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1/ Big shout out to @MictheVegan organizing a respectful debate between @AviBittMD/@DBelardoMD and @DrEsselstyn/@cardio10s regarding #plantbased diet and #CVD reversal this Saturday

I hope you’ll set aside any biases you may be starting with and appreciate this powerful example. Image
2/ if you follow me, you know how much I value respectful debate, and I would be giving the video a thumbs up on that alone.

This shouldn’t just be happening between communities, but within them as well.
3/ I hope you’ll consider watching this (as I will), and evaluating the debate based not on your existing dietary opinion, but the data and reasoning presented (as I will).

Stay engaged, but please be respectful — we need a lot more of these dialogs, especially in 2020 :) :) :)
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i manifested a whole farm... sorry not sorry, still not over it. wow
food has always been an important part of my life. my southern grandma taught me how to navigate in a kitchen and my mom has always been on her #plantbased+ herbal medicine wave. i knew my journey wouldn't be complete without space to grow my own food 🌱👩🏾‍🌾
i comitted to #vegetarian in high school, veganism around 24 and now at 31 i've been red meat, poultry and raw dairy free for 15 years.

after experiencing the worst anxiety and depression while working in music business, i left the industry to focus on me -
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Love #bacon but not jazzed about how it's made, especially after all the news of slaughterhouse workers getting sick, shuttering the facilities, and gassing or overheating pigs to "depopulate" them as a result?

Good news: the future of bacon is on its way. 2 examples below.
First, a new entrant to the #plantbased #bacon scene: @EatHoorayFoods will be launching soon in retail. This product category desperately needed new plant-based #innovation — thrilled to see this launch.…
Second, #cultivatedmeat startup @MissionBarns just posted this photo of their #bacon prototype, grown directly from animal cells rather than obtained from animal slaughter.

The #futureoffood can't come soon enough. Image
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Vegan Sourdough Hot cross buns, step-by-step!

Adapted from @izyhossack’s recipe!

#HappyEaster #vegan #easter #hotcrossbuns #SaturdayMorning
50g (1/4 cup) water
2 tbsp plain flour

170g (2/3 cup + 1 tbsp) water
60g (1/4 cup) vegetable oil, +extra for bowl
50g (1/4 cup) granulated sugar
2 tbsp mixed spice
90g sourdough starter
250g (3 2/3 cup) plain flour
+extra for kneading
1 tsp salt
150g dried fruit
75g plain flour
15g vegetable oil
65g water

1 tsp golden/maple syrup
2 tbsp oat milk/soy milk
a pinch of baking soda
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#Covid19 is among the most serious challenges humanity has ever faced, and enormous work lies ahead of us to get this outbreak under control. But in parallel, we need to innovate ourselves out of the systems that create entirely foreseeable & unacceptable public health risks. 1/n
That’s what I’ve dedicated my career to at @goodfoodinst: supporting the development of #plantbased meat and #cultivatedmeat so that we can wean ourselves off of industrial animal agriculture and all of its attendant public health and environmental hazards. 2/n
Both farmed domestic animals and caged wild animals create the perfect breeding ground for zoonotic diseases, which leap from livestock or wildlife to humans that have close contact with live animals and their infected tissues and fluids – namely, hunters and slaughterers. 3/n
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1/ Retweeting for both balance and praise.

Something I want to call special attention to is @IanCramer’s efforts toward challenging his guests with the “steel man” arguments from #keto community (as opposed to “straw man” or “weak man” arguments)
2/ Yes, his podcast mainly has #plantbased guests, but he’s been both branching out to others (like @DoctorTro) and taking the time to understand where these different voices are coming from.

We could use more of that in all podcasts.
3/ This current episode has many interesting things I’d like to comment on, but for now I’d just like to keep it to this one.
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Another non-scientific paper urging for a #plantbased, #GardenofEden, #vegan-oriented alternative to real food (Bonnet et al 2020,…) #Cherrypicking

#Science, on the other hand, shows that real food is no issue for climate
(White & Hall, 2017:…) or health (Johnson et al2019,…; .@fleroy1974 @nathancofnas…), but rather a premise for children's health (Adesogan et al…).

In India, because of initiatives like
@fleroy1974 @nathancofnas Bonnet et al., children suffer from malnutrition…

And recently, two children paid a high price.
A baby girl is almost braindead because of veganism ((…).
A baby boy is dead because of veganism:
(…). #mmtdk we
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@drjkahn I agree with the paper’s statement, “Pharmacologically altered HDL-C levels may not be reliable prognostic markers for cardiovascular risk”

— but that’s not the same as comparing populations with HDL through non-Rx, where HDL certainly correlates with a mortality advantage...
@drjkahn It’s actually very odd to me there is a new push toward ignoring the existing data on predictive outcomes with high HDL vs med vs low when it shows such a clear sig difference.

