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Dozens of students were killed& wounded in an #explosion in #Kaaj educational center in #Shia settled Dasht-e Barchi area, in PD13 of #Kabul City, today.
#Taliban's interior ministry confirmed the attack but didn't provide details about the casualties. #ISKP is the main suspect. Image
"The suicide attacker killed the security guards in the alley& the gate of the Kaaj educational center and injured 2 officials inside the center, with Small Arms Fire, before detonating his suicide vest in a classrooms where the trial University Entrance Exam was taking place... ImageImageImage
...Unfortunately, dozens of students have been injured& martyred. Most of the wounded are girls.
Um ul-Banin Asghari, my sister and the sisters of Ustad Mukhtar Modaber& Tahir Rezaei, the security guard of Kaaj Center, are also among the martyrs," a victim's brother posted on FB.
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-Pravin Sawhney wrote a book Last War
-I don't know how much he understands #ArtificialIntelligence but I agree AI is most profound #technology humanity ever developed
-Future wars will depend upon AI
-For me nothing is above nation so I attempt honest review where #India stands
-#India’s overall ranking 17
-Small countries like #Singapore & #Ireland are ahead
-#Infrastructure & Govt Strategy are 2 areas where we lack
-Notice we are No 2 in talent

-It all starts from #University and Institute
-Number of citations
-Number of PhDs
-#Indian universities do not figure in top unvivsities who are doing research

@ARanganathan72 @sushantsareen #ArtificialIntelligence
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I was yesterday at the @Europarl_BE to represent @ENoMW in front of the group #LEFT and share our analysis of the directive proposal on violence against #women and girls by the @EuropeanCommiss
There is currently no specific legal instrument that comprehensively addresses violence against women at #EU level. The most comprehensive international framework is the @coe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Girls (Istanbul Convention)
The new proposal for a directive aims to provide for standards for prevention, protection and access to justice, & criminalisation of specific forms of violence against women. It is aimed to be an #EU instrument, with binding obligations on Member States.
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1. Historians have put together our #history in only 200 years while they never told us there was a #king who had #women #commander in the army and who with the help of his #giant #boats #powerful #navy across the Southeast #Ash Capture on the Iya Had taken it
2. #Raja_Rajendra_Chol_Pratham (1012-1044) -- A great ruler of our history who was presented by the conspiracies of leftist historians
#Raja_Rajendra_Chol, was the greatest ruler of #Chol_Dynasty. He had expanded the Chol empire with his victories to make him the most powerful
3. empire of South India. Rajendra Chol was the only king who not only waved his victory flag at other places but also spread the amazing system of architecture and administration at the places where he ruled.
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i told erin carlsen i left huge boxes of tampons

in both of her


she told me homeless women can ask osarch orak for pads which he keeps locked up in his office

he grinned at me.
#menstruation #periodpoverty #homeless #Women
why would women feel comfortable asking osarch orak for menstruation related supplies?
what a violation of privacy!
numerous people report the stalls in the unisex multi-stall homeless restroom dont lock. so they are walked in constantly.
osarch orak removed the outside door to the multi-stall unisex homeless restroom

which adds further degradation

and lack of privacy

---whereas the unisex beacon multistall restroom has an outside door that locks to keep the homeless out @Clubhouse_Intl
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Women’s Equality Day celebrates the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in 1920, which guarantees all American #women the right to vote.

The amendment changed federal law & America.

#WomensEqualityDay | #19Amendment | #becauseofthemwecan

@USArmyEURAF | @USArmy Image
The drive to win the vote was an extensive & diverse effort. But, it did not guarantee all women this right. Chinese American women fought for the right to vote until 1943, Japanese and other Asian American women until 1952.

#WomensEqualityDay | #19Amendment | @DeptofDefense Dr. Mabel Ping-Hua Lee (189...
American Indian women were only able to win the right to vote by fighting for it state by state. The last state to guarantee voting rights for Native people was Utah in 1962.

