NextMed.Health - pricey $$$$ in person but streaming live free of charge! Join now:
Direct link to streaming and agenda:
3/ Image
4/ Future applications of AI ImageImageImageImage
5/ AI limitations Image
6/ AI: We don't wanna create chemical weapons, and we don't wanna perpetuate problems of the current medical system -> Do no harm & pay down tech debt ImageImageImageImage
7/ On Web3 in healthcare ImageImage
8/ ChatGPT is just a tip of the iceberg. We need a highly decentralized approach. Image
9/ From web 1 to web 3 ImageImageImage
10/ On decenralized science. Massive transformation is happening in the science space. ImageImage
11/ How o we take AI to decentralized data? Aggregation, mining, reward, interact. True anonymity, not just pseudoanonymity. ImageImageImageImage
12/ Pseudoanonymity -> privacy tech.
Utility vs. privacy.
Tradeoff as you go to the right.

Federated Learning & Split Learning ImageImageImageImage
13/ Every hospital can create local AI, but those are imprecise. (What works on children may not work on elderly. What works on smokers may not work on nonsmokers) -> creating collective intelligence ImageImageImage
14/ ImageImageImage
15/ HealthUX.

Friction in EHR (e.g. patient matching - recognizing correct patient when multiple have the same name)

Decentralized science and AI ImageImageImageImage
16/ More on decentralized society w/ web 3 - see the QR code ImageImage
17/ Surgeon and XR enthusiast @ZGJR is now on stage at @NextMedHealth. Join livestream here: ImageImage
18/ Augmented Relity (AR) - Mixed reality (MR) - Virtual reality (VR)


Multi-user experience from different geographical locations ImageImageImageImage
19/ Learn how to diagnose etc. from extended reality. Multiuser training.

Sensory integration including haptics

Cost has been decreasing ImageImageImageImage
20/ Platform: must be multi-player, scalable, AI powered, cost-effective

Haptics glove helps you feel what you're touching to make it more real. ImageImageImageImage
21/ VR: can smell (e.g. while learning to make pizza).

Strong potential: PTSD and smelling powder

Manipulate data real time in 3D

Improving flow and experience in a surgery ImageImageImageImage
22/ Bringing anatomically correct images to EMR Image
23/ Blue pill or red pill? ;) Image
24/ Q (@daniel_kraft): Who can be a surgeon w/ the new technology?🤔

A (@ZGJR): Technology can bring education to anywhere anytime in a cost effective way to anywhere in the world... Image
25/ 🎶Highway to hell ➡️ Highway to heal. @acdc music w/ lyrics rewritten for medical field🩺🎸💡 ImageImage
26/ Chris Wigley on genomics

Sequenced kiddo Jessica (4yo) and both parents to get an effective treatment. ImageImageImageImage
27/ Population health study. Clinical reasons to be using whole genome studies: many patients not diagnosed through other means ImageImageImageImage
28/ Massive proof of concept study for genomics in healthcare

Numerous partners ImageImage
29/ Whole genome sequencing. Green: piloting, trying to bring into clinic. Scicence -> pilots -> innovation -> clinical care Image
30/ Productivity challenges. Appmnts can be reduced. Finding right therapeutics for cancer patients.

Like acquarium: study but don't take it out.

Only valuable when joined w/ other modalities.

Scanning & digitizing data from cancer patients -> the largest dataset of its kind ImageImageImage
31/ Kiddo w/ inconclusive tests. Genom determined that his tumor was benign. Image
32/ They have the lead scientists to lead the discoveries ImageImage
33/ Lifelong relationship w/ the genome: how can that accelerate the right treatment?


Teenager: mental health

Later: neurodegenerative diseases Image
34/ Genomics England to transform lives on scales and demonstrate the concept Image
35/ Andrew Hessel on Synthetic Biology: Rewriting Life.

= intersection of life science, computation and automation ImageImage
36/ DNA sequencing cost is outpacing Moore's Law ImageImageImageImage
27/ Identify which dog has been pooping on your lawn 😂💩🐕‍🦺 Image
28/ Numerous applications: anything that touches life, including degradable plastics.... ImageImage
29/ Positive feedback loop.

AI tools to design proteins.

Labs are becoming automated. ImageImageImageImage
40/ Protein engineering.

Can grow cells on chips and train it to play pong.

Will be able to engineer vectors and viruses.

Kill cancer cell... -> treat cancel in an individualized way

Cancer vaccines for patients. ImageImageImageImage
41/ We'll need bigger investment in biosecurity.


