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From Friday's @ukcolumn news, we take a look at some of the crazy Orwellian moves by Gov't in #Australia. It's absolutely astonishing...
#Australia (con't): So the Govt's TGA (FDA equivalent) are going after @CraigKellyMP for tweeting... a Gov't report on #vaccines. Honestly, you couldn't make it up...
#Australia (con't): So last week @CliveFPalmer dropped a few major bombshells at his press conference. Here is the first one - exposing the financial collusion between Gov't and Media which is dictating #Covid narrative:
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The jig is up. #VaccineDeaths
They ALL know.
#FauciTheFraud knows.
@CDCDirector knows.
@NIH knows.
@US_FDA knows.
@WHO knows.
#BigPharma knows.
#BillGates knows.
@POTUS administration knows.
But WHY??!
Because #TheGreatReset requires worldwide #PopulationControl.
This information is from the @FDA's own 8+ hours recorded Panel, and invited distinguished, expert doctors. @Twitter can't in any credible way claim this is disinformation. @Twitter is legally and morally complicit in suppression of #VaccineSideEffects & deaths.
And now @pfizer has begun trials on infants. This evil depravity must stop!!…
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'Operation #Lockstep. Suomessa on meneillään ulkovallasta organisoitu, #pandemia'ksi naamioitu talousterrori-isku. Petollisin vihollinen löytyy oman maan sisältä.
- #SARSCoV2 on pelkkä tietokonemalli, 'in silico'.
Mitään todellisia viruksia ei ole koskaan löydetty, mistään. ImageImage
Vaikka @THLorg on käskytetty väärentämään rikollisin tavoin kuolinsyytilastoja Covid-kuolemiksi, todellisuudessa ihmiset elävät keskimäärin pidempään kuin ennen kuviteltua, 'in silico' virusta.
-27.12.2020 alkaneet rokotekuolemat merkitään koronakuolemiksi
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ID2020 rückt uns immer näher auf die Pelle.
Wie wollen wir in Zukunft leben - auch was Digitalisierung betrifft?
Ich möchte jedenfalls weder das Jens Spahn meine Daten ungefragt zu angeblichen Forschungszwecken an #BigPharma gibt, noch möchte ich permanent mein Smartphone | 1/3
als moderne Arm/Taschenfessel bei mir tragen müssen, um mich in jeder Frittenbude ausweisen zu können/müssen.
Ich hoffe, das auch in diesem trägen und von Angst geprägtem Land die Menschen Aufstehen bevor es zu spät ist. | 2/3
Um Gesundheit geht es hier scheinbar nicht (mehr), falls es darum jemals ging. Es geht um digitale Überwachung.
So, und nun nennt mich Verschwörer- mir scheiss egal. 😉
Wer aber lesen kann und auch will, ist schwer im Vorteil. | 3/3
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Paradisi fiscali e ricarichi stratosferici: #BigPharma lo fa per il nostro bene, i virologi non hanno conflitti di interesse e il pd non è in vendita.

I margini di utile di #Pfizer, Merck, Johnson & Johnson e Abbott al lordo delle imposte sono risultati estremamente bassi:
rispettivamente del 7% e del 5% nel triennio 2013-2015. In altre parole, un utile lordo di appena 7 e 5 centesimi per ogni dollaro fatturato.

Eppure, su scala globale, i quattro colossi hanno dichiarato alla SEC, la Consob statunitense, profitti annui che raggiungevano in alcuni
casi il 30% dei ricavi. I profitti mancanti non sono evaporati, ma se n’è trovata traccia in quattro paradisi fiscali societari (Belgio, Irlanda, Paesi Bassi e Singapore). Oxfam ha riscontrato in tali Paesi margini medi di profitto prima delle imposte pari al 31%.
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The next time you witness "irregular marketing" of the #Covid vaccine, show them this.
Bill & Melinda Gates; forced vaccinations and uninformed consent 💉
"The Gates Foundation funded experimental malaria and meningitis vaccine trials across Africa and HPV vaccine programs in...
"[T]hey are increasingly shaping the agenda of international organizations and governments." -Encouraged by the UN
Philanthropic #P3 well suited in addressing "sustainable development challenges... in implementing a post-2015 development agenda." [Agenda 2030, Sust Dev G]
"Recent reports of human rights abuses" "from Gates Foundation funded vaccine trials in Africa and India."

Why in the hell are we doing this?? 👇🏼

GF, Microsoft, WHO...
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How does the CDC ALREADY KNOW that children are going to be PARALYZED in next 4 months?…

'Polio like' disease will affect kids average age 5 YEARS OLD⁉️

Hospitals will be FLOODED with kids with PARALYZED LIMBS, ARMS & FACES
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Flashback 1/2: 2 articles, deep-dive (2016/2017) into @moderna_tx secretive quest to relocate production of proteins from expensive bioreactors into the human body.

