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Neuro-onc & med onc in Charlotte, NC. Mom of 4. 🧠 Chief NeuroOnc @levinecancer @atriumhealth #btsm #advocacy Tweets = my opinions. ✝️ COI:
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Great review of proton CSI for pts w LMD: CNS PFS prolonged by 5mo. @JYangMDPhD This becomes SO pertinent as @LevineCancer @AtriumHealth prepares to open the 1st proton center in NC! #brainmets #btsm #asco23 1/ Image Original work by @JYangMDPhD Yang et al...… 2/
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Quick recap of outstanding talk by @adrienne_boire 👉🏻 we MUST open our minds to seek out LMD. Do the LPs, send the csf (esp CTCs), look for tx options/ trials. #btsm #asco23 1/ ImageImage Imaging is 1st step. But "all that glitters isn"t gold." Esp consider this for pts on immunotx. Sens of MRI 71-100%. Slide 3 w broad ddx #asco23 2/ ImageImageImage
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And TODAY is that day! #btsm #asco23 12/ Today's announcement of data from #Indigo is a HUGE milestone for these pts & their families. #IDH #btsm 👉🏻… 13/
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In light of today's plenary @ASCO #asco23 👀
Grade 2 gliomas👉🏻 a tutorial. #btsm
Considered a low-grade glioma, but also considered to be a terminal illness. How? These tumors are incurable and affect adults, teens, & children. #asco23 1/ They are insidious and will sometimes stay quiet for years. They may be oligodendrogliomas (aka lazy tumors) or the more aggressive astrocytomas. I often tell my pts that grade 2 tumors have 2 goals in life: grow BIGGER and/ or change to a more aggressive form. 2/
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🚨Tweetorial: NTRK 101 🚨Given the data discussed at @asco #ASCO2019 & @sno #SNO2019 on #NTRK fusions in primary brain tumors & brain mets, I thought we could review the background of these fusions, how to find them, and then look at potential options for tx. #btsm <Disclaimer: I’m a speaker for Bayer (larotrectinib) and a subI for the STARTRK trial using entrectinib. I also have ongoing research work w @carisls > I’m keeping this as bias-free as possible though. Ok, next...
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🚨Advocacy 201: 🚨Getting personal with your members of Congress! @ASCO #ASCOadvocacysummit If you mastered my advocacy 101 tweetorial, what’s next? Get to know your leaders & their teams via face-to-face meetings. #ASCOadvocacysummit
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🚨Tweetorial 🚨Advocacy 101: how to get involved in sharing your message about pts with cancer 🎗with lawmakers 🇺🇸 @ASCO #ASCOadvocacysummit Advocacy101: I’m a busy oncology Physician/ Nurse/ Pharmacist/ APP/ Patient/ Caregiver/ Etc. I want to express my opinion, but where do I start? @asco #ASCOadvocacysummit b