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📣 Thread on the recent debt ceiling deal between President Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The agreement brings new details to light. Do you agree or disagree with the deal? Here's a non-biased breakdown of the key components. 👇 #DebtCeiling #Biden #McCarthy Image
The cornerstone of the agreement is a two-year suspension of the debt ceiling, allowing the government to continue borrowing and pay its bills on time, if Congress passes the agreement by June 5th. #DebtCeiling #Congress Image
In exchange for suspending the limit, Republicans demanded policy concessions from Mr. Biden, such as limits on federal discretionary spending growth and new work requirements for certain food stamps and Temporary Aid for Needy Families program recipients. #PolicyChanges Image
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10 reasons to why everyone wants to study/ relocate in USA and why you should think twice before doing the same...

Ever heard of the "AMERICAN DREAM?" this is why you shouldn’t dream that dream

Thread, Please RT Image
1/🌎 The "American Dream": The USA's reputation as a land of opportunity has attracted countless people worldwide. But keep in mind, achieving success often requires hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Success isn't guaranteed! #AmericanDream
If we put "the American dream" aside @tassaa99 can still assist you to study in USA. DM us and one of our staff will get back to you with all details or click the link below…
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I'm happy to report that my most recent article (with @DeucesTecum) has been published with @DickinsonLRev.

It uses student loan complaints in the CFPB database as a proxy for customer satisfaction.…

#studentloans #fintech #CFPB #consumercomplaints
We created a novel data set drawn from the @CFPB's consumer complaint database. Using only student loan complaints, we found 212 companies were complained about.

We then identified which complained-about companies were fintechs.
We then compared the complaints against these fintech lenders and/or servicers to the complaints against non-fintech lender/servicers.

In general, we find very few complaints against fintechs. Are fintechs doing a particularly good job making and servicing student loans?
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Woke up to amazing news: my $268,765 #studentloans were forgiven after 10 years of #PublicService through the #PSLF program! I don’t share this to gloat, but to provide some helpful tips to those in #MedTwitter who have questions about the legitimacy of this program. See 🧵
I was incredibly privileged to not have undergrad loans, but spent over $250,000 in tuition and expenses at a public university for medical school. All of my loans were federal.
The first year of residency, I claimed $0 income for the prior year, so was able to make 12 months worth of $0 payments that counted toward my 120 payments. I made sure to certify my employment by filling out the PSLF form each year and have it signed by my employer.
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U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced a plan to wipe out some #student #debt. Up to 20 million borrowers will see their debt completely eliminated.
The debt cancellation is reserved for those who earn less than $125,000 per year or families who earn less than $250,000 per year.
The total amount of outstanding student debt in the U.S. reached $1.75 trillion by the end of 2021, according to the Federal Reserve.
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In light of today’s #studentloanforgiveness news, I am thinking about @DarrickHamilton and the many Black economists and academics who have - for nearly 20 years - made the case and connected student loan debt to wealth inequity and racial and economic justice in the U.S. 1/x
Just 6 years ago, when I was freshly new research analyst in DC, I regularly attended events where panelists not only considered student loan debt cancellation a “dumb” idea and, thus, impossible, but that the framing of student loan debt as a “crisis” was overinflated. 2/x
Needless to say, the conversation and context has changed quite a bit since then. For history’s sake, we cannot underestimate the dramatic impact the global public health and economic crises have had on leading to this outcome at this time. 3/x
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The troublesome slippery slope of forgiving debts without understanding the dire consequences of doing so is upon us. Sadly, we are headed down the road to South American populism. Venezuela 🇻🇪, Bolivia 🇧🇴, Ecuador 🇪🇨, and Argentina 🇦🇷 have caught this disease in the past..
and it’s ruined them all. Designed to generate additional votes from jobless or economically challenged voters, it has proven, time and time again, to be the road to perdition. How will this message change the behavior of student loan borrowers in the future? How do the
students that obtained jobs and dutifully repay their debts feel about this cancellation? Should we also forgive mortgages for the same income cohort? Why stop at student loans? I think the powers that be are about to learn what ‘moral hazard’ actually means. 😞
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"Getting up and doing even ten minutes of light to moderate physical activity a few times [per] day is an effective strategy in reducing the likelihood of having a stroke. For overall heart and brain health, move more ... and sit less." Steven P. Hooker…
First microplastics found in Antarctic snow…
#MicroplasticsDiscovery, #AntarcticSnow
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Did you know that the US currently has $1.75 Trillion of Student Loan Debt!!

