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Each Friday, AB MDs receive an email from the AHS CMO.

It’s fantastic. It keeps us informed (if we choose to read it).

There are some concerning features to today’s email.

Read on:
This = significant number of the province’s MDs are experiencing long covid. In addition to the ill-advised med school class size reductions in the ‘90s AND no preparation at all for the retirement of baby boomers AND no insight into how many MDs are reducing their hours …
2/x Image
Well. It’s bad news.

Recall, it’s not just docs who are getting old. (Maybe this is why governments everywhere allowed our elderly to die instead of implementing solid changes to protect them from covid19?) Increased age = increased need for MDs.

Now, look here:

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I’m more cautious than @Bob_Wachter when it comes to #WearAMask indoors (basically always w/ ppl from outside my 🏡 except briefly when I have to eat). I share his🧵 because this approach is sound: choose deliberately knowing current trends & weighing risk vs benefits. I differ…
On one point: I don’t agree that “the tools now exist” means everyone has the tools. We know that #COVID19 treatments are being underutilized in low-income & minoritized groups. We know that the high-quality N95 😷 that Dr. Wachter concedes are tough to wear all day every day…
Are what is needed to optimally protect workers in high-risk settings (think public mass transit workers, etc). Each time any one of us chooses not to #WearAMask & risks getting infected, we make it more necessary for others to wear N95 level masks to stay safe from us.
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Sat at @UHSFT which supposedly has a mask mandate
5 HCPs without masks
5 HCPs with masks under chins
12 patients without masks
3 patients with masks inside out
2 patients waiting until seen by doc to put mask on
4 patients with only cloth masks
0 (ZERO!) signs to wear a mask
This is so far from good enough! I do not feel safe and I don't feel comfortable ever coming back. This is a healthcare setting, where is the science?! Do better.
@BHR_PALS @dgurdasani1 @JujuliaGrace @EnemyInAState
#WearAMask #COVIDisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver
Luckily for me there's a fan on, which is blowing air from those walking past without masks on straight in my direction. HOW is this a healthcare facility. Makes actual Russian Roulette seem comparatively safe.
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Are we living with covid or letting covid live with us?
#WearAMask #ONhealth Image
Are we successfully living with a milder virus or trying to fill our hospitals by infecting everyone? Image
Are we returning to normal health for the long term or damaging our long term health? Image
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#Appalling that schools still have no Hepa air purifiers after two years. #Covid We are all at risk of #Longcovid reinfections. The risk increases with each reinfection. Here are some studies/articles on why we all should protect ourselves. #WearAMask
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A short thread on:

🦠 Covid transmission
😷 How best to protect yourself
💉 Vaccine limitations
⚠️ Warning on infection harms

(A) Covid is airborne 🦠 This means, infectious particles are carried in the air we breathe.

Please take time to watch the short (1 min) video below 👇🏼
(B) Although hand washing helps spread infection and is a good thing to do, it does not clean the air.

Given #COVIDisAirborne, the best way to protect yourself from (re)infection is to wear a good-fitting, high-grade #FFP2, or preferably #FFP3, mask 😷
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These idiots are now following and retweeting "Dr" Paul Alexander - who openly challenges Dr Tam to... I dunno, it sounded like a street fight to me.

Let's take a really quick look at who this asshole is:…

#CovidIsNotOver #GetVaccinated #WearAMask

In late March 2020, Alexander was hired by Michael Caputo as his scientific advisor. Caputo was a strategist and lobbyist for the Trump administration.

Alexander & Caputo came under scrutiny for their months-long efforts to exert control over the public messaging of scientists and health officials regarding the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

Their job? Make the scientists say what Trump wanted them to say.
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As it has been a while since I did my #UKFreeDumb day thread at the end of March, I thought I would do a little update on the news coming out about covid-19. This is essentially an update from reports in June. H/T to original posters. Mar thread is here.
TLDR: There is no good news.
First off, there are new, nastier variants here and on their way.
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1/ Bad advice. Do not be vaxed relaxed. Omicron variants #BA4 and #BA5 - which are currently driving the new wave of infection, - resist & escape neutralizing antibodies induced by triple-dose vaccination & antibodies induced by prior omicron (#BA1) infection. 🧵
2/ Triple vaccination & prior omicron infection with #BA1 confer no protection against the new variant.
3/ Please ignore notorious Covid-minimiser, Prasad.

‘93-98%’ of people will not get #COVID19 if they wear a good-fitting #FFP2 or #FFP3 mask.

