First things first, there’s no such thing as a “Covid epidemiologist,” but there are Infectious Disease epidemiologists. Secondly, Tracy Beth Høeg is not prominent. Her views on #vaccines are “Flat earther” fringe. Thirdly,.. 1/ 🧵
"Why should I get vaccinated for a disease that is not a risk to me?”Examples: (1) Whooping cough can kill infants, who are too young to get the vaccine, yet many of us carry the bacteria that cause it. Vaccinating everyone in the home protects the 👶🏼…
(2) Measles, mumps & rubella viruses no longer pose much individual risk to kids in the USA. Yet, the MMR vaccine often causes a fever, so why bother vaccinating our kids? Well, when vaccination rates decline, guess what happens? The opposite of this 👇…
Before Rubella was eliminated in USA, it was a major cause of birth defects & miscarriages. Thanks to the MMR vaccine, physicians now speak of the "Post Rubella era." But people like @VPrasadMDMPH & @TracyBethHoeg seem intent on bringing back these viruses…
Measles not only kills about 1 in 1000 unvaccinated people who catch it (bacterial pneumonia is usually what does you in). but just like COVID, it's very nasty in pregnant women. Yet another vaccination that we take in part to protect others around us.…
Well, COVID vaccines don't provide durable immunity that we see against viruses like measles, mumps & rubella that need to infect systemically (passing through your blood) to spread from person-to-person. So, "why should a child get a vaccine since COVID is usually mild in kids?"
Of course, kids should get vaccinated against COVID! Why? Although a child is likely to only have a mild case even without vaccination, vaccines reduce the risk of rare severe outcomes & also reduce the chance that the child will catch COVID & spread it to a vulnerable person..
No vaccine is 100% effective. But COVID vaccines––especially the updated Omicron bivalent shots, are outstanding for their long term effects at protecting us. Vaccines set your immune system up for success. Even if you still catch COVID after vaccination, there's huge benefits:
Firstly, when you catch COVID after a vaccine, you're much less likely to end up hospitalized or to have severe disease.. A vaccinated people do a better job keeping the virus in the upper respiratory tract and prevent the from invading more deeply into your body.. Secondly..
When you get COVID after being vaccinated, you end up making better antibodies & also recruit a more effective team of immune cells to your respiratory tract, where they set up shop to protect you for the long haul. This is #HybridImmunity. h/t @PepperMarion
The above work from @peppermarion's lab is PMCID: PMC8926873. Many other studies have also established that hybrid immunity is superior to the immunity that unvaxxed folks get at the cost of playing Russian Roulette with a virus..
Of course, it's not black and white, vaccinated kids & adults still catch and transmit COVID-19 sometimes, but this happens less often in vaccinated than in unvaccinated households, and the disease/symptoms are almost always milder in vaccinated than unvaxxed.
When the virus manages to make a vaccinated person moderately sick (as in high fever, etc) that person will be less likely to end up in the hospital, have lower chances of developing LongCovid & will have higher quality immunity to show for it compared to an unvaxxed person. So..
We see better protection (fewer cases) in households where everyone is vaccinated. When everyone in a community is vaccinated, those who still catch COVID develop hybrid immunity. 100% vaccine uptake is the best way to protect EVERYONE from the worst that this virus can do...
Although COVID is clearly most dangerous, on average, in the elderly, it's impossible to identify in advance everyone who is susceptible to the worst outcomes. Some kids get MIS-C. Some 20-year-olds get PASC. When everyone is vaccinated & boosted, these outcomes are minimized. 🕊️

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Feb 3
On Thursdays it’d be a brisk 90 mile jog, followed by two fat lines of bone marrow aspirates, and maybe a margarita on the rocks to unwind. I hadn’t gotten so much as a runny nose in 7,000 years. But now the woke mob wants to take it all away.
Brought to you by this magnificent thread 🧵
Original thread here. CW: it’s cringe (sadly, not parody or satire).
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Feb 2
Respectfully, @fayeflam you’re not following the latest data. The entire point of the bivalent boosters is that they’ll induce more DURABLE protection than ancestral vaccines. @EricTopol’s feed incudes excellent summaries. He was skeptical, too. But the data are convincing.
We already knew several months ago (AS EXPECTED h/t @victora_lab @jbloom_lab Ellebedy lab & many others) that Omicron specific B cells can eventually "spring forth" despite imprinting/ "original antigenic sin" .. for example,…
..@KatherineJWu adroitly covers the details & nuances w/ quotes from several leading viral immunologists. Here's a big clue: they all seem to want to get bivalent boosters, Rafi Ahmed (a famous one) recommends giving 2 doses of the updated shot…
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Jan 29
Ok.. this one merits a tear down 🧵 https://twitter(dot)com/TRyanGregory/status/1619423229537550336?s=20
This exposes: (1) T Ryan Gregory’s very poor knowledge of immunology, and (2) his thirst for followers via alarmist rhetoric. Let’s discuss what he’s getting wrong here …
Firstly, just because a statement appears in the scientific literature does not make it correct. The authors fail to correctly interpret their finding of limited evidence of adaptive immunity in kids.
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Jan 29
“LINES, SINES, & SARS—will COVID become an endogenous virus? asks his eminence, T “#Kraken” Gregory. (AFAIK, no Nidovirus has ever become part of a metazoan genome & coronaviruses rely on an entirely cytoplasmic replication cycle.. so this is **exceedingly** unlikely)
The convo itself should be linked & saved for comic value (I’m blocked by all of the major participants—someone sent me screenshots..). It’s entertainingly revealing.. Ed covers some of the logical issues here
But a quick FYI: if you had COVID-19, it’s VERY UNLIKELY it invaded your reproductive organs. Not sure where that claim is coming from or if the data behind it is robust. (Ebola does actually do weird stuff like that and of course, still isn’t integrating into people’s genomes).
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Sep 18, 2022
Fantastic preprint from Dr. Cao's group in Peking-- huge amount of data in the preprint. I do, however, think it's worth questioning the somewhat frightening conclusions about imprinting, aka "original antigenic sin".. 🧵
As the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has evolved, our bodies have come to rely on a subset of antibodies, called "broadly neutralizing" for their ability to contain a wide range of different variants. 2/
BA.4 & BA.5 had a Spike mutation F486V that escaped a key set of bNAbs that many people easily made. This change helped give BA.4 and BA.5 an edge. 3/ 🔑
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Sep 10, 2022
Yo! Please don’t amplify armchair variant doom predictors. “A new variant is coming…” Yes, there will be new ones. But we usually don’t know which will actually sweep, if they’ll cause a wave 🌊 while doing so or just displace each other as case numbers remain steady 🧵. 1/
Please chill.. this isn’t a zombie movie.. so many on Twitter waiting with bated breath for the next Delta or Omicron. 2/
There are a several experts on here I trust to give an early warning. None more than @Tuliodna. 3/
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