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1-The killing of #al_Qaeda leader #Al_Zawahiri AZ has prompted valuable debates among analysts and experts of Jihadism regarding the implications of his death, AQ's current state of affairs and its future moves.
2-The divisive issue so far has been whether AZ was a successful leader and whether AQ is still relevant. I will add most of the pieces that have been written so far.
3-@Charles_Lister looks at how the killing of AZ in the Taliban-rule Kabul may create tension within the group's ranks. He raises the question regarding the group's commitment to #Doha agreement.
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As I think about the strike on #alQaeda’s Zawahiri, we know what the “finish” portion looked like: a drone strike in Kabul. What about the “find & fix” portions though? 1/n
We don’t *know* anything about that yet, though surely the Biden admin will release details to keep this in the news cycle as the midterms approach, so we’ll learn more. Still possible to speculate on the possibilities now, though. 2/n
First they had to *find* Zawahiri. Analysts like @asfandyarmir have argued for a while that he was likely in #Afghanistan somewhere. And there have been steady reports from Afghans of US drones flying over AFG post-withdrawal, to include over Kabul. 3/n
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Wow -- #Zawahiri killed in a U.S. drone strike in the #Kabul area over the weekend -- the 1st strike since the #Taliban's takeover of #Afghanistan in August 2021.

BIG blow for #AlQaeda's central leadership, but huge questions about how he was located (or who sold him out).
In Nov 2020, I wrote about #AlQaeda's looming "succession crisis" -- as the group's most likely No.2 (Sayf al-Adel) is based in #Iran, a location that for most AQ affiliates, has resulted in deep distrust.…

AQ's decentralization will only increase now.
For years, #AlQaeda has been under a self-reinforcing process of decentralization (& localization) -- whereby the central leadership remained a key guide, but an increasingly irrelevant source of strategic command.

More on that, in this lengthy piece:…
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Well, this is quite the development in #Afghanistan: the #Taliban spokesman has stated that the explosion in Kabul yesterday was the result of a US drone strike against #ISIS-K targets👇
I'm surprised the US would do this (& esp in Kabul) now, given ongoing discussions w/the #Taliban on a host of other issues. Suggests the US calculated the benefit of target removal to outweigh the costs w/the TB (eg in ongoing talks) for conducting the strike. 2/n
One has to wonder if the #Taliban gave tacit approval for the strike, which would present the US with a lower cost to factor into its calculation, as the benefit of the target's removal doesn't immediately appear to be resoundingly high (though more info could emerge on that).3/n
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#Taliban in #Nimroz Province of Afghanistan, clashed with #Iran border guards, today.
Iranian officials blamed Taliban for initiating the #clash.
More details will come soon.
Taliban confirmed the incident in Nimroz, blaming Iran border guards for starting the clash.
According to the IEA border forces commander in Nimroz, one Talib was killed and another one wounded in today's cash. He didn't provide info about casualties to the Iranian border guards.
According to some pro-Iran sources, the clash on border between Afghanistan and Iran was started, after the Taliban wanted to raise/install their flag, in an area which was not AFG's territory.
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According to the initial information, a rocket landed in Sherpur/Wazir Akbar Khan area (PD10)&an explosion took place in Dehmazang area (PD3) of #Kabul City, today morning.
There are unfounded rumors in the social media that today's Kabul #explosions were caused by drone strikes.
#Taliban's interior ministry confirmed to media that a rocket was landed in a vacant/unoccupaied house in Sherpur area, in PD10 of Kabul City, today mirning. No casualties reported.
Here is the conspiracy theory, shared by Rahmatullah Nabil, former director of AFG's intelligence (NDS):
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طالبان د پېښو په هکله 'پر وخت' او 'کره' معلومات له رسنیو سره نه شریکوي، وروسته بیا ګیله کوي چې ولې نور منابع ددوی په اصطلاح ناسم معلومات او ارقام خپروي.
#Taliban are not sharing info, about incidents, with media& then claim that the info released by other sources are in correct.
#Taliban Kabul Police spokesman still didn't release info about yesterday's explosion, but claims that the IEA "Security agencies are the only source of accurate info about security incidents."
The wrong #casualty_figures came 1st from @ambmansoorkhan, who now deleted that tweet. Image
#Kabul Police Spokesman:
Two civilians were killed and some others (not specified the number) were wounded in yesterday's #explosion, during #Cricket tournament, in the Kabul International Cricket Stadium, in Kabul City.
@emergency_ngo received 13 wounded.
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According to Naseeb Khan, the CEO of the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB), four civilians were wounded in today's #explosion in Kabul International #Cricket Stadium in PD8 of #Kabul City.
Some other sources on social media wrote that one person was killed& 10 others were wounded. Image
According to @emergency_ngo, 13 victims of #cricket_stadium #explosion in #Kabul were taken to the Emergency hospital today. One was dead on arrival& 12 wounded patients were hospitalised.
#Taliban earlier said that only 4 people were wounded in the blast.
Oh no!
@emergency_ngo deleted its first tweet and now confirmed that all 13 victims of Kabul explosion were wounded. One received outpatient care& 12 hospitalised.
In the previous tweet, @emergency_ngo said one victim was dead on arrival & 12 were wounded.
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1. The attack on #Kabul Cricket Stadium is as yet unclaimed, but it’s worth noting that, as of today, #ISKP has been inactive for 13 days in a row.

