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Let’s explore a controversial topic : Food

Why controversial ? We assume we can eat anything. It’s left to the individuals.

NO. Our dharma, traditions, rishis have categorically stated what kind of food one should partake of and which ones to be avoided. A 🧵 1/n Image
Swami Vivekananda's writings in Prachya o Pashchatya (East and West) show that he pondered deeply on this question. He also discussed it at length with his disciple Sharat Chandra in Belur and their discussion is reproduced in the book …++ 2/n Image
++…Swami-Shishya Sambad which is an invaluable document on Swami Vivekananda and forms part of the authentic literature on Swamiji in Bengali. 3/n
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On this day in 1893, #SwamiVivekananda delivered the famous Chicago speech. Presenting some archives culled from the pages of PM @narendramodi's history

Here Modi discusses how Vivekananda explained Advaita to the Western world.

[Audio excerpt, Sangh Shiksha Varg in Pune, 1985]
#SwamiVivekananda had a profound influence on young Modi's mind, inspiring him to dedicate his life to service.

A journey of inner discovery began at the Ramakrishna Mission, where Modi lived with sadhus and saints. During his stay, he got to spend time in Vivekananda's chamber.
What are duties or Kartavya?

A voracious reader by mind and a curious young man at heart, Modi collected #SwamiVivekananda's quotes in his diary. Modi regularly discussed the philosophy and contributions of the Hindu monk with youngsters.

[Handwritten, Personal Diary]
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उद्या, म्हणजे ५ सप्टेंबर रोजी शिक्षकदिन साजरा होणार, त्यानिमित्त खरे शिक्षण कशाला म्हणावे जाणून घेणे अगत्याचे वाटले. म्हणून स्वामी विवेकानंद याचे शिक्षण विषयक विचार जाणून घेऊयात, जे मला भावले.

#TeachersDay #teacher #SwamiVivekananda
1. शिक्षण म्हणजे मनुष्याच्या ठिकाणी जे पूर्णत्व आधीचेच विद्यमान आहे त्याचे प्रकटीकरण.

2.शिक्षण कशाला म्हणावयाचे ? पुस्तके वाचण्याला ? नाही. निरनिराळ्या प्रकारचे ज्ञान मिळविण्याला ? नाही.
ज्या शिक्षणाद्वारा इच्छाशक्तीचा प्रवाह आणि अभिव्यक्ती ही आपल्या स्वतःच्या ताब्यात येतात आणि फलद्रुप होतात त्यालाच शिक्षण म्हणावे.

3. मी शिकवितो ही भावना जर शिक्षकाच्या मनात जागृत राहील तर सगळेच काम बिघडले म्हणून समजावे.
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स्वामी विवेकानंद ने जीवन पर्यन्त भारतीयों को गुलामी और विशेषकर मानसिक गुलामी से मुक्त कराने का प्रयास किया. पर सब बेकार. भारत में आज भी स्वामी जी की पहचान शिकागो भाषण ही है क्योंकी इस घटना का सम्बन्ध विदेश से है. स्वामी जी के वेदान्त, गीता ज्ञान,
धर्मों का अध्ययन, अमेरिका के अन्य नगरों में दिए गए व्याख्यान, इंग्लैंड में उनके प्रखर कार्य, स्वतंत्रता आन्दोलन, शिक्षा चिंतन, युवाओं में चेतना और प्रखरता भरना, उनमें आत्मविश्वास भरना, सुभाष, तिलक, गांधी जैसे कितने लोगों को स्वतंत्रता संग्राम की प्रेरणा देना, राष्ट्र भक्ती,
आदि कार्य इस देश के बच्चो को कभी बताये नहीं जाते. बताएगा कौन...बड़े?..उन्हें खुद नहीं पता.
स्वामी जी को पता था कि उन्हें कब “लम्बे आराम के लिए जाना है”. वो अनेक वर्षों से कहते आ रहे थे कि उन्हें 40 वर्ष से पूर्व शरीर छोड़ देंगे.
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Passing of Swami Vivekananda - a *thread*


In his youth, while as a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna, Narendranath had got a taste of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. When it was over, his Master had said, "This is your mango, Look! I lock it in my box.

You shall taste it once more, when your work in finished." Sri Ramakrishna had made one more prophecy about Naren - that when he should know who and what he was, he would refuse to remain a moment longer in the body.

