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Today's free Blink. Living Beyond "What If?" (2021) by @DrShirleyDavis.…
This is her biography from her website. Looks likes she's the CEO of a consulting firm, and used to be head of HR with expertise in diversity and inclusion.…
When @DrShirleyDavis speaks, "90 percent of the audience agrees that they would live their lives differently if they could do it again. They’d live purposefully – with more passion and less procrastination."

Less procrastination is so me! I feel seen!
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“There is quite convincing documentation that supports that the MEtabolic energy turnover is disturbed by #ME. By metabolic energy MEtabolism we mean the biochemical processes in the body, that transform, distribute and utilize energy sources in the food👇🏻…
“Oxygen is the most important single factor for the cells' production of the important energy molecule ATP. The oxygen consumption of the muscle cells increases dramatically during physical work, but it has a limit. As the oxygen supply becomes insufficient, 👇🏻 #PwME #MEcfs
the production of lactic acid (lactate) increases, and then the working capacity of the muscle will rapidly decrease.” #MEcfs #PwME #ImmunoMEtabolism #ATP #KrebsCycle
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🦠Pulmonary cryptococcus in patients w/ severe COVID-19🦠: A thread!
The CDC doesn't recognize cryptococcus as a common fungal disease complicating COVID-19: How common is it? We don't know! ~10 cases have been reported re: cryptococcus infection in non-HIV/Txplant patients w/ severe Covid
Among these cases, 3/10 had isolated pulmonary🫁disease, 7/10 w/ CNS🧠disease. ALL pts had several RFs incl. 🫁 prolonged mechanical ventilation, 💉immunomodulatory therapies including steroids, toci, and 🦠immune dysregulation 2/2 direct SarsCOV2 viremia and critical illness
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Listening to the #MedEd roundtable @UniMelbMDHS.

They're talking about trust. Immediately I think of Brene Brown, Onora O'Neill, and most recently @CasDamian's paper.
"Trust is evidence resistant" according to @AndreaRizziMelb. It works on a number of different levels as outlined in this slide.
Trust signalling is a rhetorical device.

Interesting - as an anaesthetist I recognise I trust signal to the patient that I'm going to take good care of them when I render them unconscious to decrease their anxiety.
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Driving Performance Through Learning (2019) by @AndyLancasterUK. This is right in my area of interest in #MedEd.…
We gain our skill over the course of our careers, not through attending courses." Learning takes place all the time" and we need to have a broader perspective of what learning looks like. i.e. we need to change our epistemology or concept of how we learn.…
"Employees often learn more effectively in-the-flow of work, rather than in a course."

I think this is the principle underlying the work-integrated-learning movement. (Billett)
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Ecografía pulmonar 🫁. Guía fácil y práctica de como utilizarla. ABRO HILO
#POCUS #CardioEd #echofirst #ENARM #medicaleducation #ultrasound #MedEd #Cardiology Image
Es curioso porque clásicamente se decía que la ecografía pulmonar no era posible. Harrison afirmaba que " los ultrasonidos (US) se disipan rápidamente en el aire por lo que carecen de utilidad en la evaluación del parénquima pulmonar" ¿Qué ha cambiado? Image
Daniel Lichtenstein, un intensivista francés, redescubrió la ecografía pulmonar. Es cierto que los US no se transmiten bien por el aire, pero Lichtensein descubrió que pequeñas alteraciones en la relación aire-agua a nivel pulmonar formaban artefactos ecográficos característicos. Image
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It was a delight to work with @gabifpucci of @neudrawlogy to explore the incredibly diverse CNS complications of infective endocarditis!

An #infographic & #tweetorial investigating the radiographic & clinical findings in IE + some management pearls!
#MedEd #Neurotwitter
The most common cause of neurologic injury in IE is ischemic stroke.
But! Management is somewhat different.

Notably, due to the high risk of hemorrhagic transformation, tPA is relatively contraindicated or should be used with extreme caution.

You don’t want to end up with ⬇️!
As evidence: in this series, 1 in 5 patients experienced post-tPA ICH and only 10% achieved a good outcome.

Thrombolysis for Ischemic Stroke Associated With Infective Endocarditis…
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THREAD: SGLT2 inhibitors for #diabetes

1/5 Dr. Jamie Falk @jamisonfalk presented "A Deep Dive into #SGLT2i: What Comes to the Surface for Individuals with Diabetes"

👉🏽Watch the presentation here: 🧑🏾‍💻

#T2DM #medsafety #FOAMed #MedEd
2/5 #AdverseEffects for #SGLT2i to be aware of: genital infections, hypovolemia, DKA, amputations

✅Check out the image ⬇️ for the risk estimates
✅Watch @JamisonFalk's presentation here:🧑🏾‍💻

#T2DM #medsafety #FOAMed #MedEd #diabetes #ptsafety
3/5 Evidence to date for #SGLT2i:

The first of the two new classes of medications for type II diabetes to reduce ↘️ risk of CV #AdverseEvents and mortality

✅Watch @JamisonFalk's presentation here:🧑🏾‍💻

#T2DM #medsafety #FOAMed #MedEd #diabetes
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Join me for a #dermtwitter #tweetorial on:


#MedEd #FOAMEd #medstudenttwitter #MedTwitter

Let's start ourselves off with a question: Which one of the following conditions will lead to scarring?
The correct answer is Pyoderma Gangrenosum! This illustrates a quick first point - scarring only occurs if you damage the skin into dermis and beyond. Epidermal damage heals without scarring, which is why the first 3 don't lead to scarring!
So what exactly is a scar?

