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This @NYTimes article by @AndrewKramerNYT is distorting the situation in the #LittlePamir in #Afghanistan.
No, “war has [not] found” the Kyrgyz in the Afghan Pamir. (1/5)
The article itself states that “[t]he #Taliban have not yet entered the area with force” and only mentions some Taliban “envoys”. Both statements are true, as a man in the Little Pamir to whom I spoke directly today confirmed. HOWEVER (…) (2/5)
(…) the man in the Little Pamir also said that these envoys only stayed briefly and have left again and that, as of today, everything is calm and fine in the Little Pamir. (3/5)
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.@SIGARHQ released its latest quarterly report on #Afghanistan today. Some key points in this THREAD.

@SIGARHQ Data from @USFOR_A shows that enemy-initiated attacks increased significantly since the signing of the US-#Taliban Agreement. During the past quarter (March – May 2021), USFOR-A reported 10,383 enemy-initiated attacks and 3,268 effective enemy-initiated attacks. 2/n
@SIGARHQ @USFOR_A Most ANA corps refuse to execute missions w/o spt from the ANA Special Operations Corps (ANASOC), according to NSOCC-A. When ANASOC forces do arrive, they're misused to perform tasks intended for conventional forces such as route clearance, checkpoint security, & QRF. 3/n
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Thread on Iran-Taliban relationship:

1- Historically, Taliban and Iran were arch-enemies. Iran supported northern alliance with cash & weapons in the 1990s, and the Taliban retaliated by killing 10 Iranian diplomats & a journalist when they captured Mazar-e-Sharif in 1998.
2- The Taliban delegation visited Tehran at least four times in the past two years to normalize the relationship. It seems both sides are willing to forget the past and start a new chapter. The Q is what they get out of this relationship?
3- Iran wanted the US out of AF. The US is finally leaving and Iran is appreciative of Taliban for making it happen.

4- The Taliban are stronger than ever & they will likely become an important part of next govt. That is why everyone wants to befriend them now, including Iran.
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Dit is geen #complottheorie 🧐

In weerwil van Erdogans beleid maken veel mensen in Turkije zich dezelfde grote zorgen over de Arabisering en Afghanisering van de Turkse samenleving, zoals de Europeanen voor Europa.
Of met andere woorden: #omvolking.
De Taliban produceert 90 procent van de mondiale opium (hero
Welke zijn de actoren in het #chaosplan van de omvolking?
Er zijn 4 tumoren die samen 1 kanker vormen:
- Regressief-links
- Islamisme
- Georganiseerde misdaad
- Neoliberalisme.
Regressief-links deconstrueert de Westerse beschavingswaarden ten voordele van #cultuurrelativisme.
Daarmee opent het niet alleen de culturele poort voor #islamisering, maar ook de fysieke poort voor barbaren, zoals de #Taliban en #IS - onder het mom van asiel en migratie.
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1-Fransa, Manş Denizi'nden geçişleri engellemek üzere İngiltere ile anlaşması uyarınca kıyılarındaki polis sayısını iki katına çıkaracağını açıkladı. İngiltere ise bu alandaki harcamalar için 54 milyon sterlin ödeyecek ve istihbaratı artıracak. Image
2-Milli Savunma Bakanlığı (MSB), Antalya'nın Kaş ilçesi açıklarında içinde 45 kişinin bulunduğu bir teknenin battığını, bölgede arama kurtarma faaliyetlerinin devam ettiğini duyurdu.
#Antalya Image
3-Tunus'un güneydoğusundaki Mednin kenti açıklarında teknenin arızalandığı, 366 mültecinin kurtarıldığı, 17 mültecinin hayatını kaybettiği belirtildi.
#Tunus Image
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#Taliban calls U.S. airstrikes in #Afghanistan a "clear violation" of their agreement with the United States and says that it will have consequences.
The Taliban says the United States conducted airstrikes in Kandahar and Helmand provinces of Afghanistan on Thursday night, which caused casualties amongst civilians and Taliban fighters.
In Garmsir district, a Taliban vehicle was targeted and destroyed. In the Sayad Abad district, a piece of Taliban artillery was targeted and destroyed. In Shah Wali Koat district 2 U.S. airstrikes targeted 10 Taliban humvees. In Kandahar, 1 airstrike killed at least 5 Taliban.
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NEW: Just released @UN report warns of "heightened threats emerging" from #ISIS #alQaida affiliated groups worldwide

