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Feb 12 11 tweets 9 min read
In this first photo, #OathKeeper Ken Harrelson can be seen holding protestors back from @CapitolPolice officer @libradunn. Dunn was highly agitated and carrying an M4 rifle. Harrelson and other OKs took up a de-escalating posture between Dunn and the more hostile protestors.🔽
This defensive action by the #OathKeepers was captured by multiple cameras. In officer @libradunn's first @FBI interview, he confirmed this event, as evidenced in the initial @January6thCmte report. 🔽
Despite ample video evidence corroborating officer @libradunn's May '21 @FBI interview, someone compelled Dunn to change his story before his 2nd FBI interview in Aug. '21. In that subsequent interview, and under oath before the @January6thCmte and... 🔽
...also in the #OathKeepers first trial, @libradunn perjured himself, by saying the scenes captured on those steps near the Rotunda never happened, and that others who "looked and dressed like" the OKs had formed that defensive line down in the Crypt. 🔽…
Officer @libradunn also changed his initial @FBI statement to say that it was HE who was calming down the #OathKeepers. This again contradicts his first FBI interview in which Dunn stated that it was HE who was "distressed" when he came into contact with Harrelson and the OKs.🔽
Only moments before that last photo, showing officer @libradunn's first encounter with Harrelson, Dunn had to be calmed down by one of his superior officers, again corroborating his first statement to the @FBI about being "distressed." 🔽
Unfortunately for Harrelson and the #OathKeepers, the DC jury believed Officer @libradunn's testimony, in spite of the contrary video evidence. Dunn had already been hyped as a hometown celebrity hero when the evidence show's exactly the opposite. (Jury of their peers? Ha.) 🔽
Unfortunately for officer @libradunn, there are more trials coming and more videos to be released. Either as evidence or by the new House committee releasing all 14,000 hours, we will all ultimately see that Dunn's 2nd @FBI statement was a lie. (I've already seen it.) 🔽
Harrelson's attorney, Brad Geyer, gave officer @libradunn the opportunity to set the record straight while he was on the witness stand in the #OathKeepers trial, and admit he may have 'misremembered' due to the psychological stress of #J6. He didn't take it. 🔽
I'm offering officer @libradunn, once again, the opportunity to be a real hero. (Get out in front of the hurt that is coming your way, if you don't.) Set the record straight about Ken Harrelson and those other #OathKeepers that stood between you and those hostile protestors.🔽
@libradunn, you really didn't think you could keep this under wraps, forever? @CapitolPolice whistleblowers are coming forward and that Crypt CCTV video will eventually be released. (DM me. I'll help you get the truth out...if you truly are a "hero.")

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Dec 31, 2022
1 - Good evening! When I asked in my first tweet on Wednesday’s tweetstorm, who was left out of the @January6thCmte final report, hundreds immediately responded, “#RayEpps” Good guess, as he too was left out of that report. But, he was interviewed…
2 - That @January6thCmte’s transcript of #RayEpps’ interview is finally released. The most damning moment being when he was asked: “So it looks like, around 9 a.m., your nephew texts you: “You and Jim be safe.”…
3 - And then, at 2:12 p.m., on January 6, you text back: “I was in the front with a few others. I also orchestrated it.” #RayEpps then proceeds to explain the special relationship he has with his nephew…
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Dec 29, 2022
1 - Good evening! The full, “Final” @January6thCmte report on #Jan6 has been released. The fact it’s entirely missing - indeed whitewashed of ONE KEY NAME - is proof enough of that circus act’s politically predetermined conclusions. Whose name is missing?
@January6thCmte 2 - Allow me to introduce to you Ms. Yogananda Pittman, who was USCP’s “Assistant Chief of Police for Protective and Intelligence Operations” on #Jan6, and in that role oversaw all three of USCP’s intelligence-related entities.
3 - Ms. Pittman was the acting #2 to USCP Chief of Police Steven Sund on #Jan6 and she was in the Command Center that day, with full access to COP Sund, his communications with both the Senate and House Sergeants-at-Arms.
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Dec 14, 2022
@julie_kelly2 - I reported all the way back in Feb. '21 that Army SpecOps from Ft. Belvoir were embedded in the #J6 crowd. The photo used in that Newsweek story is a FBI tactical unit that was already on scene BEFORE Babbitt was shot. That's the exact location . . .
. . . at the lower south exit of Capitol, where they had moved Babbitt and FBI medics were trying to save her life. I was the only civilian present in that area when that was taking place. That scene is shortly after EMS unit took her out of the building . . .
. . . and that's the flag she was wearing, there on the floor. Tactical units from FBI, ATF, and US Marshals were already on scene and did nothing to assist the USCP in protecting the Building. They only came out of hiding after that shot was fired . . .
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Dec 14, 2022
I hate being put in the position of defending Trump, but, Trump said, on #J6: "I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard." The violence began BEFORE he finished that speech. You're a liar.
The first barricade breach was a full half hour before Trump left The Ellipse stage, and the lower west terrace battle line was fully engaged before he concluded. Where's the investigation into who THOSE provocateurs were answering to?
Add to that the fact that it would take the average rally attendee 30-45 minutes to walk from The Ellipse to the Capitol Building, and by then, the west Senate-side window and door were already being breached by those early provocateurs.
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Nov 21, 2022
Mehta immediately begins final jury instructions, specifically dealing with their remaining duties and expected behaviors for the duration of their deliberations.
The two alternate jurors are dismissed and the final 12 will begin deliberations tomorrow morning at 9:30. The jury is dismissed for the day. After tomorrow, the jury will have the remainder of the week off, and then resume deliberations next Monday.
Mehta now asks for all defense counsel to submit the thumb drives of their evidence and exhibit lists, for the jury.
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Nov 21, 2022
Now Nestler contends that there was no lag or delay in phone calls and messages on J6 - despite the fact their own Agents said some delays took 3 to 5.5 hours. (I was there.
I can tell you I couldn’t get simple texts to send until hours later . . . yet, others were able to live stream on FB. It was different for everyone.)
Frankly . . . I’m just stunned at how one person can stand before us and tell lie after lie. At the very least, lies of omission, by telling half truths and sharing incomplete details of the events Nestler is recounting.
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