(Re)infection is not ‘inevitable’ and should be avoided. Continue to protect yourself.
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1/ Please @sfchronicle retract this misleading article by @MonicaGandhi9 with immediate effect.…
2/ Quoting the results of a small-scale study, @MonicaGandhi9 misleadingly claims “… We should reassure the public that Long COVID can be prevented through vaccination. Studies with good controls suggest that vaccination reduces the risk of Long COVID significantly.”
3/ This is simply not true.
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Great work Ireland. Refreshing to see a public health message which promotes exercising caution and protecting others through social responsibility. @HSELive

This message could not be more timely as the UK starts its third wave of the year.
Last week, cases numbers in the UK increased by nearly half-a-million. This week, rates of hospitalisation increased 25% #CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirborne #WearAMask😷…
As we start a new wave, a
⚠️ public health warning ⚠️
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Tory MPs: 1)#traindrivers are not on strike; 2)the voters created their own #TacticalVoting scheme + executed it because they wanted to spell out just how much they want anything but #ToryLiars; 3) we like our #HumanRights...leave them alone; 4) loyalty to a liar will end careers
5) smashing things up/ defunding, then claim to be fixing stuff is not a sustainable strategy and we see what you're doing.#SaveOurNHS
6) your Twitter bubble may love hideous policies like #RwandaDeportation..the country as a whole does not;7)#foodbanks are not a photo opp but a
source of shame; 8) we aren't stupid...unlike your front bench; 9) we know where levelling up money goes and why...10) not mentioning #Brexit doesn't make it less of a sh*tshow.
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We’ve known. We’ve warned. We’re already seeing people sicker than ever after Covid infection(s) with persistent coughs and constant viruses/bugs. We’ve told Cardy & EECD about viral persistence and T & B cell dysfunction & exhaustion but they ignore all research and #LongCovid.
What are T cells and what is happening to them after SARS2 infection? 👇🏼
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1/ Public health messaging has failed to warn the public on:

➡️ Long term infection harms

➡️ How to protect oneself from infection

Given we’re at the start of a new wave, case numbers & rates of hospitalisation are rapidly rising, here’s a

⚠️ public health warning ⚠️

This message is important to everyone, but is especially pertinent to those who erroneously believe #LongCovid is ‘just tiredness after infection’ and it won’t happen to them because they’ve had it and ‘it was just a cold’
First let’s discuss #LongCovid.

Long Covid is a chronic, multi organ, physical condition, currently absent of treatment or cure.

Latest figures show 2M ppl in the UK are affected. 376K have now been unwell for >2 yrs. While some slowly improve, recovery is not guaranteed.
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👉Minimizadores, tomen nota ✍️:

"Estaba hablando con alguien sobre COVID, y no habían oído hablar que puede causar diabetes. Probablemente haya mucha más gente como ellos, para que quede claro

✍️El COVID puede causar diabetes (niños y adultos)
👉Más información sobre COVID, niños y diabetes.…

👉Más información sobre COVID, adultos y diabetes.…

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1/ Please be wary of those minimising Covid harms. The study Prasad refers to in this tweet was poorly conducted.

Please know significant pathology is evident when the correct investigations are performed.
I’m sure most people would consider an MRI extensive. In this study, two long covid patients underwent neuro cognitive testing (questionnaire results revealed deficits in verbal memory and attention). They then underwent MRI imaging and a PET.
MRI of both patients was unremarkable.

PET imaging however showed ‘widespread’ and ‘profound’ neurological inflammation the brain. (The luminescent yellow & red is inflammation).
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I see @TorbaySDevonNHS have abandoned their legal & professional responsibility to keep patients safe.#CovidIsNotOver Case & hospital numbers are steeply rising. As we enter the 3rd wave of the yr, I urge you to put your #FFP3 mask back on & demand your trusts invest in #CleanAir
Exposure to #COVID19 can cause neurodevelopmental delay
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🧵 A little vignette for #ASCO22 attendees & esp speakers/chairs. Today I spoke in an Ed session. E350 is small enough I could see faces. When we began, most were in 😷, but I counted 11 who weren’t. One had a drink. The rest didn’t appear to be eating/drinking. Importantly… 1/
a few people (not sure if in 😷 or not) were coughing. That’s something you always hear, but it takes on added significance in a #pandemic because #COVIDisAirborne & current #Covidvariants spread as easily as measles, the most contagious respiratory pathogen on earth. /2
Before I began my talk, I called attention to the fact that I would be continuing to #WearAMask while speaking. #Covid19 doesn’t care that I’m at the #ASCO22 podium. I said I was speaking masked to model the #OncTwitter behavior I hope to see. /3
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We have either rapid re-infection, or rebound #Covid19 after Paxlovid, in my own 🏡 . Vaxxed & boosted. Symptoms & rapid test pos 5/2, 5d of Pax 5/4-5/8, all symptoms gone, neg rapid test x 2 5/8 & 5/9.