"This is especially true in parts of West and East #Africa" per the report, based on member state intelligence
In West/East #Africa, affiliates of #ISIS #alQaida "can boast gains in supporters and territory under threat, as well as growing capabilities in fundraising & weapons, for example, in the use of drones" per the @UN report
#ISIS in #Syria "has evolved into an entrenched insurgency, exploiting weaknesses in local security to find safe havens & targeting forces engaged in counter-ISIL operations" per the @UN report
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Moslim-privilege in Europa.

Je wordt lid van een terroristisch leger dat Lebensraum verovert in een arm land, de inheemse bevolking uitroeit en je krijgt 2 buitgemaakte huisslavinnen.

Slechts 4 jaar! En na 2/3 van je straf kun je al vervroegd vrijkomen.…
In de Duitse pers geniet de licht veroordeelde #IS-terroriste Omaima A. het privilege dat haar familienaam en gezicht niet gepubliceerd worden.
Een privilege dat Omaima Abdi niet geniet in de Koerdische en Arabische pers.
Sommige Europese kranten (waaronder een paar Belgische) publiceerden wel haar foto's en familienaam in 2019.
Omaima Abdi heeft 2 slavinnen gebruikt toen ze in Raqqa woonde, waaronder een 13-jarig meisje, maar zij beschuldigde de media van een heksenjacht op haar.
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NEW: @DeptofDefense hosting #Iraq|i delegation today at the Pentagon as part of ongoing strategic dialogue / technical talks - "one of those issues is the American military footprint in Iraq" per @PentagonPresSec
"This mission that was focused on #ISIS was never intended to be permanent" per @PentagonPresSec, adding US in "close consultation" w/#Iraq officials
"The hope is that we can rid ourselves & rid the region of the threat that #ISIS poses...there's been a lot of good work done" per @PentagonPresSec

US footprint in #Iraq going forward "something we're going to decide w/our Iraqi partners"
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New upgraded design #IRAM used by #Taliban in Kandahar.

High number of fans are used for balancing purpose since its weight (264 kg) is almost 2x of the previous version.
Name of current ongoing #Taliban ops (الفتح) (Al Fatah) have been written on the new fired #IRAM.
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Happening now: @SecDef Lloyd Austin, @thejointstaff Chairman, Gen Mark Milley address reporters at the Pentagon
#Afghanistan: "We're still on track to finish up by the end of August" per @SecDef on US withdrawal

"The president has made a decision-we're going to get it done & we're going to get it done right"
US #Afghanistan interpreters/Operation Allies Refuge:

"We take our obligations to them and to their families very seriously" per @SecDef, saying the 1st will arrive at Fort Lee "soon"

He says US bases overseas, foreign facilities also under consideration
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1. As I predicted #Taliban are murdering the people who teach girls. This is clearly terrorism and the @StateDept and @WhiteHouse must move to re-list the Taliban as a FTO. If the measure is that they are not directly threatening an attack on the US, then why is the
2. #PKK listed? Taliban terrorizes civilians. The PKK is supported by the civilian population in Northern Kurdistan and along Iraqi border. Turkish occupation forces are the party conducting what could be defined under US law as terrorist operations in Kurdistan not the PKK.
3. The use of the listing process for political expedience IMO voids every charge under FTO listings because it is used as a mechanism to advance US policy goals and not a legitimate definition of an element of a criminal offense. It is used to impair first amendment rights of US
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1 - The ordeal of Mullah Zaeef ( by Ayaz Amir September 22, 2006 Dawn) On 21 Sept 2011 Mullah Zaeef narrated his ordeal to the @UN while living in Pakistan

Ref :