That’s the longest period since September 2021, when it was gearing up to launch the most intensive campaign in its recent history.
2. This summer’s slump has seen #ISKP become somewhat sidelined as an issue in #Afghanistan.

This graph shows mentions of the keyword “Daesh” on #Taliban social media since mid-2020.

Note how things peaked in Q4 2021 when #ISKP was at its most virulent.
3. We’ve also seen a slump in official #ISKP media releases (as in, those published through #IS’s Central Media Diwan).

Importantly, this lull hasn’t been reflected in the activities of #ISKP’s less globally prominent Pashtu and Dari media offices.
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Thread: 25 July 2022: Day 152 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: Ongoing "inconclusive fighting" in Donbas and Kherson: #Russia's "dilemma": devote resources to offensive in the east or defences against a #Ukraine counter-offensive in the west? Russia still struggling for manpower and extracting damaged equipment.
Eurovision 2023 to be held in UK on behalf of Ukraine - and search for host city has begun…
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1. Over the last few days, we’ve been tracking a major new influence campaign being deployed by the #Taliban in #Afghanistan.

On 22 July, its networks on Twitter and Telegram were three times more active than usual – more active than they've been across all of 2022 to date.
2. This surge was the result of a defensive comms campaign aimed at legitimising the #Taliban, sparked when @Meta banned its media agencies, Bakhtar/RTA, last week.

In the wake of that, thousands started tweeting #BanTaliban in the hope that @Twitter would follow suit.
3. Responding to this, the #Taliban launched its own campaign, #AfghansSupportTaliban, on 22 July.

Within three days, it was shared more than twice as many times as the initial anti-#Taliban hashtag (200k+).