Scarring is a normal part of healing that at its root, is extra collagen laid down to repair skin injury.

However, sometimes the process gets out of hand and exuberant which leads to hypertrophic scars (pic 1) keloids (pic 2)!
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Me too.. and Criona's partner Mike. Criona sent me this in 2015 to be shared.. "In 2009 Mike was given the 'all clear' from the standard cancer test that many men are given, but was diagnosed with M.E. By 2013 his energy had deteriorated dramatically. 1/4 #pwME #MECFS #MedEd
By January 2014 he was bed bound. He would not go near a doctor because of Sophia's experience. He was frightened that they might section him in a mental hospital, as they had Sophia. In March I could no longer bear to see him suffering and in so much pain. 2/4
I went behind his back and asked my doctor if he could possibly see him. He kindly agreed and for this I am most grateful.

During the next two months Mike had to be taken to hospital by ambulance 4 times to undergo various tests.3/4
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Attending the school of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences research retreat #PAMRR2021 @Griffith_Uni

Thankfully it's made accessible via Teams for those of us unable to physically attend.

Might share some little insights from the presentations
Welcomed by the enthusiastic, encouraging, and humble @JennyAKEkberg and reminded to connect our research and funding with community and industry and engage in research cross-pollination. /1
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1/ It is near the end of your time on inpatient service and it has been BUSY!

Spirits are high, but folks are tired.
You want to make sure rounds are high-yield, but how to focus their energy?

Welcome back #MedTwitter & #MedEd for another #TweetorialTuesday from @MedEdTwagTeam!
2/ This week, I will share tips on how to use questions to get ”the wheels turning” for your learners before rounds.

In just a few minutes, this focuses energy, engages team members in the cases they may not be following, and enhances bedside learning for everyone.
3/ Today’s 🧵 harkens back to one I posted about ”prediction questions”.

Inspiration: #SmallLearning from @LangOnCourse. It is tremendous, with a lot of useful ideas that can be applied in the classroom or clinical setting. FYI - 2nd ed just came out.
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Be sure to join us TOMORROW here on @ckd_ce for our first ORIGINAL accredited content . . . from none other than @edgarvlermamd . . . whom you #kidney-oriented clinicians will know as a comforting and familiar presence and as an AWESOME teacher. He'll be talking about ...
...IgA nephropathy (#IgAN) from the ... perspective of the 2021 @goKDIGO #guidelines. Lots to learn about this common cause of #CKD worldwide! Free CE/#CME for #physicians #nurses #PAsDoThat #nursepractitioner @ANNAnurses @neph_PAs @pharmacists @nephondemand @IgAN_JBarratt
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Today’s #ResearchTip is all of us should be able to be open and critical about the problems inherent in academia. Being pressured to say nothing in order to keep your job, get funding, or hold senior roles is a massive 🚩
#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #HigherEd #MedEd
If you’re in an organisation where you’re being bullied then you understandably may worry about speaking out and may need help to do so while keeping yourself safe The same cannot be said at organisational level where silence allows abuse to thrive
Research councils, professional associations, university management and charities/groups supporting students and staff often use “staying neutral” to really mean “not getting involved with damaging situations requiring urgent attention (that we also may have a role in)”.
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1/ #UncleBob has tips for newly minted clinician-educators. Today I will focus on teaching how to take and present the history. #MedEd
@uabimres @UABGIM @SocietyGIM @ACPinternists
2/ Learn to define and expand patient words - e.g., diarrhea (how often, what color, interfere with sleep, etc.). Patients describe things in words they understand, but often we interpret those words differently. Many such examples: chest pain, dyspnea, weakness, SOB, PND
3/ Try to understand the chronology and use that during presentation. This requires careful questioning so that the learner really understands the chronology.
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1. I feel very sad and angry, having watched Graham McPhee's funeral this afternoon. All these years gone. I want to share a section from the interview we did with him. "Bob (Courtney) was helping a number of quite eminent people get to grips with the complexities of it because
2. it's a very tangled study. I mean it’s terrible, but it’s tangled. And there are lots of things in it that you can use. He was trying to get lots of people to understand it better. There was a lot of people reacting against the PACE study, so another friend Janelle Wiley
3.andI volunteered to put all their ideas together in a detailed analysis of what was wrong. We tried to get in touch with the editor of the Lancet, we tried to get in touch with one of the authors of the PACE Trial, they just ignored us, then we tried to get in touch with a
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OK. Restarting this thread after almost 2 years.