#Taliban #Afghanistan #Pakistan #TTP #AlQaeda
2 - The ordeal of Mullah Zaeef ( by Ayaz Amir September 22, 2006 Dawn) On 21 Sept 2011 Mullah Zaeef narrated his ordeal to the @UN while living in Pakistan

Ref :

#Taliban #Afghanistan #Pakistan #TTP #AlQaeda
۱ - ایاز امیر نے ۲۲ ستمبر ۲۰۰۶ میں #طالبان کے ملا ضعیف کی ان تکالیف کے بارے میں لکھا جو پاکستان نے انہیں دیں 👈

جو مشکل طالبان نے ۲۰۰۱ میں پاکستان کے لیئے کھڑی کیں 👈

#Taliban #Afghanistan #Pakistan #TTP #AlQaeda
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1/#افغانستان زخمی ست دیرینه بر پیکر مام میهن، دشنه اجنبی بدست زمامداران خائن بیکفایت ماژپرست!
شکست جنگ افروزان جنایتکار در برافروختن اتشی در مرزهای شمال و جنوب، مسبب انتقال فتنه به سرحدات شرق ست و زبانه به کرانه نیلگون #خلیج_فارس
درحقیقت،خروج امریکا از افغانستان...
#اصفهان #تهران ImageImageImageImage
2/نه در راستای صلح #خاورمیانه،بل،زمینه سازشرارتی ست چوشقاوت اوباش سازمان سیا #داعش/سوریه عراق
نیازبجنگی ست بین دوکشور،نه #ایران وفرقه تروریست،اینست تلاش تبهکاران cia دربقدرت رساندن همکیشان جهادی #طالبان ونسل کشی شیعیان،دامی جهت دگم اندیشان ارزشی! #جنگ_مقدس
3/مدتهاست نسخه بروزشده اباطیل زمینه سازظهور قابل رویتست!
دیدارتروریستهای طالبان باوزرای خارجه امریکا/ایران زیربنای فتنه ونشان ازهماهنگی تکرار وقایع روزهای پایانی فساد همایونی ست،از ازادی کاسبان #زندان(نه منتقدین واقعی)تا گرانی،قطع برق
#کردستان #لرستان #قم
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🚨#Breaking🇦🇫: Atleast Three Rockets landed near the Presidential Palace in downtown Kabul during Eid prayers.

#Afghanistan #Taliban #Kabul #EidMubarak #تازه
🚨#Breaking🇦🇫: Rockets attack near the Presidential Palace in downtown Kabul during Eid prayers.

But the Eid prayer ceremony in the citadel continues.....
#Afghanistan #Taliban #Kabul #EidMubarak #تازه
🚨#Breaking🇦🇫: Rockets attack near the Presidential Palace in downtown Kabul during Eid prayers.

But the Eid prayer ceremony in the citadel continues.....
#Afghanistan #Taliban #Kabul #EidMubarak #تازه

