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28 May 20
Black liberation is freedom for all.


MFOL Statement on the Murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd.
The state must be held accountable for allowing its duty to serve the public be subverted to murder Black people. The lives of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd, to name a few out of thousands, were taken in acts of state-sanctioned murder. (2/5)
We challenge our government institutions to clarify which policies officers are sworn to enforce. The routine failure to punish murderers in uniform suggests that enforcing white supremacy through violence is more important than protecting human life. (3/5)
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18 Mar 20
It’s a really hard time right now. We’re going through it right there alongside you. It’s easy to feel the impact of tragedy & start to not feel like yourself. Below, we have some tips & ideas on how to take care of your mental health.

☎️Schedule time to speak w/ loved ones on the phone
🪁Pick up that hobby you’ve been waiting to try
🌿Get some fresh air & observe nature
📒Document your feelings through this experience in writing
🧘Meditate, practice mindfulness, & exercise however you’re able
🧠Watch a documentary, read a book, use a free learning platform to enrich your brain
🧖Practice physical self-care
🎨Paint, draw, & scribble cute lil pictures
🎶 Listen to music & find new music that you love
🧑‍🍳Cook food that brings you joy
🛏 Remember to clean your space
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23 Feb 20
We want all young voters to evaluate the candidates for themselves, and we love that some of our members & founders have chosen to endorse in their personal capacity. March For Our Lives, as an organization, has not and does not have plans to endorse any candidate. (thread 1/3)
We’re a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization focused on harnessing the power of young people to fight for sensible gun violence prevention policies that save lives. Any donations are spent to that end and are not used to support any one candidate or political party.
Final thought: We believe America needs a #PeacePlan. All candidates should have a bold, comprehensive agenda to end our nation’s gun violence epidemic. We encourage you to compare their plans against ours:
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14 Feb 20
Two years ago, our hearts broke as 17 lives were senselessly stolen. 17 more were injured and are still learning to live with their wounds. Others have wounds that are invisible but run deep, and in the months to come we lost 2 more lives. We remember them, too.
Our work to prevent gun violence is for them & in their honor. Regardless of your politics or opinion on the work we do, we all can agree that their lives were beautiful, infinitely valued, & were taken from the world far too soon.
The trauma & pain did not end on 2/14/18 – it is felt today by our whole community. It is felt every time a headline of another death pops up on our news feed. Our lives are forever changed. Our heartbreak will never go away. This is a difficult week for MSD Eagles everywhere.
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19 Dec 19
With the number of mass shootings in the United States on track to exceed 400 by the end of the year, a new campaign of theatre activism called #ENOUGH: Plays to End Gun Violence launched yesterday.
Its mission is to spark critical conversations about gun violence across the country by providing middle and high school students with a platform to express themselves through storytelling, foster open dialogue in their communities, and inspire creative action.
Beginning in 2020 as a nationwide call for submissions of short plays written by students about gun violence, #ENOUGH culminates in an evening of simultaneous staged readings across the country of the most impactful plays on December 14, 2020 - the 8th anniversary of Sandy Hook.
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11 Nov 19
Trigger warning: su*cide

On this Veteran’s Day, we remember that more than 6,000 American veterans die by suicide each year, & nearly 70% of these deaths involve firearms.

Those who put their lives on the line for our freedoms deserve better.
According to @GiffordsCourage Law Center, 85% of suicide attempts by firearm end in death. This means that when those who have served are in the middle of a crisis, their likelihood of survival is extremely low.
@GiffordsCourage Let’s do better for our veterans by enacting safe storage laws, red flag laws, & background checks.

Let’s do better for our veterans by reforming our healthcare system to ensure they can get the proper mental health help they need.
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21 Aug 19
To take on this crisis, we need to think big.
To take on corrupt powers that be, we have to be strategic.
To take on violence, we have to be pro-peace.
Introducing: A Peace Plan for a Safer America. Created by survivors, so you don’t have to be one.
Nearly two years ago, we created this organization out of crisis. We waited for solutions. But we’re not waiting anymore. Read our #PeacePlan - a no-holds-barred, comprehensive platform to drive real change 👇
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12 Aug 19
2 years ago today, neo-Nazis took to the streets of Charlottesville as the nation & the world watched in horror, disgust, & fear.

We mourn Heather Heyer. She was a fierce 32 year old advocate of empathy whose life was taken by a white supremacist at the rally.
Now & always, March For Our Lives commits to fighting against bigotry, hatred, & violence.

We must remember that though Charlottesville was a single event, the face of white supremacy has reared its ugly head in America since its founding, & is alive & well globally.
We must not forget the thousands of people who were retraumatized simply by watching Nazis march through our streets unharmed in 2017.

We also must not forget that many of those individuals who marched in Charlottesville had access to firearms. They marched with them proudly.
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9 Jul 19
Good morning‼️🌞

We’re in Virginia today with @MFOLNOVA @bradybuzz @CSGV @MFOLDC @GiffordsCourage @amnesty @ProgressVA @NextGenAmerica + more for the special Virginia #GVPSession

Follow along as we make it clear that we need #VotesandLaws, not just #ThoughtsAndPrayers 📢🗣
We have busses full activists from DC, Arlington, VA Beach, Alexandria, and Woodbridge headed to Richmond right now for the #GVPsession!

We’re ready to tell @SpeakerCox, @TommyNorment
+ the entire @VASenate & @VaHouse that it’s time for #VotesAndLaws:
To start off the day, the Richmond @NAACP held a beautiful vigil.
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13 Feb 19
On February 14th, 2018 the Parkland community lost 17 lives in a tragic and preventable act of gun violence. Everything we have done and everything we will do is for them. #MSDStrong
We will be going dark for four days from February 14th through the 17th. During that time, if past trends continue, around 400 people in the U.S. will likely be shot to death.
Thank you for joining this fight alongside us this past year. Together, we will make sure no other community or family goes through what we went through last February.
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18 Jan 19
This week #MarchForOurLives hosted a reception in our nation’s capital. The room was filled with victims and survivors of gun violence, organizers of all ages, and many members of Congress. [THREAD]
“Last time I was in this room was on March 24th. A monumental day for all of us. With your help, we have been making history since that day” - @charlie_mirsky, MFOL’s 18-year-old federal lobbyist said in welcoming statement.
“Every time I speak to the #MarchForOurLives community I am reminded that I am surrounded by people who have been tirelessly fighting to make our communities safer.” - Congresswoman Lucy McBath
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