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#GA #COVID19 8/11 3p

Deaths: 137 reported today
• Highest ever
• First time above 100
• Probably some wkend backlog, but all the same...
• When are we going to implement science-based policies in Georgia, @GovKemp?
Cases back above 3k again (3639) after weekend underreporting.

It's notable that there's a difference of > 900 cases between the ELR+, upon which % poz is calculated, and the reported cases for the day. This leads me to think that % poz is being underestimated.
New hosp back up: 355
• Current hosp 2881
• Awaiting hosp capacity data for the day...more later.

We are NOT out of trouble, Georgia.
#WearAMask #WatchYourDistance #WashYourHands

And, if you are in Georgia, #VOTE!
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1/ The next hot-button issue in #COVID19 debates: the relative importance of #antibodies versus T cells in #COVID_19 immune response.

(If you're thinking this should be an obscure, wonky, data-driven debate, I have one word for you: hydroxychloroquine.)
2/ Some background. Antibodies are not the only possible source of #COVID19 immunity.

Or as this interesting @NatGeo article puts it, "antibodies might not be telling the whole story when it comes to #Covid_19 immunity." #COVID
3/ Dr. Soo Aleman of Sweden tested patients who previously tested positive for #COVID19, as well as their close contacts. She found that hospitalized patients had strong antibody and T cell responses to #COVID_19 -- no surprise there.

#COVID #coronavirus
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I'm at Cal Anderson Park for worship leader and conservative activist Sean Feucht's concert. Hundreds of people are packed together and singing. So far I've counted 2 masks.
I've now seen a few more masks but the vast majority of people here are violating Governor Inslee's mandate requiring "face coverings in public spaces and shared spaces, both indoors and outdoors ... where many people are gathered such as parks, playgrounds..." #COVID19
Courtney Harris lives nearby and says she's really worried about all these people coming from out of town and potentially spreading the disease.
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"Relentless stress is what journalists do." - @NialaBoodhoo dropping sober truths while talking w @drsanjaygupta about how journalists can address our own #mentalhealth alongside community health while navigating headlong in the #journalism work. #aaja20 #AAJAfamily
"Are you going to inspire people through fear, or through what's possible?" Know the info, remind people it's real, explain info, "always explain the How & the Why." - @drsanjaygupta on #journalism in the age of #covid19 to #aaja20 #aajafamily @NialaBoodhoo
We can remind ppl of seriousness, the toll, but convey as close to solutions as available in simple terms: #WearAMask #SocialDistancing etc. - @drsanjaygupta
"It's a balance" btwn appealing to readers w facts vs emotions. "Lead w facts," tell the stories. #aaja20
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Trump: Day 1,295 (THREAD)
-5,095,462 Cases of COVID-19 in US
-US CV19 Death Toll Rises to 164,094
-Lies Again Coronavirus 'Disappearing'
-Carroll Can Seek DNA in Assault Case
-Intel Warns Russia Denigrating Biden
-Day 287 at Trump-owned Golf Club
-Day 386 at Trump-owned Property
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Trump: Day 1,294 (THREAD)
-5,032,044 Cases of COVID-19 in US
-US CV19 Death Toll Rises to 162,786
-Model Forecasts Nearly 300k Deaths
-Lies Claiming Biden is 'Against God'
-Mispronounces Thailand 'Thighland'
-Another 1.2M File 4 Unemployment
-Day 385 at a Trump-owned Property
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.@WHO is launching a new #WearAMask challenge!
By wearing a mask, you are sending a message of solidarity and protecting other people, especially those most vulnerable to #COVID19.
Take a photo or a video of yourself wearing a mask, share it and nominate friends to do the same ⬇️
Let me be clear - masks alone will not stop #COVID19 - we must 𝗱𝗼 𝗶𝘁 𝗮𝗹𝗹:
#WearAMask that covers your nose, mouth & chin
Keep physical distance
Clean your hands
Keep away from big crowds
Cover your mouth & nose when coughing

We are the ones that can end this pandemic.
I now nominate
to join our #WearAMask challenge and help us spread the word about how and when to use a mask to protect our loved ones from #COVID19. Together, we can 𝗱𝗼 𝗶𝘁 𝗮𝗹𝗹!
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A school superintendent in GA says, "Wearing a mask is a personal choice and there is no practical way to enforce a mandate to wear them." Tell that to EVERY SINGLE GIRL who has been sent home from school/forced to change for wearing spaghetti straps or shorts above the knee.
(So! This tweet! Bonkers attention! Right on. 👊🏼#wearamask Hypocrisy is rampant right now and it makes me want to barf a la Vampire-eating-human-food style. If you like to see folx pointing out hypocrisies with poignancy and humor, check out my books:
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Today my daughter met another little girl at the park. They spoke at a safe distance, then my girl ran up to me and asked if she could have her mask so that her and her new friend could play. The other little girl did the same. (1)
I was blown away. How is it that two 4yr old girls could have more awareness and consideration for each other’s health than most adults do in this country? (2)
Do you know how hard it is to get a 4yr old to do anything, let alone wear a mask? And yet she knew how important this one small inconvenience was in order to enjoy a quick game of chase!
And they even complimented each other’s mask, which were both pink. (3)
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Don’t miss the Sunday 8/2 edition of @ProgNewsDaily! Today’s version contains over 100 articles & videos of #PEACEFUL #Portland protests, the shameful behavior of Congress in the face of 20m+ #evictions,