Can we stop aging, or even become immortal? Image
42/ intersection w/ #space (cc @OACspace) Image
43/ Will our bedrooms look like this in 20-30 yrs? Image
44/ On new frontiers in women's health. Female animals and humans were not included in clinical trieals until quite recently. It's also a funding problem. ImageImageImageImage
45/ #Ovaries age 2.5x faster than the rest of the body -> puts #women in distinct disadvantage. Ovarian health is very important for overall women health. Image
46/ 1000 eggs are lost month, 1 of which may or may not get fertilized.

Line between puberty and menopause: if we can change theat -> can change how women age -> @OvivaTx

Hormonal changes associated w/ #menopause speed up cellular aging by 6% ImageImageImageImage
47/ Women w/ later menopause tend to live longer. Image
48/ Eternal fertility in naked mole rats Image
49/ #AMH

Regulates how often and how many eggs released to maturation pathway

-> can regulate the pace at which we deplete the ovarian reserves? Image
50/ Possible fertility and IFV help.

Can double # (ovulated?) eggs w/o reducing quality

Validating - lots of info we don't know. Humans aren't rodents. ImageImageImageImage
51/ Goals: Learn more about women's (ovarian) health. Raise awareness. Uncover unanswered questions. Train docs better.

Ultimately: give women choice!

Learn more on @OvivaTx website. Image
52/ Mariya Filipova on Systemic Health: healthy patient outcomes communities

Do you think about dentist when we mention overall health? Oral health is overall health! Related to many other health aspects.

Untreated oral health issues -> higher risk of dementia & cognit. decline ImageImageImageImage
53/ Neither painkillers nor antibiotics treat the underlying issue.

🦷Also equity issue: more likely to have

Dental care is outpacing the growth of healthcare costs ImageImageImageImage
54/ Access to florinated water

Toothbrushes: electric prototype from 1937 similar to today's toothbrushes

Patient experiences and outcomes haven't changed much ImageImageImageImage
55/ Providing funding to companies that improve link dental care and link it to overall health.

@vVardisofficial: Peptide that regenerates enamel.

Future: instead of drilling & filling may be able to ("rebuild"?) ImageImageImageImage
56/ Accelerator w/o giving up equity Image
57/ 🦷innovative companies examples:

Saliva-based diagnostics to screen for dental cancer early

Future: Connecting medical & dental teams. Coordinated & integrated treatment plan. Image
58/ COmpany w/ enamel regenerating product weren't initially able to get reimbursement b/c there was no code. Recently passed new CDT code. Need collaboration b/w investors, companies and regulators. Their accelerator is accepting applicatoins! ImageImageImageImage
59/ Session 4: Transforming tech & patient voice into empathy, impact & access.

@lucienengelen: "From What's New, to How To" Image
60/ Don't fix the hole, reach out to the main tap! ImageImageImageImage
61/ By 2035 we'll have a problem in healthcare Image
62/ Do we add digital? Or digital first?

It's about user interface, yourself.

If possible, do it yourself, at home, digitally. ImageImage
63/ Possible new Moore's Law: doubling intelligence in the universe ImageImageImageImage
64/ World's first autonomous robot Image
65/ "How are you doing?" - "Great! Slept well & have a great EKG!" ImageImageImageImage
66/ ImageImageImage
67/ Consumer is awakening. The consumer is your patient.

Why aren't we utilizing supermarkets? -> Healthcare meets retail. ImageImageImageImage
68/ Maybe we'll have new tech @ retail places ImageImageImageImage
69/ Healthcare is next! ImageImageImage
70/ Non-healthcare players in healthcare ImageImageImageImage
71/ Every citizen wil have own data. Better diagnostic and treatment. ImageImageImageImage
72/ Healthcare: delocalized, democratized, digital ImageImageImage
73/ Joyce de Ruiter: Patients Included: Agility & Resilience in Times of Change ImageImageImageImage
74/ Wow - thank you Joyce de Ruiter for sharing on your rare disease experience with Usher syndrom related to loss of both vision and hearing ImageImageImageImage
75/ A brief conversation can make a huge difference to a patient.

Always choose words of empowerment.

Wow, Joyce de Ruiter - such an overachiever and an inspirer despite of your diagnosis! ImageImageImageImage
76/ PDOH: "Political determinants of health"

Alister Martin: "At the intersection of healthcare, policy & civic engagement" ImageImage
77/ DYI: Voter registration is legal in healthcare settings (as a proof of residency in Massachusets)

"Why aren't you registered to vote?" - "Noone has ever asked me" ImageImageImageImage
78/ Low voter turnout & low life expectancy are correlated ImageImageImageImage
79/ Vote to have perspectives included in politics and when important decisions are being made ImageImageImageImage
80/ Doctor's questions: Do you smoke? Do you drink? Are you registered to vote?