That is like ₹13,42,49,50,00,00,000.02 or simply put around ₹1.3 crore crores.
#studentloans #StudentDebtCrisis
This figure beats the GDP of Canada and would rank 10th in the world if compared in terms of the GDP size of different nations. This figure is significant because it accounts for 64% of our country's GDP!!
Coming to India, our country presently has a Student Loan Debt of ₹84,965 crores, or we can say around $11.08 Billion.

Compared to other countries, this seems very less. But it is indeed one prominent subject to ponder upon!
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Sadly, #MedicareForAll will not help #healthcare costs until the underlying problem with MEDICARE and the ENTIRE HEALTH SYSTEM is FIXED, a LONG 🧵 1 of 24 #Medtwitter @somedocs @AmerMedicalAssn @WCMSSM @MichStateMedSoc References:
2/ b/c @SenateFloor @HouseFloor & @CMSGov are yet again not fixing the true problem & instead are again targeting #Physicians by decreasing payments by another 9.75% on top of the fact that reimbursements to providers has already been decreased by 22% over the past 2 decades
3/ On average only 40% of the what your #insurance , including #Medicare , pays your doctor actually goes to the doctor as #income . The overhead costs to be a doctor takes at least 60% of the payment a doctor gets from Medicare or Insurance equivalent.
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A few years ago my husband @benblair and my brother @floodstreet set out to create the most affordable, accredited, U.S.-based online university, and make it available to students all over the world. And they've succeeded. It's called Newlane University.
Each @NewlaneU degree is $1500, paid at $40/month. If you want to earn an Associates Degree & Bachelors Degree, that’s $3000 total. If you already have an Associates Degree, and want to earn a Bachelors Degree, it would be $1500. (The cheapest degree I've seen elsewhere is $5k.)
When you sign up, there's a one-time $249 registration fee. Try the program for 30 days and if it's not a good fit, no worries, they'll refund the fee. And you can pause the $40/mo at any time — like if there's a family matter that prevents you from studying for a few months.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/14/2021…
Scientists scramble to harvest ice cores as glaciers melt…

#IceCores #GlacierMelt #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming
Beware the ‘multi-demic:’ Masking this fall will fight more than COVID-19…

#masking #COVID19 #flu #PublicHealth
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/26/2021…
Student loans, the racial wealth divide, and why we need full student debt cancellation…

#StudentLoans #DebtCancellation #RacialInequality #WealthDivide
The Delta Variant Is a Grave Danger to the Unvaccinated…

#delta #variant #COVID19 #VaccinationRate #consequences #risk
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1/ $SOFI is a Sleeping Giant👇
1.Banking Merger Pending
2.@Galileo_Tweets powers 70% of world #Fintech
3. Trades Crypto
4. Trades stocks
5. provides - all kind of Loans
6. provides Insurance
7. International expansion
8. single app for all your need
9. User growth very high
#Sofi owns @Galileo_Tweets is the #amzn of #Fintech
2020: CEO Clay Wilkes Galileo Powers 👇

95% of digital banking in USA runs
70 of the top 100 #fintech in the world are clients, such as Robinhood, Chime, DAVE, Monzo, Moneylion, Transferwise, Klarna…
3/ When @Marqeta with 400M revenue is valued at ~ $16B then just the @Galileo_Tweets part of #sofi $SOFI needs to be valued at $8B .
Marqeta gets 400M Rev
Galileo gets 200M rev
what about valuation of banking , crypto, loans, insurance , Stocks , china expansion of #Sofi ?
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/04/2021…
‘We are witnessing a crime against humanity’: Arundhati Roy on India’s Covid catastrophe…

#COVID19 #PandemicResponse #india #consequences
India’s massive COVID surge puzzles scientists…

#COVID19 #surge #india #research
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A little story: “Everything you need to learn to be a rocket scientist is available online, right now, for free."

Several years ago, @BenBlair (my husband) and @JoshStanley (my brother) learned that premise and it stuck with them.
If that premise was true (and they could see it clearly was true), then tuition rates should be falling — and falling fast. But they’re not. U.S. College Tuition is outrageous, and it gets worse every year!…
In response, they set out to build the Most Affordable, Accredited, U.S.-based, Degree-Granting University possible — and make it available to students all over the world. And they’ve succeeded.

