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#Tether/#kraken/#USDC/#BUSD/#HUSD Watch!

We really need a sweep, i'm losing too many characters here on the intro.

Tether's up to $24,8 billion supply - lackluster to say the least. Volume's cratered.

#Fintwit #bitcoin #BTC $BTC #ETH $ETH #USDT $USDT $USDC $BUSD $HUSD
Their lack of printing has to be compensated somewhere.

Well, it's not #BUSD. That has been going sideways.

$BUSD volume's cratered the same.

MEANWHILE; I wonder when #Tether/#USDC called upon BUSD's dollar reserves to make due. Also no weird price floor action here, nope.
It seems to be #HUSD that's covering for the pack, as it's the only one of the #Stablecoins still going up in marketcap. Considerably, too.

AND, as opposed to $USDC, $BUSD and $Tether - $HUSD volume has EXPLODED!

As i said. #Huobi = the Asian connection.
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#Tether watch!

🚨 IT'S TIME! 🚨



#Fintwit #Tetherscam #bitcoin #Ethereum #BTC $BTC #ETH $ETH #USDT $USDT #XRP $XRP #USDC $USDC #BUSD $BUSD #HUSD $HUSD
Once it's fullscreen on desktop, rightclick > view image and twitter should show the full format. It's on my website as backup. The short of it:

ALL stable coins are backed by the SAME reserve! EVERY stablecoin shows mainly or even ONLY *Tether* flowing into it!
The USDC Audits are *FRAUDULENT* just like the 2018 Tether audit was. It reads exactly the same as the Tether audit did, only a bit more refined, and they found a willing criminal organization, Granton & Thornton, to run cover for them. It's no coincidence it started October 2018
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#Tether watch!

Yknow what. I think i've located Tether's missing billions.

So far, we've only *assumed* $BUSD and $USDC went up because of organic demand.

But... They didn't. It's Tether, again.

#Fintwit #bitcoin #Ethereum #BTC $BTC #ETH $ETH #USDT $USDT #BUSD #USDC #Binance ImageImageImageImage
Also i have questions why $USDC used to fluctuate so much, and then suddenly, stabilized. Same pretty much goes for $BUSD.

Well, they're supposed to stabilize, as stable coins right?

Well... yeah... But because of #USD... Not other #crypto. ImageImageImage
I think you can feel this coming!

Wait for it!



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One year ago, @JerryNadler made false statements that then Rep. @DNI_Ratcliffe endorsed foreign interference in US elections.

In an exclusive interview w/ Ratcliffe he foreshadowed those words were going to backfire on the Dems #Irony

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We've done a few analyses lately of anomalies lurking in the followers of various large #MAGA accounts. Here's a thread linking all of them. First up: the account presently known as @Wizard_Predicts (although it's had at least a dozen other names thus far).

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Next we have @ColumbiaBugle, recently retweeted by Trump. It began its existence with an infusion of empty accounts that seem to have been created exclusively to follow @ColumbiaBugle.
We found multiple anomalies in @SidneyPowell1's followers, one of which (a recent infusion of Japanese accounts) also turns up in the followers of fellow #Kraken tentacles @LLinWood and @RudyGiuliani.
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See, #Kraken News Image

See, #Kraken News Image

See, #Kraken
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People are into math and election lawsuits these days, so here's a thread on one of the statistical claims in the infamous #kraken lawsuits being brought by Sidney Powell and her merry band of misfits, the law side of which is well covered by @questauthority and @AkivaMCohen
Specifically, the “expert report” by William Briggs, statistician to the stars (his resume in his affidavit actually says that). This report is based on data from Matt Braynard, who is a Trump operative seeking fraud in the 2020 election.
Braynard collects his data by basically calling voters and asking them if they received a ballot they did not request, or if they sent a mail-in ballot back that was never received.
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@EChabriere entraine l'@IHU_Marseille dans une direction dangereuse. Fait-il le lit des QAnon en France? Ses tweet à base de #Kraken semblent le laisser penser. Et pourquoi est-ce (très) problématique? @univamu et @Eric__Berton approuvez-vous?
@EChabriere utilise dans ses tweets depuis quelques jours des référence au "Release the Kraken". On pourrait penser à une blague potache mais ce serait insulter l'intelligence politique développée depuis toujours à l'IHU (coucou @YvonBerland @pdousteblazy @cestrosi #Muselier) Image
Cette référence nous vient tout droit des USA et a été mise en avant par des Pro-Trump qui affirment que les élections sont truquées par les démocrates.... mais cela n'est pas franchement apparut spontanément .... Image
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NEW with @J_A_Horton @ChrisSGiles and @alistaircoleman

Lawyer Sidney Powell has released the #Kraken in her Georgia and Michigan lawsuits, hailed by QAnon supporters as irrefutable evidence of voter fraud.

