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Oct 21, 2022 20 tweets 9 min read
This thread will be part #Afghanistan tourism advice, part impressions from 2 weeks as a tourist in Afghanistan. Either way, I hope it will be interesting. Here goes...1/20 As a foreigner, you need an official permission letter from the Ministry of Culture & Info, detailing who you are & which provinces you wish to travel through. You need to get this as soon as possible after you arrive in Kabul. 2/
May 10, 2022 18 tweets 3 min read
The way I see it is this: the Taliban won the war, and now have the monopoly on power (some minor challenges in Panjshir aren't going to change that). This is the first time in decades that Afghanistan faces such a situation. The Taliban *are* the Taliban... 1/ and in no way should one expect them significantly to change their views. Block on girls' secondary schooling & imposition of facial covering should not come as a surprise to anyone. 2/
Dec 4, 2021 23 tweets 10 min read
1. Just returned to Europe after 15 months in #Afghanistan. In the wake of the Feb 2020 Doha Agreement, this was always going to be an historic year, but you may have read that no one could have predicted the #Taliban victory. 2. If you had crossed the frontline to visit the #Taliban late 2020/early 2021, you would have been left in no doubt. Their morale was sky-high; they were already rapidly seizing territory; and their enthusiasm and conviction that they were on the verge of victory was infectious.