5/16 new symptoms & RAT instantly pos (📸). Our #MedTwitter 🏡 is weary. Image
By the way, the right answer is not “So Paxlovid doesn’t work.” It works very well to ⬇️ risk of severe illness, which matters a lot. And right answer is not “so let’s just give 10d.” Right answer is we need data to understand this phenomenon & direct rational antiviral use.
I’m sharing this because:
👉Anecdotes can generate scientific hypotheses that THEN MUST BE STUDIED WITH RIGOR &
👉The public needs to know for #publichealth reasons that, one way or another, we can end up symptomatic & contagious again a wk after apparent #COVID19 recovery.
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Buffalo Tops shooting; eight killed. AR-15 #2A Truth Social – You can't carry loaded #guns at #ShotShow (America's biggest gun show), #Glock, Mars-a-Lago, US Army bases, etc. (all places w/ lots of security) as they fear gun nuts!…
2/ #2A #2ndAmendment - #NRA #SCOTUS / Supreme Court, legislators, executives, etc., for open carry, concealed carry, etc., must ensure THE EXACT SAME LAWS APPLY IN THEIR OFFICES, HOMES and at all times around them, and THEY MUST HAVE NO SECURITY. That’s how the rest of us feel.
3/ Texas, Georgia, etc., have enacted or will permit carry handguns without a license or training Why stop there? How about allowing anyone to drive, do brain surgery, teach school, fly an airliner or be a cop or governor? #GunSense #2A #Idiots #Trump…
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Invited to a destination wedding earlier in Apr. Awesome place that holds a special place in my ❤️(Vail). Lots of people I miss. All #vaxxed. Many boosted. No masks required. No rapid tests. Declined. One positive couple next AM. Groom & all but 4 guests got #COVID19. #pandemic
In care you’re wondering who did NOT get infected, the common elements were 4 doses of #COVID19 vaccine OR known/suspected past infection + 3 doses of vaccine, with last dose being recent.
That includes the bride. But if you want to know how to put that “in sickness and in health” thing in action, having discordant #COVID19 test results when you should be honeymooning is one way. 🤒👎

I now know where Paxlovid is & isn’t available is about a third of US states.
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I am a dr who has dedicated her career to people w/ #cancer.
I am the grateful daughter of a #lymphoma survivor.
I have #asthma.
Why wouldn't I #wearamask if it might prevent an illness, death, or #longcovid disability?
If you find masks uncomfortable, I can suggest some to try.
(And then I'm going to talk to you for the ENTIRE flight & all the way down the terminal to baggage claim & ground transportation about masks, so be ready if you're in the seat next to me & do this. Might be better just to #WearAMask.😂)

#MedTwitter #TrueStory
And then when I change your mind, you'll be in an airplane thumbs-up selfie with me wearing your favorite of the several brands of spare N95 masks I have in my backpack.
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The more I think about airlines abruptly allowing mask removal w/o warning—mid-flight for many—the angrier I get. People who are #immunocompromised had no choice not to travel or to upgrade their protection at that point. Some will go on to die. As an oncologist, I am enraged.
If you haven’t had #cancer or been a caregiver to someone with it, you don’t know how much people endure. I’m a breast oncologist. Our patients have breasts amputated, lose their fertility, go bald, risk nerve damage, infection, & more from chemo, because they want to live.
The fact that the airlines made a corporate decision to drop masks w/o warning—any airline could’ve chosen to give crew/passengers hrs or days of notice—disgusts me. For an industry that prides itself on safety, this is a fail.

@Delta @united @SouthwestAir @AmericanAir @JetBlue
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The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is the @CDCgov group that develops vaccine recommendations for children and adults. I've already submitted a comment — see my other 🧵 below — but I wanted to examine their perspective on our push to @ImmunizeUnder5s.

"What Does ACIP Consider in the Vaccine Recommendation Process" asks…, and the first answer is "The safety and effectiveness of the vaccine when given at specific ages." Makes sense. Let's dig into that. Safety first!

Only @pfizer and @moderna_tx have the latest data, and we're eager to see it in the EUA, but we have lots of evidence already. "We now have data related to 37 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine given to children between 5 and 17 years old."…

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