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#Biden delaying his #runningmate announcement once again, @Greg_Palast’s insight on mail-in voting & #disenfranchisement, #COVID cases still spreading across the US, attacks on the #PostOffice,

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Tom Cotton being generally horrible, Andrew Cuomo acting like the corporate Democrat he is & dozens more stories… Click to read them all!

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1/ Ok, I finally have a little time. I'm going to share what @StLukesHealth's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jim Souza, shared w/ @westadaschools board on the reopening of schools. Get a glass of ice tea, this is going to be a long one, or just watch it here:
2/ "This infection is rampantly spreading in some of our communities now...Our positivity rates are up from single digits to double digits in testing...People are largely now acquiring this in the community. Largely, I believe, in their backyard events and non-safe workplaces.”
3/ “It’s a BIG deal...Our ICUs are straining. They’ve been operating @ 110-130% their usual volumes for the past 3 weeks. Do we have bed capacity? Yes, however staffing is becoming a challenge."
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You guys, somehow, Thing 2 and I were in a tweet by the first lady, celebrating #ADA30. Skip to 2:00.

She's right. The ADA has opened doors for Thing 1. But there is also so much more that needs to be done. Let's start with where that picture was taken. Hold on 1/9
That is form a @usedgov expo for educational games held earlier this year. We had just bought Thing 2 a switch control for use with her iPad. I struggled to find appropriate apps for her. So what better way than to ask the app developers. 2/9 Picture of child in a wheelchair with her mom talking to som
Of the app developers we spoke with, only one could speak to and ensure their app was switch accessible. That was @PBSKIDS. Not exactly the "public/private" partnership lauded in this video. Everyone else just said the app was "screenreader accessible." #a11y 3/9
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I've seen this floating around a lot on Twitter and it's frustrating to see science misappropriated like this. It's additionally damaging as many well-meaning folks might see it, think it's credible, and then choose not to wear masks. Well, let's look at the science (1/?). Image
Before I start, I'm not a doctor and this isn't medical advice. If you have a medical emergency, PLEASE GO SEE A DOCTOR. If any doctors or scientists would like to chime in, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I might be wrong and I'm always trying to learn (2/?)
Starting with the first study: (PMID 18500410).
1) The *lowest* recorded pulse oximeter reading was ~96% SpO2, which is in the normal range (95%+) (3/?)
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You tell your girlfriends everything about your relationship. But you know what they say? Love them all but trust none!

No matter how close you are to a woman, it’s a bad idea to share all the details of your relationship with your man.
CC: @KufreCarter
Telling them about your man’s footlong 4-5, or how he takes his time during foreplay is a bad idea. “Oooh girl, he is so good you won’t believe it. He makes me want to jump off the roof,” you hear some women tell their friends.

“He takes time in bed and he is loaded, girl.
“I've never had such a lover.” Guess what? She'll want to have a taste of the pleasures you
experience from your man. Every woman wishes for a man who takes his time between the sheets.

No woman wants a one-minute man who will rush, come quickly and leave her high and dry.
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1/ The lives of people with #disabilities aren't worth less, even now. #COVID19 has turned us into fearful things. #Quarantined in our homes, with the #pandemic touching every part of our lives, and any sense of ‘normalcy’ obliterated, this fear has us lashing out at one another.
2/ Me? I’m just terrified for my mother, in critical condition following complications from #coronavirus. Twice she has come so close to death that my own heart stopped in anticipation, the breath seizing in my lungs as my world prepared to end with her.

#COVID19 #ruralhealth
3/ My entire family contracted #COVID. My father spent 5 days in the hospital before being discharged; my sister and I struggled through from home. 3 weeks in, we’re making it, but none of us is fully well.
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1/ COVID (@UCSanDiego) Chronicles - July 23, 2020

@UCSDHealth is now caring for 51 inpatients with #COVID19 including 21 on vents and 5 on ECMO. These individuals come from all over southern California, particularly @SanDiegoCounty and @ImperialCntyCA

2/ In a bit of bright news, with just 16 positive PCR results in the last 24 hours, the 7 day rolling average @UCSDHealth decreased to ~21 positive tests/day. This rate of ~2.3% is now the lowest across @UofCAHealth

