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Is democracy and freedom of expression under threat in Tamil Nadu?

A thread on the arrests made by MK Stalin-led DMK government.

#MKStalin #DMK #DravidianModel #Democracy #FreeSpeech #SGSuryah

TN BJP State Secretary @SuryahSG was arrested under non-bailable sections for his remarks against Madurai CPI-M MP Su Venkatesan over the death of a hygiene worker who was forced to clean a faeces-filled drain by a CPIM councillor. (2/n)

#SGSuryah #DMK…
AIADMK IT wing functionary @Gowthamadmk1216 was arrested under non-bailable sections for sharing a video meme that humorously referenced MK Stalin’s video statement on Senthilbalaji's arrest. The video meme contained no derogatory content. (3/n)

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s group Children's Health Defense has been using the far-right platform Gab to do outreach. A review of the account found that the group messaged an open neo-Nazi, along with white supremacists, antisemites, and QAnon supporters.…
Gab is run by virulent antisemite Andrew Torba. Kennedy's group wrote to him in 2021 asking for help: "Please follow + support Children's Health Defense and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. #Freespeech is yet again under attack.” A Gab post by Children's He...
Kennedy's group in 2021 sent a link to its website to this Gab account, which features neo-Nazi imagery and the white supremacist "14 Words." Posts from that account also praised the Nazi Party and Hitler. From the MMFA article:   A ...
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1/4. “It is very surprising that at this time we are still arguing for #HumanRights [within multilateral processes]. We are facing harassment, surveillance and sexual harassment...Countries normally vocal are remaining quiet.” @CamilaZepedaL, Head of Delegation, Mexico 🇲🇽. Image
2/3. "As a country we speak up and defend #Pariticpation, defend #HumanRights, we are left alone in many negotiating rooms, including those discussing #LossAndDamage."
3/4. "We have made complaints as a government...Host agreements (for @UNFCCC COP's) going forwards need to protect accountability, the right to assembly and #FreeSpeech. We have proposed language to make sure those agreements public and transparent to ensure #HumanRights."
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"WHAT'S AT STAKE when we talk about book bans is student learning and well-being," writes PEN America's @jonfreadom in @USATODAY. "Semantic gymnastics about what is or isn’t a ban is an effort to deny and distract from the problem." #BannedBooks #Reading…
"To avoid charges of #censorship, school administrators, government officials and groups like Moms for Liberty have taken to calling the results of their efforts 'quarantine' or 'curation' – anything but 'ban.'

This debate is not new." (2/x)
"Writing about book banning for The First Amendment Encyclopedia in 2009, Susan Webb explained, 'Opponents of publications sometimes use the tactic of restricting access rather than calling for the physical removal of books.'" (3/x)
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Nueva version (desde Agosto 2023) del Artículo 19 de "La Declaración Universal de Derechos Humanos" impulsado por la OMS (WHO) y la Union Europea (EU):
"Todo individuo TUVO derecho a la libertad de opinión y de expresión; - 1/5 Image
este derecho incluía el de no ser molestado a causa de sus opiniones, el de investigar y recibir informaciones y opiniones, y el de difundirlas, sin limitación de fronteras, por cualquier medio de expresión." - 2/5
A partir de ahora tu pensamiento crítico que te permite entre otras cosas a dudar de las afirmaciones que en la vida cotidiana suelen aceptarse como verdaderas y el derecho a la disidencia que implica un desacuerdo con un poder o una autoridad política, - 3/5 Image
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by all means read this

never forget, the #TuftonSt style dark money Koch backed "think tanks" hold far more sway and power in the US, & they desperately WANT the most extreme EXTREMIST Libertarian right wing fascist Death DeSantis to win..... there'll be more articles like this
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OfS figures show a rise in the number of scheduled events not taking place at English universities—but the higher education watchdog warns that the data "may not show the full picture" of #cancelculture's chilling effect on the public sphere on campus.…
As we point out in our research briefing on the Higher Education (#FreedomOfSpeech) Bill, which recently received Royal Assent, cancellation of visiting speakers isn't an adequate measure of the scale of the #freespeech crisis at English universities.

🔗… Image
Real evidence of the issue can be found, for example, in:

1/ Internal regulation of lawful speech.…
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Please @USNavy let the public know if you:
1. Accepted these images as authentic; I have been contacted by a former officer who tells me the carpet is for the Commander of the Pacific Fleet- an off choice;
2. Authorised the publication of these images;
Thread, to be continued vv Image
3. Why you did not publish them on;
4. Confirm these photos were taken on the 11th of November 2022, Veterans Day, in Honolulu;
5. If these photos were taken by M1 Pielop, why the publishing has been allowed with navy personnel on duty and identifiable; Image
6. Why it has been allowed to have M1 Pielop's name published in unofficial circumstance?

I await your response with anticipation. Please comment below with your answers to each point. @USAGov might also be a point of interest. ImageImageImageImage
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Again, @TwitterSafety fails to uphold its own standards/policies. Consistency is crucial, & silencing people because of who demands it, is contrary to everything Elon Musk claims to stand for.