"running an investment firm [.] then hopefully it also develops a drug that’s successful.”…
Flashback 2/2:

"Most small biotechs have to publicize every step of their early research [.] to raise money, [.] 'Then people get to see all the failures. We've had failures. [.]. But because we've been quiet about it, nobody's seen that', [.]."…
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The story behind the biggest European Commission (EC) regulatory scandal of all times.

Welcome to 21st century totalitarianism, EC style.


On the 17th of June 2020 the EC declared the "EU Strategy for COVID-19 vaccines".

It was based on two pillars:

1) "Securing sufficient production of vaccines in the EU through Advance Purchase Agreements (APAs)" with manufacturers.

2) Adapt the "regulatory framework ...making use of existing regulatory flexibility to accelerate the development, authorisation and availability of vaccines while maintaining the standards for vaccine quality, safety and efficacy."
#PfizerLeak Image
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De links elite van deugneuzen die zich zelf hoog verheven voelt boven het waardeloze gepeupel zal er wel weer schande van spreken dat @fvdemocratie dit durft te stellen, maar dit is gewoon een goed stuk.

#coronavirus #vaccinatiedwang
De vaccins, zoals ik gisteren ook al heb laten zien, hebben een bescheiden werking, en het number needed tot vaccinate is bijzonder hoog...

Daarmee gaan we het niet redden, zoals vele mensen die wel verstand van zaken hebben, geprobeerd hebben ons te zeggen.
Ik snap best dat het bijzonder pijnlijk is om dit toe te moeten geven, maar het feit is dat we elke winter op de intensive care een grote beddendruk zien.
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Let me get this straight....

The @CDCgov the @WHO Dr. FRAUD-ci , the medical community, the media, Social media and the liberals.....

ALL vilify #HCQ and #Ivermectin
But yet..
Then the truth is discovered...
Japan rejects millions of doses of vaccine because of parsites and foreign materials found in the vaccines
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How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health | The Corbett Report (05/02/2020) #documentary…
Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World | The Corbett Report (05/09/2020) #documentary…
Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid | The Corbett Report (05/18/2020)  #documentary…
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1 Thread
#BillGates #Pfizer #BBC #vaccine #BigPharma #sage #Eugenics #ThirdReich #rockefeller #AstraZeneca #WEF
Sue Desmond-Hellmann is an American oncologist and biotechnology leader who served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation from 2014–20
02/04/20 #Pfizer announced the election of Dr.Susan Desmond Hellmann to its Board of Directors.…
In 1989 Susan Desmond Hellmann spent two years as visiting faculty at the Uganda Cancer Institute,a project funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.[…
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Antivaxxers: COVID-19 Pandemic is a global scam orchestrated by big pharma
Vaccine evangelists: Antivaxxers are conspiracy nut jobs
Me: Can I have an opinion from a *totally* independent and trustworthy medical institution please?
#COVID19 #vaccines #BigPharma #Antivaxxers
Vaccine evangelists: If you don’t get the vaccine, you are an evil antivaxxer!
Antivaxxers: The vaccines haven’t been tested using the appropriate clinical trials
Me: Okay, I’ll check myself, there must be a verified study by an independent medical institution..
Antivaxxers: Deaths from the vaccines are being covered up
Vaccine evangelists: Antivaxxers are conspiracy nut jobs
Me: Okay, I’ll check myself, there must be a verified study by an independent medical institution..
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Reading an excellent and incredibly well-research book at the moment titled, “Dissolving Illusions”, about the very dodgy history of #vaccines and the beginnings of a corrupt corporate Pharma industry cartel. I have flagged a few interesting passages…
Firstly, it’s pretty clear that from verifiable reporting at the time, and his own admissions, that Edward Jenner, the supposed “Father of #Vaccines” was a total fraud and career charlatan. His alleged small pox vaccine was an outrageous concoction with zero science to it…
The methods employed by these early founding fathers of Big Pharma make tribal witch doctors look like Bones in Star Trek by comparison. And this quackery is what modern #vaccine products are built on top of. Literal snake oil…
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This. Is. Bio. War.

You are being lied to.
Fauci, and Big Pharma rely upon your ignorance of basic biology to cover up the BioWar THEY started.
To understand the basic biology that is: SarsCov2,
Covid, the 💉, mRNA, VAER, pharma business, and immunology WATCH @jjcouey 's 📺⬇️
He is a very experienced biology professor, and one of the first people investigating the lab leak.
He explains it all on his site, watch 1st, and in sequential Twitch shows, watch 2nd.
If you don't understand the recent 📺,
watch earlier ones.
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The Back to School Message to Transgender Students is very revealing for the blatant ignorance about the impact on females. Biden can be found saying he can’t be expected to resolve women’s rights across the globe. Yes. We know. You are dismantling them at home! And U.S women
don’t even have the right to statutory maternity leave. This is someone senior at the Education department, which has an Office for Civil Rights.
This message is for Transgender Students so, of course, it starts with a reference to “safety” just to ramp up the propaganda about a “vulnerable minority”.
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The idea being put forth by Medical, Pharma & Media crisis cartel - that #COVID19 is some special disease with no treatment or cure, other than a new GMO gene injection - is quite simply the biggest lie ever in modern history. Any 'experts' pushing it are the sick ones. Basic...
Understand the Pharma-WHO-CDC global grift: the 'disease' #COVID19 didnt exist before Feb 2020, it was 'named' by WHO & Co who then attached a long list of familiar symptoms to said 'new' disease - symptoms which overlap with hundreds of known respiratory ailments...
Then they added #PCRTest (now widely exposed as a fraudulent diagnostic test) which is used to flag 'cases', and presto - you have a new 'global pandemic'. Their entire process is subjective, and manipulated at highest institutional levels. 2009 Swine Flu was the test run.
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Nog even voor alle duidelijkheid. Overigens is dit allemaal terug te vinden op mijn website.

