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8 Jul 19
"If your wife is unyielding for sex, strike with stick or hand and curse her!"

Wife Beating and #MaritalRape in Vedic Literature: Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 6.4.7

Original Sanskrit verse & Commentary by Adi Shankara (Shankara Bhasya) translated into English by Swami Madhavananda:
One, The Early Upanishads are considered Vedic Literature attached to Veda Samhitas. Two, Context is SEX; Procreation OR not; spelled out in 6.4.10-11. Three, The interpretation "buy her over with ornaments" is from Shankara Bhasya, & THIS version was used.
Is he @MisraNityanand dishonest or just plain ignorant? He goes till verse 8 of Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 6.4 & concludes "context is procreation only (needed for life)". Go further till 10 & 11. Husband chants "may she not conceive!" 6.4.10. Context is Sex.
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4 Jul 19
"Embracing Sita with both his arms, Kakutstha (Rama) made her drink pure Maireya wine, even as Indra makes Shachi partake of nectar.

Servants quickly served flesh-meat variously dressed, & fruits of various kinds for the use of Rama" #Ramayana Verse referred by #SwamiVivekananda
#SwamiVivekananda: "Sita Devi vows meat, rice, and a thousand jars of wine to the river-goddess, Ganga!"

"Be merciful to us, O goddess, & I shall, on my return home, worship thee with a thousand jars of arrack (spirituous liquor) & rice well-dressed with flesh-meat." (#Ramayana)
#SwamiVivekananda on vegetarian Vaishnavas: "Instances are found in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata of the drinking of wine and the taking of meat by Rama and Krishna, whom they worship as God! Sita Devi vows meat, rice, and a thousand jars of wine to the river-goddess, Ganga!!"
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25 May 19
Hinduism is a very different religion.

Consider Chhinnamasta - Goddess of paradoxes - "both the food & the eater of food, thereby symbolizing the whole world by this act of being devoured & the devourer. The dichotomy of receiver & giver or object and subject collapses into one"
"The image of Chhinnamasta standing on a copulating couple of Kamadeva and Rati is interpreted by some scholars as a symbol of a person's 'control' over sexual desire, while others interpret the goddess as being 'the embodiment' of sexual energy."…
I find Hinduism a very different religion because, in this religion:

1. Gods are portrayed as listening to & fulfilling wishes of demons* ("evil")

*Demons in Hinduism are often portrayed as strong, powerful, tricky, educated, cunning, clever, even ...very scholarly & Meditative
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25 Mar 19
Perhaps the greatest tragedy of our humanity is actually our tendency to displace our Dukkha onto others; to scapegoat others for something that we have going on and which goes away only for the briefest of moments, the fantasies of Nirvanists aside.
While exploring the Modoc National Forest near Mount Shasta in California (a fabulous time for me!) I was in the company of an attractive man. We were strolling about taking in the vibes, sights sounds and (usually unfortunately) smells... 1/
I found an incredible grove of Quaking Aspens. Entering the grove, we were in a magical wonderland of shimmering dashes of bright sunlight gated to the interior by the gently quivering leaves... 2/
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3 Feb 19
A major reason behind the fall of India was the lack of strong organized religion like Judaism, Christianity or Islam. Hinduism was just a set of beliefs and customs and not really organized religions.
India was/is deeply divided on caste, region and language lines; it lacked a strong common organized religion that could have organized and united them.
Without a strong religion, there was no system of giving back to the community, helping those less fortunate. This created a vast gap between the haves and have-nots and it created a society in which a large percentage of people had no vested interest and had *nothing to defend*.
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18 Jan 19
Some men can't come during sex (however long they fuck) UNLESS they masturbate. When i first heard this I found it to be pretty incredible, because I couldn't imagine wanting to, or needing to, jerk yourself off, when you have a nice, hopefully tight, pussy, to pop your load into
I think that holding off coming eventually works against the guy in that it makes it harder for them to come under normal fucking conditions. 2/
I take responsibility for my own orgasms and don't require anybody holding off or doing anything specifically geared to make me come.
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16 Jan 19
Some old wise guy said:

"Life is like a shit sandwich... the more bread you have, the less shit you have to eat".

Sayings like that, serve as the universal bidet of life.
And how is this sort of effervescent wisdom obtained? Why, by the ancient method of Excremental Meditation, of course. (2)
"Opinions are like assholes; everyone has one, and most of them stink".

Observing such hard-won wisdom, we begin to long for the bidet. Can it be that there is that rare individual whose asshole does NOT stink? (3)
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5 Jan 19
Is there an Indian dream?
India has changed immensely during last thirty years and now more or less the entire globe is becoming 'Westernized' (or, 'Americanized'). Hollywood, American Media and American Corporations are "changing" pretty much everything..
A common India Dream:

At 16, pass high school with good marks,

At 18-19, pass admission test to get admitted into an engineering/medical college.

At 25, get a "good" job in government or in a large corporation. Get married to a beautiful girl that your parents pick for you. 1/
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3 Nov 18
We gather that Ram and Sita, slept together under the same roof, for 12 years in Ayodhya (Valmiki Ramayana 5.33.17), and 13+ years during Vanvas. Ram believed that Ravan violated Sita (VR 6.115.24). Sita was pregnant after a good 26 years of married life. What makes sense to you?
For those of you offended that Ram might've fertility issues understand that "Impotency" / low sperm-count is a biological condition, nothing to be ashamed of. Ram was aged 40 when his wife became a mother, like his ageing father Dasharatha before him, though married to 3 queens.
Not having sons was a huge problem for a king. In Ancient India, kings married multiple wives so that they've a better chance of siring many sons. What if the king himself was impotent? Or if he dies before having any sons? The solution was Niyoga sanctioned by the dharmashastras
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