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In Independence Day, President Whitmore begins the movie with approval ratings "below 40%," which is like lower than Trump numbers. And this is before the aliens even show up. What did President Whitmore DO?
Although it is worth pointing out that once the aliens park over New York, DC and LA, President Whitmore's first major decision is NOT to evacuate the cities.

So yeah I think maybe President Whitmore is just a bad president.
question that has always bothered me - where the HELL does Will Smith live that he has this view of DTLA from his driveway?
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I don't know if people realize this, but this country wouldn't be here if it weren't for nationalists.


a person who advocates political independence for a country.

#JFK #Nationalist #IndependenceDay #DeclarationOfIndependence
Yes that's right our country was founded by Nationalists and Patriots.


A person who vigorously supports their country and defends it against enemies or detractors.
#JFK reading the #DeclarationofIndepence in above tweet found at
Most people Don't know that another mysterious organization was founded just 2 months before the #DeclationOfIndependence was signed. That organization was the #Illuminati. This occulted organization persisted in one form or another til #JFK and up to now.鈥
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Short Thread:
My 鈥淚ndependence Day Message鈥.

So last week, as I prepped for a long flight home, a pleasant elderly gentleman indicated that he had the seat next to me. We got talking.
鈥淪o what do you do?鈥
鈥淚 work in advertising. And you sir?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 a pensioner鈥
I could see the quiet, almost mischievous smile as he said this. So I ask, 鈥渁nd before you were a pensioner, what where you?鈥
鈥淚 was a few things, including the Secretary General of the Commonwealth Of Nations.鈥
鈥淎h. So I鈥檓 seated with Dr. Emeka Anyaoku?鈥
鈥淵ou are.鈥
What followed was many education, an interview, a window into the maelstrom called Nigeria.

Dr. Anyaoku is 85yrs old, but he moves like he鈥檚 not a day older than 70. He has 32 Honorary Doctorates, from the best schools in the world.
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When we celebrate the #IndependanceDay , lets also remind ourselves of the price a common #Indian had to pay for the Freedom we enjoy today!
Neither should the culprits of #1947Divide be forgotten or forgiven for the sufferings of our people!
Perpetrators for hatching the plot of the #1947Divide were,
1, Winston Churchill, to safeguard the strategic interests of the British Empire in馃嚠馃嚦& Indian Oceans
2, Betrayal of Muslims
3, #Congress , the Partner-in-crime that allowed it to happen!
30 Dec 1906,on the birth of Muslim League, 鈥楲al Ishtihar鈥 was distributed appealing to Muslims,
鈥榥ot to buy from #Hindus
not touch anything manufactured by them,not to study in the same school
acquire knowledge & send them to jehannum,that Hindus became rich robbing their馃挵鈥!
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In addition to being shockingly ignorant, this is pretty much the worst possible sentiment to be throwing out for the #FourthOfJuly in the time of Trump. Nice job!

#ThursdayMorning #ThursdayThoughts #Resist #IndependenceDay #EmptyThePews
Patriotism is weaponized by authoritarian communities and regimes. Some of us who grew up in the Christian Right are literally triggered by the God and country routine. And you know how you don鈥檛 address real, substantive divides? By saying hey let鈥檚 all do nationalism together!
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I JUST SPENT OUR #INDEPENDENCEDAY re-watching @wkamaubell's #UnitedShades of America's show that visited Canada. Why? Because I needed reminding of how angry I am that the people of the United States are being conned, lied to, and victimized every day. And we're all complicit.
All you have to do is watch this one 4 minute segment of @DocDanielle discussing the Canadian health care system to understand just how Republicans, @FoxNews and the American insurance industry have been bullshitting Americans for years.
Okay, the informed know about the healthcare lie. But what about low crime rates, or humane drug treatment, or that Canadians actually like & respect one another, all while WELCOMING immigrants that REPUBLICANS鈥擮NLY REPUBLICANS鈥攊n the U.S. have demonized as marauding invaders?
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While Americans Celebrate our #IndependenceDay , radical liberals have decided to block the streets in San Francisco and Throw a " Block Ice " Party in front of the ICE building. This is what the @dnc supports now. #WalkAway and #MAGA鈥
While #Patriotsunited celebrate America's #IndependenceDay , The Marxist, Communist, leftist POS are blocking streets and Protesting on behalf of Illegal Aliens and Calling for ICE to be abolished! This is the @DNC in 2018 ! #WalkAway & #MAGA
Another thing that pisses me off , is that these people don't have a permit, they just took over the streets. If that was a group of Trump supporters putting up tents and blocking streets, they would shut us down, real fast !
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"Don't want your kids taken, maybe forever? Don't (be brown and) commit a misdemeanor that's usually fined $10."
"Don't want to be killed by cops? Don't (be black and) have a broken taillight."
This (racist) cruelty IS America. But we CAN be better than this. Now. Let's.
A birthday can be a renewal, a new leaf. America has hardly ever needed one more. #IndependenceDay #FourthofJuly2018
My baby started smiling yesterday, on July 4. I don't believe in signs, but it's certainly not a bad one.
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馃帴@SenShelby leads all-@GOP delegation to #Russia馃嚪馃嚭for #IndepedenceDay.

