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10 Trade Ideas for August 2022 🧵🧵

Started this new Monthly Thread

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#investing #stocks
1) #AmbujaCement

- Looks prime setup for pump in short term
- 400+ expected in short term

Disc - Invested
2) #YesBank

As already posted above 15 Yes Bank can pump well in short term.

Price action may change completely.

Chart will be posted in telegram

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How did #IndiGo capture 55% of the Indian Airline Industry? 🇮🇳

A thread 🧵
IndiGo has been a dominant player in the aviation industry for a while now but what led to its success 👇

The Low-Cost Carrier Model
IndiGo was one of the first companies to bring a low-cost model to the market 🧑‍✈️

They did this by using a single type of aircraft, fewer staff and cutting other extra costs 📉

This led to much cheaper fares than competitors and hence more air traffic ✈️
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INDIGO said it swung from a profitable 3Q22 to a loss-making 4Q22 because of about 15% higher fuel prices and on 11% lower capacity due to Omicron and a lower RASK of 2.9%.
In 1Q23, INDIGO expects the capacity to rebound at almost 2.5 times the capacity deployed in 1Q22.
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My friend had Horrible experience with Indigo Airlines #indigoairlines #IndiGoflight & Bangalore airport Security checking #bangaloreairport
On 10th April, she had to travel alone with 2 kids: 8 & 4 years old. The flight being early mng(0635 IST) was itself a difficult episode.
She reached at 0525 IST. Rushing through with the kids, she ran to the check in counter & was told that the counters were closed and that no way she could take the flight. Asked why so, & 1 of the male ground staff said that she had to be there at least 2 hours befor the departur
Did tell him that there was no where that if was mentioned and especially when we had web check in done...what about that....?
He allowed me after 2 minutes saying to carry the luggage meant for check in as well.I said fine...carrying 2 bags (meant for check in), back pack on me,
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Indigo is NOT an Airline but a Bank!

Not Joking,

Not just Indigo most Airlines in the world operate as a Bank. Let’s see how?

#indigo #StockMarketindia #investing #Finance #stocks
In 2020, A report came which mentioned that American Airlines lost around 5 cents per passenger per mile! And this was even before the Pandemic began.🤯

Even after making a loss per passenger, the company is making millions of dollars in profits! How?
Through its Loyalty Programme and Frequent Flyer Programme!

The compny runs loyalty programs in partnership wid Banks, known as co-branded credit card agreements, wherein the user of the cards gets points while mking a purchase wch cn b redeemed while travelling frm the Airline
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#Indigo was a facing a clear resistance at 1985.
It has tried to break that two times before yesterday, but failed.

Yesterday it succeeded.

How could've you known that the breakout this time will be real and captured 15% move in a single day.

We'll find out in this thread... Image
Welcome to 3rd thread on Price Action.
I've already talked about How to draw S/R line and Stop Hunting. (If you haven't read them yet, read them at my pinned tweet first.)

Toady we'll discuss about how to find out whether breakout will happen or not at those levels. Image
For any level to act as resistance, there should be presence of strong sellers.
When they get exhausted, the level looses it's value and chances of breakout increases.
It's a simple thing but detecting it is very hard.

There are two setups to know this exhaustion.
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Le but des starseeds est d’accompagner l’humain à passer de « l’état animal » vers « l’état Conscient », soit passer d’une « co-création destructrice » à une « co-création Consciente ». #StarSeeds #Eveil #Conscience #Starseed #Âme…
"Vous êtes différent et c’est votre droit de le revendiquer."
L’humanité vit une évolution accélérée.
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Stocks for 16/09/20 Intraday


Based on NR7 Pattern Screener…

& filtering on basis of Volume & Volatility
Do watch @ST_PYI Sir YT video on NR7 for details
Results of the Day : 3/10 Stocks gave tradeable moves


Price broke through previous highs with all conditions met BUT stalled and didn't move and formed bearish candles Image

As posted earlier today:

Price was rejected by previous highs and gave Short entry by forming bearish conditions.

