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25 Jun
Today @Arnold_Ventures is releasing a new report by @UMSL_CCJ's Richard Rosenfeld and I on #violence and #COVID19. Links and takeaways below.
First the links. You can find the report here:…
And our interview about the report here:…
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6 Jun
"Defunding the police" is a terrible idea that won't serve anyone well - not communities, not police, not anybody. Here are just a few reasons why.…
First, "defunding" would put police and communities in competition with another for funding, precisely at the time when they need to be working together more closely. It's a wedge policy at the worst possible moment.
In LA, police and street outreach leaders used to lobby for each other at city council budget hearings. Will that continue after Garcetti's decision to slash police budgets?…
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21 Apr 18
1/ It's well understood by criminologists that disenfranchising felons serves no public safety purpose. If anything, it's counterproductive and inhibits their reentry into society.…
2/ The real reason for these policies is to prevent poor people, who are disproportionately people of color, from voting. It's just another example of the GOP's systematic effort to disenfranchise those who disagree with them politically.
3/ Many have eloquently opposed these restrictions and I agree with all those arguments, but let me add a new one here based on my time as a criminal prosecutor.
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18 Feb 18
Here's a post-#Parkland checklist you can use after any mass shooting. The horror is terribly real, the tragedy overwhelming, and the frustration palpable, but we can make progress if we push hard in the right directions. Read on.
1st and foremost, remember the victims. Celebrate their lives, not their deaths. Here's a place to start:…
2nd, help the survivors and the victims' families. Here's another place to start:…
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17 Jun 17
1/ Sessions put his reasons for DOJ’s sentencing policy in print, so now we can show just how wrong he is. Read on.…
2/ “Drug trafficking is inherently violent.” Yes & no. Violence accompanies any illegal activity, but drug dealing much less violent today.
3/ In 1980s & 90s, the crack trade was notoriously dangerous, and experts agree it drove much of the violence and crime back then.
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