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1\ W #USA bardzo dużą rolę gra prawo zwyczajowa; kultura - także ta polityczna. Zasady, których się po prostu przestrzega.
Jedną z nich, można sformułować tak:
- ustępujący Prezydent, po elekcji nowego, nie powinien do końca swojej kadencji wykonywać tylko czynności niezbędne Image
2\ Wola narodu została wyrażona, obywateke wybrali nowy kierunek rządów; i należy to uszanować. Nie powinno się robić rzeczy sprzecznych z nim.
Tak postępowali i Republikanie, i Demokraci.
Bo tak powinno być
3\ Bardzo często przewija się pytanie:
- Czy @realDonaldTrump może wybrać nowego sędziego SN przed upływem kadencji.

Patrząc na zwyczaj - nie powinien.
Kreacja SN definiuje charakter tego organu na dekady; i powinna być podjęta w sposób ... spokojny, z szacunkiem
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#Cambodia #China #DaraSakor #MilitaryBase #USA #Sanctions

The website of the coastal resort shows a luxurious holiday complex with a golf course, a hotel casino with a Greek pillar aesthetic and a helicopter landing pad.
But reports from the past few years suggest that the complex in the Cambodian town of Dara Sakor hardly attracts visitors and that the hotel was in need of renovation after just a few years.
But although the large-scale project on a remote stretch of coast in the poor Southeast Asian country appears to be a flop, it has drawn interest from the United States for some time.
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US Involvement in Foreign Country’s Governments “Color Revolution” Spill Over Into USA

Color Revolution: term used to describe a series of remarkably effective CIA-led regime change operations using techniques developed by RAND Corporation, “democracy” NGOs & other groups...
“since the 1980’s. For anyone who has studied those models closely, it is clear that the protests against police violence led by amorphous organizations with names like Black Lives Matter or Antifa are more than purely spontaneous moral outrage...…
“Hundreds of thousands of young Americans are being used as a battering ram to not only topple a US President, but in the process, the very structures of the US Constitutional order.”

“The US paid for 5,000 cans of spray paint & $41 million in Serbian revolution of 2000.”
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Why is this an additive in the new vaccine? Luciferase is a generic term for the class of oxidative enzymes that produce bioluminescence, and is usually distinguished from a photoprotein. The name was first used by Raphaël Dubois who invented the words luciferin and luciferase...
for the substrate and enzyme, respectively. Both words are derived from the Latin word lucifer – meaning lightbearer.

A variety of organisms regulate their light production using different luciferases in a variety of light-emitting reactions. The majority of studied...
in luminous fungi, like the Jack-O-Lantern mushroom, as well as examples in other kingdoms including luminous bacteria, and dinoflagellates.

Why? “they” can see who has been vaccinated? Is it for control who can enter a business or who cannot?
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🛑An Eye Opener Thread🛑


#Qatar, 🇶🇦
#Turkey, 🇹🇷
#MuslimBrotherhood 🏴‍☠️& #Iran 🇮🇷


#AbrahamAccords, #UAE 🇦🇪, #Israel🇮🇱, #Bahrain 🇧🇭and #USA🇺🇸

After the historic normalization and peace treaties sponsored by America between Israel, UAE and Bahrain,

Turkey, Iran, Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood launched a denunciation and condemnation campaign for those agreements! But to varying degrees! 🤔
Ironically, it is no secret that Qatar and Turkey preceded the UAE and Bahrain in signing normalization and peace agreements with Israel !!

So, what exactly is happening?
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This is #Ukraine in 2020 after #USA & #EU / #Canada backed coup 6 years ago. Nazi monuments with a steady flower supply by citizens are popping up all over the country.

Looks like Putin needs to take another slice of Ukraine 🌚

More examples below
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Savez-vous qu’en 1967, le général de Gaulle inaugure le Redoutable, premier sous-marin nucléaire lanceur d’engins français ?

Mais avant cela, il y a eu de nombreux échecs et apprentissages, dans un contexte géopolitique très tendu.

Thread : La genèse du Redoutable.