Exited at +4R which is the maximum I target for Intraday trades Image
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Stocks for 11/09/20 Intraday


Based on NR7, Volume and Volatility concepts
Results of the Day : 3/9 stocks gave tradeable moves

1/3 : #TCS : PROFIT : +2R

After suffering a loss as posted in the morning, it again gave a good entry. Closed it for 2R as I didn't want to hold it anymore Image
2/3 : #McDOWELL_N : PROFIT : +2R

Back to back in my watchlist and back to back profits.
It once again got rejected from the same resistance block as yesterday and gave a Entry as detailed.

Exited before EOD Image
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Stocks for 29/08/20 Intraday


Based on NR7, Volume and Volatility concepts
Results of the Day : 4/9 Stocks gave tradeable moves

1/4 : #UPL : PROFIT : +2R

Price broke through previous resistance with good volumes
Bullish bias was decreasing due to decreasing Volumes. Exited after formation of bearish structure Image
2/4 : #INDIGO : PROFIT : +1.7R

After a Bullish start of the Day, price formed Double top and a Bearish structure.

Exit was done after it bounced with good volumes and a long tail Image
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@Cleartrip is DELAYING my refund for cancelled @IndiGo6E flights showing various ridiculous reasons (sample attached) for last 3 weeks. Flight was booked on #AmazonFlights & cancelled directly with #Indigo. @amazonIN @AmazonHelp @jagograhakjago @MoCA_GoI @HardeepSPuri @irvpaswan Image
@Cleartrip @IndiGo6E @amazonIN @AmazonHelp @jagograhakjago @MoCA_GoI @HardeepSPuri @irvpaswan contd...firstly told to wait for 2 weeks, now telling their computer not working! Repeatedly notified the refund initiated to #AmazonPay on 25thJul had already FAILED. But they fail to understand and keep on harassing the customer with generic responses.
cont..#Indigo has already paid to #Cleartrip as a part of the refund paid via #AmazonPayWallet was already credited but the remaining amount paid by card had failed since card detail was NOT saved in #Amazon a/c. Told this to #Cleartrip repeatedly but getting only excuses in turn
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A Horror Thread

Based On True Story : Dimensi Dua

────Indigo Zeya🌻────

@ceritaht @bagihorror @IDN_Horor @threadhoror @Penikmathorror @horrornesia @bacahorror @cerita_setan #bagihorror #Zeyasix #Indigo #bacahorror #bacahoror #horrornesia
Halooo gaisss!!!💙💙

Balik lagi nih sama Zeyaaaaaaaaa💙
Kali ini, Zeya akan menceritakan keanehan yang di alaminya...

Dimana tubuh Zeya seolah terbagi menjadi 2 bagian...

Antara nyawa atau teman....

Memilih tetap hidup atau mati dengan tak tenang...
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Halo gais balik lagi nih Sama zeyaa :v

Kali ini Zeya akan bercerita tentang sosok hantu yang datang secara tiba-tiba.

Ia datang untuk mengingatkan Zeya agar tidak melakukan hal bodoh yang sangat merugikan diri sendiri.
Hantu itu hidup dengan penuh tekanan dan rasa takut yang amat besar.

Hidup sebatangkara...

Dan ia takut menjadi korban...

Korban kebiadaban seseorang....
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A Horror Thread

Uban Legend tanah Jawa : Tumbal Mati

────Indigo Zeya,🌻────

@ceritaht @bagihorror @IDN_Horor @threadhoror @Penikmathorror @horrornesia @balakarsa @bacahorror @cerita_setan #bagihorror #Zeyasix #Indigo #bacahorror #bacahoror #horrornesia
Halo semuaaaa balik lagiiiii nihhh ketemu Zeyaaa!!!!!! Hehe :v

Kali ini Zeya akan menceritakan tentang Urban legend tanah jawa. Urban legend yang sempat dialami oleh Zeya ntah itu hanya kebutulan atau nyata.

