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31 Mar 19
Here is a #thread on what PMO needs us to believe with their - and Wernick’s - statements about the Dec 19 Wernick-JWR call, about which PMO says it was never briefed (cough):
That the Clerk failed to brief out the one item on his call with JWR (SNC), something the PM was in a mood about, something the PM had spoken to Wernick about that very day. Because holidays.
(This, let’s remember, is the SNC call the PM *asked* the Clerk to make the *day after* PMO (Butts-Telford) hauled in JWR’s chief of staff to tell her to get in line (ie DPA) on SNC)
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4 Aug 18
Mini #journalism thread:

Some debate as to whether this story by @l_stone is a giant “nothingburger”, as per @garry_keller, a former chief of staff to former Foreign Minister @baird
I think it’s a story, but not the story that’s reported. The Liberals got lucky. Pitching this attack could have easily resulted in a story that read: “Garneau launches errant attack over thing that’s done all of the time and isn’t even NAFTA-related”.
The partisan in me wants to think that’s how this fact-free attack would have been reported had the Tories pitched it (especially with facts now supposedly at a premium). Lord knows I pitched enough attacks that weren’t picked up because the, um, facts didn’t support them.
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28 Jun 18
THREAD on this lazy (but seemingly popular) piece of journalism from @CTVNews (full disclosure: my partner is the London correspondent for CTV)
In summary: story says Harper is planning a “secret” trip to the White House, a trip “official Ottawa knew nothing about”, “seemingly blindsiding” the current Canadian government.
It is portrayed as a “total breach of convention” at a time of “unprecedented tension in Canada-US relationship”, when Donald Trump and his officials are openly insulting Justin Trudeau.
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