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#Yemen war , Update , Corruption of the so called legitimate government.
The exiled hotel government Minister of Information , #MoammarAl_Iryani, is leading a smuggling ring of #Yemen Artifacts through Saudi to #Europe.
This information has come to light by a leaked secret
1/2 Image
document from the Chairman of the Control and Anti-Corruption prince Khaled.. It says ; according to the memo we have received from the #British Government about the capture of two smuggkers in London coming from #Saudi carrying and selling very rare
According to the #British muesuem @britishmuseum that this rare relics / artifacts origin is from #Yemen. We have investigated the matter and found out that the two smugglers are part of a smugging ring headed by the #Yemeni Minister of Information,#Muammar Al-Eryani.
1/3 Image
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Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's a collection of word clouds from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31. Each state + DC can be found in the replies!
#Python #USA #WordCloud #TwitterData Image
Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's the word cloud for #Alabama from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31!
#Python #WordCloud #TwitterData Image
Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's the word cloud for #Alaska from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31!
#Python #WordCloud #TwitterData Image
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🔺COVID19 的起源随着时间和证据的积累已经让全世界的目光集中到美国德特里克堡病毒生物實驗室。


以下是 @DadingLi 推文,文章是意大利最新溯源研究成果,其标题为:
🔺“ 不仅仅是中国/专属——美国德特里克堡机场为COVID19源头 ”

见下页 ↘...
🔺柯蒂斯湾医疗废物服务公司(Curtis Bay medical waste Services)
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Day 7⃣

The athletics is underway at #Tokyo2020 with Dina Asher-Smith starting her bid for gold

Follow the latest updates in our live blog 👇…
...and we also have a live blog on all the other goings-on in Tokyo, with #TeamGB's swimmers and rowers in action…
Bronze for #TeamGB!

The men's eight have bagged a medal after Vicky Thornley was denied earlier this morning 🥉

Follow the latest news 👇…
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29.07.2021 – Stop the WAR in #Yemen
PRESSESPIEGEL Juni 2021 – 96 nationale und internationale Meldungen
Der Krieg im Jemen und die „Regelbasierte internationale Ordnung“ des Außenministers Heiko Maas (SPD): Warum mit dieser UNO, den NATO- und EU-

Staaten kein Frieden im Jemen erzielt werden kann!

Die Mitglieder der Vereinten Nationen wählten im Juni mit großer Mehrheit die nichtständigen Mitglieder des UN-Sicherheitsrates für den Zeitraum 2022/2023, darunter ausgerechnet die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate,
das große Teile des südlichen Jemen völkerrechtswidrig annektiert hat und insbesondere durch militärische Zusammenarbeit mit #AlQaida und geheimen Foltergefängnissen im Jemenkrieg bekannt geworden ist.

Was die „Regelbasierte internationale Ordnung“ der selbsternannten
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Luego de algunas semanas de research en ALIBABA $BABA y dada la compleja comparación con otras empresas, decidí plasmar takeaways sobre el modelo de negocio de este gigante (vs similares de USA) del ecommerce $AMZN + fintech $PYPL + cloud service AWS + streaming $NFLX $SPOT.
Todos conocemos $BABA pero hay cierto halo de misterio/confusión sobre el #Businessmodel, su transformación, como lograron ser el "market-leading innovator" y la convivencia entre fundamentals y el PESIMO contexto del PCC de #china. Su ecosistema combina muchas empresas.
Fundada en 1997, año en que $AMZN hizo su IPO y un año antes de $EBAY's IPO, actualmente tiene un market cap de USD536B. Comenzó monetizando la publicidad en su boletín online de negocios y comercio, un modelo mas bien parecido al de $GOOG y $FB con altos márgenes operativos
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/29/2021…
What It Looks Like to Reconnect Black Communities Torn Apart by Highways…

#history #TransportationPolicies #consequences #BlackNeighborhoods #mapping
The ‘Weirdest’ Matter, Made of Partial Particles, Defies Description…

#StateOfMatter #HypotheticalParticles #fractons
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Color-coded map reveals where #Americans need to wear #masks again, and where you can go #maskless, outside of schools | 8 hours ago
- The #CDC is now recommending that #FullyVaccinated people put their masks back on when indoors in public,…
#CDC: Fully #vaccinated Americans should wear #masks indoors in areas with high transmission | Jul 27
- The new guidance is a direct response to the growing number of Delta variant cases across the country, specifically among #unvaccinated individuals.…
#CDC: #DivideAndRule - a strategy that breaks up existing power structures.
- Also, #mRNAvaccines do not prevent the spread of the #DeltaVariant, but why are the (damaging) #unvaccinated undeservedly released from #mask use.… Image
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Prioritizing staying alive over people pleasing is one of the most courageous decisions any woman can make.

Just look at the reaction to @Simone_Biles.

Women have the right to choose our safety over the feelings of others.