1. Ik ben geen anti-vaxxer. Het is al erg dat ik dit moet zeggen, veroorzaakt door het huidige klimaat.

#coronavirus #vaccinatieplicht #coronamaatregelen
2. Elke geneeskundige behandeling, of het nu om een operatie, medicatie of een vaccin gaat, dient op vrijwillige basis te zijn, na een goede informed consent.

Dat eist de Wet Geneeskundige Behandelingsovereenkomst (WGBO) zelfs van ons.
3. Als aan deze voorwaarden wordt voldaan, ben ik ook niet tegen vaccinatie tegen COVID-19.

Als gezegd, na zorgvuldige voorlichting en een vrije keus.

Waarbij dan wel verteld moet worden, dat het om een vaccinatietechniek gaat, die nog nooit op deze schaal werd toegepast.
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Al gelezen, beste @wierdduk?

Zal ik het werk voor jullie als journalisten dan maar weer doen?…

#coronavirus #vaccinatieplicht #coronamaatregelen
"Mutation rates themselves are evolvable and may increase over time due to natural selection. A SARS-CoV-2 RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) variant that increases the mutation rate by two to five times has already been identified in some clinical isolates."
"Our work suggests that it is likely that standing genetic variation alone has already produced a substantial population of viruses with single and double nucleotide changes that confer nAb resistance."
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1/ If you are 'vaccinated', you are now a danger to yourself and to others...

Your #InformedConsent was not possible as you were never told about #AntibodyDependentEnhancement (that was Oct 28 2020 btw)
2/ You were never told about the serious side effects (and the many reported deaths) associated with these experimental injections.… (@Beck_Sall )
3/ Many of you didn't even sign a consent form - blissfully trusting in those thrusting a now sadly proven deadly toxin into your body in a game of Russian Roulette:…
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Ik zal in het kort uitleggen wat @GVDBossche bedoeld.

Ik heb zo de indruk dat zijn stukken veel te moeilijk zijn voor de @2eKamertweets, @EersteKamer, @hugodejonge, @ferdgrapperhaus en @MarkRutte.

#coronavirus #vaccinatieplicht
Ik zal het zo eenvoudig uitleggen, speciaal voor de mensen thuis, eh, sorry, in de @2eKamertweets

Nee, ik vergeet wat: @jpaternotte moet het ook begrijpen. Jip- en Janneke taal dan maar?
Weet je nog, @jpaternotte, dat er op elke verpakking van antibiotica staat: "kuur afmaken".

Weet je waarom dat is, Jan? Zodat alle bacteriën doodgaan. En niet resistent worden.

Speciaal voor jou: zich niets meer aantrekken van de antibiotica, en gewoon doorfeesten.
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1/9. A proposito di FATTI, NON OPINIONI, ora ve ne mostro qualcuno sul neo denunciato #Burioni (dal #Codacons, insieme a #Bassetti e #Pregliasco, come lui prezzolati adepti di #BigPharma e lobby affini, per svariati reati penali) e solo su questo suo tweet,
2/9 tanto come esempio, a campione.

Ho fatto una piccola indagine web e guardate cosa ho scoperto (tanto si sa dove cmq si va a parare...):

A. Intanto i dati che lui cita, per accusare chi non si vaccina e che fa passare per FATTI, sono tratte dal sito medrxiv ImageImageImageImage
3/9 che pubblica ricerche NON consolidate e NON autorizzate alla pubblicazione sui Media, né all'uso nella pratica clinica o in contesti relativi alla Salute, poiché non certificati da revisione paritaria.

Come da Allerta nel sito evidenziata in introduzione e su ogni documento! ImageImageImageImage
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It is very important in this period of humanity to take a serious look at what is happening in the world friends.

Watch this video first in its entirety & reflect upon current situations critically.

#Menticide is here & with it, a new attempt to establish a "#TechnoTotalitarian" rule over the lives of American citizens.

The final variant of #Coronavirus could very well be the manifestation of a #NewWorldOrder under #totalitarian rule.
That may sound absurd, but what is very concerning is that many talking heads in the media & even public figures are now making very carefully worded emotional appeals to logic to further induce a totalitarian #masspsychosis.
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