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1/9) Humans are naturally social beings, with a tendency to follow the crowd, also known as 'herd mentality'. This psychological phenomenon can unfortunately extend to health practices, such as mask-wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic. #COVID19 #MaskUp
2/9) Following the crowd provides a sense of security and belonging. When a significant number of people neglect mask-wearing, others may feel compelled to do the same, despite the risks, to maintain social cohesion. #COVID19 #HerdMentality
3/9) Misinformation about masks often circulates on social media and can spread quickly, influencing public opinion. This misinformation can discourage people from wearing masks. Always check facts with reliable sources. #FakeNews #COVID19
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I see so many people lamenting getting Covid after hanging out with friends...many of them are older people, some already have Long Covid and the setback often causes even more physical damage and disability. It doesn't have to be this way!
It's not a choice between total isolation or no Covid precautions. This attitude reminds me of people who couldn't fathom switching to condoms and getting HIV tests when AIDS emerged. I think of Covid mitigations as Safe Life. Or at least safer life than pretending Covid is over.
If you're going to gather, have all friends test first. When gathering, wear a well-fitting N95/KN95/Kf94 mask indoors and outdoors in crowds. If home, run Hepa air purifiers or a Corsi-Rosenthal box and open windows. If you share a meal together, eat outside and avoid crowds.
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As we navigate our way through the post-Covid world, it's important to consider the link between infections and outcomes.


🚫 Try to avoid catching / spreading infections
💨 Clean air will help THE COVID CYCLE   Diagram: ...
While you may well start off healthy, anyone can become Clinically Vulnerable at some point in their life, making them more susceptible to severe infections.

Take it from us, it isn't particularly fun - and frequently, our lives feel less valued.

2/ Diagram :  Healthy person  ...
Covid infections or repeat infections of healthy people can lead to Long Covid*, where people experience prolonged symptoms and conditions including: fatigue, brain fog and respiratory issues.

* Some data suggests that up to 1 in 10 infections result in long-term symptoms.

3/ Diagram :  Healthy person  ...
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Someone on just asked me if I'd read the reports about how masks don't work. My answer:
"You mean the crackpot anti-mask 'theories' designed to dupe people into believing masks don't work so we could get to this point in history when the World Health Organisation 1/
(WHO) openly collaborates with the profiteers of the Capitalist system to officially declare a Level 3 biohazard pandemic over at the expense of millions more future deaths and the crippling of people's (including children) health for the rest of their lives? 2/
Yes, I've read them. After I finished reading them I put them where they belong - in the blazing fire of humanity's fury." 3/3
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#Arcturus is already in the UK at lower levels. We can all play our part to prevent a bigger wave. #WearAMask #N95 Open windows. Please watch this video from WHO ‘hundreds of millions’ of people will need long term care. Why isn’t this on the news @BBCNews the Public need to know
Risk increases with each reinfection as you can see from the graph below. The more times you catch COVID the greater your risk.
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1/ Pat, I appreciate you’re busy, but as one of the patients you care about, I wanted to point something out that will have robbed your nurses of the sympathy & support of millions in the UK.
Many of your members are making a mockery of your protestations that👇
2/ you care about patient safety. Not talking about the strikes, but about most nurses (and doctors) opting out of masking in their every day duties to protect CEVs who are highly susceptible to Covid.
There are 1.2 million of us in the UK, and the last figure I saw for 👇
3/ Long Covid sufferers was 1.9 million. But that was a couple of weeks ago. Have you seen the WHO statement last week that global stats are likely to be “hundreds of millions”? So, anyway, the 3+ million of highly covid vulnerable in the UK doesn’t include the millions of👇
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As the new Indian sars3 strain tears through India, and is starting to take off in the UK new poll shows that VAST majority of Brits think masks should be reinstated: with nearly 7 in 10 saying it according to a recent Mirror survey:

#WearAMask #CovidIsNotOver #masksthatwork Image
#ad The UK has been largely devoid of people wearing the right masks: hence this: get high-quality, N95/ffp3 masks here: like this one which is professional quality, used by dentists, fog resistant and comes with 20% off through this exclusive link below:…
One size fits all, extremely comfortable as it has cotton extract: like a cloud for the face: with a filtration efficiency of AT LEAST 95%: NIOSH AND CDC approved and validated: Image
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1/ Yesterday, I tested positive for Covid.

Thankfully, I am vaxxed, and triple boosted, or, this could have been worse. I am grateful for the protection that these vaccines continue to provide.

