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11 Oct
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|| Lord Vishnu ||

Know your roots
Know your History
Know your Dharma

Giving all your answers

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Starting the thread
Appearance of Lord Vishnu
Worship of Lord Vishnu is extremely essential for those who wish to receive the supreme salvation. A common rule of worship is that the worshiper must essentially have the virtues of the worshiped.
Reflection of Scriptural Appearance:

Shantakaram Bhujangashayanam Padmanabham Suresham,
Vishwadharam Gagan Sadrisham Meghavarnam Shubhangam
Lakshmikantan Kamalnayanam Yogimirdhyana Gamyam,
Vande Vishnum Bhava Bhayaharam Sarva Lokaiknatham
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9 Oct
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Sharing a small story

|| Nandi ||

Know your roots
Know your History
Know your Dharma

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"Save our cows"
We all know that Nandi is a Vahana of Lord Shiva and Ursava vahanam in South Indian temple processions and one of the Ganas also.

Long ago after this universe and sapta rishis were created ,humans were created by Lord Brahma
Then brahma didn’t know what daily work to assign to humans. So Brahma approached Lord Shiva and asked a solution.

After this shiva found a solution and told Nandi deva to tell his words and come back
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7 Oct
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Devine thread

|| Rakshas ||

Know your History
Know your roots
Know your Dharma

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#AncientIndia Image
The Rakshas battle constantly with the devas. Rakshas are described in Indian texts as powerful superhuman demigods with good or badi qualities. The good Rakshas are called Adityas and are led by Varuna, while the malevolent ones are called Danavas and are led by Vritra. Image
In the earliest layer of Vedic texts Agni, Indra and other gods are also called Rakshas or Asur, in the sense of their being "lords" of their respective domains, knowledge and abilities. Image
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6 Oct
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|| Shiva Tandava ||

Know your roots
Know your History
Know your Dharma

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Shiva Tandava is described as a vigorous dance that is the source of the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution. While the Rudra Tandava depicts his violent nature, first as the creator and later as the destroyer of the universe.
even of death itself, the Ananda Tandava depicts him as joyful.
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13 Sep
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Weekly Thread

|| Hanūman & Cosmic Energy ||

Ramayana Mahabharat Ved Puraans Upnishads our History

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PS: This is probably the last thread for this month of Sept I'll be on Twitter Break soon.
Hanuman is the son of Vayu, the wind God. This explains his speed of movement, his power to become as small or large as he likes, and his incredible strength. But there are many other yogic secrets hidden behind his symbolism.
Today our world prides itself in a new info tech, with a rapid speed of data, calculation & communication. Science has learned to tap latent powers of nature to transform our outer lives. At a cosmic level, there is a deeper energy that runs everything in the universe.
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5 Sep
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#Divine thread || Abhimanyu ||

Let’s unroll this untold fascinating story of Abhimanyu

#Ramayan #Mahabharat #History #India

Starting the thread with #Mahabharata War

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Abhimanyu, the reincarnation of the Varchas, son of the moon-god (Chandra). When the moon-god was asked to let his son incarnate himself on earth, he made a pact that his son will only remain on earth for 16 years as he could not bear to be separated from him.
It is also stated the boon of Abhimanyu, that he will annihilate all the big warriors inside the Chakravyuha, and then only when all the mighty warriors joined together to attack, he will be perished eventually at the end of the day
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1 Sep
|| Hanūman Ji ||

Sharing a small thread

"Ashta Siddhi Nava Nidhi ke Data
As Var deen Janki Mata"

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Ashta Siddhis of Hanūman Ji
Anima = Ability to decrease his size till infinity .

Mahima = Ability to increase his size till infinity .

Garima = Ability to increase his weight till infinity .

Laghima = Ability to decrease his weight till infinity .
Prapti = Capability to be omnipresent .

Prakamya = Ability to precieve other desires

Vastva = Having control over natural forces .