If you teach your daughters anything, let it be that.
I don’t mean “teach” metaphorically.

I mean literally teach your daughters to that they have the right to bodily autonomy and the right to prioritize their own safety above all.

You have to go out of your way to teach them, because they over-learn the opposite from our culture.
In terms of teaching,
@Simone_Biles has given us a gift.

Take the gift. Use this as a teaching moment with your daughters.

Open a dialogue. Ask what they think.

Teach them it’s a good and valuable thing to say no when necessary to protect themselves.
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As many of you know my company has been involved for 16 months in securing #PPE and #N95 masks for people in all 50 states, first responders, doctors, dentists, nurses, clinic and shelter directors. Today's #CDC announcement may seem like a backwards step. But it is needed. 1. >
We have been pushing #maskup for months, even after vaccinated for good reason.… It is truly time to put aside politics and do what we need to do to stay safe.
Every person who does not vaccinate is potential pool for new even more dangerous variant. 2. >
It is critical for all of us to wear N95/ Kn95 masks or equivalents like FFP2 or K94. functions like proverbial canary in the coalmine. For over a year, we see the early trends happening with #covid spikes in #USA.
Wear a mask. Even if vaccinated. 3. >
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#JogosOlímpicos: Medalhas por país em #Tokyo2020
🔴🥇 Ao menos um #ouro
🔵🥈 Ao menos uma #prata
🟡🥉 Ao menos um #bronze
#JogosOlímpicos : Medalhas por país em #Tokyo2020 
⚫️ Mais de 20 medalhas
🔵 Entre 20 e 15 medalhas
🟢 Entre 14 e 10 medalhas
🔴 Entre 9 e 5 medalhas
🟡 Entre 4 e 1 medalha
#Tokyo2020: Medalhas conquistadas por mulheres
⚫️ 15 #USA
🔴 10 #CHN
🔵 9 #JPN #ROC
🟢 8 - 5
🟠 4 - 2
🟡 1
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#China v #USA a great game of water polo on today at the Olympics. They’re going goal for goal.
6-6 at half time. Great match!
Still 6 all in the third quarter!
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A Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (#RCEP) @DrRimmer #trade #intellectualproperty #ecommerce #humanrights #SDGs #health #plainpacks #access2meds #COVID19 #Asia #auspol #auslaw
TRIPS Flexibilities and TRIPS-plus Provisions in the #RCEP Chapter on Intellectual Property: How Much Policy Space is Retained? @South_Centre… #trade #intellectualproperty #SDGs Image
How a new trade deal could make it harder to improve life for Australians in aged care… @AFTINET are concerned about the trade in services provisions provisions in #RCEP. #agedcare #agedcarerc #trade #services #auspol #auslaw
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#Yemen war Update:
#USA's veiled threat.
Today the #US state department tweeted a photo of its special envoy to #Yemen in front of flour bags. The US state department is trying to tie between the humanitarian crises in Yemen and the huthies push to liberate #Mareb!
The #USA is still not speaking about the illegal blockade of #Yemen ! The USA does not want to admit that the blockade is the cause of the famine in Yemen?!
USA still does not see our rights in Yemen. It is starving us #Yemenis, crying about our suffering
and blaming us for it?
#USA refused to lift off the blockade of #Yemen to start political negotiations and peaceful resolution
USA aims to keep a noose around our necks. It blocks oil, gas, diesel and other goods from entering Yemen. It does not want us to liberate the
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When one race, religion or Country puts themselves above another as superior,
progress will NEVER be made.

It always ends in mass destruction.

Nazi's put themselves above Jews.
Greeks above Persians

English above Indians, Asians, Africans.

#Asian (China) above #Tibetan Asians, #Uygur

#Christian Knights Templars

More recently
Radical Islamic Isis
Gentiles - Non - Muslims
On and on

Is there a solution?

Critical HUMANITY Theory

We are living in the most highly advanced technolical age.

The age of A.I and Supercomputer

We have the biggest sets of metadata ever collected.

We know what cities, countries and communities have the highest rates of poverty, drug
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1. Biden thread - Trust this man with his finger on the nuclear button?
"You got vaccination? You OK? You works... mom and dad or Neighbour or u go to Church - if ur kid wanted to find whether othere is a man on the moon or aliens r here
2. Biden is a joke at President, he is ill, with a guilty conscience... Biden talking about sucking childs blood, first time... #Biden #Dementia #Ill #Illuminati Who is really in control?
3. Biden again on about sucking childrens blood a second time... He is not fit for President. he knows what they do and his subconscious is letting it out at the most inappropriate and irrelevant times... #BidensLostit #Illuminati #SaveChildren #sra #csa #Biden
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A partir das 08h, ao vivo na Globo, SporTV e BandSports!
#Tokyo2020 #JogosOlímpicos
20 MINUTOS! Bruno e Ketleyn já estão no preparo!