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#Taliban released a "#Joint_Declaration" about the two-days intra-Afghan peace negotiations in #Doha (17-18 July 2021):
They agreed on the need to speed up negotiations to address the current conflict/crisis in Afghanistan and find a just and lasting solution to the problem ASAP.
They understand the need for a compromise that responds to the interests& aspirations of all men& women in AFG in the light of Islamic principles.
They are committed to engaging in high-level negotiations to reach a settlement& will continue to hold such meetings in the future.
At the same time, the two leaders (Baradar& Abdullah) instructed their negotiating teams to expedite negotiations.
Both sides r committed to ensuring that civilian infrastructure remains secure throughout AFG& will prevent civilian casualties& cooperate n humanitarian assistance.
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#Taliban released felicitation message of the group's leader, Hibatullah Akhundzada (HA) on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha. The message, with no new topic, include comments about different aspects of Afghanistan's conflict incl. remarks on war, peace& future regime in the country.
"We are celebrating this Eid at a time when majority of US&other foreign forces have evacuated our country& the remaining are following suit, numerous districts have attained comprehensive security&the Mujahideen have become stronger, better organized, well-equipped&more robust."
"In spite of the military gains and advances, the IEA favors a political settlement in the country.
We have opened a #Political_Office for ease of negotiations& are committed to finding a resolution through talks, but unfortunately, the opposition parties are still wasting time."
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The #Afghan #Taliban organization has been able to take control of provinces, outposts and military bases with astonishing speed with the withdrawal of #US and #NATO forces from Afghan soil. What are the reasons for this successful conquest? Taliban explains: 1/12
1. Forgiving attitude towards members of the pro-American Afghan National Army in #Kabul. Amir Taliban decided to pardon any soldier in the national army who would leave the army and not be held accountable for his previous activities against Taliban forces.
2. "Wise Dawa"; Focusing on preaching for the importance of sticking to the straight path and calling on the soldiers of the pro-American Afghan army to lay down their arms.
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Daughter of Afghan ambassador Najibullah Alikhil kidnapped, tortured& released after some hours today in Islamabad.
Informative thread on the incident details in Islamabad (Not sure from which source the info was obtained/how credible it is):
Afghanistan reportedly called all diplomats in #Islamabad back to #Kabul for their safety.
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#Breaking:#Afghanistan’s ambassador NajibullahAlikhel's daughter in #Pakistan kidnapped from Jinnah supermarket #Islamabad.

#Pakistan now using criminal methods to target #Afghanistan govt.
Statment by the #Afghanistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the abduction/ Kidnapping of the daughter of the #Afghan ambassador to #Islamabad, #Pakistan.
English version of statment
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This lovely #ISIS gentleman from #Tajikistan just moved to #Afghanistan and invites others to join him.

Tajikistan security folks told me that they are not afraid of #Taliban but are afraid that Taliban pushes #ISIS to their border and ISIS would have no option but to cross it.
(2) at the same time #Tajikistan just repatriate a hundred of #ISIS members from #Kabul (I have access to them). They surrendered to government being overrun by #Taliban…. Yes it is That messed up :)
(3) according to official #Tajikistan information on April 2021 there are 1300 Tajikistan citizens fighting in #Afghanistan (in #Taliban and #ISIS).
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There’s been a lot of discussion lately about the level of #Taliban control in #Afghanistan, so this is a brief THREAD on that topic. 1/n
The debates about district control go back a long time. I was first involved in these during my time @CENTCOM circa 2009. At that time, ISAF was producing district control maps, as was CENTCOM & @DefenseIntel (among others). None of them agreed on methods or results. 2/n
@CENTCOM @DefenseIntel Later, while with ISAF & at the command’s request, I wrote an internal memo laying out the challenges with the various methodologies involved with assessing "control" at the district level in #Afghanistan. 3/n
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Comments on #Afghanistan from today's presser w/@PentagonPresSec in this THREAD. 1/n…
@PentagonPresSec MR. KIRBY: @SecDef & the Chairman were proud & delighted to greet GEN Miller earlier this morning when he arrived at Andrews Air Force Base. I think you saw some of the coverage of that. & the Secretary, I think, will have a little something more out today... 2/n
@PentagonPresSec @SecDef ...but @SecDef deeply appreciates GEN Miller's leadership, not only over the last three years in #Afghanistan but over the long course of his career. Certainly there's very few military officers who have as much experience as he does in AFG over the last 20 years &... 3/n
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Comments on #Afghanistan from yesterday's #DOD presser w/@PentagonPresSec in this THREAD. 1/n…
@PentagonPresSec MR. KIRBY: Earlier today, you know there was a transition of authority ceremony held at Resolute Support HQ in Kabul, #Afghanistan, marking the transition of command authorities from GEN Scott Miller to the commander of @CENTCOM, Gen Frank McKenzie... 2/n
@PentagonPresSec @CENTCOM ...As the secretary approved earlier this month, and as we outlined to you on July 2nd, Gen McKenzie will now lead the US mission in #Afghanistan, and that's focused on 4 things: 1) protecting our diplomatic presence in country; 2) enabling the safe operation of... 3/n
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