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I'm so tired. So heartbroken. More kids. Another school shooter. This is our normal now. We don't have to accept it, though. When I was 17 & reeling after the Columbine shooting, no adults told us that it would be ok, that someone would stop the madness. 1/
We stumbled around, feeling blindly for the edges of our grief. Personally, I thought it was a one-time thing. I thought it was an isolated horror. I thought Littleton must have been a special town, & that we were special in our sadness, terror, & anger. 2/
I was wrong. Littleton, CO is the same as Newtown, CT, Parkland, FL, and Santa Fe, TX. My community was the same as theirs. Our shooters just happened to do it sooner. Even the pictures of survivors & parents crying are the same. Same emotions... different faces. 3/
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So I was in DC yesterday, hut I skipped the White House Correspondent's Dinner. It's an event I dislike. 1. It's not fun. 2. It's boring. 3. I dislike the idea of putting on a gown to both party with and mock people reporters are supposed to be covering. 1/
Instead we held our DC #powHERful Summit for girls. Approximately 200 young women (HS and college) were hosted by the @USChamber Foundation. Their building is 105 years old and gorgeous!
We over-index in girls of color and girls who might struggle financially, but our event is open to all: @WWLTV 6p anchor (and my mentee @ShebaTurk emceed as sge always does!
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The United States does not have a monopoly on crazy people. It's not the only country that has psychosis. And yet we kill each other in these mass shootings at rates that are exponentially higher than anyone else. Well, what's the difference?
—Barack Obama
The difference is that these guys can stack up a bunch of ammunition in their houses, and that's sort of par for the course.
—Barack Obama
Only with gun violence do we respond to repeated tragedies by saying that mourning is acceptable but discussing how to prevent more tragedies is not. But that's unacceptable.
—Ezra Klein
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1. Dear You-Who-Can't-Understand-Why-I-Don't-Adore-Bernie:
I apologize for the length of this thread but I feel it is necessary to explain why there's a huge segment of #Democrats who can't stomach him. Let's first start with him - aside from attending one protest in college
2. where he was arrested and released, and claiming to have attended others, his record on civil rights is scant; as is his record on LGBTQ rights, women's issues and anything else that doesn't have to do with seizing the wealth of those detested "millionaires and billionaires"
3. he's obsessed with taking down and "redistributing" it. He was a back-bencher, quite literally, all his life. In 2015, mostly because of his dislike of the Clintons (one of those families who's wealth he'd like to seize) he (regrettably) got on the ticket for the
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1/ Yes, they do want to take your guns. All of them. The gun control lobby has been saying so over 30 years. Right now it’s an incremental plan. This thread gives the proof. #gunsense #guncontrol #guncontrolnow #MarchForOurLives #MolonLabe
2/ "b,bu,buh nobody wants to confiscate guns!" NY Times #gunsense #guncontrol #guncontrolnow #MarchForOurLives #MolonLabe…
3/ "b,bu,buh nobody wants to confiscate guns!" Boston Globe #gunsense #guncontrol #guncontrolnow #MarchForOurLives #MolonLabe…
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(1) Cruz was an extremely troubled kid who was ignored time and time again by the police & FBI. He even called for help himself but was still ignored.

(2) Or was he? Was he tapped and groomed for a purpose? #KeepReading
(3) On the morning of the shooting, teachers were told in a faculty meeting to be prepared for a Code Red lockdown drill. Timing? Coincidence? Planned?

(4) Peterson saw Cruz enter the building. #KeepReading
(5) Cruz texted his friend in the Uber car on the way to the school. It was a casual "what's up" kind of text.

(6) Cruz was seen wearing black pants and a school shirt. He carried a backpack & longer bag (rifle bag?) into the building. #KeepReading
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David Hogg has consistently redirected his attention to black people who have suffered the wrongs he’s suffered.
He was the one he said the media was ignoring black students from Parkland.
He was at Thurgood Marshall Academy in DC before #MarchForOurLives shining the spotlight on the gun violence black students suffered in their communities.…
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A group of Black students from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High called a press conference today to say they have concerns that may not mirror those of their white peers. And that the media should listen. #MSDStrong
Kai says while some might feel comfort to have more police officers at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas, he does not. He says it's intimidating & that black students will face most of the consequences of an overmilitarized predominantly white school.
Tyah-Amoy a Marjorie Stoneman Douglas student said conversations about gun violence have to include police violence. She asked, the same people who showed up for #MarchForOurLives--will they show up for #StephonClark? #AltonSterling? #SandraBland?
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Remember that Maine candidate, Leslie Gibson, who dropped out after he called @Emma4Change a "skinhead lesbian"?