Years had passed. It was the summer of 1898. Vivekananda was well renowned in the world by then. He happened to visit the Amarnath Cave with his disciples. On returning from the cave of Amarnath, he had told that he had received the grace of Amar Nath -
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The Lingam represents Shiv's creative n destructive power. Invoking the Atharva Veda, #SwamiVivekananda characterised #ShivaLinga as the symbol of the Eternal Brahma.

#GyanvapiShivlingExpose Image
Swami Vivekananda gave a lecture at the Paris Congress of the History of Religions in 1900 during which he refuted the statements of some Western scholars that referred to #Shivalinga as phallic worship
"It is a description of the infinite beginning and limitless of the Eternal Brahma, and it has been denied as an imaginary invention," he explained. Image
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It was at Mount Abu, on 4 June 1891, that Naren first met Ajit Singh, the Raja of Khetri, with whom he was to form a lasting bond of friendship and mutual respect. In fact, it was the Raja who later conferred the name Vivekananda’ on him by Image
which he would be known in the West. This is the name by which he is known all over the world and in his own country today.
After the first meeting at Mount Abu & during Narendranath’s stay at Khetri between 7 June 1891 to 27 October 1891, Ajit Singh became a close friend and
disciple of Narendranath. He started considering Narendranath as his spiritual mentor. It was Ajit Singh who suggested Narendranath to wear a turban and also showed him how to wear it in the Rajasthani style.
Narendra Nath Datta, was born in an affluent family in Kolkata on
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On #SwamiVivekananda's 159th birth anniversary, today we take a look back at some of his sports exploits. Vivekananda’s love for sports and physical activities is quite well documented (1/n) Image
He exercised regularly, was adept at wrestling (kusti), horse riding among others and was also an admirer of football (2/n)
According to a recently circulated picture on social media, one might even conclude that his bowling action may have provided inspiration for Hedley Verity! (3/n)
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Today as we celebrate #NationalYouthDay on occasion of #SwamiVivekananda JI’s Jayanti here is a detailed thread on the work & various contributions of PM @narendramodi ji for youth & especially in area of employment about which lot of lies are spread routinely

1/n thread 👇
PM @narendramodi ji treats skill development as vital thus launching ‘Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana’. Under this scheme, MSDE ensured a direct bank transfer of an average of Rs 8000 to candidates undergoing skill training.

● For 2nd phase (2016-2020), Cabinet set a target to make a total of 1 crore people skilled and outlay was of Rs 12,000 crore.
● 3rd phase launched on 15 Jan 2021 aimed to train 8.00 lakh people
● This scheme benefitted around 1.37 crore candidates as on July 10, 2021

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A small #Story aka Incident whose morals have more importance during our present fast paced life. #Thread 🧵

A Monk🧘‍♂️ of the Ramakrishna Mission was being interviewed by a journalist from #NewYork🇺🇸. The journalist started interviewing the Monk🧘‍♂️ as planned earlier. 1/13
Journalist - "Sir, in ur last lecture, u told us about "Contact" & "Connection." It's really confusing. Can you explain?"

The Monk🧘‍♂️ smiled & apparently deviating from the question asked the journalist:
"Are u from #NewYork ?"
2/13. source - fb
Journalist: "Yeah..."

Monk🧘‍♂️: "Who are there at home🏡?"

The Journalist felt that the Monk was trying to avoid answering his question🤔 since this was a very personal & unwarranted question.. 3/13
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Chief Justice of India Justice NV Ramana will address an event to mark 128th anniversary of the Chicago address of Swami Vivekananda.
#CJIRamana Image
#CJI Ramana has been very close to the Ramakrishna Mathha: Swami Jnananda
We have the young advocates of Hyderadad to introduce #CJI NV Ramana.
I am Advocate Aditya Prasad, here to introduce the Chief Justice of India.
Extending a warm welcome to him. Image
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Chief Justice of India N V Ramana to be the Chief Guest at an event to mark 22nd Foundation Day of Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, Hyderabad & 128th anniversary of Chicago address of Swami Vivekananda. Event begins at 11 am today #supremecourt #SwamiVivekananda
The event will be live streamed at

Follow thread for live updates
#supremecourt #SwamiVivekananda
Rev. Srimat Swami Gautamanandaji Maharaj, VP, Ramakrishna Math Mission delivers the introductory speech
#supremecourt #SwamiVivekananda
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#SwamiVivekananda #ChicagoSpeech

Today is the 128th Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda’s 1893 Speech in the World Religion Congress. A great turning point in our history.

I dont even know when I learnt of it first. I seem to be knowing it forever. There is a reason for it.