1/ Après la 2nde Guerre mondiale, les #USA lancent un programme de sous-marins à propulsion nucléaire. Le 17 janvier 1955, l’USS Nautilus, 1er sous-marin avec un réacteur #nucléaire à son bord prend la mer dans le Connecticut.
2/ Equipé d’un réacteur à eau pressurisée (REP) « Westinghouse » à uranium enrichi (S2W 10 MW), ce sous-marin est une révolution : il peut vivre et combattre sous l’eau pendant plusieurs semaines.
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235 Former Military Leaders Support President Trump Calling Him A Proven Leader, Warn Our Way of Life is at Stake

@POTUS… Image
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La virologa cinese #LiMengYan che denuncia il #Covid19 come prodotto dal Lab #BSL4 di #Wuhan..conferma le parole del creatore di US #BioWeapons Act Dr. #FrancisBoyle, che a febbraio affermava che il #Coronavirus è un'arma da guerra biologica e che #OMS #WHO e #USA già lo sapevano Image
Nel 2015 il Dr. #RalphBaric dell'Univ #USA della Carolina del Nord ha collaborato con i microbiologi di #Wuhan #XingYiGe #ZhengliLi e ingegnerizzato la #SARS con la proteina corona #SHC014 creando un #supervirus chimerico mutante...
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How #USA created Vladimir Putin:

Thread time.

You’ll not hear this one in Mainstream media.

- By AS-News.
Let’s start by saying that everything we mention is public information. This is purely a factual thread. No opinions, no manipulation. All documented and searchable.
Point 1. Yeltsin

Yeltsin came out as very pro western, willing to work with USA. He came to America with the message of “Russian people are extending their hand of friendship. We want to become partners.” After the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
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🇺🇲Part 0 | Overview
Part 0 | Overview (Clip 2)

Part 0 | Overview (Full Video):
Part 0 | Overview (Clip 3)

Part 0 | Overview (Full Video):
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I’ll #NeverForget911 🙏🏻 I’ll also #NeverForget how we ALL, as ONE Nation, under God, from ALL over the world, came TOGETHER & consoled each other. EVERY race, creed, color, & gender United, & Prayed together 🙏🏻 We cried TOGETHER. We hurt TOGETHER. We loved TOGETHER.....
..What happened? How did we get here? How did we become so divided? The PAST leaders of our great country, & current Mayors, Governors, House speaker, & other elected officials did this to us! THEY divided us! They wanted a civil war! They are removing our history, our flag,....
...our rights, our voices, our dignity, OUR FUTURE, & the future of OUR children! We need to come together again! We can, and will! We have now, the GREATEST President! He’s fighting for OUR LIVES! Let’s all become ONE NATION UNDER GOD AGAIN 🇺🇸🙏🏻 #GodBlessAmerica #Trump2020 ...
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Well imagine my complete and utter shock.


#HealthFreedom is a thing. Learn about it and fight for it. #MAGA Image
The greatest danger from the idea that a safe, effective covid vaccine might be able to be developed, is that the idea of mandatory vaccination (of any kind) should take hold, anywhere.

Even pro-vaxxers don't support that, bc it boomerangs.

God-given rights are a thing.
Our rights come from God, or nature, and they are not to be infringed, even in a pandemic.

Especially in a pandemic.

The only country with a real track record of protecting your rights for 244 years is the #USA. God bless her.
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>37 million people have
fled their homes in the eight most violent wars the U.S. military has launched or participated in since 2001…
#peace #EndWar #GlobalWarOnTerror #GWOT #NatSec #HumanRights
#USA has fought in >=24 countries since 2001