This would be a good time to remind everyone that Covid isn't over yet.
2/ Regarding the upcoming decriminalization of heroin, I find it disturbing that so many "tolerant" people are against it. I thought that diversity was our strength,

That being said, I don't support the proposed "smack-pass".

It seems excessive, at least for now.
3/ Why is it such a controversial idea that men should be competing in women's sports? Seriously, so many of the world records haven't moved much in decades.

Everyone knows that men make better women than women do.
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Thread: The lifting of mask mandates in healthcare settings HURTS US ALL. But let’s talk about how the burden continues to fall on disabled and chronically ill patients to keep themselves and everyone around them safe. Predisabled people, listen up. (1/9)
Scheduled physical therapy bc of limited mobility and pain. Was informed that masks are no longer mandatory & the office doesn’t supply masks to staff. I had to ask that my physical therapist (pt) wear a mask when working on me, and thankfully the pt is willing to wear one. (2/9)
So I’m bringing different types of high rated masks so my pt can try which fits best. I’ll be wearing my gvs elipse p100 elastomeric. I’m also bringing a portable hepa air purifier bc they have none. Affording these (even on sale) is a huge privilege. But it shouldn’t be! (3/9)
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#covidlong : le sénateur d'Oklahoma assume que sa mise en retrait de la vie politique est liée aux #séquelles de son infection #sarscov2. D'autres sont concernés mais préfèrent garder le silence.
Assumer sa #vulnérabilité n'a rien de honteux et il serait temps aussi que plus
que temps que les personnes 'en vue' concernées osent aussi le dire pour commencer à lever le voile.
Cela contribue du travail de #prévention car
🔹 être vacciné
🔹et/ou avoir déjà été contaminé mais sans symptôme ou avec des symptômes modérés et sans séquemld
ne garantissent
absolument qu'il en sera de même lors des infections suivantes.
1️⃣ La vaccination ↘️ de 15 % le risque de covidlong ( et tw. suivants).
2️⃣ Le risque de séquelles ↗️ à chaque réinfection
Par conséquent et en l'absence de mise
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Att svenskar inte vågade bära munskydd 2020 visar bara hur bonniga och osäkra vi är som folk. Vi är rädda att ta till oss ny kunskap och trender från andra länder.

De få som vågade stå emot grupptrycket ska ha allt beröm 💪

2020 fanns inget vaccin och många svenskar valde risken att smittas och kanske dö framför att behöva sticka ut i mängden med ett andningsskydd
Även om Wold och Tegnell gaslightade hårt kring munskydd och andningsskydd hade vi ju ändå tillgång till internet och internationella TV-kanaler.

De flesta måste väl ändå ha förstått någonstans i bakhuvudet att andningsskydd minskar risken för att smittas rejält.
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1/ Oh boy... So @MSN is legitimizing this @dcexaminer piece claiming that masks don't work to spread COVID as if it's news. It's not news!

It's an OP-ED piece written by a conservative columnist.…
2/ The op-ed author cites a new @CochraneLibrary meta-analysis of 78 randomized controlled trials (RCTs)—describing it as a "massive mega-study"—to claim that masks don't stop the spread of COVID-19.

But the analysis only included 6 RCTs that involved COVID-19! Not massive!
3/ The analysis looked at several interventions other than masks... leaving only 12 studies that looked at surgical masks (w/ only 2/12 involving COVID) and 5 looked at N95s (none of which involved COVID)!

Now, it's true that the effect of surgical masks vs. no masks was weak...
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1/n Eventually, people will get alarmed by this, or claim it's exaggerated. So here's a short explainer. Yes, repeated covid infection tends to badly age parts of your immune system, causing a deficiency compared to normality. That's the first part.

2/ No, obviously (as yet) the immune deficiency caused by repeated covid is not on the same level as what HIV/AIDS causes. It is, however, quite bad for you, & fits in very well with the observation that covid worsens your average risks of death by 10 years.
3/ We've known quite a long while that covid is pretty damn bad on your immune system for many people. None of this is new, none of it a surprise. Read this thread in full.