We read both, and here's what we found in them.…
Some of the claims in the 200 pages have already been rejected in court cases, while others - such as accusations that voting machines are part of a plot originating under former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez - are not backed up with any credible evidence.…
But thanks to QAnon supporters, #Kraken has gone viral.

On Twitter, there have been nearly 100K tweets referencing Kraken in the last 48 hours.

On Facebook there have been just over 1M interactions involving the word Kraken since Wednesday evening.…
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🔥MOAB: The #Kraken is @GenFlynn. He commanded the 111th Military Intelligence Brigade for the U.S. Army at Fort Huachuca AZ. Insignia = KRAKEN
The 305th Military Intelligence Battalion is located at Fort Huachuca AZ (MI witness for @SidneyPowell1) Coincidence? #KrakenIncoming ImageImage
A witness for @SidneyPowell1 worked the 305 Military Intelligence Battalion. @GenFlynn was a Notable Commander for the 111th Military Intelligence Brigade. Both were located at Fort Huachuca. Kraken was developed by Military Intelligence.
Foreign Election Interference are Matters of National Security: Treason. MI = No Leaks. @SidneyPowell1 witness is a former 305th Military Intelligence with experience gathering SAM missile system electronic Intelligence. Docs👇…… ImageImageImage
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The #Kraken has been released! @SidneyPowell1
filed a 104 page suit in Georgia last night. Here are all the highlights in 1 thread.
Fake water leak - “everyone” evacuates, but a few remained unsupervised and working at the computers for 3 hours!! #KrakenReleased
Expert testimony stating programs were built specifically to hack these machines and that hundreds of thousands of votes switched from Trump to Biden. #KrakenReleased
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Highlights from the @SidneyPowell1 lawsuits filed last night (All in one thread)

Here is Michigan, enjoy. #Kraken
Just your garden variety fraud... blocking any and all types of Republican access to the process. #Michigan #KrakenReleased
10’s of thousands of fraudulent ballots in Michigan! #KrakenReleased #Kraken
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@SidneyPowell1 says she released the #Kraken last night.

There's no question she hit the enemy hard.

But Sidney is still pulling her punches.

She has not yet released her strongest evidence.

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Winston Churchill said:

“In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.”

So it is in our fight to save the Republic.

There are some things Sidney can tell us, and some things she can't.…
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Last night, @SidneyPowell1 filed two complaints, in Georgia and Michigan.

Both are strong.

But they are not killshots, and are not intended to be.

Twitter will not allow me to post links to the complaints. (See below)
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Good morning, electoral lunacy followers. Welcome to what I suspect will be the 2020 equivalent of the Orly Taitz litigation: Sidney Powell Sues Everoyen For LAL Of Teh ThInGs

This is the first of what will (hopefully) be a limited number of #Kraken-related threads.
That said, I doubt the number will be limited. I think Sidney Powell is the Orly Taitz of the Biden Administration.

And I doubt I've acquired enough maturity since my younger birther-watching days to ignore these. So, yes, at least for cases with public dockets, I'm here.
We've got two filings so far - a Michigan one (King v Whitmer) that has been filed, and a Georgia one (Pearson v Kemp) that cannot presently be located on PACER.

This may be because there are parallel Quorts not in the system but maybe it just didn't get filed.
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1. Why do the BBC not cover US election fraud? #ElectionFraud #BBC
2. (join link) It is several hours since legal complaints have been published https://defending - for Michigan https://defending… - and for Georgia https://defending… #Georgia #Michigan #Kraken #BBC #BBCbias
3. It is also many hours since the legislative hearing in Gettysburg which showed many examples of election fraud Pennsylvania State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election #elctionfraud @BBCBreaking @BBCWorld @BBCNews @mariannaspring #fraud
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@GenFlynn To one Country you might be a ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ General, but to the world you are a hero. #FlynnFighters #DigitalSoliders #SidneyPowellRepresentsMe #Fightback @lofly727 @GoJackFlynn @BarbaraRedgate @JosephJFlynn1 @realDonaldTrump
❤️ from Australia 🇦🇺
@GenFlynn I wish I could bake you some peanut butter crackers in celebration haha but I’m sure @lofly727has you covered 😂 🍻 🎉
I love this video my special friend @Jewel4Trump made for @GenFlynn
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1⃣People interpret recent statements about #SidneyPowell as "disavowing" her

by stating she's independent, they're absolving her from partisan bias,
thereby *strengthening* her claims that she's defending the Republic as a *whole*