Istiva = Have absolute lordship over creation .
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23 Aug
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#Ramayana || Hanuman Chalisa ||

Untold Unsung now Unearthed

“Goswami Tulsidas Ji”

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Starting the thread with this

“Bhoot Pishach nikat nahin aave ,Mahaveer jab naam sunave”

Ghost vampire doesn't come near, Mahavir when name heard
The Hanuman chalisa is an extremely powerful hymn, Which when regularly recited with full devotion, it can do wonders. Hanuman chalisa also helps one to get rid of Astrological issues like Shani dosh, mangal dosh etc.
Regular recitation of Hanuman Chalisa Grants Physical strength,courage &Wards away any disease.Further,No evil energy will even dare to approach you.
No one can understand the power of Hanuman Chalisa because it has unlimited power. Hanuman is the most powerful deity of Hinduism
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22 Aug
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|| #Shiva ||

Untold Unsung now Unearthed

"When Lord #Shiva had fought on behalf of Arjuna on the 14th day of #Mahabharata war"

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Starting the “Small Untold Story” between Arjuna & Vyasa about #Shiva
On the 14th day Arjuna & Vyasa share words
Arjuna said ” ‘O great sage! In the battle, while I was slaying the enemy with my bright arrows, I saw a man advancing in front of me. His complexion was like that of the fire.
In whatever direction he advanced, with a blazing and upraised spear, in that direction, the enemy was seen to be shattered. His feet did not touch the earth and he did not hurl his spear. But because of his energy, thousands of spears were released from that spear.
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8 Aug
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Divine thread #Vishnu || Dashavatars ||

Aspects of the stories of all the Dashavatars.

Significant value of each Avatar

Emotional and Life aspects of that Avatar

plus scientific one

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Modern Science + Ancient Hinduism + Technology + Knowledge + Spirituality
Just look at this picture and imagine the power of Hinduism knowledge unending years ago. Evolution according to Darwin VS Vishnu Puran
Shree Lakshmi Narayan who is also called as Maha Vishnu , Shrideva, Satyanarayan , Tirupati, Vasudeva, Venkateshwara, Perumala, etc. whatever name do you call him by your heart has a special character associated to him and each of his avatars also do have it
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1 Aug
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Divine thread

“Put your @twitter in #DarkMode then read”

This story connects the
|| Satyuga || Bhakt Prahladh ,
||TretaYuga || #Ramayan and
||DwaparYuga || the #Mahabharat in an amazing way.
It is of the story of Jaya and Vijaya.

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Jaya & Vijaya R the two gatekeepers of the abode of Vishnu. According to the #Bhagavata Purana, the 4Kumaras Sanaka, Sanandana,Sanatana,& Sanatkumara, who R manasaputras of Brahma,decide to pay a visit to #Vishnu. The Sanat Kumaras approach Jaya &Vijaya ask to be let in.
Jaya & Vijaya tell the Kumaras that Sri #Vishnu is resting & that they cannot see him now. The enraged Kumaras cursed both of them that they would have to give up their divinity, be born as mortals on Earth and live like normal human beings.
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24 Jul
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Divine thread #Geeta

18 chapters… in one single line each

Reminding you ,it's not a book applicable to only one particular religion. There was no proper concept of religion when #Geeta was written.

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It's a holy book for the mankind. Geeta provides you divine knowledge & enlightenment to lead your life.
Each time I read,I get different meanings abt life depending on my current situation.Moreover I'm a great lover of Lord Krishna. It's him who attracted me to read this book.
It changed my life to a positive side. I stopped worrying about the past. I'm addicted to this book whenever I feel low. I always found solution to my problem (I randomly open a page when I'm at the peak of grief).
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19 Jul
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#Divine thread #Vedas

that have been proven by science

Let’s unroll this untold
#Ramayan #Mahabharat #ancienttechnology

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Vedas and Puranas, which were revealed second time 6,000 years ago centuries ago, mentioned facts only recently discovered or proven by scientists.
#Astronomy is some thing that Indians are way more advanced, even for today's world, might be after some decades we will understand more about the astronomy from Vedas and other scripts
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18 Jul
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#Divine thread #Karna

We all know how much #Karna suffered, but whatever he suffered in his life was direct result of his own karma in his previous life.

