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Vascular cardiologist|Platelets|PE. Opinion w/ interest in cardiac/vascular care-🚫employer. @EdinburghUni @UR_Med @UpstateNews @WCM_MedChiefs @JHUPath Alum
Nov 21, 2022 • 14 tweets • 13 min read
1/n A🧵. I finally paid off my medical school loans this week. I made payments simultaneously with the LRP. Here is why the @NIH_LRP is a great career move for PhD scientists and especially for physicians who generally have crushing loans... #loans #MedEd 2/n *Let yourself be #mentored* When I was finishing cardiology fellowship training, I swore I was NEVER going back to research! My Chair convinced me (“…just one last ride, can do it”). Listen to those who know you and see something. @Keith_R_M @JustinLathia
Nov 17, 2022 • 5 tweets • 5 min read
🔥We will have a 1 year, and one of its kind Thrombosis Fellowship training program @ccfvascmed starting July 1, 2023. Our highly-acclaimed expert in thrombosis Dr. Marcelo Gomes is the PD. Applicants should be qualified in Vascular Medicine 🫀, hematology 🩸 or IM. Training will be given by vascular internists, hematologist, cardiologists, clinical pathologists in thrombosis. Real mentorship & protected time for thrombosis research will also be given by @nih_nhlbi funded investigators . Thank you to @InariMedical for sponsorship !