Shelby: 鈥淲e think this is a good time to be here...we could have a better relationship btwn the US & Russia b/c we have some common interests...鈥濔煠



Shelby: "We are competitors but don't necessarily need to be adversaries."馃え

Shelby said ZERO about #Russia馃嚪馃嚭helping to throw the election to Trump. On the *same day*, Senate Intel released its BIPARTISAN report, led by @SenatorBurr & @MarkWarner馃憞馃徏3/

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!!NEW Q!! 07/04/18 12:03 Freedom Day Edition!!馃嚭馃嚫 Q posts prev. Q post re. disinfo. being necessary and a link to this JFK speech on Independence!! #IndependanceDay #WhoIsQ #QAnon #Freedom #WalkAway #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakeningWorldwide @realDonaldTrump
馃嚭馃嚫Anon Comments/Research/Memes/News President Trump Tweets!! 馃嚭馃嚫 #FreedomDay #IndependanceDay #WhoIsQ #QAnon #WalkAway #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump
馃嚭馃嚫Anon Comments/Research/Memes/News President Trump Tweets!! 馃嚭馃嚫 #FreedomDay #IndependanceDay #WhoIsQ #QAnon #WalkAway #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump
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Greatest Presidents in American History.

1. George Washington
2. Abraham Lincoln
3. Thomas Jefferson
4. Donald J. Trump

Happy 4th Of July
5. Ronald Reagan . Sorry How could I forget him.
Soon ! Happy 4th of July !

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On this #IndependenceDay and #FourthofJuly2018 we must confront how America has a white democracy problem. Donald Trump is the result of a very old problem in American life. My new .@salon鈥
On every Fourth of July I read Frederick Douglass's "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?" While he was too hopeful about America's capacity to change and move forward after the end of slavery his devastating indictment of America's racism and hypocrisy still holds true.
Ultimately black Americans grabbed onto that great tocsin of American freedom and will not surrender it -- even if too many millions of white Americans have discarded it for cheaply made "MAGA" hats.
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1/ In 1215, Runnymede, England, in a water-meadow on the south bank of the River Thames, the reviled King John was forced at swordpoint to grant freedoms to his people, and the Magna Carta was born. That sword was later used to found the US, steeped in the blood of its traitors.
2/ The US is not a monarchy. Democracy, by its nature, rejects nepotism. Yet, the true lesson of the Magna Carta鈥檚 history is that rights have to be fought for and that the roots of our democracy are blood-soaked.
3/ We do not base our democracy on Plato鈥檚 Republic or upon Machiavelli鈥檚 Discourses, but instead on the Magna Carta, which served as the basis for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
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Happy #IndependenceDay! And thanks to everyone who already supports the @WaraxAndNatasha podcast!