Let’s unroll this untold

The story goes back to #Ramayan #TretaYuga

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Long after Ravana was killed by Shri Rama & Vibhishana was crowned as the King of Sri Lanka in Treta Yuga, a young boy named Dambodbhava in Demon community wishes to attain immortality & does a very hard penance of Sun God (Lord Surya).
Impressed by his dedication, Lord Surya appears before him & wishes to ask for a boon. He requests forever youth, immense muscular strength & IMMORTALITY.
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17 Jul
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Aspect of #KARMA in #Mahabharata

Starting the thread, Unroll and read this divinity

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Yes, Karma of Dhritarashtra led him to lose all his son. I have read two stories about it both are almost similar
After losing all his sons in a war Dhritrastra bowed down before Lord Krishna and prayed. “Oh, Lord! There cannot be anyone in this world who is as unfortunate as me. I was born blind, I never saw my children’s faces and I don’t know how they looked like.
I never did anything wrong in my life, I was limited by blindness. Why did I still have to go through this terrible punishment? What wrong did I do?”
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14 Jul
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Aspect of #Space & #Time in Hinduism

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#Ramayan #Mahabharat #Vedas #Purans

Read till last surprise in last tweet that denotes
“… last”
about Swami Vivekananda
Starting the thread, Unroll and read this divinity
According to Hinduism, the universe consists of 3 things:
1.Atma (Energy)
2.Tatva (Matter)
3.Mahakaal (Space-Time Continuum)
According to Modern Science (Cosmology), Space and Time are interwoven, called as spacetime continuum, for which Hindus use the word, ‘Mahakaal'.
Aspect of Energy and Matter in Hinduism
The more precise words for Energy and Matter in Hinduism ‘Param Atma' and ‘Param Tatva', where Param means Supreme.
In other words, Atma and Tatva are the same thing in different forms.
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5 Jul
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#Divine thread #Bhrama

The space image courtesy from @NASA and @NASAHubble
#Ramayna #Mahabharat #History #India
Kindly go through the pictures, each image is a divine.
Plus in last tweet that denotes
“…and in last”
You’ll find something extremely amazing
Brahma is the only god in the Vedic pantheon who doesn't keep any weapon with him. He holds an oblong water pot known as Kamandalu and uses the water of this pot to paralyze the demons.
Brahma determines the time span of each Kalpa through a special chain of beads known as Aksamala which he holds in one of his four hands. Image Courtesy: @NASA @NASAHubble
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3 Jul
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#Mahabharata thread #Gita
1- The concept of parallel universes in existence throughout the history of this universe was 1st revealed by Lord Vasudev Krishna to Arjuna in the Bhagavadgita only, for the 1st time ever in the history of mankind.
2- Vivaswan imparted the divine knowledge to Manu (the first human being) who inturn imparted the knowledge to king Ikshvaku of solar dynasty.
3- Lord Krishna also imparted this divine knowledge to Brahma during the start of secondary creation (Brahma was instructed by Lord Krishna to bring about the secondary creation).
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2 Jul
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When Draupadi was granted a boon by Bhisma

During the initial days of the war, Kaurava lost a large number of its soldiers and were struggling to defeat the mighty Pandava’s.
Enraged by this, Duryodhan taunts Pitamaha Bhishma for his failure in killing the Pandava's stating that Pitamaha is partial towards the sons of Pandu and doesn't want them killed!
This infuriates Pitamaha and he vows to kill all the Pandava's the next day . ( i.e he will make planet Earth ‘Nishpandav’)

Listening to this , Shri Krishna becomes a little anxious because he knew that Pitamaha is valliant warrior who can easily kill the Pandava's .
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