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I've always said #Mahabharat should be the starting points for Hindus. This thread will justify my viewpoint.
In this thread, I'll detail the topics covered by #Mahabharat which will show how it lays the foundation for Hindus to understand Hindu Dharma 2/10
In Shlokas 62 to 70 (of Chapter 1, Adi Parva's Anukramanika Parva) Bhagwan Ved Vyas lists out topics covered by Him to Brahmadev 3/10 #Mahabharat
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a common man's question-

arjun once asked lord krishna that why a person who is already in pain gets more pains/sufferings and why the person who is happy/strong doesn't gets any pain?

Lord Krishna said okay lets go somewhere n took arjun with him for a ride👇

while they both were on ride, the wheel of the chariot got separated. Lord asked arjun to get a stone so that the wheel can be fixed again. Arjun got the stone and they moved ahead.👇
Arjun den again asked the lord that i asked u question but u didn't answered till now.

Lord krishna replied that from where u got the stone for fixing the wheel. Arjun replied that i searched for a right strong stone that can fix the wheel nearby but i didn't got it👇
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Our ancestors celebrated festivals according to movement of celestial bodies.

~Tonight—KARTIK POORNIMA, celebrated as Guru Purab.

~#Poornima— Full moon; associated with water and emotions.
~#Guru— Jupiter; associated with Yellow colour/ Teacher/ #Vishnu LET ME EXPLAIN…
2/n It’s a Lunar eclipse—when MOON closest celestial body to Earth (which science has proven causes waves in sea) is eclipsed by Earth’s shadow. Hence Moon is associated with WATER. In Odisha they celebrate BOITA BANDANA/ a boat festival today, which is related to WATER.
3/n Our ancestors not just understood ASTRONOMY but they also knew how to interpret the impact of astronomical events. Most of our Hindu festivals have a connection to MOON be it DIWALI— which falls on a NEW MOON (Amavasya) or Guru Poornima ( which falls on a FULL MOON).
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This Navaratri, taking the Sankalpa to read Mahabharat in original Sanskrit along with Hindi Translation, thanks to Gita Press Edition ( Seeking the blessings of Devi to keep me healthy enough to complete it without a Vighna.
In the forests of Naimisharanya, Ugrashrava - the son of Lomharshan Rishi, tells the Munis gathered for a Satra about Kalchakra - just like fruits and flowers appear with Ritu and merge back after it, so does everything at the end of a Kalpa.

#Mahabharat #AdiParva 1.32 Image
Duryodhan is like tree whose trunk is Karna, Shakuni a branch, Dushasan a fruit & Dhritrashtra the root of this tree.
Yuddhisthir is tree of Dharma, Arjun his trunk, Bhimsen branch, Nakul Sahdev fruits & flowers, root is Krishna & Veda.

#Mahabharat #Adiparva 1.110,111 ImageImage
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Started #audiobook on @KukuFMOfficial
It's good experience..... Image
Next Book .... Very new #Prespectice of #Mahabharat .. Image
3. Building Social Business...
Free from #Socialism ... Image
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1/2 Thread on beautiful pictures from #Manipur.
Clicked during #LaiHarouba festival which means—Festivity of Gods.
The festival celebrates the creation of the universe and life. 😊🙏

Manipur is a land of stories and Gods, and stories about Gods. @Spearcorps
2/2 More pictures from Lai Haruba.

Lai Haraoba is one of the important festivals of Manipur.

These pictures are reminiscent of chapter in #Mahabharat where #Arjun finds his beautiful wife Chitrangada in MANIPUR.
More performers from Lai-Haraoba. It’s week-long festival, celebrated in April or May and showcases vibrant dance performances. #Manipur
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#Virat war at #Matsya is the MOST underplayed battle in the #Mahabharatha. NO thanks to StarPlus #Mahabharat for destroying it entirely, with not ONE arrow fired. In reality, #Arjuna BULLDOZED the entire Kaurava army with ALL it stalwarts. This is what happened
(#BORI text)
- Chief of cowherds runs to Uttara, complains about Kurus killing cowherds and capturing cows
- Uttara repeatedly compares himself with Arjuna, irritating Draupadi
- She says Brihannala was Arjuna’s charioteer at Khandava
- Uttara sends his sister to fetch Brihannala
-At the battlefield, Uttara sees the Kuru army and balks
-Brihannala refuses to turn back and Uttara jumps off and flees
-Brihannala bundles him back saying she will fight
- They reach the sami tree where the weapons are stashed, Brihannala asks Uttara to get them down
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A story of miracles of ANCIENT INDIAN medicines!!!