This is an afront to #FreeSpeech, & directly contradicts @ellagirwin’s & @elonmusk’s
Twitter suspended @RosePinochet after a request by activists. Twitter told the user they’re suspended for violent speech, citing posts which did not contain ANY such violation.

@TwitterSafety then told the leftist activists that it was violating the abusive behavior rule. ImageImage
They suspended, THEN found the reason. In addition to the user’s appeal regarding the absurd “violent speech” claim, it’s also CLEAR she didn’t violate the abusive behavior policy.

@ellagirwin & @TwitterSafety announced the new policy, defining abuse as being repeated & ongoing. ImageImage
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O, let me list the ways, that @VPrasadMDMPH tried to hoodwink you, and hope you didn't notice.
#FreeSpeech #MedTwitter #myocarditis #COVID19
The most basic way - he blocked almost all of #Medtwitter for disagreeing with him, and simultaneously claims that everyone needs to at least listen to people who disagree.
Whatever happened to actions speak louder than words @VPrasadMDMPH?
@VPrasadMDMPH criticized other physicians for attempting to debunk homeopathy, while forgetting that an unwavering belief in pseudoscience actually gets people killed……
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Still shaken from personal experience, I see the same sad thing happening to others such as @WholeMarsBlog


A rant!
#FreeSpeech #Humor #SatireIsImportantAF
@elonmusk - Twitter is important AF Image
I'll start with @WholeMarsBlog, who posted this

Clearly tongue in cheek, a sarcastic response to attempts to curb free speech

You'd think people would see that as such. However, many of the replies were like these ImageImage
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Imagine being tried & convicted as a "violent political offender" for peaceably expressing your views on Twitter—happening now to @rodrigoivanc in #Mexico 🇲🇽 #AThread🧵
In a bonkers decision, @rodrigoivanc was convicted of multiple forms of violence (gender-based + psychological + digital + sexual violence) FOR SPEECH on Twitter referring to @SalmaLuevano, a trans-identifying Congressional rep in MX, as "a man who self-ascribes as a woman"
In the meantime, while Rodrigo is being convicted of "violence", here's the behavior of the activists that are suing him 👇
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1. Op-eds aren’t data.

2. Only a short time ago, within many Americans’ lifetimes, #highereducation was badly segregated and reserved mainly for elites.

#Collegecampuses have never been as intellectually diverse and democratic, open to numerous #viewpoints, as they are now.
3. The idea that students are “censorious”--let alone "mad"--is a false narrative that pundits, propagandists, and mainstream media have aggressively promoted.
4. College-aged young people consistently express stronger support for #freespeech and tolerance for #viewpointdiversity than other age groups in credible survey research--not only in individual studies, but also across time.
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Now from @PostOpinions: the same by-the-numbers, empirically unserious column about #freespeech on #college campuses. So, my typical response…1/5…
Low key, one of the most significant pieces of #misinformation about #collegecampuses that such columns popularize is the falsehood that an op-ed can meaningfully assess the state of #freespeech across nearly 5K postsecondary institutions in the U.S. It can't. 2/5
This latest example is an assessment of anecdotes--out of context and selectively retold--not a serious survey of the many different forums for free speech that exist in any given #university. 3/5
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Réponse à Musk avec "9 impressions"!
Techniquement impossible. Preuve que les non-bleus sont masqués, pestiférés (lui, Président des USA lors de la #Covid19 aurait fait de camps de concentrations pour "malades", à la #Philippot).
#Shadowban #FreeSpeech, #Liberté d'#Expression... Image
#Shadowban #FreeSpeech #Liberté #Expression selon l'inculte #ElonMusk & sociopathe cliché de romans/films #SciFi du "cool" anarcho-libertaire, tyran une fois aux pouvoirs soutenu par des teubés, trolls & lèche-cul excités: "Paie pour une visibilité" ou "Parle toujours!" #Coluche. Image
#Shadowban #FreeSpeech #Liberté #Expression selon l'inculte #ElonMusk… ignorant donc que la "Liberté d'expression" est lié à la #DEMOCRATIE : Sous-entend de pouvoir s'exprimer & d'être entendu!
Et dire que "on" a importé le système Bachelor-Licence/Master/PhD en #France et #UEImage
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Hello les Canailloux🧵

Profitons de ce message pour vous dire que beaucoup n'ont pas compris pourquoi la personne la plus généreuse en information, support, et connaissances générales a été kick/ban du Discord il y a quelques semaines de ça... 👇
Plus de 2 ans de présence quasi h24 et d'échanges avec des fidèles comme des gens de passages, l'owner de la Citadelle @cryptoflink n'a rien trouvé de mieux que de kick/ban 2 admins actifs et polyvalents, dont notamment @GuruWP_, avec un "mp de remerciements et explications" 👀
Se servir du bearmarket pour restructurer la commu en zones cachées, bannir des admins actifs et prolifiques dans ce qui était censé être l'essence même du Discord: Aide crypto tous niveaux.