For us Kannadigas, Swamiji is like a Kannadiga. We think of him of born next door and one who lived in the midst of us. Such is his impact on our minds.

Kamarapukura is how we we refer to Sri. Ramakrishna’s village. We have Kannadised it.

Literally, every stalwart of Karnataka in the 20th Century was either influenced by Sri. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa or by Sri. Aurobindo. And universally by Swami Vivekananda.

Most small towns have a statue of Swami Vivekananda. Some institution or the other is named after him.

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“Bharat is in need of Bomb and Bomb Alone”.

Do you know who said this?
It was #SwamiVivekananda.
While most of us see Swami Vivekananda as a Sanyasi who spread Sanatana Dharma to the world, very few know his contribution for freedom struggle.
The Message,
“Rise, Awake & Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached” was given to kick out British from Bharat.
UNFORTUNATELY Ramakrishna Matt, Swami Vivekananda websites have fallen into the hands of FAKE SECULARISM & APPEASEMENT of Gandhi Nehru.
There are loads of articles which propagates how
Gandhi was inspired by Swami Vivekananda whereas the truth is Swami inspired 1000s of revolutionaries to take Bombs & Guns to fight against British Oppression.

Swami Vivekananda’s youngest brother Bhupendranath Datta was one of the key members of Anushilan Samithi,
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Take Vivekananda’s famous answer to the Madras Pundit who objected to one of his assertions, “But Shankara does not say so.” To which Vivekananda replied, “No, Shankara does not say so, but I, Vivekananda, say so.”

#SriAurobindo #IntegralYoga #SwamiVivekananda
That “I, Vivekananda” stands up to the ordinary eye like a Himalaya of self-confident egoism.

#SriAurobindo #IntegralYoga #SwamiVivekananda
This was not mere egoism, but the sense of what he stood for and the attitude of the fighter who, as the representative of something very great, could not allow himself to be put down or belittled.

#SriAurobindo #IntegralYoga #SwamiVivekananda
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Gagasan Inggris tentang ekspansi dan kemajuan sedang memaksa kita bangkit, dan mari kita ingat peradaban Barat telah diambil dari mata air Yunani, dan gagasan hebat tentang peradaban Yunani adalah ungkapan.
Di India kita berpikir — ttp sayang kadang kita berpikir terlalu dalam shg tdk tersisa kekuatan berekspresi. Krnnya, sec bertahap, kekuatan ekspresi kita tdk memanifestasi diri di hadapan dunia, akibatnya? — kita kerja menyembunyikan semua kita miliki.…
Dimulai individu sbg kemampuan persembunyian, diakhiri jd kebiasaan persembunyian nasional — begitu kurang kekuatan ekspresi kt shg kita skrg dianggap sbg bangsa mati. Tanpa ekspresi, bgmn kt hidup? Tulang punggung peradaban Barat — ekspansi dan ekspresi.…
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Swami lalu berdiam panjang-lebar tt Veda dan nyatakan Veda tdk diucap siapapun, tp ide2 tsb berkembang pelan hg terwujud dlm buku, lalu kitab jd otoritas. Dia katakan berbagai agama diwujudkan dlm buku: kekuatan buku sptnya tdk terbatas.
Swami meneruskan ke teori dualistik, monistik berkualitas, dan Advaitik, dan mendamaikan mereka dg mengatakan masing2 ini spt sebuah langkah dilewati sebelum yg lain tercapai; evolusi terakhir ke Advaitisme hasil alami, dan langkah terakhir "Tattvamasi".…
Dia menunjukkan bahkan komentator hebat Shankarâchârya, Râmânujâchârya, dan Madhvâchârya telah melakukan kesalahan. Masing2 percaya pada Upanishad sbg satu-satunya otoritas, ttp berpikir mereka mengkhotbahkan satu hal, hanya satu jalan.
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Ada dua dunia tempat kita hidup, satu di luar, yg lain di dalam. Kemajuan manusia tlh dibuat, dr hari2 dulu kala, hampir sec paralel di kedua dunia ini. Pencarian dimulai dr luar, dan manusia pd awalnya ingin dptkan jwban semua masalah mendlm dr alam luar.…
Ini ide bagus, tp belum cukup bagus untuk India. Pikiran India harus mundur, dan penelitian mengambil arah berbeda sama sekali; dr eksternal pencarian datang ke internal, dr materi ke pikiran. Disana timbul seruan, "Ketika seseorang mati, apa jadinya dia?"…
— "Apa itu mengetahuinya kita tahu segalanya?" Dalam bahasa modern, tema Upanishad menemukan kesatuan utama segala sesuatu. Pengetahuan tidak lain menemukan kesatuan di tengah keberagaman.
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Disini, di kemudian hari, Nânak yang lembut mengkhotbahkan cintanya yang luar biasa kepada dunia. Disini hatinya yang luas terbuka dan lengannya terulur merangkul seluruh dunia, tidak hanya umat Hindu, tetapi juga kaum Mohammedan.
Ini dia satu pahlawan terakhir dan satu pahlawan termulia ras kita, Guru Govinda Singh, setelah menumpahkan darahnya dan orang tersayang serta terdekatnya u tujuan agama, bahkan ketika ditinggalkan mereka yg darahnya tertumpah, pensiun ke Selatan ...…
Disini, di tanah kuno kita ini, anak2 tanah lima sungai, saya berdiri di hadapan Anda, bkn sbg guru, krn saya tahu sangat sedikit u diajar, ttp sbg orang yg datang dr timur bertukar kata2 salam dg saudara2 dr barat, u bandingkan catatan.
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Aku hanya bisa menjawab, "India kucintai sebelum aku pergi. Sekarang debu India telah menjadi suci bagiku, udaranya sekarang bagiku suci; sekarang tanah suci, tempat ziarah, Tirtha."
disini juga kita harus memahami kesulitan yang timbul antara kita dan orang Inggris sebagian besar disebabkan ketidaktahuan itu; kita tidak mengenal mereka, mereka tidak mengenal kita.
Sayangnya, bagi pikiran Barat, spiritualitas, bahkan moralitas, secara kekal terhubung dengan kemakmuran duniawi;
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Kehidupannya memiliki hakikat sama dengan jiwa, tanpa awal dan tanpa akhir, abadi; dan kita anak-anak negara seperti itu.

