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After spending months studying air filtration for #Masks4All, unfortunately I now need that expertise again - because much of the US is on fire and the air quality is awful. 😢

If you're suffering, I explain here how you can get relief. 1/…
There's 3 main things that you can do to breathe clean air:
- Wear a mask
- Add a filter to your central air
- Add filters to box fans and portable air conditioners

Here's a summary (but see the article for details). 2/
To block most PM2.5 particles you’ll want a mask that’s well-fitted and uses a good filter material. I’ve already prepared advice on that topic for COVID-19, and pretty much all of it is exactly the same for wildfire PM2.5, so here it is:…
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The common refrain from experts early on was that masks were not needed unless you are sick. I believed this till Mar 29. Then the evidence became too strong that masks were needed for everyone. But the message was that it was only to protect others from you (source control).
But the high rate of serious illness in healthcare workers, the lower mortality in mask wearing countries and COMMON SENSE meant masks must protect the wearer also (work as PPE). People are also more likely to wear a mask of it helps themselves not just others.
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Why COVID became a pandemic:
1) New virus
2) Large susceptible population 3) No antiviral/vaccine against this virus class
4) Delays/Failures in implementing border control & universal masks
5) High proportion of asymptomatic infections which facilitated easy unsuspecting spread
The first 4 of these reasons were also true of the other 2 recent corona virus epidemic prone outbreaks: SARS and MERS.

They were actually more serious. But SARS & MERS almost always caused symptoms. So you could identify patients with infections and prevent spread more easily.
Many estimates of the proportion of COVID19 infections that are asymptomatic have been published. I’m sticking with my estimate from April: approximately 80%.

Subsequent data from Antarctica cruise, Peru etc support this level of asymptomatic disease
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I was asked by @VuMedi to discuss HOW health professionals should advocate for masking in their practice, communities and on social media to avoid the #infodemic. Why is this important? #medtwitter #nursetwitter 1/n
We know misinformation/the #infodemic is a problem. But, health professionals ARE trusted sources of information! A @GallupNews in 2020 shows that 4 of 5 most trusted professions in America are healthcare workers. @WolfsonD @DrSimpsonHSR…
In short, normalize asking about masking.
Do people need masks? Are they wearing masks when they leave their house? Are others wearing masks around them? These questions will also help uncover barriers people are facing & help them.… @drricardocorrea
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India must be being protected by cross reactive immunity from prior corona viral infections.

Let us examine the data:

1)>2.7 million diagnosed with COVID.

2) Seroprevalence in hotspots:
Mumbai slums 57%
Pune 52%
Delhi 29%

3) Much lower mortality than expected. @nramind
4) There is decrease in new cases in Mumbai & Delhi.

5) Mumbai and Delhi hospitals have not had the overflowing ICUs & ERs seen in Lombardy or NY despite far less resources.

6) Tens of millions live in situations where social distancing is impossible. Explains seroprevalence
7) Talking to friends Mumbai is slowly returning to normal.

8) With this level of seroprevalence the mortality rates if similar to the US should be far far higher. But it’s not.
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1st trip since pandemic to see family. Impressions 👇🏽. Will add as trip goes on.

🙆🏽‍♀️: Airport was like parallel 🇸🇪; ~50% wearing 😷 before entering airport & largely abandoned w closed shops.

😷: on ✈ of course (don't wear one w a valve)

This is how I did it 👇🏽Filter+surgical Image
👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽: 🇸🇪 were great at wearing 😷 on ✈.

🌯🍷: For eating/drinking I used a face shield. Maybe this is being too careful but it was my choice! Image
🇩🇪: Everyone 😷
🥙🌮 is portioned in nice glass jars.
Staff serving 🍝 are gloved, aproned & 😷. In short they have the same #PPE as HCW caring for #COVID19 pat 🇸🇪!

Being deprived of nice looking options in 🇸🇪 I immediately spotted masks @WolfordFashion
👇🏽 purchased! 🦸🏽‍♀️
Tbc... Image
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1. We generally assume two things of government: competence and benevolence. What happens when we get a government that exhibits little of either? Let's take an issue I've been flogging recently; the opening of schools.
2. In the event of a pandemic, a competent government commissions independent scientific research into risks and how to minimise them. The Johnson government has done this, and both sets of scientific advisers have recommended wearing masks in schools.

3. A competent, benevolent government would seek to minimise harm and implement a relatively simple precautionary measure to protect public health. Political pressure from the right wing of the party means this government isn't following the scientific advice.
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I have a 3 & 6 year old registered in a @TCDSB school, the 1st ON board to mandate masks for kids Jk to Gr 3. The pushback on this by parents is mond-boggling so a thread on why I am very supportive of this decision. #SafeSeptemberON #TCDSB
Unfortunately @Sflecce has not given the boards resources to allow for small cohorts with 2m distancing in well ventilated areas. If we had that, masks would not be needed. But instead what we face is 32 people enclosed in a small room 5 days a week.
Anyone who thinks this is remotely safe without masks with this virus either has not been paying attention or expects other people to work in conditions they would never put themselves in.
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If we knew who is transmitting, and who’s not, we would have stopped COVID a long time ago with preventive measures.