Not for Trump, but for ALL, for the People
2⃣Judges will not care whether she works for Trump or not, that's irrelevant to the case. These statements are political strategy, concerns for public opinion. They have zero impact on her case and claims, which again are above partisanship, all about protecting the Constitution.
3⃣It is also quite possible, given the magnitude of the case, that the #Kraken🦑 is so big it will eat #GOP members.
In fact, it's almost implied by her subsequently qualifying it a #KrakenOnSteroids.
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大家赶快关注 Bob Spindell @BobSpindell



Bob Spindell @BobSpindell 和 Dean Knudson @deanknudson 是威斯康星州选举专员Elections Commissioner。他们在讨论重新计票规则的Zoom会议上据理力争,为川普再拿下重要的一局。✌️

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Share! Not so effin fast Michigan! #kraken affidavit of Cyber Security Analyst #JamesRamsland
#DominionVotingSystems has both options to be an electronic paperless voting system w/ no permanent record of the voter's choices, paper ballot based systems, or a hybrid of those 2?

Unprotected Logs. Significant Anomalies. Red Flags.
An update file didn't properly synchronize the ballot barcode generation and reading portions of the system. if that is indeed the case, there is no reason to assume this would be an isolated error.

This glitch would cause entire ballot uploads to read ZERO in the tabulation batch.

Normalizing the Turnout Percentage of this grouping to 80 percent reveals 431,954 excess ballots allegedly processed. #stopthesteal

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🤔🧐⬇️ 🚨Active Thread🚨
Continued... 1- 7
Safe? Doesnt exist? No evidence? Decide for yourself I have things to show you...
Part 1 🤔🧐⬇️ 🚨Active Thread🚨

Part 2 🤔🧐⬇️ 🚨Active Thread🚨

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@WhoWouldWin13 Both monsters are...Big.

I mean...really big.

Godzilla I believe is pushing 380 feet high at least (in some scenes he looks WAY much taller than that), while the Kraken is likewise several hundred feet high. Its quite possible that Godzilla has more intelligence (the Kraken
@WhoWouldWin13 is said to not think, while Godzilla shows some smarts). Also, unlike the Kraken, Godzilla has a projectile weapon; atomic breath.
@WhoWouldWin13 However, before we give Godzilla any semblance of a victory, we need to keep in mind that the Kraken didn't fight fellow monsters like Godzilla has.

He fought TITANS!
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El estado de Wyoming (EEUU) ha aprobado la solicitud de dar apertura a un banco comercial a la exchange de criptomonedas Kraken, con el que la empresa puede mejorar y expandir sus productos, según un comunicado de prensa.

Hasta ahora, Kraken dependía de terceros para ...

...las transferencias bancarias y otros servicios que le permitían interactuar con el sistema financiero convencional.

Ahora sus clientes podrán realizar operaciones bancarias directamente con Kraken Financial, tal como lo harían con su banco actual. Para empezar, la ...

...compañía ofrece a los usuarios la opción de depositar USD y activos virtuales, que se integrarán en los servicios de intercambio existentes. El comunicado de prensa establece que esto puede proporcionar a los clientes una mejor infraestructura financiera, una mejor...
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@WhoWouldWin13 I don't know about Namor, but Aquaman can summon sea animals to do his bidding, including attacking his enemies. The Karathen in particular will be an enormous asset.
@WhoWouldWin13 The Karathen is definitely on par with the Kraken in size, and may be just as strong (though I'm skeptical, see why below). Combined with Namor's impressive strength, durability and other powers...they make for a deadly duo.

However, The Kraken is not just a colossal
@WhoWouldWin13 beast: it is a colossal elemental beast, one which defeated the Titans. To do that on its own has to mean that, in most cases, it is impervious to godly powers. The only thing that could ever kill him was a gorgon (which in a way testifies to Athena's true potential for power,
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