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We are starting to hear #housing platform positions from the @CanadianGreens, @CPC_HQ, @Liberal_Party, and @NDP. Here’s what I have to say about that! #Elxn43 #ahomeforeveryone, #includecoop.
@CanadianGreens @CPC_HQ @liberal_party @NDP The lack of supply and affordability in the Canadian housing system is a national crisis. When you don’t have an affordable place to call home, it is damn near impossible to #chooseforward, have #timeforyoutogetahead, to #renewthesocialcontract or be #initforyou. #Elxn43
@CanadianGreens @CPC_HQ @liberal_party @NDP See what I did there? Those are some of the party platform hashtags.
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My take on #Election2019, is one that will surprise all #Canadians who will take the #time to read past this #headline. It will be a #long #series of #tweets that will be #purely #honest & straight to the #point.
This #series of tweets will contain #jabs at #voters, the #media & our #political #parties & they are #jabs, that in my own #opinion are #merited. Agree or don’t agree, I won’t care, but it needs to be said to ease my conscience in the lead up to our election!
In 2015, Canada’s #media, declared that #Trudeau & .@liberal_party outflanked the @NDP on leftist policies & for the 1st time in recent history the media supported large deficits & destruction of our country’s finances over a more balanced approach. Let’s stop here for a sec.
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Am I the only one who thinks that the narrative we've been hearing about @theJagmeetSingh might be completely wrong?

I've been watching some of the events the @NDP's streamed out of #BurnabySouth. He's more passionate and articulate than I knew. Also, formidable. 1/

I know this runs counter to the group-consensus of almost every political analyst or pundit in the country. But there is a reason why @theJagmeetSingh went from 3rd in the polls to a comfortable lead within just a couple weeks of the #BurnabySouth campaign beginning. 2/

As I watch @theJagmeetSingh in #BurnabySouth, and watch the #SNCLavalin scandal in Ottawa, I can't help but wish he'd been in Parliament during this last month.

I don't just mean because he's the party leader (though that would be nice). I mean that... 3/

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At the #BurnabySouth town hall/debate being held at the Ismaili Centre Burnaby where it's sure to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥 with #NDP's @theJagmeetSingh, #LPC's @Richard_T_Lee, #CPC's @jayshin2019, and #PPC's @LauraLynnTT. #cdnpoli
.@LauraLynnTT’s supporters are out in big numbers. It’s going to be wild.
We’re ready to go. #BurnabySouth
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NOT SHOCKING (ethics violations).

Trudeau PMO interfering in criminal prosecutions pressuring Attorney General to abandon criminal prosecution of his cronies. When she refused Trudeau fired her. Now he's denying it!

Times' Up Trudeau - Criminal investigation NOW. #cdnpoli
WATCH Trudeau lie to the nation & how easily he does so.

🇨🇦journalist @ezralevant (regularly vilified by Trudeau govt & state media CBC) points to system flaws:

Attorney General "duty of confidentiality to client" Only Trudeau himself can waive!!


🇨🇦 Parliament: Trudeau Government grilled re PMO interference in criminal prosecution at highest level.

Smirking sheepishly, refusing to answer question. Believe themselves above law & untouchable



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Good to see @theJagmeetSingh put some policy ideas on the table about housing. Read up on it here:…

Three prongs:
1) target 500K new homes.
2) eliminate GST on affordable homes
3) double new homebuyers tax credit.

Some reactions.....

My reactions:

1) 500K new homes?

Good to have a target. Better to have a plan. A target is not a plan.

Also, read @GordShank 's thread. The new Burnaby mayor was elected on a platform of *slowing down* new development because of 'renovictions'....

My reactions

2) removing GST?

As @KelvinGawley notes below, the LPC govt had promised this, but then decided other options worked better.

I'd want to ask why @theJagmeetSingh thinks the govt was wrong about this. They may be wrong! But that's my Q.…
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The frustrating thing about these profiles about Maxime Bernier is that they completely downplay the way he is mobilizing a growing white nationalist constituency. He is not "teasing" or "sympathizing" with the alt-right, he is alt-right, full-stop. #cdnpoli
Here is Maxime Bernier giving a full interview to a 9/11 truther conspiracy theory youtube channel that supports neo-Nazi Faith Goldy. If you don't include this in your profile of him you are acting as his fucking PR agent #cdnpoli
Here is Maxime Bernier chatting with Ezra Levant about "ethnic nationalism." Maybe because they are both ETHNO-NATIONALISTS #cdnpoli
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Worth mentioning that once upon a time the #BurnabySouth by-election was going to be about a pipeline that suddenly had way more public support than it did before.

Why is Singh even running outside of Ontario anyway? Does the NDP still think Burnaby is their *only* shot?
I mean there’s nothing wrong per se with a leader getting parachuted into a BC riding from a million miles away... but why?

If Singh needs to be in the house *now*, why not run in a sooner by-election? Why is the NDP fixed on parachuting him in from thousands of kilometers away?
Parachuting a candidate is all about convenience. Parties do it because it’s an opportunity for something they can’t get any other way.

So why is *waiting* for the Liberals to call a byelection thousands of kilometers away from where Singh is from in Ontario a smart move?
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