COVID is a pandemic precisely because most people who get it are asymptomatic and transmission occurs silently. Now we have new data on viral shedding. See below
One of the best studies that informed up on the proportion of COVID that is symptomatic versus asymptomatic was the Antarctica cruise ship study.

217 people. Everyone tested; no one left the cruise or got in for 30 days. See below.
The other study is from Iquitos, Peru which was badly affected by COVID. Even assuming some confirmed cases had COVID, the vast majority were likely asymptomatic: 71% seroprevalence.
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A patient came in with urinary frequency & urgency.
Here is the urinalysis.

What do you suspect as the underlying cause?

(I will show the answer after a dozen or so replies.)
Thanks so much for very smart answers, everybody, quickly passing one dozen.

This patient wears a mask many hours per day. Here's what happened to the urine.

Obstructed air flow keeps more carbon dioxide for extended time in masked airspace --> more carbon dioxide in lungs -->
More carbon dioxide in lungs (hypercapnia) --> lowers pH -->
increasing acid condition (respiratory acidosis) overwhelms compensatory mechanisms of the body --> The kidneys now have the hard job of . . .
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Wow. CDC reports of a huge superspreading event in 260 kids+adults from YMCA camp. ~1/2 children aged 6-10 positive. 44% aged 11-17 positive.



...oh wait @BrianKempGA blocked mask mandate rules.…
2) Camp required a test <12 days before arriving & attempted "pods"

Masks required for staff but NOT campers

Clearly these measures not enough for control. And using the pods is akin to the cohorting that CDC suggested. This is likely not adequate.
3) Here is the CDC report of the attack rates (incidence rates). Pretty uniform scores the board - if anything young adults lower risk likely because camp counselors wore masks.…
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Immunity Update: We have more data on why people exposed to COVID dont seem to get COVID. @ASlavitt

1. Immunity from unrecognized prior infection:
Up to 80% of COVID is asymptomatic. Most are missed unless PCR test is done at right time. Serology normalizes quickly in 40%
2. Cross immunity from prior corona virus infections: We thought everyone is susceptible coz its a new virus. A naive interpretation that didn’t recognize how promiscuous immune responses can be. T cells reactive to SARS CoV-2 have been found in persons never exposed to COVID
3. Decreased susceptibility to COVID due to certain genetic factors:

~30% Lesser risk of infection in people with Blood group O.

Also study of 2 sets of young twins that showed mutations in TLR7 greatly increased severity— means there is a world to discover on predisposition.
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The COVID Strategies

1) China: COVID started there but they have successfully made it a foreign virus. How? Basically walling off Hubei, then aggressive testing and contact tracing, quarantine, & masks. At the same time they sealed borders to stop reentry of virus.
2) New Zealand: They knew COVID was a foreign invader. They acted early with aggressive border control. They kept virus out of the country at all costs. Now life is normal. Their game plan is to sustain this till there’s a vaccine. @ASlavitt
3) Sweden: They didn’t think they could seal borders in time or afford a lockdown. Strategy: Allow near normal life and get to herd immunity. They lost more people than they should have. Economical no better off than neighbors. But close to herd immunity by paying a high price
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How governments and conglomerates coerce populations by creating a crisis and perpetuating it
You may like to read… I have also pinned the post @JillGore8 @inmydumpster @MariusMihu32 @xpressanny @Intuitive1966 feel free to share and use any of the links etc.
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I was invited to present the paper we've worked on for four months to @WHO's Guideline Development Group yesterday.

Now that the world is wearing masks, I'm retiring from mask advocacy.

Here's a thread on how #Masks4All got to this point...…
In early March, our community in SF wasn't, on the whole, taking COVID-19 at all seriously. @math_rachel & I looked at the data, and we were worried it was about to blow up.

So we wrote an article saying so.…
We didn't expect it our article make much of a difference, frankly. We're just data scientists, in our niche area of deep learning. Our most popular post, introducing @math_rachel's Natural Language Processing course, is our only post ever that has topped 100k unique readers
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The global community has come together in agreement:

We need #Masks4All.… Image
Huge thanks to @CamWoodsum, @DavidLKeating, and many contributors for their amazing work in curating and maintaining this data.
Wondering why most places now require masks?

Here's the details:
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Why is this story still up on @CIDRAP? It belittles the role of cloth masks which is the only realistic type of mask available for most of the public. Sends mixed messages. #Masks4All
@jeremyphoward @zeynep…
.@jeremyphoward with whom I was proud to lead an Open Letter has provided specific rebuttal here. @DavidLKeating
In my opinion, @jeremyphoward has done more to ensure that more people around the globe are wearing masks than most. And in the process has saved so many lives.