📸 Christian Dawes/COB
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FALTA POUCO! Vai começar o Remo em #Tokyo2020!

Luca Verthein será o representante do #BRA e será na primeira bateria!

gostei do GC

e estamos muito bem na prova!
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Proud Moment!: Business Development Manager 25-year-old #VaidehiDongre from #Michigan crowned #MissIndia #USA 2021; "This One Is For My Aai", dedicates win to her mother; Says 'It #empower #women of #Indian origin':
Beauty pageant held over weekend.
#Thread @JoeBiden @POTUS
Represented #India immigrants living in #UnitedStates as new Miss India USA. India born #MichiganState University #graduate @UMich @michiganstateu. Arshi Lalani from Georgia declared first runner-up. Vaidehi shared, "I want to leave positive lasting impact on my community and...
Focus on women's financial independence and #literacy." Vaidehi graduated in International Studies. Described journey as “whirlwind”. Mira Kasari got third position. "I've always strived to be role model for young girls, celebrate my rich #SouthAsian #heritage and leave lasting
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@SpaceX backed Starlink @SpaceXStarlink #Broadband #Service could debut in #India in 2022:
#SpaceX, venture by #BILLIONAIRE #ElonMusk @elonmusk aims to launch company's own #Satellite #internet service. #Aerospace company listed multiple Indian locations on website.
#Thread #tech
Services will be available on first-come-first-serve criteria. Starlink as concept is collection of tiny internet satellites orbiting closer to #Earth surface, at altitude of 550km, which, when compared to larger navigation and #communications satellites operate from medium Earth
Orbit of around 2,000 to 35,000 km or, at times geosynchronous orbit, usually operates from beyond 35,000 km. Potential users can pre-book Starlink services in India on website for refundable amount of $99 or Rs 7,265.
Due to proximity to planet's surface, Starlink and other...
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#Yemen War, Update.
#Mareb - #AlBaidah fronts.
The Arab Alliance is loosing grounds, loosing sight and is loosing mercenaries in thousands that it is now giving away large areas to Sana'a forces in order to protect the oil rich #Mareb province from Sana'a forces (#houthies).
Today #Sana'a forces have liberated the eastern and the remaining two governarates of #AlBaida province in just 12 hours. The battle fronts is about 15km long! ..
In this latest offensive by Sana'a forces they have killed , injured or captured more than 150 Alliance forces.
Sana'a forces are now in the borders of another oil and gas rich province #Shabwa province.

Reports from the battles say that the alliance mercenaries commanders have pulled their heavy equipments/ guns / armored vehicles a couple of days ago to support their fighters
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1 - The ordeal of Mullah Zaeef ( by Ayaz Amir September 22, 2006 Dawn) On 21 Sept 2011 Mullah Zaeef narrated his ordeal to the @UN while living in Pakistan

Ref :

#Taliban #Afghanistan #Pakistan #TTP #AlQaeda
2 - The ordeal of Mullah Zaeef ( by Ayaz Amir September 22, 2006 Dawn) On 21 Sept 2011 Mullah Zaeef narrated his ordeal to the @UN while living in Pakistan

Ref :

#Taliban #Afghanistan #Pakistan #TTP #AlQaeda
۱ - ایاز امیر نے ۲۲ ستمبر ۲۰۰۶ میں #طالبان کے ملا ضعیف کی ان تکالیف کے بارے میں لکھا جو پاکستان نے انہیں دیں 👈

جو مشکل طالبان نے ۲۰۰۱ میں پاکستان کے لیئے کھڑی کیں 👈

#Taliban #Afghanistan #Pakistan #TTP #AlQaeda
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#MichaelWendler (aka "#Insolwendler") verteilt mal wieder Fake-News.


Auf der Seite vom @RedCross kann man bereits seit Februar lesen:

"Great news: if you receive the vaccine, you can still donate blood, platelets and AB Elite plasma!"

Einzige Einschränkung:

Menschen, die einen abgeschwächten Lebendimpfstoff erhalten haben oder sich nicht mehr erinnern können welchen sie erhalten haben, müssen 2 Wochen warten.
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Sul @fattoquotidiano di oggi @marcotravaglio pubblica un nuovo panegirico dello stupratore fascio-razzista #Montanelli, cercando di accreditarlo come antirazzista.

La realtà è che M. era profondamente razzista, oltre che un opportunista, che
scriveva quello che gli faceva comodo, ancor più di quello che faceva piacere ai potenti.

Una semplice dimostrazione del razzismo di M. è in uno schifoso articolo di dicembre dell'anno successivo l'incontro, a cui Travaglio crede.

Montanelli è uno
che s'inventa cose, millanta, mistifica, cambia versione e mente.

Persino nel suo C.V. s'inventa impieghi falsi, così come era falso il suo incontro a Berlino con Hitler, così come chiama Fatima Destà e prima le attribuisce 12 anni e poi 14.
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