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Just in case anyone questions why [DS] Pennsylvania is digging in its heels to facilitate #soros-paid-for #electionfraud... let's just say that Pennsylvania has A LOT to lose.
re a [DS] institution that very few will have heard of before protecting #bigpharma/ #cancerinc PHARMACEUTICAL TRADE interests and its involvement with occult Sinister #aeonicmagick & #cliology [re cliologist uses aeonic energies]
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Enquête sur « Big Pharma » sur @ARTEfr . Cela a un écho dans l’actualité plus que troublant
Cela remet en cause principalement le concept de risque une notion qui scientifiquement peut être grossièrement vulgarisée à un chiffre « 5% ». 5% étant en général le risque acceptable pour accepter une hypothèse non nulle comme la présence de tel ou tel effet indésirable
5% mais ne serait ce pas 5% de trop ? Notamment sur des effets indésirables graves ? La morale fait donc ingérence dans la science. Cependant, pour les labos, 5% de risques dans divers procès comparés aux profits possibles, « la question est vite répondue »
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SEND THIS TO THE [DS] Turkic Turano-Kushite/ -Aithiop #scythian/ #illyrian BANANAUK FUCKWADS... tell THEM it comes from an ex-ABPI (London) perp:
together with ex-EFPIA (Brussels)
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Livre 📚"L'OMS : Bateau ivre de la santé publique"
La revue médicales le #BritishMedicalJournal réputée dans le milieu avait déjà mis en doute l’intégrité et l’infaillibilité de l’#OMS,à propos de la gestion de la #GrippeAviaire en 2005
#BillGatesEvil #BigPharma☠️ #COVID19💉
#JPMorgan,présente à #WallStreet,estimait que, principalement grâce à l’alerte #Pandémique lancée par l’#OMS,les grands industriels #Pharmaceutiques,qui
#Financent également le travail de l’#ESWI d’#A_Osterhaus,étaient prêts à engranger 7,5 à 10 milliards de dollars de bénéfices.
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Here is my take. #China DID release a virus that killed alot of ppl. Remember all the riots the #CCPChina could not contain? GONE The crematorium seen in space? #Democrats took advantage of this w many other countries following suit to try to instill communism.
Remember, #Birx said on national TV the #flu is gone. Remember #Pompeo said this was a drill. @POTUS mumbled something along the line of thx forvtelling me.. Remember #Gates had a mtg in early November re a pandemic. .
#CDC revised deaths n said 6% of ppl w #COVID19 died w/out underlying disease. Remember #Democrats and #FakeNews are not saying a word re the revised #CDC %. What did #FakeNews #AOC and other ppl say re how to beat @POTUS was to destroy the economy. You isolate or quarantine sick
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1. News: BRUTAL!! Trump Parody Video of Him Firing Obama Was Bumped, Never Aired at 2012 RNC — It’s Awesome! - Thread 9.6.2020 President Trump looks as young today as in 2012!… #Trump #Obama
2. News: WATCH: ‘Protesters’ Set Man on Fire with Bomb Thrown at Portland Police More Videos of Peaceful Protests…
3. News: EXCLUSIVE: Militant Leftist Tries to Kill Conservative After Memorial for Trump Supporter Murdered By Portland Antifa:

“Blood was pouring out of his ears & his nose. ”
(VIDEOS)… #Antifa #BLM #Riots #Terrorists
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@thelancet have published another paper to try to show that #hydroxychloroquine is "dangerous" (it's not).

Here's why I think it's fake…
First off, the authorship is a bit unusual for a clinical (medical) paper.

Almost all biostatisticians and bioinformatics people. These people understand numbers, modelling and code but have a limited grasp of medicine.

They are working a bioinformatics project...
The project is the OHDSI-COVID-19 consortium.

It's on github if you want to take a look.

Not exactly the usual clinical repository of data. In fact, the data for this paper is not supplied - despite @thelancet being under intense scrutiny
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The #HunterBiden Chronicles: All you need to know in 1 handy thread (via 2009 Chapter 3 #CultureOfCorruption)
1st job, acquired after daddy won 1996 Senate re-elex bid, was w/MBNA--top JB campaign finance donor that forked over ~$63k in bundled primary & general contributions. /1
By early 1998, Hunter was promoted to MBNA senior VP, then scored plum job in Clinton Commerce Dept before returning to MBNA as a high-priced “consultant.” While collecting consulting fees, Hunter became “founding partner” in lobbying firm of Oldaker, Biden & Belair in 2002. /2
Oldaker was JB's former campaign treasurer & general counsel--a Beltway barnacle whose Dem machine days dated back to Teddy Kennedy’s 1980 prez bid. Under Oldaker, Hunter lobbied for #BigPharma & universities to the tune of nearly $4 million billed to the company by 2007. /3
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#OperationWarpSpeed Chief Scientific Advisor Moncef Slaoui developed multiple vaccines that have led to severe adverse reactions, contamination & failure to gain informed consent during his 33 years as head of vaccines for GSK.

