
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14 YEARS AGO today, on March 16, 2006, @OritKwasman & I filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against @GeorgiaTech for free speech and religious liberty. It was our love of liberty and our love for GT that compelled us to do so: @AllianceDefends #freespeech
.@OritKwasman and I were GT students and realized this was a significant decision—one we made with much prayer and counsel—following years of censorship and condemnation from administrators and profs who pushed an extreme worldview and saw us as a threat to their thought monopoly
Our case against @GeorgiaTech led to a challenging 3-year battle in federal court in which we were ultimately victorious (Thanks @AllianceDefends)! 14 years later, we are still experiencing the rewards, even as we recognize that the battle to preserve our first freedom continues.
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@faemoonxx @RitaPanahi Women are oppressed around the globe PRECISELY because of their biological sex. Because they menstruate/can be impregnated/gestate/give birth & lactate. No man gets pregnant by rape/is forced to give birth/has to have an abortion/has to live in a menstrual hut during a period/ 1/
@faemoonxx @RitaPanahi skips school because they have no sanitary products/suffers FGM as a child/suffers breast ironing as a child to prevent rape/is enslaved for their breast milk/subjected to honour killing/subjected to being stoned to death for being raped [adultery]/ has to be covered head to 2/
@faemoonxx @RitaPanahi toe in public so men can’t look at them/is jailed for life for removing a headscarf in public/is discriminated in the workplace because they can get or are pregnant/is discriminated in the work place because they breast feed/is discriminated in the work place because they 3/
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1/8 On Feb 27, @LawSocietyLSO will be hearing two motions brought by members of the #stopSOP slate. The motions can be found here:…
2/8 These motions pertain to the Equity & Indigenous Affairs Committee (EIAC) at the @LawSocietyLSO and the Equity Advisory Group (EAG). The EAG is made up of reps from the various equity-seeking groups in the legal profession.
3/8 The role of the EAG is to literally advise the EIAC and, by extension, the @LawSocietyLSO about issues of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

As some of you may be aware, @LawSocietyLSO currently has benchers of a #stopSOP slate who firmly reject #EDI.
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You know ConInc is cheering @YouTube even as they pretend to champion #freespeech. They didn’t stand w/ #LauraLoomer or #GavinMcInnes. They tried to kill my career over defending @nickjfuentes & #AmericaFirst kids. They’ve done nothing to help @McNeilJaden. #freespeech poseuers!
Laura Loomer on YouTube ban of @NickJFuentes : “He shouldn’t have been silenced.” #loomerforcongress #stopthebias
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