Lagi lagi dan lagi walaupun cerita ini berbesik dari urban legend,
Tapi cerita ini benar adanya. Sulit di terima oleh nalar dan terkadang bisa mengundang mereka untuk datang...

So Happy Reading gaissssssss!!! 💙💙💙

Jangan lupa Rep, Like dan RT nya ya gaidss💙💙💙
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16/07/2020 Thursday
#BULLISH #Watchlist #stockstowatch #DayTrading #nsefno

excellent up move in #indigo, MnM
strong pullback in tvsmot and exide
upl and ramco failed
#indigo >4%
#M_M >3%
excellent move in #tvsmotors from DL Image
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Halo semuanya di thread kali ini, Zeya akan menceritakan tentang sosok hantu yang datang meminta bantuan padanya...

Sosok yang memiliki tampang jauh dari kata sempurna dan sosok yang menyimpan seribu ambisi di dalam dirinya.
Hantu yang meninggalkan dunia secara tragis karena ulahnya sendiri...

Hantu yang semasa hidupnya telah terbuai oleh kata-kata dan janji manis yang menbuat dirinya dalam posisi yang mengenaskan seperti ini...

Bagaimana siapa dan untuk apa dia datang kepada Zeya sebenarnya?
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In this thread posting hourly chart of few stocks
@RajarshitaS @rachitpjain
#indigo Image
IGl break down of rising wedge and then retest Image
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The biggest challenge a company faces is developing its ability to adapt to changing business environments.

Any company, however big or stable, is not immune to a downfall if it fails to adapt quickly

Let’s consider JET AIRWAYS.


Jet Airways started in 1993 and quickly became the top private airline in India.

Their USP: Excellent in-flight service.

They enjoyed the loyalty of the rich class, bollywood celebs, corporates, commoners, etc.

They enjoyed peak market share for more than a decade.

In 2006, just when they were riding at their peak, a new player was born - #IndiGo

IndiGo was new and catering to the changing customer demands of price over quality.

They focused on being the best low cost carrier (LCC).

Unlike Jet, they did not focus much service.

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Team for tomorrow
Now received some link.….

Data knows everything.
Weekend review... Reasons to pic INDIGO .

Link for Captured data for cash and derivative for last three days…

Link for Cash market data for last 13 days.…
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Did a 11 years #dataanalysis to find out what are some of the well known brands that has gone for #IPO and what would have been the returns if we have bought them on listing day instead of IPO, and hold onto it for a month. #IRCTC #ipoinvestment #investment #nifty #stockstowatch Image
And here's the list of IPOs and its monthly returns sorted based on recent listing period. #INDIGO #DMART #RBLBANK #INDIAMART #PNB #CDSL #THYROCARE Image
The detailed article can be accessed from this link…
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Weekend views on all my 35 f&o stocks will be given on this thread.

Stay connected😊😊

Demand zone 1220-1180.

Look for bullish candle formation from demand zone. And go long above bullish candle formation.

View gets neglected with close below 1170 on weekly TF.

After breakout from range of 1900-2200 it has given 300 points run and now coming back to breakout zone.

Look for bullish candle formation and go long above bullish candle high.

View gets neglected with close below 2200 on weekly TF.
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Regarding the #Indigo incident: I don't know both sides of the story and I completely condemn any violence for any reason. Having said that, I will use this occasion to talk about one thing that gets to me: our behaviour with customer support staff in India. #thread
I know we live in a time where capitalism is at its peak and we pay a lot of money to get the services we demand on time and in the best possible manner. But I've seen time and again that there's an incredible amount of entitlement in a lot of us because of this.
It's the service industry but it's also run by humans, and yes, sometimes, things go wrong for legit errors, but sometimes, they go wrong because of no reason, and that shouldn't give any of us the right to mistreat the service employees or customer reps.
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