Here’s where it all started.
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Mufti Taqi Usmani, Pakistan leading religious scholar, visiting #Kabul tomorrow (July 25) to meet #TTP leadership & persuade them for entering a peace deal with #Pakistan - the military-led talks/peace deal initiative was launched last year - 1/F
Earlier, Taqi Usmani Kabul visit was postponed mentioning bad weather and then again postponed for unknown reasons. Usmani enjoys respect among many #Taliban circles for his religious views and his seminary’s contributions - 2/F
Pakistan & it’s military leadership is struggling to persuade the banned #TTP to end their “Jihad”. As per saying of a senior military officer, “Jihad” is over after the U.S. withdrawal from #Afghanistan - 3/F
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#Explosions and #gunfire is heard in Pul-e Khumri City, the capital of #Baghlan Province. Image
Pro-TB sources reported that an #ISKP hideout was targeted by the #Taliban in Pul-e Khumri City of #Baghlan & a clash is ongoing in the area.
Meanwhile, pro-NRF sources said that the house of a former Afghan Local Police (#ALP) commander was raided by the TB in Pul-e Khumri City. ImageImage
#Taliban's spokesman for Ministry of Interior, @Takor786, confirmed that an #ISKP hideout was targeted by the IEA security forces in #Baghlan.
Some short video clips from the incident scene, available in SM, are showing that clashes continue in the area.
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Following a raise in the #propaganda campaign of the #ISKP against the #Taliban, a booklet written by a Jordanian-Palestinian Jihadi ideologue, Abu Muhammad al-#Maqdisi, in support of the Taliban's Emirate in December 2021, resurfaced in the social media.
In his booklet named "suspicions of extremists related to the Emirate of the Taliban”, al-Maqdisi rejected the accusations of some groups incl ISKP, that calling the TB apostates or even disbelivers for their relations with un-Islamic countries, not destroying statues&shrines,...
...implementing the constitution of King Zahir Shah's time, not allowing Jihadi groups such as AQ, to continue Jihad by using AFG's territory and following Dewbandi School of Islam.
For all 5 accusations against the TB, al-Maqdisi provided Sharia-based rejection reasons (Fatwas).
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The National Resistance Front leader @AhmadMassoud01 with the @bbcpersian (Summary)


- "The #NRF military strategy at this stage is not to liberate any geography from the #Taliban, but we have a plan for this in the future. The NRF's goal at this stage is to ...1️⃣
... make the world realize that it is possible to stand up against terrorism, tyranny and oppression without their presence."

- "The #NRF started from scratch, without any support. Now we have more than 3000 ready forces in our fronts. These figures are increasing every day."2️⃣
- "War is undoubtedly costly. But most of the time motive is more important than facilities, and high motivation is the key to winning a movement. The #NRF does not have any foreign support. And all the facilities that the Resistance Front has are currently limited to ... 3️⃣
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1. The Earthquake in Afghanistan was caused by a nuclear warhead just like the one the U.S. Military used to create a 6.8 magnitude quake in Amchitka, Alaska.

2. The Earthquake in Afghanistan happened on a threefold border.
3. The Earthquake in Afghanistan happened on a luciferian holiday.
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Diese Woche wir der Parlamentarische Untersuchungsausschuss zu #Afghanistan (#PUA) erstmals zusammenkommen. Dazu gibt es ein bisschen was zu erzählen. Ein #Thread.
Die meisten von Euch werden sich sicherlich noch an die schlimmen Bilder im August letzten Jahres erinnern, als in #Kabul nach einem 20-jährigen Militäreinsatz die #Taliban das Land übernahmen und sich Menschen verzweifelt an Flugzeuge klammerten. (...)
In Deutschland führte das auch zu sehr hitzigen Diskussionen. Denn zwar hatte die Bundesregierung zuvor bereits monatelang diskutiert, ob und wie sie z.B. #Ortskräfte und andere gefährdete Personen aus #Afghanistan ausfliegen will - nur geschehen war wenig. (...)
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According to pro-Taliban's Social Media activists, #Hajji_Bahram_Musa, a #Haqqani Network's senior member& commander of Khost Airport, has #carried_his_bride in a military #helicopter from her house in #Logar, to #Khost.
The activists criticised the move as corruption& #betrayal. ImageImageImageImage
Reacting to SM reports, #Taliban's spokesman said:
"There have been reports on SM that a govt. official has flown his wife by #helicopter from Logar to Khost. This is enemy's propaganda&we strongly reject it."
Pro-TB SM activists:
"The spokesman is lying."
#Taliban spokesman Qari Yosuf Ahmadi, #deleted his defensive tweet after he was called a liar by pro-Taliban SM accounts.
Ahmadi had rejected SM& media reports about a TB Commander, who flown his wife by a military #helicopter from his in-laws family in Logar to Khost, as untrue. Image
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Thread: 2 July 2022: Day 129 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Special Report: Dozens of Russian weapons tycoons have faced no Western sanctions…
In #Russia, a professor from Novosibirsk, Anatoly Maslov, was arrested and flown to Moscow on 27 June to face charges of passing state secrets to #China. Another professor from the Siberian town, Dmitry Kolker, was charged just before that.…
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- Grand Assembly of the #Ulema of Afghanistan is now the official name of the TB's gathering in Kabul.
- There are rumors that Amir ul-Mu'minin will appear in the gathering.
- Some similar events in the Loya Jirga tent in the past were targeted by ISKP (rockets, Suicide Attacks).
- The Grand Assembly of Ulema will be #chaired by Sheikh Mawlawi Habibullah Haqqani.
- According to the State-run Bakhtar News Agency, about 3500 people are invited to participate in the Ulema's gathering in Kabul City.
- Acting Prime Minister, Mullah M. #Hassan_Akhund, as the 1st speaker, offered his speech:
"People who have ruined our nation& our country in the past two decades& moved to foreign countries, still create problems for our people even though we do not make any troubles for them."
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1. The Earthquake in Afghanistan was caused by a nuclear warhead just like the one the U.S. Military used to create a 6.8 magnitude quake in Amchitka, Alaska.