#WomensEqualityDay | #19Amendment | #DEOMI Suffragist Marie L. Baldwin...
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"My Genitals Were Sewn Up With Acacia Thorns (the image)!"
Malko Jama Recalls Hers:
""I was nine. A woman came to the house. They held me down and held my legs apart and she cut me with a razor and stitched me back up with acacia thorns.
She cut out the clitoris
and the inner labia and then she cut out the flesh from the outer labia and sewed up the skin that was left.
Now they have a more modern way for stitching girls back up but at the time they used thorns like pins.
She cut out the clitoris and the inner labia and then she cut out
the flesh from the outer labia and sewed up the skin that was left.
When it was finished they took a big sheet and a cord and they bound my thighs together... so that I had to stay there with my legs together. They brought me small pieces of bread but refused to allow me water or
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"My Baby Died Because Of FGM!"
Mrs C Foday Recalls Hers:
"I'm a Nigerian married to a Sierra Leonean man. I refused to be circumcised even in the face of being heavily threatened and publicly mocked by my husband's family and friends.
Then, I became pregnant and ImageImage
in the process of delivery, some #women came to help me but when they opened my wrapper and saw my 'uncut private part', they washed their hands and abandoned me that I and the baby were #cursed!
I was in pain but they showed me no mercy and were about to leave the house when my
mother-in-law told me to give my consent to be circumcised or else I will die with the baby and we will both be thrown into the forest.
I have never seen very heartless people like that - my husband came into the room and ordered the circumcision.
They came back into the room and
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1-ignored Wing #Animez_UK ‘s #techabuse to me.
2- claimed speak up aggravated male anger #coercivecontrol- implied>stay silent & endure 14yrs of techabuse as long as I am physically safe.
3-my fault to be abused & for Wing to harm me physically?

#victimblaming Image
Wing from #Animez_UK calls himself ‘eternal’ who never goes away & stops techabuses me.
-A serial #stalker will find his way to stalk & monitor me.
-I never send tweets, he stalks my tweets.
-I never contacted him, he forces himself in to techabuse me.
#DAVRO #coercivecontrol Image
How can I stop speaking up when he never stops the #techabuse to me which is equally serious to physical abuse? A complex case doesn't degrade its seriousness when the scars and injuries are less evident to physcial and sexual abuse. #Animez_UK #coercivecontrol #domesticabuse
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These options advance SDGs but have trade-offs too.
#Enablers: #Awareness and educational programs (#SDG4 and #SDG12), technological solutions/#innovation (#SDG9), innovative #policy designs (#SDG16), involvement of multiple #socialactors (#SDG17)

92 Interventions are identified from 1000+ literature that helps to #Avoid or #Shift or #Improve in emissions.

#foodwaste reduction- 34 interventions: 10 Avoid, 10 Shift, 14 Improve

sustainable #dietary choices- 58 interventions: 15 Avoid, 7 Shift, 36 Improve
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Since your malicious cyberattack timelines matched cybersecurity’s research to strengthen security for years and now, you hack alone but with a cooperative goal to damage national security. Which Advanced Persistent Threats group/s #APTs are you in, #Animez_UK? Image
Converting traditional crime to cyber-enabled crime and becomes a malicious attacker against the UK, for

1- financial income,
2- #sexual desire and #harassment with #pornography sent to #women,
3- attacks for #politics against the UKGOV.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
1st stage- early life:
-Experienced #exclusion/#discrimination.
-Didn’t learn to communicate with #women.
-favours #authoritarianism.
-enjoys #control targeted women & whom against his will.
- Expresses hidden #hatred & #violence on through cyberattacks.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
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This one in generally healthy Finnish women suggests that the menopause-induced hormonal shift results in a proatherogenic metabolomic fingerprint, and that hormone therapy can partially modify this by influencing LDL, HDL, and glycine metabolism. Image
- The authors identified 64 of the 180 observed metabolites as ‘menopause responsive’, that is, the variance in oestrogen and FSH directly explained 2–11% of these metabolites’ variances.
- The concentrations of apolipoprotein B, very-low density lipoprotein, triglycerides, LDL-c and HDL-c, shifted towards a pro-atherogenic profile.
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قدسیہ بیگم (بھوپال کی خاتون حکمران)
بھوپال کی پہلی مسلمان دبنگ حکمران جس نےبھوپالی"Patriarchal Ruling System" کوشکست دی۔
بھوپال کےحکمران غالباًمردہی رہتےاگرنوجوان نواب نذرمحمدخان کی موت کےبعداسکی18سالہ بیوی قدسیہ کی بہادری نہ ھوتی۔
(1819 سے 1926 تک) چار غیر معمولی خواتین نے بھوپال کی شاہی ریاست پر حکومت کی جن میں سب سے شاندار اور بانی مسلم حکمران"قدسیہ بیگم"تھیں۔
قدسیہ بیگم (بوقتِ پیدائش نام اودھم بیگم) دہلی میں پیدا ھوئیں۔ تاریخ میں انہیں گوہر بیگم سے لکھا جاتا ھے۔ اسی نام سے بھوپال میں گوہر بیگم کے نام سے
"گوہر محل" بھی تعمیر کیاگیا ھے۔
1799 میں اپنے اوائل میں قدسیہ بیگم نے سیاسی زندگی کا آغاز کیا۔ اپنے شوہر کے سوئم پرخطاب سےپہلےقدسیہ بیگم نےاپنا پردہ ختم کیاجو اس وقت کی خواتین کیلئے مشکل ترین کام تھا۔
بھوپال کی تاریخ بدل رہی تھی۔ ایک لڑکی جو ابھی20سال کی نہیں تھی، جس نےروایتی طور
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What are the roles of women in Hinduism?