Sources cited:……
Conditions in #Yemen are so bad people can't even leave the country…
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How many America's know that are own 'government' is waging wars on us,
that the Congress and the White House regime is nothing more then 'actors' distractions,traitors that hide the real controllers.
The "assassins" are in charge,and no one is willing to stand up to them..
Pentagon-Shapped Military Fortress of Loyola,Pamplona, Spain(above)
The Society of Jesus was founded by a Spanish nobleman,
Don Ignatius of Loyola,with the blessing of the Farnese Pope Paul III.Loyola,
prior of his Order of the New Templars called the Knights of the Virgin Mary
” been in command of Spanish forces in a battle with French forces at Pamplona, Spain.
The fortress from which Loyola waged his defense was—you guessed it—in the shape of a Pentagon! Knight of Malta King Juan Carlos commemorated Loyola’s Spanish Pentagon with a stamp 1988
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The term originates in the systematic psychological manipulation of a victim by her husband in Patrick Hamilton’s 1938 stage play Gas Light, and the film adaptations released in 1940 and 1944
In the story, the husband attempts to convince his wife & others that she is insane by manipulating small elements of their environment & insisting that she is mistaken, remembering things incorrectly, or delusional when she points out these changes.
The play's title alludes to how the abusive husband slowly dims the gas lights in their home, while pretending nothing has changed, in an effort to make his wife doubt her own perceptions.
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Die #NordStream2 Debatte zeigt exemplarisch, welche Politiker:innen populistisch mediengerecht reagieren, Punkte beim Wahlvolk sammeln wollen. Die Situation ist komplizierter, als es auf den ersten Blick erscheint. Ein Einstampfen des Projektes kurz vor Vollendung: Teuer, falsch.
Es fehlen aktuell rund 100km. Internationale Partner, auch Franzosen, sind stark finanziell beteiligt. Hohe Entschädigungsleistungen sind bei Einstellung zu erwarten. Selbstverständlich geht dies zu Lasten der Steuerzahler:innen.
Die Bundesregierungen der vergangenen Jahrzehnte achten schon seit längerer Zeit auf einen Mix von Energie-Importeuren, um eine zu grosse Abhängigkeit zu vermeiden. Und Russland, ja, auch Putin, ist mit Energie für Deutschland ein zuverlässiger Partner.
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“Todos los libros 📚 pueden dividirse en dos clases: del momento o de TODO momento” (John Ruskin) en la #BibliotecaComPol de encontrarás los segundos, una colección de Comunicación y Política que te presento junto con sus autores en este hilo 🧵
El Libro Negro de la Política

“Todos somos animales políticos” -Aristóteles-🎭

Aforismos, axiomas, frases y recomendaciones nos trae esta obra de Maricela Gastelú, un valor indiscutible para la política.

En Cumbre.Online descárgalo ahora #BibliotecaComPol #ComPol
Un libro que no puede faltar en tu #BibliotecaComPol

SEIS HISTORIAS QUE EXPLICAN LA VICTORIA DE DONALD TRUMP en 2016 y se vienen las elecciones 🗳 de #USA 2020 🇺🇸 sin dudas es un buen momento para leer a @xpeytibi 🤓📚

Descárgalo en #ComPol
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OMG! WTF is happening to America?! Law Enforcement shot dead the man who admitted to shooting dead a right winger in Portland! And @POTUS practically instructed them to!! #USA!!
I find this is heart wrenching although I ain't American and live halfway around the World: at +12.00 hours EST!! 💔
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#cnp #Trump #Zionism #Christian #RightWing…
Zionism and the British Empire
#British backing for #Jabotinsky, #Weizmann and the #Jewish State
#Zionism #Palestine…
The Cult & Israel 🤓
Many EU aristocrats belong to the "British Israel" movement that believes the British sovereign is the head of the Anglo Saxon "Lost Tribes" of Israel and that the Apocalypse will see the full reconstitution of the British Empire 😈…
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#EnoughIsEnough #MrPresident #Buhari #Nigerians #IFB
Petroleum pricing is a sensitive issue in Nigeria because the various past governments got it all wrong abinitio, and this has been because of the wrongly perceived and sustained notion that 'we are a rich nation'.
In truth, no government has any business selling or retailing petrol, diesel and kerosene to its citizens.
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1/x Let’s talk about…monetary policy and The Fed *

*and central banks, hyperinflation, deflation, debt cycles, rates, bubbles, present-day, negative rates, and other thrilling concepts
2/x What to expect
To laugh, cry, and fall in love with international monetary systems all over again, as we attempt to breakdown down this complex topic and answer one question: when will we see hyper-inflation?
3/x Disclaimer

I’ve never technically been chairman of the Fed, but my buddy @MonocleMan1 & I did meet Janet Yellen once, so close enough
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