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OK I'll spell this out so everyone can understand it.

The mRNA vaccines are made in massive vats of E.Coli bacteria, which is the primary constituent of poo.

The vaccines are made in poo and Geoff has been trying to warn you about it for two years.

#plasmidgate #poogate Image
Here you go if you're really interested
OK let's get #Poojabs trending...
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She's back...

If some says I blocked them but I have shown previously that they blocked me (I always block back) ... Did they lie?

#poogate #vaggate
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.@Kevin_McKernan with a world first independent sequencing of a bivalent mRNA "vaccine"

It's not good.

Left over expression vectors from the processing of the mRNA found in the product, containing antibiotic resistance genes.

That's bad
Antibiotic resistance genes are used to select out clones in the lab. Some of these are banned outright and others (like the neo/kan aminoglycoside) are only used in lab research with precautions necessary to avoid contaminating the public.
Well, it looks like one helluva contamination of the public.

This is a massive risk.

#poogate just exploded.…
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BUSTED! πŸ§€πŸ§€πŸ§€

The @CDCgov data touted as "proof that the vaccines work" not only contains fractions of unvaccinated people - but the fractions are not randomly distributed.

The data is 100% fake. Synthetic.

"Fraud buster" #LactoLizzy missed it.

#fudgegate @TDBSubstack ImageImage
Just to clarify what we are talking about this is the extract from the CDC's own export on which the @OurWorldInData graph is based.

It's not possible that the unvaccinated population is real. You can't have decimals and if they were estimates the decimals would be random. Image
And no, it isn't a glitch in the data export to csv. It's there in the CDC table on their own site

#fudgegate… Image
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I agree .@lonnibesancon - this is shameless.

You, Bik, Gideon and Sheldrick did nothing to expose #surgisphere.

We did. The people you hate so much and denigrate. Doctors and scientists who are not supported by pharma millions.
@chrismartenson Image
And yet you join the ranks of the "no-expertise experts" recruited in 2020 do fulfil a particular role in #COVID

Just one first author paper before 2020.

How does someone get a PhD with one first author paper? Image
And then suddenly you are given the job of writing papers with @GidMK which go straight into @NEJM, the home of the #surgisphere fraud.

Who fast-tracked your paper?

Who are you - with no research history - to be first author on this letter to NEJM?… Image
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Hey @microbiomdigest why not take on NASA?
These are two totally different pictures from totally different sources.
They are the same? They can't be - they were taken at different times by different people!
WTH is going on?
It's plagiarism!
@MicrobiomDigest In case you're confused (because it seems I have to spell it out)...

The moon is real, obviously.

The issue is that comparing images like this for similarity is the whole premise on which Elisabeth "SmartJane" Bik made her reputation.

How about someone completely unrelated sends me an image from their own camera taken at a different time and location.

You won't find this exact image online.

Plagiarists are everywhere!

[Exif data in ALT text] EXIF data Date 02/01/2018 00:28 Dimensions 2241 x 1261 Bit d
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Well I hadn't expected that.

The famous "scientific fraud buster" who never seems to question #BigPharma...

Is herself the co-author of a paper by a group charged with fraud. A lot of fraud.

$99m worth.
Holy cow.
And it wasn't the only paper .. here's another one from 2018.

Surely the world's foremost fraud buster would be able to medical spot co-authors charged with a huge fraud?

Just goes to show...
Oh wow this is the poo version of Theranos.

No shit.

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