I’m so proud to have partnered with him in helping promote mask mandates. @zeynep @trishgreenhalgh @mvankerkhove
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Stunning fact: Not even one single developed country has >1000 COVID cases per day. We have >50,000 per day in the United States.

Epic failure of leadership at National level, as well as at the State level in many states. @ASlavitt @choo_ek @MelissaJPeltier @jeremyphoward Image
Normalizing to million population underestimates the severity of the epidemic in large countries. Ultimately it’s about the numerator: >50,000 new persons with COVID every day

Except Sweden, which made the wrong decision not to lockdown, there are no developed countries near us. Image
In case people are wondering who are our neighbors in the first tweet. Brazil overtook is for a short while. But we blew past them.

I’ll say the #1 reason for our failure is that FL, AZ, GA, CA, and TX did not mandate #Masks4All. @jeremyphoward

CA, TX do so now. But late. Image
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On May 14, >100 scientists sent an Open Letter to Governors urging them to require masks. Back then NJ, NY, CT, PA, RI, HI, MI, ME, IL, DE, MA required masks.

Wish others had acted sooner. After >1 month delay CA, NV, NC, WA, OR, KS, TX now require masks.…
NM, VA acted shortly after our letter in May.

We are still waiting on 3 key states with outbreaks: FL, AZ, GA.…

Thankfully, what states won’t do, counties & cities are doing. @jeremyphoward @zeynep @JagSinghMD @PSampathkumarMD
@DavidLKeating @CamWoodsum
We urge states to please act now. We had over 50,000 new cases yesterday alone. Over 600 people lost their lives.

Do not waste another month and then decide. #Masks4All
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1/ least favourite topic of the #COVID19 pandemic.

There is an argument to mandate these in Canada.

I think (at this point in our epidemic) this is not the right least not for now. We may come to it, but certainly not now.
Nobody is arguing that masks don't work at an individual level. They help reduce the probability of transmitting infection - we've known this long before #COVID19.

Proximity and duration of exposure to an infected person are key factors, especially in indoor settings...
3/ put a mask on when going indoors in a public setting, especially one where you can't physically distance yourself from others, & especially in areas of #COVID19 transmission. Pretty straight forward.

But mandates for masking? Right now? In Canada? Not now. Maybe later.
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Masks help against #coronavirus, but confusing government advice and cultural misgivings may have limited the West’s acceptance and use of face covering during the #COVID19 pandemic. Our report via ⁦…
Re­searchers/politi­cians who advocate sim­ple cloth/pa­per masks as cheap and ef­fec­tive pro­tec­tion against the spread of #COVID19 say early ca­cophony in of­fi­cial ad­vice —as well as deeper cul­tural fac­tors—has ham­pered gen­eral adop­tion…
In the U.S., ques­tions over wear­ing face masks have fu­eled heated po­lit­i­cal de­bates and protests. The chief health of­fi­cer in Or­ange County, Calif., re­cently re­signed af­ter re­ceiv­ing death threats for or­der­ing mask-wear­ing out­side.…
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What does a mask do? Blocks respiratory droplets coming from your mouth and throat.

Two simple demos:

First, I sneezed, sang, talked & coughed toward an agar culture plate with or without a mask. Bacteria colonies show where droplets landed. A mask blocks virtually all of them. ImageImage
What about keeping your distance?

Second demo: I set open bacteria culture plates 2, 4 and 6 feet away and coughed (hard) for ~15s. I repeated this without a mask.

As seen by number of bacteria colonies, droplets mostly landed <6 ft, but a mask blocked nearly all of them. ImageImage
I'm aware that this simple (n=1) demo isn't how you culture viruses or model spread of SARS-CoV-2.

But colonies of normal bacteria from my mouth/throat show the spread of large respiratory droplets, like the kind we think mostly spread #COVID19, and how a mask can block them! ImageImage
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This must be said clearly: Masks are incredibly important. Anyone who is taking risks because of external conditions or specific needs should wear a mask. Let others know and model this for them. Thanks @zeynep @nntaleb @hjluks Sui Huang, please add others
On masks: @nntaleb Making clear the logic of risk and misinformation!…
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Moving average of new cases of #COVID19 and new deaths in #India

#Gujarat has a way higher case fatality ratio than the national value, followed by #WestBengal and #MadhyaPradesh.

We need the CFR to fall to 0!


@aparanjape @c_aashish @MulaMutha @nebuer42 @oommen
In the next 12 states, #Telangana has the worst CFR followed by #Punjab - though the latter is lower than the national CFR.

#Uttarakhand has seen a sudden spike in deaths over the last few days, though luckily the base is low

Deaths due to #COVID19 in #India is yet to really slowdown, we need this to happen.

Early #detection, #quarantine, #treatment & #Masks4All is crucial for this.

Given that we have to live with this for a while, we need to reduce the #deaths to zero!

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