I'm not saying that you're *definitely* a Russian spy if you don't support the podcast. I'm just saying that you *may* be one 馃し鈥嶁檧锔鈥
When @iAmTheWarax and I decided to create this podcast, it was a cold and moonless night. Star reflections roiled like fireflies in the black waters of the Potomac. Owls hooted. "The republic is in danger," said Warax, taking a long drag off a crayon.
"My ribcage is in danger," I said, or tried to say. I was wearing a ridiculous outfit that squished my boobs together and made breathing difficult. Why do these origin stories always have to be sexist for people to pay any attention to them? "Focus, Natasha," said @iAmTheWarax.
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Thread: I am proud to live in the best country on the planet. Our freedom, economic opportunity, and peacefulness is unparalleled. I鈥檝e known this my entire life, but my recent trip to Iraqi Kurdistan further solidified this belief. #IndependenceDay
2/ When arriving in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, I was terrified. I didn鈥檛 know what to expect, but I was greeted by water and buckets. A rainstorm flooded the airport. We take our infrastructure for granted.
3/ Our Peshmerga security guards picked us up and brought us to vehicles outside the perimeter of the airport. They were heavily armed. Many Peshmerga have to purchase their own weapons. They often go months without pay. We take the strength of our military for granted.
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It鈥檚 time for a #WednesdayWisdom quiz, #FourthofJuly2018 edition!

How much do you know about the Declaration of Independence?

Test your knowledge on #IndependenceDay with these 7 questions. You ready?
1. George Washington was one of two future presidents to sign the Declaration.
2. How many grievances against King George III were listed in the Declaration?
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Here is your #IndependenceDay homework:

- The United States Code (USC) in printed form is in excess of 36 volumes.

- The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) in printed form is in excess of 200 volumes.

Assignment 1: read some of both the USC and CFR.

#IndependenceDay homework, con鈥檛:

Assignment 2: read the #DeclarationOfIndependence; note the 10th specific grievance vs. the Crown:

鈥淗e has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.

#IndependenceDay homework, completion:

Assignment 3: Now compare the text of the #DeclarationOfIndependence to the USC and CFR. With respect to law and regulations, if you don鈥檛 react like the attached pic, repeat these assignments until you do. 馃憡馃徏

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As we all wish each other a Happy 4th of July today, let's not forget that there were 10s of millions of American men, women and children enslaved in this country.

So I dedicate this thread to Frederick Douglas by posting part of his famous Independence Day speech here.....
Frederick Douglas - July 5, 1852:

What, to the American slave, is your Fourth of July?"

I answer: a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim.
To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciation of tyrants, brass-fronted impudence; your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery;
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馃枙Happy 4th of July馃嚭馃嚫

馃帀#HappyBirthdayAmerica馃嚭馃嚫 馃枙Owned By The British Crown, Paid For By The American Taxpayers Blood, Sweat, & Tears馃憡鈥
#SecondCivilWar #WednesdayWisdom

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#QAnon #Winning #WalkAway @realDonaldTrump #WhoIsQ? #Yoda #GoodbyeDemocrats #ItsTime #WWG1WGA #ENDTHEFED
Q !
Jul 3 2018 23:07:06 (EST)
Trolling is fun.
Hussein/Trump interior = identical minus small changes.
(World) news in rear literally placed same prior to each departure.
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72) #Qanon posted an excerpt from the article where Devin Nunes was quoted.
The Obama admin engaged in a lot of backchannel comms, trying to fly below the radar.
73) #Qanon reposted a crumb about the Five Eyes which suggested that people like Hillary keep their security clearances so they can get information from other countries (within the Five Eyes) without having their activities logged.
74) #Qanon reposted a drop from April 22nd with a link to an interview with Devin Nunes who said the official Five Eyes report showed no targeting of candidate Trump.
(Nunes' suspicion is that all communications were done covertly.)
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BOOM (NK changes water scene, leads to summit)
BOOM (FBI rank and file testimony, rest of missing DOJ docs, RR out)

When's the last BOOM? Wouldn't the 4th of July be perfect? Magical!
Just the beginning!
Big Week!
Q posts with Fireworks. Note Q refers to the 302's
This week, a vote will be held on the floor of the house to impeach Rosenstein, meaning he could literally be out by the 4th of July
Are you excited yet?
#IndependenceDay is coming!
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