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8 Jul
1/This is interesting. @WhigStandard scrubbed 2 articles from early 2020 in the past 24 hrs where Karen Moore took a pragmatic & reasonable view on risks from C19. Another PH official who followed standard fact based & reassuring comms before the coordinated fearmongering started Image
2/In this one, the risks of C19 v. the flu are downplayed and confidence of readiness is expressed.…
3/This one is very interesting:
"In 2003, an outbreak of SARS — caused by a different coronavirus — was successfully contained with public health measures such as isolation and quarantine. It was kept to just 8,000 cases worldwide and eventually eliminated from humans....
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6 Jun
1/Well this is embarrassing @JimWatsonOttawa @VeraEtches @OttawaHealth. Imagine implementing something as uncomfortable and intrusive as being forced to breathe through fabric & having your face cancelled without any backing science, data or assessment of risk. Image
2/You say this was a decision made by the province of ON. A quick reminder that the province wanted to stay out of mask mandates originally.…
3/It was the municipalities that launched the mask mandates following lobbying efforts by #masks4Canada and #masks4municipalities. Ottawa was a charter member in the forced masking club. "Increasing scientific evidence supports"😂…
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14 May
1/COI-riddled @DFisman who advocates for lockdown policies that have resulted in est. 6,300,000 yrs-life lost in Canada (v. est. 22333 yrs-life lost had there been no lockdown) calling everyone who disagrees with him a racist to distract from his failings.…
2/Fisman cherry picks a few extremist outliers to paint the entire multi-ethnic, pan-political anti-NPI movement with the same brush. Personally, I am a lifelong NDP/Liberal voter now politically homeless. Do you think all of these ppl are racists David?
3/Refences for Years-life lost:
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10 May
1/You know that team swamp is losing when they try to distract from their corruption, lies and failings by playing the 'racist/white supremacist' card. Don't allow them to divert your attention. It is, in fact, Covid inc. that is racist (and more accurately classist).
2/Racism/classism is advocating for policies which allow the privileged to isolate themselves in comfortable homes at full pay while the underclass (those who haven't lost their jobs/businesses) bring them their skip the dishes and amazon orders (while masked of course).
3/Racism/classism is destroying fragile small businesses (many owned by BIPOC ppl) while recklessly forcing ppl into crowded corporate stores. CEBA won't resurrect many of these businesses & their owner's lost dreams. These ppl now dependent on state support or minimum wage jobs.
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24 Apr
1/EXCLUSIVE 🚨: First image of the B.1.617 variant has been obtained. There are 2 million of these little devils in Canada already.
2/India currently uses about 10:1 Covishield v. Covaxin. This is quite a massive, unnatural spike in cases/deaths. Not consistent with expected viral mutation. Note the vax ramp up v. the death spike.…
3/This is Covishield…
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20 Apr
1/ Hello @COVIDSCIONTARIO. If the statement below is true and the "science" you are providing is settled, please show your work:
2/The most optimistic study puts outdoor transmission as the source of 0.1% of (high CT) positive PCR tests. The 2M rule is unscientific nonsense, as are outdoor masks. Where is your evidence? Outside is safe. Period.
3/Thinking a piece of cloth will protect you from an aerosolized virus is insane. The data bears this out. Masks are not the least bit innocuous.…
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19 Apr
1/Back in December, I wrote a thread about the father of the universal mask mandate @jeremyphoward and his #masks4all lobbyist group.
2/At the time, I noted his connections to WEF. I hadn't been exposed to McKinsey and Co's swampy role in C19 at that point. Well looky here. Howard is part of that circle too, albeit early on in his career:
3/A reminder that many masks mandates were predicated on Howard's dubious modeling and the promise that "if 80% or ppl wore masks that were 60% effective, spread of C19 would essentially halt." Howard's work cited to this day as evidence that "masks work".
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18 Apr
1/The optics of Gates Foundation providing C19 guidance to countries directly may be perceived as problematic, so they do it through McKinsey instead. Australia in this case.
2/McKinsey has it's signature all over some of the world's most egregious C19 response plans.
3/Gates Foundation is a lot more open about their intentions in Africa, with a long history of vax shenanigans.
This one is all about digital ID, digital currency and "equity" (of course). Count how many times the man says "build back better".…
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31 Mar
1/Zero Covidian @VeraEtches in lockstep with the team lockdown fear campaign. This time it's younger patients & tired health care workers. It certainly isn't because Ottawa hospitals are overloaded (down from C19 peak of 62 in Apr 2020). Not unusually overloaded then or now. Image
2/I don't recall a time in Ottawa when there wasn't a periodic news story about overcrowded hospitals. If this is a staffing issue, @OttawaHealth has no one but themselves to blame for carrying on with test/trace/isolate for a low IFR endemic virus.
3/If it is a long hospital stay issue because of LTC problems, again, OPH has no one to blame but themselves. They had all last spring, summer, fall & winter to work on surge space/resources for problematic LTC residences. Instead, they wasted time and money on test/trace/isolate
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27 Mar
1/Just a reminder that mask mandates were implemented all over the western world largely based on these two studies brought forward as "emerging science":

1. The hairdresser story…
2/2 symptomatic hairstylists served 139 clients. No one got sick. If you read a little deeper, it is acknowledged that only 67 ppl were tested, 104 were 'interviewed' and that most were wearing useless loose fitting cloth masks (including the hairstylists)…
3/2% of the 104 interviewed did not wear a mask for the entire appointment. 7 reported having respiratory virus symptoms in the past 90 days, 9 did not answer the question, 1 didn't know.
