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Prostrations to the most exalted of 'Atmans', the most brilliant of Acharyas and the greatest of minds. Pranams to Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansha's creation #SwamiViveakananda, who entered Mahasamadhi 118 years ago on this day. 1/12
Mahaprayan Diwas: #SwamiVivekananda's attained Mahasamadhi in 1902 at 9:10 pm at the age of 39 years and 5 months. He fulfilled his own prophecy “I shall not live to be 40 years old." 2/12
He may have left his body at the age of 39. But #SwamiVivekananda continues to inspire Hindus to live a honourable life and fight for Dharma and nation for years to come. He had great charisma that truly convinced the youth to do their important roles in the society. 3/12
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#SwamiVivekananda and his role in
Bharatiya Svatantrya Sangram.

“Bharat is in need of Bomb and Bomb Alone” and the Call “Rise, Awake & Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached” was to kick out British from Bharat.
While most of us see Swami Vivekananda as a Sanyasi who spread
Sanatana Dharma to the world, very few know his contribution for freedom struggle.
UNFORTUNATELY Ramakrishna Matt, Swami Vivekananda websites have fallen into the hands of FAKE SECULARISM & APPEASEMENT of Gandhi Nehru.
There are loads of articles how Gandhi was inspired by
Swami Vivekananda whereas the truth is Swami inspired 1000s of revolutionaries to take Bombs & Guns to fight against British Oppression.


Swami Vivekananda’s youngest brother Bhupendranath Datta was one of the key members of Anushilan Samithi, his book
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Nikola Tesla had met Swami Vivekananda in 1895. The meeting was arranged by French actress Sarah Bernhardt.

Swami Vivekananda’s effect on Nikola Tesla was so great that he began using Sanskrit words and concepts in his work.

Nikola Tesla was very much impressed by the Samkhya cosmogony and the theory of cycles given in the Vedic text.

On 13th Feb 1896, Swami Vivekananda had written, in a letter to a friend.

Here Swamiji uses the terms force and matter for the Sanskrit terms Prana and Akasha.
Tesla used the Sanskrit terms and understood them as energy and mass.

Tesla apparently failed in his effort to show the identity of mass and energy. Apparently he understood that when speed increases, mass must decrease.

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Revisiting the practice of Raja Ravi Varma through burlesque versions of some of his famous pre modern works.. 😇
Raja Ravi Varma Reimagined..
In revisiting some of the the enigmatic portraits of Raja Ravi Varma., the style in him gets revealed, an adaptation of realism which transformed the way Indian gods & goddesses got pictured.
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हिंदुस्थानात याआधी ही मूर्ती विध्वंसक आले, परंतु हिंदुस्थानच्या मातीने त्यांना याच मातीत गा इतिहास आहे!🚩
वाचला असेल तर नक्की उमजेल...
तुमच्या सात पिढ्या खपल्या तरी स्वामी विवेकानंदांचे विचार तुम्ही मिटवू शकत नाही, कारण...
"इंग्रजाळलेल्या भारतीयांनो, तुमची शरम वाटते!"
पायाच्या नखापासून डोक्यापर्यंत साहेबी बनलेल्या, साहेबी कल्पनांचे अनुकरण करणाऱ्या माझ्या इंग्रजाळलेल्या बांधवांनो ! तुमची मला शरम वाटते. युरोपियांच्या पायाशी बसून लाचारीने अश्रू गाळीत त्यांना विनवत असता, "हे गौरकाय देवांनो!
आम्ही दिन-हीन पतित आहोत. पशुतुल्य जिणे जगत आहोत. आता तुम्हीच आमचे तारणकर्ते व्हा आणि या दीनवाण्या अवस्थेतून आमचा उद्धार करा !"
'येशू भारतात आला आहे आणि आकाशातल्या बापाचा आदेश लवकरच फळाला येणार आहे !" असा डंके पिटणाऱ्यानो, तुम्ही उघड्या कानांनी ऐका.
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"Embracing Sita with both his arms, Kakutstha (Rama) made her drink pure Maireya wine, even as Indra makes Shachi partake of nectar.

Servants quickly served flesh-meat variously dressed, & fruits of various kinds for the use of Rama" #Ramayana Verse referred by #SwamiVivekananda
#SwamiVivekananda: "Sita Devi vows meat, rice, and a thousand jars of wine to the river-goddess, Ganga!"