In the pic is 92 yrs old Dr CP Mathew, 👇a leading oncologist, who unlearnt modern medicine to switch to combination of Siddha, Ayurvedic and other traditional remedies, to cure end stage cancer patients.
2/3 According to the report in WEEK— the turning point in his life came in 1983 when he learnt that a terminally ill cancer patient who had been sent home to die not only survived but thrived with a SIDDHA medicine given by a 'lada vaidyan', a wandering QUACK to modern eyes.
3/3 The oncologist humbly volunteered to be disciple of LADA VAIDYAN and learnt medicine at his feet. And then began his journey to cure CANCER patients with natural medicines. Dr CP Mathew passed away few days bck, was cremated by HINDU rituals.
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1/4 Sanatanis are being called to return to the original version of SANATANA.

Terr0rism & Sanatana— a thread!

There used to be a tradition of offering a #BALI to #Kaali or Durga devi before our soldiers went to WAR.

LOGIC: A soldier should not fear BLOOD
2/4 In Devi Mahatmyam: Durga Devi slains Asur called Shumbha and Kaali Devi slains Asur #RAKTABEEJ, who had a boon
that whenever a drop of his blood fell on the ground, a duplicate of him would be born at that spot— pretty much defines WAVES of #terr0rism that INDIA faces today.
3/4 Somewhere in 18th century and late 19th century 2 #Bengalis popularised devotional/Bhakti concept of Kaali.
I’m not sure if this helped us coz Sanatanis were slowly gravitating towards a pacified version of War-Goddesses.

When you lose the vigour to fight, the enemy wins!
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Indians hv been psychologically tamed to be believe India CAN NOT #expand it’s territory.

Historians say— we NEVER attacked anyone. Really?

~India is where martial arts like #Kalarippayattu originated, that gave birth to KARATE.
~#Mahabharat & #Ramayan are abt WARS
2/2 ~Afghan to South East Asia, was under control of Indian rulers once.

~Our Devi & Devtas are depicted with weapons.

Our soldiers never PLUNDERed or r@ped. We had DISCIPLINED soldiers!!! Bt that doesn’t mean we did not believe in EXPANDing our territory.
I would love to know opinion of others on this topic.
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#sculpture #story from #Mahabharat-Battle between Bhagadatta(Son of Narakasura)& #Bhima on 12th day of Kurushetra war is beautifully depicted.

Bhagadatta participated in the war on the side of Kaurava’s.He had a huge,strong &an almost undefeatable elephant ‘Supratika’.

📸 -Magnificent Sculpture is in Ranaganayaki Andal Temple,Belur Chennakeshava temple Complex, Karnataka
Depicts Bhima held in trunk of Supratika.As he tried to injure Supratika while going underneath it but in vain.Also Bhima is seen attacking Bhagadatta with mace.
Bhagadatta was Raja of Pragjyotisha Kingdom.He was extremely skilled in using elephants in warfare.Arjuna defeated Bhagadatta during time of Raja-suya yagya performed by Yudhishthira.He considered Pandavas as his enemies from that defeat.
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The 28th Nakshatra - Abhijit