There is no “fixed” and “immutable” position on anything in Hinduism and everything is conditioned by time, place and circumstance.
#Hinduism #SanatanaDharma #women
The role of women has changed over several centuries and will keep on changing.

Leaving aside the past and focusing on the PRESENT we can confidently say:
#Hinduism #SanatanaDharma #women
Biological role of women is the same as it has always been and always will be, in spite of the Post-modern gender theories.
#Hinduism #SanatanaDharma #women
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Our paper is out!
Current #adaptation projects do not automatically enhance #gender equality | need to be intentionally brought in at planning & implementation stages.

23authors|9sectors|17739 literature|countless meetings

Delighted to have brainstormed👇figure with @Joyashree9
Embedding gender considerations and facilitating #women’s participation in project design and implementation along with #inclusive #policies, training, information access, planning, and monitoring is needed
Additional course correction for #SDG5 is needed.
Our #SDG5plus (SDG5+) approach takes into consideration #intersectionality and gender aspects beyond #women alone, & can help #adaptation actions move towards meeting #genderequality and other #climatejustice goals.
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"I Was Circumcised Twice Before The Age Of 16!"
Teliwel Diallo Recalls Hers:
"When I was eight years old, my mother told me that it was time for me to become a woman. She took me somewhere. I met other #Girls, some friends and girls from the neighboring village.
It was a big #day. I didn’t know anything about excision. I was feeling happy inside. I did not know the consequences and pain of excision.
We were maybe one hundred girls. Everyone was waiting her turn. I could hear the cries of the #girl before me. I was frozen. I could not run
because it would be a dishonor for my #family. I was wondering whether I should run away or stay, but I didn’t have the choice.
I heard the #Girls crying. My turn came. It was atrocious. Four #women caught me, put me down, opened my sex and cut me. I cried out loudly. I feel that
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Just IN: After A Woman’s Death From #FGM, Court Frees Cutter On Bail🤦🏾
#SierraLeone: Magistrate Momoh Lanasana in Bonthe District has granted bail to a #woman accused of manslaughter after the death of a 21-year-old she subjected to FGM.
The Magistrate released the Sowei known as
Sowo Sandy who is said to be in her 60s after the prosecution, for the second time, failed to bring forth their witnesses.
21-year-old Maseray Sei, a #mother of two, died in December 2021 a day after undergoing the procedure at the hands of the Sowei.
An autopsy report says she
died after bleeding profusely from the procedure.
Sandy is charged with manslaughter and not directly for carrying out FGM because the practice itself is not outlawed outright even though the country’s child rights law forbids children from being subjected to “harmful treatment”.
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Found this a while ago and saved it. Maybe you've seen it before.

I'm not pro-murdering babies.