2. The Earthquake in Afghanistan happened on a threefold border.
3. The Earthquake in Afghanistan happened on a luciferian holiday.…
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There are rumors about the start of #Taliban's operation against their dissatisfied Hazara commander, Mawlawi #Mahdi Mujahid, in #Balkhab District of Sar-e Pul Province.
Here is a #propaganda video, showing the loyalists of Mahdi, welcoming him in Balkhab.
Deputy of Mawlawi Mahdi, the most senior commander of the Hazara #Taliban, who has allegedly separated from the group, told BBC that the Taliban forces attacked their home town Balkhab...… Image
Local sources from the north of AFG, shared some details of the #Taliban casualties in #Balkhab operation, with me.
About 14 Taliban were killed&20 more wounded (7 critical) as a result of the Taliban's attack against commander Mahdi in Balkhab yesterday.
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The #UK #does_not_support anyone, including Afghan nationals, seeking to achieve #political_change through #violence, or any activity inciting violence for political purposes, in #Afghanistan, and will not allow UK soil to be used to plan or prepare it...…
and we strongly discourage others from doing so.
To promote peace& stability, to deliver essential humanitarian support to the Afghan people& to address shared concerns on security, there is no alternative to engaging pragmatically with the current administration of Afghanistan.
"Some #British_nationals were arrested about six months ago for #violating AFG's laws& the traditions of Afghans.
The detainees were #released and handed over to their home country on the basis of an agreement reached after a series of meetings between the IEA& the UK."
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Following Islamic terror at #Kabul, the @HMOIndia has granted e-visas to over 100 Sikhs in Afghanistan.

Many Afghan Sikhs refuse to board 🇮🇳 Flights sent for evacuation after #Taliban takeover, they wanted 🇬🇧 🇨🇦 asylum which never happened & now after blast they are coming to 🇮🇳
Alongside Muslims many Sikhs attacked Modi Govt for CAA which has granted thousands of visas to Sikh, Hindus refugees from Islamic states. So I don’t understand why oppose something you desperately need & support who are slaughtering you?
Khalsa Aid which boasts of Langars & Khalistanis who threaten to take over Indian Punjab by force haven’t spent a penny to take these desperate Sikhs to their countries 🇬🇧 or 🇨🇦. Time & again Hindus are the ones who have protected and saved them. Modi has done a lot recently.
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