There is also a nakshatra called #Abhijit that was part of the original #nakshatra mandala. Abhijit is 4°13'2o" long and is placed between 6°4o' and io°53'2o" #Capricorn and it was the most auspicious nakshatra during the ancient times. Image
It was such a powerful nakshatra that if an important activity began when the #Moon was in Abhijit nakshatra, it guaranteed unparalleled success. During the #Mahabharat, Shree Krishna came to know that Duryodhana was planning to start a war with five Pandav brothers at a
time when the Moon was in Abhijit. He was aware of the power of the Abhijit. The Kauravas were planning to begin Mahabharat when it was #Amavasya tithi (New Moon) and the Moon was in Abhijit nakshatra; this day would be an extremely potent one to bring a successful outcome.
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Ancient places - modern names
Bhagavatham, Mahabharata
1. The place where Narasimha Swamy killed Hiranyakashipu - Ahobilam, Andhra Pradesh.
2. Jamadagni Maharshi Ashram - Jamania, Uttar Pradesh.
3. Mahishmati (Capital of Kartaviryarjuna) - Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh
4. Samantha Panchakam (the place where Parashuram attacked Kshatriyas twelve times and put 5 feet with their blood) and the place where Duryodhana was killed - Kurukshetra, Haryana
5. Parashuram Temple (The place where Parashuram threw his umbrella into the sea, sent back the sea
water and created land for him) - Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra Sea Beach Area
6. Mahendra Mountain (The place where Parashuram has done penance)-West Orissa
7. Nishada Kingdom (Kingdom of Nala) - Gwalior District, Madhya Pradesh
8. Vyasa Maharshi's birth place - Dhamouli, Nepal
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Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on 12th August , 2020. It is one of the biggest Hindu festival celebrated in India. It marks the birth anniversary of Shri Krishna. Shree Krishna is the 9th incarnation of Shree Hari Vishnu. He belongs to Chandra-vanshi Image
lineage and therefore his whole personality is also surrounded by moon related qualities. Shree Krishna had sweet voice and charming personality. Shree Krishna is Ananda i.e. extreme happiness and bliss. The festival of #janmastami is actually the celebration of birth of
extreme happiness on earth. Anyone who chants the name of Krishna in 21st century is actually filled with never ending supply of Ananda. Internal bliss and happiness is the goal of every person who is in search of liberation. And for the people who are on bhakti marga,
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#sculpture story

Kirata-Arjuniyam episode in Vana Parva - of #Mahabharat serves as a proof of the persistence & focus of #Arjuna & the playfulness,generosity of Bhagawan Shiva.And Shiva wished to test Arjuna,so appears as the Kirata/hunter along with Devi as a huntress.

1/n Image
📷- A panel -Beautiful Amruteshwara Temple,Amruthapura,Karnataka

Sculpture depicts battle between Kirata(Shiva) and #Arjun after which Arjuna obtained Pashupatastra.

This temple dedicated to Shiva & has splendid sculptures all around depicting scenes from our ithihas.
#storytimethread -In Vana Parva,Arjun sets out to attain the Pashupatastra from Shiva.He was doing tapas,was distracted as he saw a wild boar rushing towards him to slay him.Arjun took his Gandiva & pointed it at the boar.A hunter(kirata)& his wife were present at that spot.

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Il Detachment Makes Us Hardhearted & Attachment Doesn't ll

Is it True ?

Sometimes people think “If I become detached, I will become hardhearted.!! "

However, what makes us hardhearted is not detachment, but its opposite: attachment.
When we become attached to something, we experience intense emotions in relation with that object. But those very emotions can impel us towards unbecoming, immoral and hurtful actions, especially towards those whom we see as threats to our attachment.
At the *Bhagavad-Gita's* ~ Dhritarashtra enquires: "On the battlefield of Kurukshetra, what did my people and the Pandavas do?"

*The question reveals his bias* – the Pandavas too were his people, being his nephews....(but he was not concerned for them )...
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Propaganda and myth around #Mahabharat that it is just a story ,
While this #Thread gives
#LogicalPoints For Those Who Thinks Mahabharata Is Not Real

1. It has been written in the epic from time to time that Mahabharata is an “Itihasa” which exclusively means “thus occurred”
2. It is mentioned in Aadiparva, Adhyaya 62 that the records of the Bharat-Dynasty are recorded in the Mahabharata.
Context - A number of dynasties with their long lineage of kings (more than 50 from Manu) have been presented in the work.
If it were just fiction, 4-5 kings would have sufficed to build the story on.

3.. Read the description of Kaliyuga as mentioned in Mahabharata.

Whatever Krishna said tallies with creepy, mysterious accurateness with modern life as it exists today.
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#Hinduism through the evil eyes of #LeftHistorians.

First of all, there is no such religion as #Hinduism. This name was coined by Britishers.

In this Thread, I’ve tried to bust the lies of #Communist Historians to malign the Sanatana Dharma using facts and evidences.

(1/21) ImageImage
🔸Our philosophy is 5000+ years old and is about the universal truth - Sanatana Dharma that all mankind should aspire for.

It is the oldest religion in the World.

The #Sanatanis have never been a proselytising race. #PanditNehru went on record to admit this.

It has existed from Ancient times, even before the advent of proselytising religions (#Buddhism, #Christianity and #Islam).

Unfortunately, we have always been taught the #Left version of History. which has always been Delhi-centric and anti-Sanatani.