Hardly compelling evidence.
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26 Mar
1/Based on the Zero Covidian/globalist pharma bro media being foisted upon us over the past week, here is what I infer the Canadian health fascism plan will be for the remainder of 2021.
2/They are pushing the "we are in a 3rd wave" scariant narrative. Apparently variants hit harder, stronger, faster and "ICUs are filling up with younger people" (no data to back that up of course). They claim that if we fail to act, it will be disastrous.…
3/They talk about the patients that they are seeing in ICU: "A teacher in their 30's, a young Tim Horton's Worker".💔
There is no indication that ON hospitals are being "hit hard". So far a small, late season bump. Unusual?
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25 Mar
1/@JimWatsonOttawa Enough is enough. You must reign in your MOH. She has completely lost touch with reality & refuses to acknowledge the evidence-based science that has emerged over the past year, preferring predicative modeling & poo water. Our hospitals have never been at risk
2/Asymptomatic spread of C19 has been debunked by a study involving 10 million people in China. Before it became political Fauci said that "asymptomatic spread has never been the driver of epidemics". He was correct.
3/Without asymptomatic spread, no community wide testing/contact tracing or masks are needed. IPAC protocols can be restricted to LTC/healthcare only.
PCR is an inappropriate testing regimen anyway. Many (if not most) of the "cases" are false positives.
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22 Mar
1/@fordnation @celliottability @epdevilla @VeraEtches @OttawaHealth @TOPublicHealth
As we find out more about how Covid-19 spreads and who it affects most, why doesn't any of your guidance change to make life more bearable?
@Roman_Baber @anthonyfurey
2/Fomite transmission: We can all stop OCD cleaning every surface constantly and dousing ourselves with carcinogenic, skin destroying sanitizer. Wash your hands. That's it.…
3/Asymptomatic transmission: Not a thing. We can end mandatory mask orders and PCR testing/contact tracing apart from vulnerable facilities like LTC. If you are sick, stay home. That's it.…
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19 Mar
1/@VeraEtches is fully on-board with moving Ottawa into red. Let's see what our favorite batty health fascist has to say this time shall we? Settle in. This is a long one.
2/She is still concerned about fraudulent PCR test cases. These are meaningless. Google it. All it tells us is that OPH's asymptomatic school testing drive has borne fruit.
3/In the last 7 days, cases are up in the low-risk demographics and are fairly low in the high-risk demographics. This is good news, though they won't tell you that.
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18 Mar
1/As Ottawa is thrown back into the red zone, a friendly reminder that all of the public health dictates are built on a base of ripe, grade A bullshit, more specifically the Drosten PCR testing protocol.
2/Kevin McKernan is an esteemed genomic researcher. In this thread, he takes down the fraudulent PCR testing regimen. Remember, the hysteria is all about (positive PCR test) cases, not exceptionally overloaded hospitals or C19 related excess deaths.
3/Politicians are deferring decisions that impact all facets of life to myopic PH officials and conflicted academics, neither of whom have the overall expertise to make such decisions. PH are empire building and academics have never received so much media attention and funding.
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18 Mar
1/How much do you think Peter Juni, @SteiniBrown, @DFisman (et al) have received from McKinsey & Company to ensure that ON stays in some degree of lockdown until pharma has achieved sufficient mNRA vax market penetration & the desired political agenda has been achieved?
2/"Cases" aren't correlating with hospitalization/deaths. PCR cycle threshold shenanigans again? @VeraEtches poo water?
3/As Fisman said way back in 2012 Pharma has always "kept the lights on" (and the pockets full) at U of T Dalla Lana.…
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14 Mar
1/Why is the mainstream media not investigating the connection between McKinsey & Company and the jurisdictions with some of the highest C19 death tolls/100K in the world?
@JordanSchachtel @AlexBerenson @jeffreyatucker @stacey_rudin @MichaelPSenger @RFuellmich @RobertKennedyJr
2/What do NY, NJ, QC & ON have in common? All hired McKinsey to consult on their pandemic plans. NJ & NY, QC and ON each hold the # 1 & 2 spots in their respective countries for C19 deaths/100K. They also all elected to clear hospitals into LTC, causing massive death & suffering.
3/McKinsey has contracts with just about all of the most fervent US lockdown states and is raking in a fortune in fees (100 million by July 2020 alone).…
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11 Mar
Nice self-love piece from everyone's favorite conflicted pharma/teachers union/Liberal swamp shill.

1. We didn't lose 22000 ppl to C-19. CAN had 13000 excess deaths in 2020. A significant number of those are in the low-risk C19 groups, meaning they are lockdown related deaths.
2. Total life years lost and economic damage from lockdowns were far more significant than if all efforts had been put into protecting the most vulnerable. A far less miserable, normal all-cause death year would have been achievable had pre-2020 strategies been used.
3. There is no correlation between Zero Covid & improved economic activity. FLA & SWE GDP and unemployment rates bounced back while NZ stagnates. The ship sailed on Covid Zero as soon as the virus became widespread on the NA continent. Continuing to discuss it is unproductive.
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8 Mar
2/That lockdown measures v. C19 were completely unnecessary:…
3/That the PCR test as a metric/indicator of positive C19 infections is fraudulent:…
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6 Mar
1/Just in case you aren't keeping score...
Ontario Science Table & Reopening/back to school framework: Supplied by McKinsey and Co…
2/Ontario Science Table member double dips by supplying teachers unions with data to support keeping schools closed…
3/McKinsey/WEF/Gates affiliated think tank supplies OST with Covid Zero policy paper to guide ON pandemic response:
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