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24 Sep 20
List of All the False Claims Made in Sudarshan TVs 'UPSC Jihad' Show.

Quick Thread:

SudarshanNews editor chief Suresh Chavhanke show Bindas Bol which he claimed as ‘investigative journalism’ suggesting an organised ‘infiltration’ in Indian bureaucracy,

but the aired one-hour long episode used misinformation to legitimise dangerous conspiracy theories.

He attempted to show that Muslim aspirants are favoured in the exam as the g0^t. offers them benefits to the disadvantage of Hindu candidates.

🚫Claim 1: Sudden increase in Muslim aspirants

The final result of 2019 UPSC exam was declared on Aug 4, 2020.

Out of the 829 qualifying candidates, 42 were Muslims which is 5%. Only 1-Muslim candidate was in the top 100.

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14 Aug 20
Happy 74th Independence Day


Happy Independence Day


Happy Independence Day


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9 Jul 20

A SMILE of Relaxation, A SMILE of Joy, A SMILE of Gratitude, A SMILE of Calmness, keep on phrasing.

Whenever a genuine & dire needy helped with Relief kits, this smile on their face speak a dozen.

And an unexpresseable gesture within our hearts.

Thanks to Almighty. Image
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3 Jul 20
Ever heard of “lndian PoIice training Exchange program with lsraeI”

Ever wonder where are they trained for brutal practice on innocent civilians/ Protestors / Students / Minorities ?

lndia, US, Brazil all are part of the Training exchange prog.

Quick #Threads
The Ministry of Home Affairs, for last few years, has been investing in poIice training programmes with lsraeI. In February 2014,an agreement was signed on Cooperation on HomeIand Security,

following which a Joint Steering Committee was set up.

This committee first met in lsraeI in Sep. 2014 & set up working groups on border management,internal security & public safety,poIice modernization & capacity building for combating crime,crime prevention & cyber crime.
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25 Jun 20
Big Thanks to all who RTed & shared to help the Patient.

But we need more help & Donation, as we are is still far from targetted amount (Target 80K amt., recieved 36K).

Kindly mention names of all those who can donate or can help in amplifying to generate the targeted amount.
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2 Jun 20
Amid lockdown when the majority got so self constrains, there are still many serve Humanity selflessly,

-Irshan arrange for last rites of Hindu women;

-Abdul organize funeral for couple, in the absence of family members ensuring all the rituals performed as per Hindu tradition; Image
-Mukesh supplied rations to the homeless and the destitute;

-Wajid Ali travelled 60 km on his two-wheeler in scorching summer to donate blood to a 9-months-old Vinay;

-Rajesh & Kareem We serve up to 1000 migrant workers every day, Rajesh had sold-off his car to feed the hungry;
-Charan Goud is feeding 500 migrants every day. He acknowledges the support they receive from Sajid, a neighbor in terms of finance and planning;

-Nizam runs a community kitchen called ‘Roti bank’ along the NH-44 to feed the migrant workers and the homeless;
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2 May 20
Anti-Muslim brutality to its exterme.
This man from Aurangabad at a Pharmacy store was first denied medicine later been trashed & hit by storekeeper & others near by.

Severe effect of anti-Muslim program & Hatred Campaign run by G0dia Media’s.

This doesn’t ends here, after this when he went to report the incident in Chikalthana Police Station, Police instead helping got violent on him beating him inside the P. Stn. also threaten to not to discuss about this Incident to anyone ever.

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21 Apr 20
(Quick Thread #Islamophobia_In_India)

In Feb, at least 53 people’s were killed in the worst religious violence the Indian capital witness in decade.

Muslims in NE Delhi were attacked by Hindu mobs, who went on rampage for 5-days killing dozens, burning houses, shops & Mosques.
Violence erupt after Leadership of ruling party delivers hate speech against the CAA Protestors.

Among the killed were mostly Muslims.

More than 800 people been arrested for violence, while Police continue to pick & investigate Muslim boys.

#DelhiPogrom #Islamophobia_In_India
1. Ashfaque Hussain (22): Hit by bullets

2. Mohammad Sulaiman (27): Left for work never returned home.

3. Musharraf (35): dragged from home beaten to death

4. Shaban (22): left for home never returned.

5. Mubarak Husain (31): Hit by bullet died ok spot

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13 Mar 20
1. Eruption of protests against CAA,
2. Police inaction in JNU,
3. Police hyper-action in the case of Jamia, AMU
4. Volatile communal speeches made by top leaders of the ruling party in the course of the election camPaign,
5. Infiltrator enter’s Shaheen Bagh n threathens

6. Late night women Protest at Jafrabaad MS
7. Ultimatum by BJP leader to DCP,
8. Truckloads of bricks and stones ferried to different locations of the area.
9. Tense communal situation irrupts,
10. Areas of Delhi engulf in communal violence,

10. Life lost, many injured & properties of innocent destroyed,
11. Part of Delhi burns for 3 days,
12. A particular religious minority been targeted,

Now let’s peel through layers of facts,

1. The area engulfed by communal violence is actually quite small in begining.

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