Rep. Franson's FB posts link #MarchForOurLives kids to Hitler Youth
(BTW: Give her challenger some love: ➡️@GailKulp_MN)

Mary Franson has a long history of being a homophobic POS.
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It is literally illegal for me to go online, order a firearm - any firearm - and have it delivered to my doorstep.

But the Second Amendment has no restrictions.
It is illegal for me to sell one of my firearms to another person without involving the feds and their paying $200 - beyond the purchase price - plus submitting to a ~6-month background check.

But the Second Amendment has no restrictions.
I've ordered a replacement muffler for my bike, and it showed up on my doorstep. If I did the same for my firearms, I would go to jail for ten years or so.

But the Second Amendment has no restrictions.
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Thanks to @RepTedDeutch who has been doing great work in calling attention to the need for common sense #gun measures that Congress should adopt…
.@RepTedDeutch told me that the dad of @Emma4Change wanted to speak to me because @SteveKing and others are wrongly interpreting why she wore a Cuban flag on her jacket during #MarchForOurLives rally
I spoke to Jose Gonzalez who explained that @Emma4Change is proud of her dad and abuela’s #Cuban heritage and in no way was it a sign of support for the #Castro dictatorship
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In this recent CBS news special, David Hogg claims that he wasn't even at the school when the massacre happened. He rode his bike there as soon as he heard.

🤔Wasn't he recording video about gun control from inside school closet, during shooting though?
This is the anti-gun video David Hogg filmed from inside a school closet, supposedly DURING the massacre. Hogg states that it's NOT a drill, but it's an active shooter scene. He even states the name of suspect, Nikolas Cruz.

Pure #HoggWash propaganda.
So officially Hogg was filming from inside the school closet earlier in the day about gun control, acting like it was an active shooter situation. Then he conveniently left school, before shooting happens. 🤔He rode his bike back after hearing word, but video is in closet again!!
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Boosting my Teen Vogue story on #StephonClark again. 👇🏻

Also, sincere request: if you're from a non-POC background, talk to your family/friends about this shooting. The collective shrug from some of the more affluent (re: non-POC) areas of this city, are frustrating.
One thing I have noticed over and over in recent days: the non-POC of Sacramento, including electeds, have little to no awareness or care about Stephon Clark's shooting.

(This problem is not unique to Sacramento, I'm obviously just feeling it more firsthand.)
When we were at #MarchforourLives on Saturday, clusters at the rally kept shouting at electeds to say his name. Electeds refused. The non-POC in the crowd mostly seemed confused.

I heard a lot of "Who??" comments, and "Oh. That black kid," comments from the non-POC.
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Finally saw @Emma4Change's masterful #MarchForOurLives speech. It was beautifully written and powerfully delivered, and I want to say a few words about why what she did with the silence was so major and instructive for clergy and other kinds of leaders. (thread)
She held space, y'all. Held it big. And you saw how people were kind of uncomfortable at first, yes? We're so used to input and stimulation and have expectations about what happens when a person gets up to a pulpit and etc.
So there were some WHOO! shouts and some people tried to get chants going and fill up the space and what did she do? She kept holding the space. And agonizingly more, and more--defying conventions about what should happen (those 'moments of silence' are rarely more than 60 sec)
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Now that majority of Americans believe that a Deep State rogue government is operating to sabotage our Republic & agree their agenda needs to be exposed, this video won't be so hard to grasp.

After a stint in the military,
@JohnBouchell was a teacher, coach & administrator. 🎬1
Parkland mass shooting was a fully orchestrated false flag gun grab, where 17 people were sacrificed for Deep State agenda.

The culprits are corrupt Federal/Local LEO's, CNN, & several Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students, working together to pull off the whole event.😡
CNN & Parkland survivors have been on a massive anti-2A/NRA campaign immediately following the Parkland massacre.

David Hogg, who's father was FBI agent & mother worked for CNN, led the way, blaming AR-15 & giving a pass to inept LEO's.