I found the name of the play. It is "True Cut" by @DavidJAlderson.…

It took me a good 15-30 minutes of detective work to find it.

I've backtracked to the start of the chapter because it's been so long. Schon is highlighting the tension between discipline and practice-orientations to education. He menions Veblen.
And again on the page 308. What is Veblen's ancient hierarchy of knowledge? Who was Veblen?
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ICU scenarios: it's 5:40 am. After a rapid response is called, the team is bringing to the ICU a 60 yo male pt that has been managed in the COVID-19 ward for 12 ds with NIV/steroids/tocilizumab/empiric antibiotics and anticoag. Pt pulled his mask and desated to the mid-60s...
When he arrived to the ICU, sat was in mid-80s (NIV-Fio2 100%/PEEP10), not much ⬇️ than the last few ds (it was ~90%). He is breathing in the high 20s, in mild/mod resp distress (for whatever that means!). You realize that: i) there is nothing else to offer besides intubation/MV
...and ii) he can probably "go" for a few more hrs without being intubated. You already had a brutal night. You've been up 10.5 hrs. You have no "help" (no resident/fellow/NP/PA). The am crew (MD + PA) arrive at 7 am. Your resp therapists sign-out at 6 am. What would you do next:
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Hi #dermtwitter/#medtwitter! Our last (for now!) #tweetorial/#medthread on nails! This time it’s...


Education from @naildisorders and the @jmervak team!

@societypedsderm @PeDRAResearch #medstudenttwitter #medtwitter #meded #FOAMed
Beau’s lines (transverse ridge) and onychomadesis (nail shedding) common in kids! Often seen in a post-viral setting.

Common culprit = hand foot mouth disease!
Congenital malalignment of the great toenails – lateral deviation of the first toenails. More common than you think. Start looking at more toes and you’ll see it! Can improve with time or persist. Risk for nail thickening or ingrown nails.

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Hello #medtwitter!

I recently gave a talk on "feedback" to my primary care family -- er, colleagues -- at @nyulangone/@BellevueHosp.

I learned SO MUCH and think some #meded tweetorial content (🧵) is in order.

First and foremost: why does feedback matter?

For that, I'll turn to the theory of deliberative practice (ToDP).

(Which, for a TL;DR, is a great framework that helps us become experts at whatever skills we choose. Similar to M. Gladwell's 10K hours, but much cooler).

ToDP says:

❗️ Feedback - nor any skill - is something that comes from "natural talent", but rather something we carefully cultivate over time

❗️Being adept with feedback helps us become better at other skills.

(Check out images for quotes from the OG article).

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While I was waiting for my experiments to run today I had a chance to sit down with one of our interns and ask them how they were doing. Not just the in the small talk way but in the “no really, let’s talk” and she was gracious enough to open up. /1
We talked about everything. From the transition to a new place without any friends and family, to the humdrum of intern life, to the transitioning seasons. I remembered going through a lot of those same feelings as an intern and wishing someone had stopped to talk to me. /2
So this is me assuming that role for any intern that may be experiencing the “intern blues.” It’s going to get better, I promise you. Intern year is tough in a lot of ways. You are thrown into the deep end of a pool with what feels like no floaties and are told to “doctor”. /3
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1/ You're on the inpatient service,
and you want to teach...

but HOW are you supposed to FIND TIME ⏲️while also
✅ caring for patients
✅ writing notes
✅ completing other administrative work

Not to mention managing your personal life!

This week: tips on teaching BEFORE rounds Image
2/ This week, I will share practical tips on how to integrate teaching into your daily routine BEFORE rounds.

It's another #TweetorialTuesday from the @MedEdTwagTeam for our #MedTwitter & #MedEd friends! Image
When do you typically teach?
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1/12 The cognitive load on rounds can be high, so I like using daily e-mails as an adjunct to teaching on rounds. Here is a 🧵 on my approach! #MedTwitter #MedEd #FOAMEd
2/ I am of the opinion that you can form an outline of a lesson plan BEFORE you even start on service! My group attends for 14 days at a time, so this tells me how much “time” I have allotted to teach (more on this later).
3/ Make sure to include every learner who will rotate with you while you are on (I use amion to figure out which trainees are on with me). They might appreciate getting learning when they are off service and if there is an ongoing thread of teaching, they won’t miss out!
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@RcgpFaculties @MartinRCGP @AoMRC @HelenStokesLam @RCSnews
This statement supposedly from RCs does not represent my views as a Clinical Advisor to the @rcgp. I find it utterly inappropriate for it to have been released after the conclusion of the @NICEComms process.
In fact, I'm embarrassed on behalf of my whole profession, who are allowing a small but vocal minority with vested interests (protecting their own careers) to speak on our behalf. In the context of #LongCovid, many more of us now know the truth about #MECFS.
#MECFS and #LongCovid are not going to be cured by some exercise & CBT, no matter how loudly those who offer them to unsuspecting patients scream and throw their toys around. If you think you've cured someone with these treatments MAYBE YOUR PATIENT LIED TO GET AWAY FROM YOU!
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