Karya Lengkap Swami Vivekananda
Volume 3: Ceramah dari Colombo ke Almora:
Masa Depan India…
Karenanya, lihat ke belakang, sejauh Anda bisa, minum air mancur abadi yang ada di belakang, dan setelah itu, lihat ke depan, maju ke depan dan buat India lebih cerah, lebih besar, jauh lebih tinggi dari sebelumnya.

Nenek moyang kita hebat. Pertama kita harus mengingatnya. Kita harus mempelajari elemen keberadaan kita, darah mengalir di pembuluh darah kita; kita harus percaya darah itu dan apa yang dilakukannya di masa lalu;
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Kita lolos dari nasib ini karena agama kita tidak didasarkan pada pribadi tetapi pada prinsip.

Karya Lengkap Swami Vivekananda
Volume 3: Ceramah dari Colombo ke Almora:
Para Bijak India…
Bhw Anda mematuhi agama Anda bkn krn datang melalui otoritas seorang bijak, tidak, bahkan bkn dr Inkarnasi. Krishna bkn otoritas Weda, tetapi Veda otoritas Krishna sendiri. Kemuliaan dia pengkhotbah Veda terbesar yg pernah ada.
Prinsip pertama kita adalah semua yang diperlukan untuk kesempurnaan manusia dan untuk mencapai kebebasan ada di dalam Veda.
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Anda akan selalu menemukan esensi Buddhisme semua dipinjam dari Upanishad yang sama; bahkan etika, yang disebut sebagai etika Buddhisme yang agung dan menakjubkan, ...
Tidak ada agama ketakutan di Upanishad; itu satu Cinta dan satu Pengetahuan.

Karya Lengkap Swami Vivekananda
Volume 3: Ceramah dari Colombo ke Almora:
Vedanta dalam penerapannya untuk Kehidupan India…
Sâma-Veda memiliki seribu cabang. Dimana mereka semua? Tidak ada yang tahu. Jadi dengan masing-masing Veda; sebagian besar buku-buku ini telah lenyap, dan hanya sebagian kecil yang tersisa bagi kita.
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Menghargai dan menilai dan mencintai satu hal, dan menelan semua yang dikatakan seseorang, tanpa alasan, tanpa mengkritik, tanpa menganalisis, adalah hal lain.
Kita menemukan yang satu bersimpati dengan yang lain hanya selama yang lain percaya pada semua yang dia katakan, tetapi begitu dia berani beda, simpati itu hilang, cinta itu lenyap.
Dan mengetahui bahwa Brahmana, Ksatria, dan Waisya memiliki hak sama untuk menjadi Sannyasin: kaum Traivarnika memiliki hak sama atas Weda.
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