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Well I hadn't expected that.

The famous "scientific fraud buster" who never seems to question #BigPharma...

Is herself the co-author of a paper by a group charged with fraud. A lot of fraud.

$99m worth.
Holy cow. https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-california-coup
And it wasn't the only paper .. here's another one from 2018.

Surely the world's foremost fraud buster would be able to medical spot co-authors charged with a huge fraud?

Just goes to show...

Oh wow this is the poo version of Theranos.

No shit.


Expect more on this later...
And here we are.
Instead of answering the charge, Lizzy blocked me.
That's fine.
It just means that she now cannot respond.
This looks really bad.

This thread will be updated as we go.
There is nothing that is worse for science than people like the three stooges - Liz, Kyle and Gideon - promoting themselves as fraud busters to find that they themselves are in receipt of irregular payments
As a reminder there are major irregularities at Merunova via Kyle and his boss Ashish Diwan, who took $2m in government research grants for 2020 to 2022 - and didn't record a single patient recruited.

That's a lot of money.
@SabinehazanMD @JesslovesMJK
WTF @FrontiersIn?

You can't put an expression of concern on a hypothesis paper - it's a hypothesis!

▶️Was this EoC was generated solely by Elisabeth Bik?

▶️If so, did Bik declare her conflict of interest involvement in uBiome?

@FrontiersIn #poogate gets stinkier.

Elisabeth Bik has 3 patents filed with the very people she is trying to distance herself from - who were charged with running one of the most fraudulent medical enterprises in recent history.

Patent granted after she "left"
#poogate keeps going.

Now @RetractionWatch post an article attacking Hazan's hypothesis paper and quoting Bik as "worked in.. a private company"

That private company is charged with a massive Ponzi fraud.

This is not an accidental omission.

And the ONLY reference to the insanely corrupt uBiome scandal on the whole of the @retractionwatch website is this sycophantic piece.

It looks like Retraction Watch are covering for the uBiome scandal
#poogate is getting very murky now..

Who is Ivan Oransky, founder of Retraction Watch?
And who funds all these organisations:
▶️Simons Foundation

This should be displayed openly, but it is impossible to find.
What we do know is that @medpagetoday posted a false, misleading and likely libellous article in 2022 in a similar vein to bully an authentic paper off the internet in an attempt to discredit the author, who was not following the #BigPharma narrative.
And the same methods were directed against a dedicated and honest researcher in Sweden last year - because she found out something that may affect the mRNA therapies and that could signal a huge cancer risk.

Silenced by the NIH. Job done.

#poogate just became...

Bik still holds patents with uBiome now with Psomagen to test your vagina by PCR....

But it's a scam
This is what you sign up for when you want your vaginal microbiome assessed - but it's not really looking for that (not that there would be any point).

It's a repackaged STI test that you can get from any doctor.

It's a scam.
The patent is for something called #SmartJane which appears to be just a combination PCR test.

You can get them from your doctor - for free, depending on the country.
So #SmartJane seems a bit like the Gwyneth Paltrow #Goop scam

But hey, if you can make money out of women's health...
And here is the Kean health (Psomagen) page talking about vaginal microbiome types.

Lactobacilli are essential for vaginal health. That's it. Nothing more complicated.

But people like this pray on your health fears.

#vaggate #goopgate #poogate
Every. Single. Time

#poogate #vaggate

• • •

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Jan 29
I've blocked this person but showing the tweet to make people aware of the insidious scourge we have to deal with.

@drcole12 said nothing about nanoparticles, but this was the basis of the attack on him.

These people in my view are worse than the pharma corporations.
On the face of it, it seems such a minor issue. A minor wording change.

But these people are a time drain. They are insistent that they are right. I give most people a chance to correct, but often they don't.

Their sole purpose to to disrupt....
But they only disrupt our side - which is that which is exposing the corruption, fakery and falsehoods in the biggest pharma rollout in history.

At least when it's the pharma companies we know that they have a bias.

These people are wolves in sheeps' clothing....
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Jan 29
Interesting company...

Endo pharmaceuticals.
Unusual name.
I wonder....
Is this another #cardboardMD?

@Fynnderella1 @FeeRedfern
@Fynnderella1 @FeeRedfern As I've said before - two PhDs is a rare event. To claim two PhDs and two masters degrees in nursing?

The only other person to make similar claims recently was Poornima Wagh.

Maybe the research papers are in a different name?

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Jan 28
A lot of time is put into producing content that you don't see elsewhere and answering every question I see.
Every one.

Yet this word fragile keeps cropping up. How?

The people I block are muttons and people who throw out empty insults...
So why would I not block people who post "Jikky is a fraud bla bla bla" and other empty headed insults?

If you engage in good faith I'll explore the subject with you. But if you claim elephants are pink I'm not going to bother and I'll just move on.
Blocks are for spammers and people who choose insult as a method of argument. It's lazy. I won't give you my time.

I'll just assume you're the controlled opposition because you're behaving like a time draining mutton.

So enjoy your blocks. Don't whinge.
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Jan 28
While the shadowban is strong, I might as well take a trip back in photographic history.

The best photographers taking the highest quality pictures in full sunlight.

In 1968.
These are professional photographers with the best cameras money can buy.

People who have been taking pictures for years.

The grain is testament to the labour required to develop the images from negatives.
Manual focus.
Manual exposure.
There was no auto focus or auto exposure on these cameras.

Colour bleeds and grain are authentic.
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Jan 28
There are very good reasons why I have nothing to do with Jane Ruby or Stew Peters.

This is one of them.

Ryan Cole got one thing wrong early on but acknowledged his error and has been 100% dedicated to the truth. This is what we do.

@drcole12 @Fynnderella1
For the record there are no nanobots, there is no graphene oxide.

What there are, are metallic contaminants which were confirmed as having killed young men in Japan under FOI.
@wtyl_live investigated specifically for graphene oxide and found none.

The "nanobots" were just cholesterol and sugar crystals

The magnetism reported by many has not been explained outside of the steel contamination issue but...
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Jan 27

It's not difficult to substantiate an MD whose CV said he was a urology resident before dumping it and moving *back* to pharma.

Pubmed is *very* specific on an author search.
"Jordon" is unusual.
4 papers - all urology.
Which perfectly corroborates @BrianOSheaSPI's summary of his CV here
With the timing showing that he went from IQVIA (yes that IQVIA) into medical school at around 2014, likely produced his first paper as a med student in 2016 and was fast tracked through - I suspect funded by IQVIA.
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