La démarche est lâche, triste et moche, et on a clairement pas le même but.
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Another way Twitter suppresses the #RFKJr campaign (in addition to rigging Twitter polls that favor Kennedy) is by messing with external links to polls that favor Kennedy.

For example: this link to BitChute
When you try to follow the link to watch this #RFKJr video on BitChute, it warns you “this link may be unsafe!” Image
Then there’s that weird thing that happened to Rasmussen yesterday, after they posted a link to their poll showing #RFKJr making a big splash in the presidential race:
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1/ Censorship is a tactic historically associated with fascist regimes and ideologies. Fascists often seek to suppress dissent and opposition, and may use a variety of tactics to censor or limit the free expression of ideas that conflict with their own. #fascism #censorship
2/ This can take many forms, including censorship of the media, control of public discourse, and suppression of opposition political parties and social movements. In fascist regimes, the state often maintains strict control over information and communication channels.
3/ For example, Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler implemented strict censorship laws and policies, controlling what could be said, written, or published in the media. The regime used propaganda and censorship to promote its ideology and worldview, and to silence dissent.
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I’m in the gallery. Waiting to see if they vote to remove my state representative. If they do, I won’t be quiet. I’m ready to make good trouble.

#FreeSpeech #1stamendment #AdvocacyInMedicine Image
They are honoring Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr right now, another person killed by gun violence in #Tennessee.
@brotherjones_ just acknowledged his constituents in the gallery. He got a standing ovation from those of us in the balcony. Image
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a quick comment on @Twitter / @TwitterDev and how @elonmusk's control of these entities now means that we can't trust "engagement" statistics from Twitter any more.

it's widely grasped that Musk's loyalists are doing whatever they can to maximize their visibility here.

that's also meant that @elonmusk's instructing @Twitter / @TwitterDev staff to suppress *critics* of Musk and his right-wing #Twitter regime—it's to be noted that fierce independent champion of #FreeSpeech, @mtaibbi, has no opinion about Musk's Twitter censorship.

most likely @mtaibbi knows that he *benefits* from @elonmusk's dictatorial meddlings with @Twitter and #Twitter visibility, so of course he's not going to complain about it—when pressed, he'll probably claim that it's Elon Musk's right to rule Twitter dictatorially.

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Oh look! A new lawsuit has been filed in NJ by a librarian against #parents who spoke up at a school board meeting.

Egregious 1A violation. Let's review the public records. A thread🧵.
Atty @tonycaivano1964, hubs of radical librarian @roxanacaivano, actually filed a lawsuit for defamation against #parents who exercised their 1A rights to petition their #localgov and criticize the very #govtjobs employee whose salary they they pay.

Let's learn more about……
So, Librarian Roxana Caivano @roxanacaivano flexes here with Just How Important She Is. Based on her white privilege?


It gets better though....
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🧵“This escalating battle for control over free expression in education should worry us all,” said PEN America CEO @SuzanneNossel in remarks before the House Committee on Education & the Workforce’s Subcommittee on Higher Education & Workforce Development.…
Nossel: "The university campus is the incubator of democratic citizenship and the breeding ground for leaders in every sector of society. If we don’t get free speech and open discourse right on campus, we won’t get it right in the media, the courts, or out on the streets." (2/x)
Nossel: "At PEN America we argue that the essential drive to render American campuses more diverse, equitable, and inclusive need not—and must not—come at the expense of robust, uncompromising protections for free speech and academic freedom." (3/x) #DEI #FreeSpeech #Education
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.@DrJBhattacharya: Decisions to censor #COVID19 some science harmed "every single American."

Sitting in at the @EnergyCommerce hearing, “Preserving #FreeSpeech & Reining in #BigTech #Censorship," with @DrJBhattacharya, @SethDillon, @ShellenbergerMD, @SpencerOverton testifying.… Image
.@ShellenbergerMD is proposing legislated full transparency by #BigTech platforms, mandating public disclosure of each censorship decision, and an opportunity to respond.

"An existing transparency proposal before Congress would further empower and……
@ShellenbergerMD The correct Energy & Commerce Committee Twitter is @HouseCommerce.

I intended to live tweet, but I'm engrossed in the discussion & the very different worldviews which different congressional members seem to hold.

& you can catch the whole hearing here👇
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re-watching "All the President's Men" reminded me sharply of something that honestly should have been more *obvious* to me—it's a simple but telling thing.

the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi / @bariweiss fascist crowd don't champion *liberty* or *freedom*. only "#FreeSpeech".

of course one can't say that the @mtaibbi / @elonmusk crowd meaningfully believe in "free speech" as more than a convenient badge, a flag they wave, a message they wear on signboards—for that is how fascists see *all political language*. to them, it's all mere branding.

but it's telling all the same that it's just the one very particular sort of #freedom that the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi / @ShellenbergerMD crowd pretend to admire (even though they don't, really.)

that's very typical of Western thinking, unfortunately. they're not alone.

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