3/ Unfortunately, @SanDiegoCounty hit two grim milestones yesterday with over 25k #COVID19 cases (+587) and over 500 deaths. San Diegans over 70 yo represent only 17% of the cases but 87% of the deaths, and nearly all had underlying medical conditions.…
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⚠️Huge: Masks LOWER SEVERITY of COVID too! Masks definitely reduce transmission, but scientist now think that MASKS CAN ALSO MAKE ILLNESS MILDER. How? masks may limit the dose of virus people get, & result in less severe symptoms of illness. 🧵on evidence.…
2) Emerging evidence that masks can be protective — even when wearers do become infected: outbreak at a seafood plant in Oregon where employees were given masks, and as result an astonishing 95% of those who were infected were asymptomatic.
3) A cruise ship that was traveling from Argentina to Antartica in March when the coronavirus infected people on board. Passengers got surgical masks; the crew got N95 masks. But instead of typical 40% infected asymptomatic — 81% of those testing positive were asymptomatic.
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Trump: Day 1,279 (THREAD)
-4,100,133 Cases of COVID-19 in US
-US CV19 Death Toll Rises to 146,142
-Only 1 in 10 Favor School Reopening
-OPM Pick Joined in 'Satanic' Rituals
-Sought 2 Trademark Word 'TeleRally'
-ICE Detaining Some Kids in Hotels
-Sending Fed Forces Into US Cities
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Thread: Review of "A cluster randomised trial of cloth masks compared with medical masks in healthcare workers," published in The BMJ in 2015. Do we #WearAMask? Do we #WearADamnMask? Read on! (1/9)…
This study was to evaluate the efficacy of cloth masks for hospital healthcare workers (HCWs), by looking at these outcomes: clinical respiratory illness (CRI), influenza-like illness (ILI), and laboratory-confirmed respiratory virus infection. (2/9)
The conclusion of the study was that the authors caution against the use of cloth masks, as they may *increase* risk of infection in the healthcare setting. They are therefore not recommended for HCWs. (3/9)
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Hi friends. We need to talk. This City action today hurts our 69 year old Chicago business. It hurts us badly.
@BauerJournalism Eliminating indoor service? We were already doing 95% outdoor. We could survive that.
@BauerJournalism But since we were (finally) allowed to reopen our patio in mid-June we’ve worked incredibly hard to offer safe service.
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Today I had my second run-in with a man claiming “a real man doesn’t wear a mask”. Last time it was “real men don’t live in fear, *homophobic slur*”. I have many thoughts about this type of reluctance to #WearAMask & how it’s contributing to the spiraling #COVID crisis (THREAD)
2/6 Now, first of all, I think the disgusting slur was related to the awesome blue floral design mask a friend made that looks great with a blue gingham shirt, AMIRIGHT @RepWeinstein? But I digress...
3/6 This type of macho male ego (pronounced #ToxicMasculinity) aversion to wearing masks is as pervasive as it is perplexing to me. If they aren’t explicitly barking this approach into people’s faces in anti-mask defiance then they have it written all over their face/posture.
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With masks made mandatory in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire from Wednesday 11:59pm, anxiety is high amongst deaf and hard of hearing people. 1/12
#MaskUpMelbourne #WearAMask
This is because we’re anxious about our ability to communicate with other people whilst at shops, chemists, health related appointments, and out in the community. 2/12
When we communicate with people wearing face masks, our ability to lip-read is taken away. It doesn’t matter if we’re wearing hearing aids or cochlear implants, our ability to lip-read is still taken away because face masks cover your mouth. 3/12
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1/many This thread contains the words of my amazing sister who is a #nurse #essentialworker working in the trenches fighting #COVID19
She has been encountering life & death situations on a daily basis. Ppl need to open up their eyes & pay attention. #ItsOkayToNotBeOkay
2/ This is loss. This is loosing in OT with 38 seconds remaining on the clock, all the MVP players are in, but the other team intercepts and wins. The other team that won? Death. 5 nights in a row I battled the angel of death on someone very close to my age.
3/ 5 nights in a row I climbed on top of the bed in full PPE: gown, 3 masks, a face shield, goggles, and 2 pairs of gloves to physically try to circulate the epinephrine into your heart for it to restart.
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“In the last quarter century—there’ve only been seven truly new vaccines introduced globally into clinical practice.”—@Merck CEO Ken Frazier w/#Harvard Business School’s @tsedal on the grave disservice done to the public w/over promising a #COVID19 vaccine
“You’re one of four African American CEOs in the #Fortune500—does it make a difference to ‘our ppl’ that you’re in the room?”—@Merck CEO Ken Frazier w/#Harvard Business School’s @tsedal discussing the issue of race in America post-#GeorgeFloyd
nb: @wkamaubell @staceyabrams
@tsedal: What does it take to find a reliable vaccine?
@Merck’s Frazier: It takes a lot of time—(I think) the record for the fastest vaccine ever brought to market was Merck in the mump’s [#MMR #MMRV] vaccine, it took about 4yrs; our most recent vaccine for Ebola took 5.5yrs. Image
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