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“cHiNa cAn’T iNnOvAtE.” 💥Analysis by ASPI* shows that China leads the USA in whopping 37 out of 44 critical scientific areas such as AI, quantum computing, biotech, and advanced materials.

*funded by U.S. military industrial complex, so no pro-China bias
“The ASPI said China's lead is the product of deliberate design and long-term policy planning by President Xi Jinping's administration and those who came before him.”

Wait, what happened to the ideology of free market and small government??

This is a detailed study with quantitative measurements. Here’s an example:

🔹Who publishes the most number of high-quality (ranking in the Top 10%) papers in data analytics?

#China #USA #ASPI
Here’s the website with a very useful interactive tool


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Mar 4
Ukraine is not a sovereign country. Hasn't been since the 1990s, due to US money & influence.

2004: US overturned the Ukrainian election with color revolution.

2014: US overthrew Ukraine's democratically elected Ukraine's President. US Senator John McCain in Kiev.👇 Image
It's just insanity. Can you imagine a Russian or Chinese leader visiting Mexico, riling up the crowd against the President, overthrowing the President, and installing a new anti-American leader... without an election????
This 👇was the 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine, funded by George Soros.

When the pro-US candidate/puppet lost the election, the Soros mobs flooded the capital and demanded a new election.

"Democracy" -- American style.

This was the real beginning of the end of Ukraine. Image
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Mar 1
“You lost both your hands? No problem, you join the Ukrainian military and fight Russia!”

NATO is so desperate that its coke-head puppet has issued martial law and is rounding up Ukraine’s men at shopping malls, street corners, and even funerals!

“Ruslan kubay was surprised to receive a draft notice in late January. Registered as seriously disabled since childhood, Mr Kubay is missing both hands.
Even more surprising, however, was the reaction of officials at the local registration office.

Far from admitting their error, they doubled down and declared him fit for service. “
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Feb 28
El Salvador is improving the country by rounding up hardcore gangsters and drug traffickers, but the US media and Western orgs are crying about “human rights.” 🤔 Perhaps the see-eye-aye is mad at losing some of its productive employees?
El Salvador has arrested so far 38,000 gangsters — that’s only 0.6% of the population.

But the liberal journalists in US media don’t do math. Instead, it’s all hyperbole and emotions.

Other countries should butt out and let El Salvador solve its problems.
In terms of PPP GDP per capita:

🔹El Salvador is 30% RICHER than India

But in terms of homicide rate:

🔹El Salvador = 50x India 😱
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Feb 27
A 🧵on Syria. Yesterday, several senior Arab lawmakers visited Syria to end the chaos unleashed on the prosperous country for the last 12 years.

Under the US leadership, the brutal proxy war conspiracy involved Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, UK, France & more.
Syria was a peaceful, prosperous, secular Muslim country where all religious people lived peacefully -- Sunnis, Shiites, Alawites, Christians, Jews, Kurds etc.

In 2009, the NY Times named Syria as one of the 10 best places in the world to visit!
But the mad American imperialists and globalists decided to destroy Syria for various reasons. Here's how a whole bunch of hyenas attacked the lion.

(Sort of like how how NATO countries are attacking Russia. But the Syrian attack was done covertly)
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Feb 26
Bakhmut looks apocalyptic and is about to fall. This is the future of Ukraine, the poorest European that volunteered to be a geopolitical pawn of the American Empire.

Consumed by hyper-nationalism and Nazism. Now fighting Russia until death.
That countries representing 85% of the world’s population are supporting Russia should be an indicator of who is to blame for this war.
Looks like Pacman - Russian forces gobbling Bakhmut.
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Feb 26
By 1980, Japan was far ahead of the US in semiconductor manufacturing. US companies like Intel were declining rapidly.

Déjà vu. Taiwan and South Korea are now dominating the high-end chip market (<10 nm).

Interestingly, the US resorts to same strategy: Theft
In the 1980s, the US waged a trade war and geopolitical war on Japan, bullied it into Plaza Accord, and forced technology transfer of semiconductors.

Intel came back to life; and Japanese firms like NEC and Toshiba withered away.

Same story is repeating with Taiwan…
With Taiwan, the excuse is China.

Using the threat of China invasion, the U.S. is forcing a massive tech and employee transfer of TSMC.

Once again, Intel will be saved by killing an “ally.”
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