Posters and discharge papers helping patients to vote.

Patient registered to vote -> got home, and also helped her family to register to vote. ImageImageImageImage
81/ They helped 80k patients to register to vote, w/ turnout 85% (higher than general population of 66.8%) Most pronounced on low propensity voters. ImageImageImage
82/ Voting = SDOH!

They helped w/ HHS & VA

Upcoming 2024 registration -> opportunity to get patients involved in voting! cc @poppy_northcutt ImageImage
83/ Physicians voted 9% lower than general population Image
84/ Healthcare workers can help created democracy and increase # registered voters and voter turnout. More info: Image
85/ Magical interlude w/ a Robert Strong - commedian & magician


Power of Story w/ Dave Zaboski ImageImageImage
86/ @Deloitte folks on stage: Bori Kheyn-Kyeyfets & Simon Gisby on "Platforms & The Reassembly of Care"

Sick care -> health care -> wellness (well care) ImageImage
87/ Ecosystem focused on us: my healthcare meets

Covid times: we turned healthcare workers into gig workers who can work from another locations!

Platforms will take us from fragmentation to reassembly ImageImageImageImage
88/ We'll need a "platform mindset": navigating patients - members - consumers

Fee for service -> value based care

Health systems, med tech, pharma: point solutioning companies are not driving this transformation

$40B flowing VCs -> different diseases => to merge & aggregate ImageImageImage
89/ How do you balance personalization?

Retina: unique identifier. Who owns "Clear"? Are we willing to give up data w/o knowing who owns the data to save a few min and not to take off our shoes at the airport? ImageImage
90/ Andrea Kates on Finding Your Next ImageImageImageImage
91/ There is no try. Only do. ☯️

Take concrete steps towards game changing actions. ImageImageImageImage
92/ Get to the next concrete steps! ImageImage
93/ Jemie Metzl: The promise and peril of human genome editing.

Author of Hacking Darwin: Genetic Engineering & the Future of Humanity.

Member, WHO expert advisory committee on Human Genome Edicting ImageImageImage
94/ Jamie Metzl predicted that gene editing would happen soon and that it would happen in China ImageImageImageImage
95/ Estimating 13 new genes therapies to be approved this year (2023)

Photo from 3rd international summit on gene editing w/ Victoria Gray - see the attached quote!

These technologies: unlimited potential to "do good" ImageImageImageImage
96/ Promises:
- Heritable diseases
- Times when we'll be able to treat everything
- Even at or before pre-implanted embryo
- Therapy vs. enhancement: part of the same continuum.
- Expecting discussions: what's ok?
- Living in space? Athletics? ImageImage
97/ Real dangers, fears, origins of covid and book tips ImageImageImageImage
98/ Interconnected ecosystems.

We each have a role.

Let's do what we're doing as ethically as possible. ImageImageImageImage
99/ Med scrubs for attendees! Also encouraging to install app for tomorrow. ImageImage
100/ Closing keynote from day 1: by legend Leroy Hood Md PhD: "The transition from genomics to phenomics in precision population health"

Why health?

Health started w/ the Greeks.

Using data-driven systems

Blood = window into wellness & disease: Molecules concentration changes ImageImageImage
101/ 1M person project over 10 yrs

1. Arivale (body) company he co-started

2. Partnering w/ Posit (brain)

3. Gut microbiome

Nearly 30 studies on wellness ImageImageImage
103/ For most chronic diagnoses (cancer or diabetes): we have subtypes, then we can define nature of the subtype trajectory.

Health: welness - transition - disease ImageImageImage
104/ Partners Image
105/ Will generate at least 1000x more data than initially

Recommendations how to optimize;



Whole genome analysis ImageImageImageImage
106/ 2 knowledge graphs:
1. Google (50B nodes such as genes, proteins, gene diseases)
2. Spoke: Smaller (27M) but more details

Creating a digital twin for type 2 diabetes

Context for hyperscale AI

Mechanistic / causal ImageImageImage
107/ How to persuade HCP, payer, politician, patient to buy into this?

Solution: prediction & prevention is going to save $Ts

Medical schools skeptical in trying new things.

Innovative healthcare 20module 1yr course for hs students

Upcoming book & documentary on wellness ImageImageImageImage

• • •

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