Slaoui cannot be trusted to build a safe vaccine! ImageImage
Moncef Slaoui's Rotarix vaccine was discovered to be CONTAMINATED with a PIG VIRUS after it was injected into thousands of children & earned Glaxo nearly a billion dollars.
The FDA did not recall the tainted vaccine after the contamination was discovered.…
Over 2000 schoolgirls in the UK reported severe adverse effects including convulsions, fever, paralysis and in some cases death shortly after taking Glaxo's HPV vaccine, Cervavix, designed by Moncef Slaoui.
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Why do certain folk have such trouble believing a human can be tortured into submission to create [DS] alters where the individual's psyche is left mentally-damaged [re DID/ MPD, bi-polar, manic depressant, borderline personality disorder etc] "The United States of Tara] then
triggered into action aka [DS] weaponised FalseFlag attack intended to incite race wars?

How many times has this sort of tragedy happened before? A man suddenly turns violent without any reason nor warning.
Is said perp also on [DS]-#BigPharma/ #CancerINC prescribed psychotropics? I'll wager he is.

[DS] Monarch/ MKUltra mind-control is well documented and leads to [DS] #Adrenochrome/ #Loosh consumption
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People, you took your eye off the ball. You had the information to tell you what was going on, but you let the #corporatemedia distract you.

[A] It was a bioweapon, and
[B] we have the antidote.

Let's go back to that original paper in J Virol 2005.
From the CDC. Fauci's people.
What was the reason that they were looking at #chloroquine for SARS coronaviruses?

Because they were developing them as bioweapons.

And #hydroxychloroquine was known to be an antidote.
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#COVID19 Thread
Top Harvard scientist charged with lying to the DOD about his work for a Chinese recruitment program.

Lieber received some $1.74M for research he conducted for China's *WUHAN* University of Technology, plus $50,000K per month…
Note she visit's just before Ev3nt 201 was arranged. A "drill" which was a preparation "exercise" to fight a pandemic…
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One of the biggest problems we've seen with #COVID19 is Media trying to tie EVERYTHING to the virus in order to keep the 'Fear & Smear' machine going. The curve has flattened, but NOW we need to 'be very afraid' of... hair loss?

@FOX2News: are you aware this 'study's WASN'T scientific- instead relying on anecdotal 'evidence' gathered from responses to a FACEBOOK SURVEY?

They were FISHING for things to scare people with!

C'mon, Man!!

CDC Just reported TOTAL 2020 US deaths are running about 26% below 2018. Deaths for many other causes are WAY down, as they all get thrown into the 'COVID-19 Bucket' to drive up numbers, drive the (false) narrative, & drive Dems' Election strategy.

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@jndkgrf Goed geschreven, Jan. Stuur je je brieven per post of zien wij ze en zij niet? Femke ∆ lees! #Halsema heeft IBS getekend & ik mocht 2 weken op afgesloten afdeling zitten, net voor kerst. Voor #Assange politieke activisme. Uren op Schiphol in cel bij Marechaussee & vrijheid kwijt
@jndkgrf @AmsterdamNL @Marechaussee Jan, off topic maar gaat over mensenlevens. In April heeft Teva #Hydroxychloroquine vrij voor ziekenhuizen gesteld. Maat Hugo de Jonge zei nee. #HCQworks >6000 mensen konden gered worden. Jij kan boodschap verspreiden. #coronamaatregelen niet nodig
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1. News: “I want money going to the people”: President Trump Slams Pelosi, Schumer for Pushing Bailouts for “Poorly Run” Democrat Cities in their Latest Stimulus Plan - Thread 8.8.20… #Trump #ExecutiveOrder #Relief #Stimulus
2. News: Video: Joe Biden Calls for Citizenship for “11 Million Undocumented Aliens.. uh..uh..”…They “Enrich” Our Communities… ”Essential to Our Economic Strength”… #Biden #Illegals
3. News: CNN’s Jim Acosta Gets Smoked After He Whines About President Trump’s “Rally” aka "Peaceful Protest" at the President’s NJ Country Club… #Trump #Acosta #PeacefulProtest
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President Trump is holding a press conference right now.

Economy Update:

Talking about job growth over the past 3 months

623,000 new manufacturing jobs - the "magic wand" worked!

639,000 new construction jobs
He's still trying to work with Congress on another covid-relief bill. Trump wants to:

Defer payroll tax until the end of the year, retroactive from July 1. May extend it end of year.

Enhance unemployment benefits through end of year.

Defer student loan payments & interest
Extend eviction moratorium
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.@realDonaldTrump really went out on a limb on this one for the people. We also got huge heads up through his backchannel that a miracle drug that will kill the flu & that our families are safe. Also, that it’s #TheCure for many diseases tied to #Fauci, #Birx & #BillGates.
Sure, nothing to see here. AT ALL 🤣 ImageImageImageImage
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1. News: Federal Government and Yale Are Holding Clinical Trials on How Best to Persuade Americans to Take COVID-19 Vaccines… #COVID #TRIALS #Manipulate #Population
2. News: What Coronavirus? THOUSANDS of Leftists March in Chicago Chanting,

“No Justice, No Peace, Defund the Police” (VIDEO)
.… #COVID #Protests #Chicago
3. News: “I’m Not Going to Be Silenced!”

– Houston Doctor Stella Immanuel Doubles Down

– When Was the Last Time Fauci Saw a Patient? (VIDEO)
.… #Doctor #Stella
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