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10 reasons to why everyone wants to study/ relocate in USA and why you should think twice before doing the same...

Ever heard of the "AMERICAN DREAM?" this is why you shouldn’t dream that dream

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1/🌎 The "American Dream": The USA's reputation as a land of opportunity has attracted countless people worldwide. But keep in mind, achieving success often requires hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Success isn't guaranteed! #AmericanDream
If we put "the American dream" aside @tassaa99 can still assist you to study in USA. DM us and one of our staff will get back to you with all details or click the link below

2/💰 High Cost of Living: Living expenses, especially in cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, can be exorbitant. Rent, healthcare, and education costs may put a strain on your wallet. #CostOfLiving
3/🏥 Healthcare Woes: The USA's healthcare system is a mixed bag. High costs, limited access to affordable insurance, and out-of-pocket expenses can create barriers to quality care. #HealthcareInUSA
4/🚗 Car Culture: In many parts of the USA, public transportation is limited, making car ownership a necessity. Owning a vehicle comes with costs like insurance, maintenance, and gas, which can add up. #CarCulture Image
5/📚 Student Loan Debt: Higher education in the USA is often associated with crippling student loan debt. Pursuing education abroad or in more affordable countries might be a better option. #StudentLoans
6/🏢 Work-Life Balance: The USA is known for its demanding work culture, often leading to longer hours and less vacation time compared to other countries. Quality of life and work-life balance may suffer as a result. #WorkLifeBalance
7/🏠 Competitive Housing Market: The US housing market can be fiercely competitive, especially in desirable urban areas. High demand and limited supply may make finding a dream home difficult and expensive. #HousingMarket Image
8/🌪️ Extreme Weather: The USA experiences various natural disasters, including hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and earthquakes, depending on the region. These events can be devastating and disrupt everyday life. #ExtremeWeather
9/🛂 Immigration Challenges: The US immigration process can be complex, lengthy, and expensive. Securing a visa or green card may require navigating bureaucratic red tape and facing uncertainties. #Immigration
10/📉 Economic Inequality: The USA has significant wealth disparities, with a vast gap between the rich and the poor. This inequality may affect the quality of life and access to resources for many people. #EconomicInequality
🌟 In conclusion, while the USA has its allure, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons before making the big move. Consider all factors to make an informed decision. After all, there's a whole world of opportunities out there! #ChooseWisely
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May 2
Breaking News
Now with a budget of 3000 USD, you can study more than 200 courses, bachelor and Masters level in India.

3000 usd will include, Tuition fee, accomodation, food (4 meals) and transport. This is more than an opportunity

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Thread of courses available 👇👇 Image
Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering
Bachelor (Hons) CSE in Cloud Computing
Bachelor (Hons) CSE in Big Data Analytics
Bachelor (Hons) CSE in AL & ML
Bachelor (Hons) CSE in Cyber Security
Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering
Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering Image
By the way, if you want to study in India with the same budget of 3000 usd per year, all inclusive, fill this link below and our staff will get back to you with full details

Link: 👇👇👇👇

forms.gle/SfePxpqkPeP3nH… Image
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May 1
7 secret reasons to why an online MBA is worth it compared to a regular (physical) MBA, that universities don't want you to know. No 4 will amaze you

Thread, Please Retweet

1. Affrodable
Compared to a regular MBA, Online MBA are very affordable, upto 800 usd per year Image
2. Flexibility

Compared to studying full time in a traditional, on-campus program, earning an online MBA provides much-needed flexibility to students who are also building careers, families, and lives. You can attended classes any time of the day or weekends at your convinience Image
3. Saves costs

Apart from the fact that it is affordable, alot of costs are served while doing an online MBA. This costs include flight ticket, accommodation and other leaving expenses. @tassaa99 can help you get an online MBA degree from as low as 800 usd per year. Image
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May 1
5 secrets to why everyone wants to study PhD (A doctorate degree) in India, no 4 will amaze you

Thread, Please RT

1. PhD in India is full funded
Most of the universities in India are fully funded by the institutions themselves. The more complete researches the university has.. Image
The more it's ranking becomes good.
One of the universities that PhD is full funded is SRM University which has its campuses in Chennai and Andhra Pradesh.

2. Good Stipend
Universities that offer full funded PhD give good Stipend of upto 400 usd per month, accomodation being... Image
Free also, this attracts many students to pursue their PhD in India since living expenses are already covered and also due to the fact that hostel plus food is provided at the university
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Apr 30
Breaking news
Nchi 10 ambazo huwezi kukosa visa hata ukienda ubalozini umelewa (utani)

Please RT, watanzania wote wazifahamu


1. Dubai
Kwanza visa ya Dubai inaomba online, hauendi ubalozini, na iwe iweje huwezi kosa, msanue na rafikia yako Image
2. India
@tassaa99 hatujawahi kosa visa ya India tangia tumeanza kupeleka wanafunzi abroad. Sio student visa, business visa wala tourist visa.

Karibu @tassaa99 tukufanyie visa ya India kwa dola 100 tu. Image
3. Turkey
Zamani tulikuwa tunaomba visa ya uturuki ubalozini but now Kuna visa center. Ni ngumu sana kukosa visa ya uturuki

Karibu @tassaa99 tukufanyie visa ya uturuki kwa dola 300 kila kitu.. Image
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Apr 30
Mambo 5 ya kuogopa/ kuzingatia unapofanya application ya vyuo vikuu nje ya nchi. Hakuna atakayekuambia mambo haya isipo kuwa @tassaa99

Thread, Please RT

1. Usiapply mtandaoni
Kamwe usije ukapply chuo kikuu nje ya nchi mtandaoni kwani Kuna website fake, hivyo kuongeza chances Image
za wewe kutapeliwa. Pia hakuna njia ya kuwasilana direct na chuo kwani huwezi jua huyo mtu anafanya kazi chuoni hapo au la

2. Usiapply chuo kimoja

Wataalamu tunajua kuwa kama hakuna mahusiano mazuri na chuo kujua eligibility ya mwanafunzi, ni heri kuapply vyuo zaidi ya vi3 Image
3. Usitume pesa akaunt ambayo sio ya chuo

Wanafunzi wengi sana wametapeliwa kwa kupata barua za chuo zenye akaunt tofauti na jina la chuo wakipewa sababu tofauti tofauti, wengine wanaambiwa watumie western union. Hakuna Ada inayotumwa kupitia western union, shauri yako Image
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