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PhD in Persuasive Communication | Moral/social psychology, minority influence, veg*nism 🌞 Nature~Science 🌿 Life~Biology 🐞 Well-being~Sentientism ❤️
Oct 13, 2021 20 tweets 15 min read
Do you eat meat or other animal products?
Should you?

Last month, I defended my PhD thesis about perceptions of vegetarians and vegans (short: veg*ns) in promoting #plantbased diets.

Why did I pursue this topic and what did I discover?
Find out in this #ThesisThread.

1/20 Why this topic? The widespread consumption of animal products🥓🥛🍳causes a lot of harm:
🐖billions of animals suffer & die each year
🌍it damages planetary health
💙threatens public health

👨‍🔬To reduce these harms, we can adopt #plantbased diets