#MarchForOurLives funded by George Soros.
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"A large portion of the mass shootings in the U.S. in recent years have roots in domestic violence against partners and family members." | In Texas And Beyond, Mass Shootings Have Roots In Domestic Violence #GunControl #MarchForOurLives
"Nearly half of American women who are murdered are killed by their intimate partners." | 5 statistics to explain the link between domestic violence and mass shootings via @FortuneMagazine #GunControl #MarchForOurLives
"in 27 cases, or about 59 percent, the perpetrator killed an intimate partner or family member during the massacre or had a history of domestic violence." | America's mass shooting problem is a domestic violence problem… #GunControl #MarchForOurLives
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🚨ATTN La! TODAY 3/26 at 1 pm the Senate Judiciary Comm will take up SB 406, to arm TEACHERS, PARENTS, RETIRED MILITARY to "secure schools"! #MarchForOurLives @Indivisible337 @BRindivisible @IndivisibleNO @Indivisible_DR @LaDemos @PSNBatonRouge…
Tell La Senate Judiciary members Vote NO! Don't allow MORE guns at La schools! How do you regulate? When did they last get training? What if parent angry w/kid's classmate? NO NO NO! @DanClaitor @ReginaBarrow @TROYSEE @SenYvonne
See full list of La Senate Committee members here: Tell them Vote NO TODAY .....Not to allow MORE guns at La schools!…
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It's the things you survive that make you strong. Just stay with me till the end and you will understand.

The link provided is to a 2 hr documentary about Hurricane Andrew which hit Homestead, FL in Aug 1992. It's a day I've never forgotten.
I suppose I should explain first.

I was 8 yrs old when my entire world was destroyed. I went from being a little kid to being a shell shocked zombie in a matter of hours. If you want the whole story, watch the whole video. The part I want to discuss starts an hour in.
After Andrew hit, Homestead went insane. It was a war zone. Looters, violence, fighting over a gallon of water. It was chaos. My family and I crawled out of the rubble that was our house and headed to the Leisure City Moose Lodge, where my mother and grandparents were members.
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We've been listening to the right, the NRA, to Fox News angrily scream for decades.
And we let it go.
Or took the high road.
What's great about people like @Emma4Change, @davidhogg111 and the #Parkland students... is they are voicing THEIR anger.
They won't be shouted down by Wayne or Tucker or Rick or internet trolls and they're not going to pretend they're not pissed off.
That was OUR mistake.
WE assumed dead kids would make people step back and be civil.
The generation born after Columbine has had #Enough. /2
Somebody needs to be screaming back, and I'm glad it's students who want a safer future.
Let them lead.
Let them lead LOUDLY.
Let them lead by example.
That's what's freaking the gun lobby out right now.
The usual tactics aren't working.
#MarchForOurLives /3
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March for our Lives is operating as a shady, non profit that doesn't have to disclose its' donors. Why wouldn't people want their name on this valiant platform?
Let's find out why.
#MarchForOurLives #QAnon
$3.3 million raised through GoFundMe after the Parkland shooting is being split between the families and the March for our Live ACTION FUND. What is the action fund?
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Our new base in New Orleans includes a beautiful outdoor meeting space. Students from nine schools do group affinity icebreakers. #chinola2018
Youngest #Chinola2018 member: Xio.
Hyde Park students open lunch sharing by sharing their campaigns: we are fighting to make the @BarackObama library accept a community benefits agreement. #Chinola2018
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A random pro-choice thread for today:
Our society has no respect for women, mothers, the labor of parenting, children or young people. Their focus on fetuses is about the IDEA of humans but not actual humans. This will eventually circle back to connect with the #MarchForOurLives
Parenting is highly skilled labor. In traditional societies, people lived in multi-generational families+learned parenting skills from early on. But the nuclear family robs everyone of that training and we read books+listen to podcasts to learn what we could've known all along
The nuclear family is critical for patriarchy because having too many people around challenges father-knows-best. It's crucial to isolate the wife+kids w/ him so he can dominate them in isolation+the society can call it privacy. This is not in the best interest of moms or kids.
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Some thoughts on yesterday's #MarchForOurLives Thread:

Our young people are fed up. There is no conflicting evidence that gun violence in schools in the USA is up dramatically over the past 40 years.

Even Sir @PaulMcCartney is fed up. He had a close friend killed by gun violence.

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Like many of you, I'm deeply inspired by the #MarchForOurLives speakers. These students modelled a couple of key changemaking principles, relevant to #cities and #urbanism, worthy of serious contemplation.

@davidhogg111, a white male Parkland student noted that media didn't give his fellow #Black students equal space in the convo, Naomi Wadler, a brilliant Black girl addressed ways racialized victims are not equally valued + most of the students acknowledged their #privilege.

This degree of self interrogation, meaningful inclusion, and courage to challenge movements from within is how we achieve true #inclusion and #justice for all.
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