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Just arrived: a coffee table book on the #Mahabharat - it has paintings by Italian artist Giampaolo Tomassetti depicting various scenes from the epic. It is, to put it mildly, stunning. @gchikermane @monikahalan @AmritaNarlikar @ArunaNarlikar @kabeermenon @smitabarooah ImageImageImageImage
One of my favourite paintings is the one of Krishna punishing Shishupala after the latter commits his 101st offence. This is as good a time as any to re-plug this brilliant piece by @gchikermane on the Shishupala doctrine:… Image
Here are some more pics ImageImageImageImage
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Shoking details found!
after unlocking using basic details in encoded MAHABHARAT Epic:
Encode No.
1) Mahabharat Epic depicts Saivites as Evil or Enemy (Kauravas), that is indirect reference to Dravidians.
#unlocking #Mahabharat
#encoded #Mahabharatham
2) Suryavanshi, Pandava; Chandravanshi, Kaurava in Epic Assume Kaurava, Dravidian follow Solar Calendar but r chandravanshi. Take Encode Suryavanshi follow Solar Calendar & Chandravanshi follow Lunar calender. Dravidian followin Lunar calendar r Kannada, Telugu, Marathi ppl 2+
Encode No.
3) Kaurava & Pandava are Sanskrit names. The equivalent Dravidian could be KAURAVA-->KORAVAN
a) Today Koravan r nomadic tribes living in Kerala & Tamil Nadu
b) Pandiyan dynasty though collapsed, wer eminent agriculturists right 4m Sangam Era 3+
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Benefits of chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam

#Hinduism, some call it a sect, some call is mysticism, some call it a religion but for us it is a way of life. Being Hindu is not just a religion but it’s a way of life narrated by The God himself through Vedas and sages through. Image
2. various scriptures. The only religion soft enough where you can choose a God or deity to worship and follow the various ways to live your life. The only thing Hinduism asks is your complete devotion to the deity of your own choosing. There are many ways to keep your mind
3. and body healthy. Yoga, Way of Living, Chanting of Mantras and Shlokas, etc. Everything has been given a set of procedures and a way to perform. Every Shlok and Mantra produces a different form of vibration or energy and it affects a different aspect of body and mind.
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This is a beautiful story from the Mahabharat. A story of faith and surrender, of destiny. This incident happened when legions of troops from all over were being mobilized to fight one of the bloodiest battles in the history of India.
The battlefield of Kurukshetra was being prepared to facilitate movement of mammoth armies with large cavalries. Areas were marked for rival camps. Huge bundles of wood were organized to cook food for a sea of army.
Trees were being felled by elephants to clear the ground. On one such tree lived a sparrow, a mother of four young ones. As the tree was knocked down, her nest landed on the ground along with her offspring, too young to fly, miraculously unharmed.
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@Lucky0149716336 @PencyS @LavanyaBallal @sambitswaraj @RahulGandhi @Pawankhera @GouravVallabh @srinivasiyc @srivatsayb @ArnazHathiram @chinmoyee5 @ManojMehtamm @mukeshtiwariji Just like the biggest #feku @PMOIndia @narendramodi
So also @bjp4india @sambitswaraj is a
#Compulsive #liar
I quote from Wikipedia
Thread 1/8
"Writing for the Indian Express upon completion of the airing of the series' final episode, former bureaucrat S. S. Gill wrote
Cont 2
@Lucky0149716336 @PencyS @LavanyaBallal @sambitswaraj @RahulGandhi @Pawankhera @GouravVallabh @srinivasiyc @srivatsayb @ArnazHathiram @chinmoyee5 @ManojMehtamm @mukeshtiwariji @PMOIndia @narendramodi @BJP4India Thread 2/8
that it was during his tenure as the secretary with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in September 1985 that he contacted Ramanand Sagar in association with the project. Gill added that in a letter to Sagar, he had written about the Ramayana as a
Thread cont
@Lucky0149716336 @PencyS @LavanyaBallal @sambitswaraj @RahulGandhi @Pawankhera @GouravVallabh @srinivasiyc @srivatsayb @ArnazHathiram @chinmoyee5 @ManojMehtamm @mukeshtiwariji @PMOIndia @narendramodi @BJP4India Thread 3/8
subject for the television series was ideal in that it was "a repository of moral and social values" and that its message was "secular and universal". He added that he had noted in the letter that Sagar's "real challenge would lie in seeing the epic
Thread cont 4
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