I'm pro-Becky who found out at her 20 week anatomy scan that the infant she had been so excited to bring into this world had developed without life sustaining organs.
I'm pro-Susan who was sexually assaulted on her way home from work, only to come to the horrific realization that her assailant planted his seed in her when she got a positive pregnancy test result a month later.
I'm pro-Theresa who hemorrhaged due to a placental abruption, causing her parents, spouse, and children to have to make the impossible decision on whether to save her or her unborn child.
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Agnes Pareyio Recalls Hers:
"I was 14 when my mom and grandma announced that I was going to have my clitoris, my labia majora and my labia minora cut out. They said that if I resisted I was a coward. In my culture, the worst thing you can be called is a coward.
On the day I was mutilated, I was woken up at three in the morning and taken outside, naked, because the villagers believed that if I felt the morning breeze on my body it would cool me and I would bleed less. I saw that the object they would cut me with was not sharp. I was not
offered any anaesthesia, but I was told not to cry – your father is in the house, they said, and he should never hear you cry.
I was determined to show I was not a coward, so I tried very hard not to show any emotion. As a result, I was cut deeper and I could not stop bleeding. I
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My #FGM Heartbreak💔
"I Wanted To Kill Myself!"
Cecilia Ogore Recalls Hers:
"I was in my teen years when FGM was done to me; two women held my hands, one sat on my chest while the cutter squatted between my legs to circumcise me.
I felt a very sharp pain in my genitals; I cried ImageImage
and bled a lot. I was confined to a room to recover because I wasn't #circumcised in the festive period.
You are expected to go out during festive periods and show that you are cut - that you are #mature!
As time progressed, I noticed that without knowledge, certain parts of my
clothing always became wet with stench of urine!
I will sometimes come down from a bus to discover that some areas on my skirt were stained and smelt of urine!
On close examination by a hospital in Uyo, #Nigeria, I was told I had VVF!
I did not know what it meant at first, it was
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Dear #Sadists & fellow #perverts

I shall be 70 this year. To free myself from my #emasculating #RomanCatholic #indoctrination I have done much. I have outraged many taboos. I have been #dominated by #women, #pissed on by them, licked their #spit and drunk their #piss ...
... However, I have not done nearly enough!

I have not been #GangRaped by women or #MaleToFemale #Transexuals. I have not been made to do things that disgust me (not much does) and told, "Get used to it because we'll make you do it again & again & again before you leave ...
... I have not been imprisoned by #SadistsAndPerverts for more than a day (well, actually I have but I've not yet been imprisoned against my will, so as to be pushed further than I wanted to go).

I have been beaten harder than I expected, but I have not had that done repeatedly!
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Gauri Khan says #Bollywood glamour becomes a baggage for business #women like her

@gaurikhan @bonitodesigns…

By @Bhaktimakwana18
Starting a business is never easy, more so for women. It is hard to find validation and convince people that you mean business.

Movie producer turned interior designer #GauriKhan, who ventured into creating luxurious spaces has not had it easy with her brand Gauri Khan Designs.
In conversation with @BiIndia, #GauriKhan says it is difficult for people to have real faith in you. “There will be a lot of people especially in my field, when they will have faith in you it is because you are married to so & so but on the other hand it's a drawback.” said Khan.
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Although we should NOT be using religion or the Christian Bible as if it were the Constitution of the United States this Trumpian Supreme Court has insisted on ripping up the Constitution and attacking women in the name of let's just see what GOD says:
"Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being"
Genesis 2:7
We are not human until we take our first breath. This would most likely indicate our first breath is our soul entering
I am not telling anyone what to believe, I am simply using the very Bible THEY claim has all the answers and showing you how they twist it. The FIRST book makes clear when we are human. So they try this quote:
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Just IN: More than 100 #FGM Victims In #Liverpool Seen By #NHS Services Last Year🤦🏾
#uk: More than 100 victims of female genital mutilation were seen by NHS services in Liverpool in the year to March, new figures show.
NHS Digital figures show around 130 FGM #survivors in the NHS
Liverpool CCG area were seen by health professionals in the year to March – up from roughly 90 the year before.
Of these, approximately 100 were having their injuries reported for the first time.
Only approximate numbers are recorded in the #data to prevent the identification of
individual women.
Across England, roughly 6,380 #women who attended GP practices or other health services were identified as having undergone FGM in 2021-22 – and around 2,735 were newly-identified individuals.
In the UK, FGM has been banned since 1985.
#uk #BorisJohnson #Johnson
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