"Be merciful to us, O goddess, & I shall, on my return home, worship thee with a thousand jars of arrack (spirituous liquor) & rice well-dressed with flesh-meat." (#Ramayana)
#SwamiVivekananda on vegetarian Vaishnavas: "Instances are found in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata of the drinking of wine and the taking of meat by Rama and Krishna, whom they worship as God! Sita Devi vows meat, rice, and a thousand jars of wine to the river-goddess, Ganga!!"
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Since this vile piece of article..written by the biased cricket commentator an prejudiced newspaper is being quoted internationally...
Guess it deserves some rebuke...
Point 1: Article is published in section 'Opinion' ...that's what exactly it is : simple Opinion of someone named 'Ramchandra Guha'
Published in local political mouthpieceThe Telegraph ...pick up any date since 2014 and bet front page would be vilest junk on the PM of India.
Written 13 paragraphs by someone Ramchandra Guha ...on Science and scholarship ..
Paragraph 1- 3: All about PM surgical strikes etc..Nothing to do with science.
So ....that's the prejudiced opinion which has nothing to do with the subject of article..
Hence leave ahead
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பிறந்த நாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் #SwamiVivekananda

ஆனால், எங்கள் தமிழ் திகழ் குமரி முனையில்..
நீங்கள் 'உட்காரவே' இல்லை!
உங்கள் பேரைச் சொல்லி RSS-காரர்கள், கட்டடம் எழுப்பி விட்டார்கள்; தென் கடலில் காவிக் கொடி பறக்கிறது!:(

வாழி #SwamiVivekananda
ஆனால்.. ஜாதியை ஆதரித்த ஸ்வாமியா, இளைஞர்களின் நாயகர்?

#NationalYouthDay என்ற போலி நாள்!
எனக்கு 100 இளைஞர்களைக் கொடுங்கள் எ. கேட்டார்!
ஆனால் எதற்கு?
வலிமையான இந்தியாவை உருவாக்கவா?
அல்ல! பிராமணீய வேத இந்தியாவை உருவாக்க!

எழுமின்! விழிமின்! - சுவாமி விவேகானந்தர்

எதற்கு ஸ்வாமி?
இந்தியாவை, பிராமணீய ஹிந்து சாம்ராஜ்ஜியமாய் ஆக்குவோம்!
அதற்காக இளைஞர்களே!

Swami's Speech at Chicago!
Hinduism = Brahminism; I represent Brahminism!
Thus spake #SwamiVivekananda

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Anyone wants to read the text version of Swami Vivekananada's historic Chicago Speech?
From #SwamiVivekananda's Chicago Speech:

Three religions now stand in the world which have came down to us from time prehistoric — Hinduism, Zoroastrianism and Judaism. They have all received tremendous shocks and all of them prove by their survival their internal strength.
But while Judaism failed to absorb Christianity and was driven out of its place of birth by its all-conquering daughter, and a handful of Parsees is all that remains to tell the tale of their grand religion, sect after sect arose in India and seemed to shake the religion of..
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#ThisDayinHistory #SwamiVivekananda
11th September 1893 Parliament of World’s Religions at Chicago. A young monk from a far away country rose to deliver a soul stirring speech drew the entire world's attention to our Nation's rich history & strong cultural roots.
“Sisters and Brothers of America. [At this moment came the three minute standing ovation from the audience of 7,000] It fills my heart with joy unspeakable to rise in response to the warm and cordial welcome which you have given us. I thank you in name of the most ancient order
of monks in the world; I thank you in the name of the mother of religions; and I thank you in the name of millions and millions of Hindu people of all classes and sects.
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#ThisDayInHistory #SwamiVivekananda #Mahasamadhi
Today is Swami Vivekananda’s Punya Tithi. in 1902 he obtained Mahasamadhi at 9:10pm at the age of 39 years and 5 months. he fulfilled his own prophecy “I shall not live to be 40 years old” +
#SwamiVivekananda #Mahasamadhi
just 3 days before his Mahasamadhi Swami pointed out to Swami Premananda a particular spot on Belur Math grounds where he wished his body to be cremated. he said "A great tapasya and meditation has come upon me, and I am making ready for death."
#SwamiVivekananda #Mahasamadhi
on Wednesday, he observed Ekadashi, after fasting he poured water over hands & dried them with a towel. when his disciples protested he said ‘Jesus washed the feet of his disciples’, someone checked the answer & muttered ‘But that was the last time’
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