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COVID is persistent. We’ve known for years that other coronaviruses, like SARS, can persist in your body long after initial infection. This is likely a byproduct of their evolutionary history;
they evolved to spread through bat populations and survive bats’ unique immune systems. Bats are very long-lived for their size, potentially living for decades, even with multiple different infections quietly simmering inside them.
However, in humans, these viruses’ tactics for suppressing a well-regulated bat immune system present a form of overwhelming force, which wreaks havoc on our bodies.
Evidence has been mounting for years that COVID is actually a type of autoimmune disorder,
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You can help to take pressure off the #NHS this winter, with this one simple trick....
Did you know that everyone can reduce the spread of airborne infections such as:

Colds; the 'flu, COVID-19, Strep A, RSV

Even when you didn't even realise you were infected. This trick still works...
You get to be a real NHS hero. By doing this thing, which you can do surprisingly easily, you may have even done it before.
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The Dec 21-Dec 27 Canadian COVID Forecast and associated data are now live.


The scores have become more volatile in the last week. We usually see this at start of new waves, when some provinces are still seeing some numbers coming down quite low compared to earlier periods, but there are starting to be spikes in other variables, especially waste water.
We're not sure if there will be a new wave, or if it will happen in all provinces. Some, like PEI and NS, were in a very prolonged very high period recently, so numerous reinfections may be less likely there. Maybe.
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Has anyone wondered why they’re showing TV ads about #shingles lately?

It’s because #COVID19 causes your immune system to become exhausted, allowing for the return of viruses that lay dormant in your body. If you’ve had Chicken Pox, you can develop shingles.

They know this.
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Them: I won’t wear a mask, I’m not living in fear!

Me: do you wear a seatbelt in a car? Are you living in fear?

Them: that’s different

Me: do you avoid eating undercooked chicken? Is that living in fear?

Them …

Me: How about washing your hands after you poop?
Them: they’re both just basic hygiene. I don’t want to give myself food poising or E.coli.

Me: … 👀

Them: …

Me: you don’t see it do you…

Them: masks are different, they’re muzzles only sheeple wear

Me: enjoy your winter of viral infections 👋🏻
N95/KN95s reduce the odds of infection with #COVID19 by 83% compared to wearing no masks.

Cloth masks & surgical masks were of course less effective but better than nothing.

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⚠️MASK WEARING ADVISORY— New York City health department issues rec to #WearAMask “at all times when in an indoor public settings” including stores, schools, childcare facilities, elevators, public transit, public shared spaces, & even *crowded outdoor settings*! #BringBackMasks Image
2) Furthermore, the NYC health dept mask advisory includes people who have been **previously COVID infected and previously vaccinated.**

A recommendation for all people ages 2+.

And the mask should be a KN95 or KF94 or N95 or better. #BringBackMasks… Image
3) why did NYC suddenly recommend masks indoors for almost everyone? It’s because NYC has been rated high risk on CDC Community levels —which is CDC’s hospitalization-weighted metric, not just transmission. This is honestly too late — waiting for hospitals to be full is stupid!
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#CovidIsntOver And #Covid harms you even when it doesn't kill you! I know a 40-year-old who was an athlete when she got #Covid but now she has hypertension & cardiac anomalies. I know a 15-year-old who has been fighting to stay alive for 3 years. She's still on tube feeding.
#CovidIsntOver I got Lupus from #Covid. I know someone who had a stroke from #Covid & someone who became diabetic b/c #Covid damaged his pancreas. I know someone who got #Covid when she was pregnant so her unborn died in utero. People are confused after #Covid and a million died.
#CovidIsntOver so #WearAMask, you bitches! #Covid harms you even when it doesn't kill you! Even mild or asymptomatic cases of #Covid cause #LossOfGrayMatter! #Covid is a bioweapon designed to leave survivors half-dead and twice as stupid! Explains #MAGA!…
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Soooo, when are we suing #publichealth bodies for all the shoddy guidelines theyve been spouting that directly go against an abundance of evidence?

#COVIDIsAirborne #WearAMask #CovidIsNotOver
I can forgive errors at the beginning of the pandemic, but we're years into this now.
Imo public health should
😷provide free FFP3 masks + education on face fitting & face fit centres

💨ventilate public buildings/transport, mandating companies to do the same, & supporting the public eg free hepa filters

📈test & track

🤒provide proper support for those off sick
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The Nov 18 @COVID_19_Canada Canadian COVID Index and associated data are now live.

HIGH: NB, NL, North, QC, SK

All regions improving or stable.

@COVID_19_Canada The index scores correspond to the percent excess all-cause mortality due to COVID we expect.

For example, we expect ~6% excess mortality for the week ending Nov 18 in Canada.
@COVID_19_Canada The annual average % excess all-cause mortality for the epidemic to date in Canada is 7% (after adjusting for any excess deaths attributable to accidents, suicie, toxic drugs and heat dome).

That's about 21K untimely (extra) deaths/year. From QC data it looks like most is COVID.
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