Permit me to brag a bit about what they’ve built and why it's so cool.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Providing Borrowers Relief from Crushing Student Debt
Only one party understands that the burden of our student debt crisis ($1.6 trillion) is preventing our young people from a productive present & a secure future.1/16
Student debt is holding millions of Americans back. The COVID-19 pandemic and President Trump’s recession are making it harder for those with student loans to make ends meet right now. 2/16 #DemPartyPlatform #StudentDebtCrisis
#Democrats will work to authorize up to $10,000 in student debt relief per borrower to help families weather this crisis.3/16 #DemPartyPlatform #StudentDebtCrisis
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During prayer this morning I rejoiced because I'm not #homeless. The last time we had a politically motivated #financial recession, the pres bailed out banks & big corps instead of the citizens. Contrast 2009 with this year. And, yes, it should be obvious to any thinking person
that we have a severe economic disruption every decade. Why is that? Is it b/c there's a new admin every 8 years? Yes and no. Perhaps we should amend the law so @realDonaldTrump can remain in office until Jan 2029 so we can KAG permanently. Make it so, LORD God Yehovah!
@realDonaldTrump Americans are waking up to realize how blatantly demonic, lifelong politicians mess around with the country's financials to create the appearance of disaster so they can shuffle #money where they want it. This one backfired big time, though, b/c DJT loves the country and people.
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One of the biggest cons the western financial system has created is this concept of "good debt".

Basically "Good debt is considered to be debt if it helps you get a job, like a student loan, or helps you earn money, like a business loan.

"Bad debt" is all other debt, but
basically personal loans, credit card debt etc. Home loans can be considered essential, but with care.

The reality is that there is NOTHING like "good debt". I say that because it plays on people's minds to throw caution to the wind and borrow recklessly because apparently you
are going to make money of that and become rich right?


I used to use the terms "Essential debt" and "Criminal debt", again with Home loans being in no man's land.

"Criminal debt" is that debt which you take on for pleasure/addiction etc.
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Two principle emotions are said to drive people's actions.

Love and fear are the strongest and of our emotions. They set the stage for how we react to new experiences. Who we become is from those experiences, which is most of our childhood. Emotions are how we develop as people.
The anxiety of knowing as a black person, a trip to the store, a jog, or simply coming home can lead to the untimely departure from your family... your place here on this Earth. This sits heavy on my heart.
I've known these emotions all my life. I've had to fear racism and racist acts. I've lived through the fear of death. But, I've also had the joy of seeing family and friends laugh together and the love of going to a crab feast. Anyone who knows me knows I love a good crab feast.
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Okay, before I got to bed, I am going to throw out some words garnered from the book I am reading at the moment... and no not Hugh Johnson's Pocket Book of Wine 2019. The one that is about making #money via a #sidehustle by @chrisguillebeau
1. Everyone should have a #sidehustle. It is a way to make some extra money and can be useful as insurance in case you lose that ever important day job. Your side hustle doesn't have to be a main gig and should be started with a specific goal in mind.
For instance, perhaps you have a vacation coming up and you want to make some extra money to pay for it. Maybe you want to pay off those #studentloans and you can use a side hustle to do it. or maybe you are bored out of your mind and want something to occupy your time.
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Yep, it's ANOTHER thread, this time about #studentloans and #debtcollectors.
Among all the usual stuff about how the whole "debt collection" business is 99% scammers and frauds masquerading as legit companies,…
and how the Trump administration is trying to legally protect their "right" to commit fraud, I found this stat that places a whole new spin on the "let's forgive student loan debt" argument.
#studentloans #debtcollectors
Show this to your angry older relatives who say "this will just reward lazy young people who got foolish degrees":
"According to a 2018 study by four bankruptcy law professors, the number of people ages 65 to 74 filing for bankruptcy has tripled since 1991,
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Fox Corp bought a majority stake in Credible Labs, which is a middleman for refinancing personal and student loans. 🤨

They take a cut from companies that give out the loans, which means they’re getting a cut of the personal & student loan pie.

No, they don’t charge users, but you know the companies who give out the loans are passing those charges along to you.

Not to mention all your data....
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