The centenarians of NHANES all had high HDL a decade and a half prior at age 85 when blood taken...
@drjkahn Ironically, @drjkahn — my energy model may provide a reason #PlantBased may have lower HDL and it not confer the same risk concern (would take a while to unpack here). But to a typical, mixed-diet population, I think the data is quite substantial when compared to future outcome.
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1/ About to do a live listen+tweet on @IanCramer's recent podcast w/ @POhukainen as they talk #lipids!

Before starting, I want to note @IanCramer is the first #PlantBased podcaster to invite me on his show and I'm honored accept. Hopefully recording soon.…
2/ 9:25 — Pauli opens up on lowering his use of “the D word” to improve the “communication strategy”. 👏 👏

naturally, I’m a huge fan of keeping the personal separate from professional. Adding a little noise to the signal just keeps many focused on the noise.
3/ there are actually a handful of times where Pauli would go on a big Twitter thread that I really wanted to retweet — but it included too many personal jabs. I think that’s really changed in recent times (hence my recent retweet of one of his threads)
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Thread. Only one of subjects in these pics answer to #sustainability without eco damaging side effects. Imagine, amount of #energy used to heat millions of offices schools public buildings homes. Could easily be cut in half simply wearing #wool, #sheepskin etc.
Solar is storing up massive problems for the future…
Wind power? Unintended consequences? No, you were warned…
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1/ This screenshot is from the #GameChangersMovie which just hit @netflix. As you all know, I'm not interested in the nutrition debate -- but I *am* very interested in #lipids. In this part, Dr. Robert Vogel is sharing the outcome of experiment (around 22:20 mark)...
2/ He had athletes try burritos and test their blood two hours after. Once with an animal protein and fat burrito, then once with a plant-based burrito. Naturally, I'd expect the fat from the meal to show up in the blood at the two hour mark via chylomicrons...
3/ But the interesting part is where one athlete who consumed only #plantbased and had clear serum asks, "So the fat from the avocado doesn't have that kind of effect...?"

Dr. Vogel: "That's right."
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1/ Waking up to see the podcast hosted by @TheVeggieMD dropped with guests @ethanjweiss and @cadiulus.

I'm going to do a live listen thread here...
2/ DISCLAIMER: Yes, I usually avoid the diet debate, but I'll concede up front that I'm certainly pro-awareness of diet choices. I think it's unfortunate so few people know about #PlantBasedKeto if indeed they want to be both #Keto and #PlantBased, yet are unaware it is possible.
3/ Not saying I know it is definitely better or worse, or in what ways as we don't have long term data. But I do know people on it who -- for them -- it was the perfect match they were looking for, but genuinely didn't know it existed.

Now... on to the podcast...
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Why #veganism #plantbased is a misleading path to #EcoPopulism regarding climate breakdown.

A thread...
The human animal lives alongside all other life forms on this planet, of mostly water, and earth.
Life is enabled by the process of photosynthesis.
Transforming sunlight, carbon and water into glucose for plants and #SoilLife… ...
... all flora and fauna are part of the planets climate/weather regulation system, whereby everything is *supposed* to live then decompose back into the soil as organic matter which creates #SoilCarbon as the planets biggest carbon sink...
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Les 1er et 2 octobre se tenaient les European Plant Based Protein Awards 2019 à Lille. Parmi les gagnants ⬇️
#plantbasedAwards #plantbased #ProtéineVégétale 🌱
Kedelaï qui se lance dans le tempeh français 😋 🇫🇷 Image
Ramen tes Drêches, dont je vous avais déjà parlé concernant sa super idée de #valorisation des drêches de brasserie pour la consommation humaine Image
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This Carbon Markets refauxlution has been planned for years by the World Bank, IMF, NGO's and global corporate interests. Get ready for more shilling and praising the global wartime-style economic plunder and global taxing of all life. Big $ eugenics lurks under the green mask
The "4th industrial Revolution" will be sold as the solution - financialization of all resources and "carbon" in a global market where all resources (including us, who are considered human cattle), movement, and action are tracked by global big tech/date for the World Bank/IMF.
This is the reason behind the #climatecrisis war propaganda that's been blasted into our skulls for decades - the "threat" must be met in a global war effort, the consolidation of all economies into Carbon Markets. Guess who stands to benefit from this massive theft?
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In this article, we express our critical position towards using #CRISPR to engineer #pigs so that do not reach puberty. #Livestock farming should be designed with animal sentience at its core, we should not modify #animals to fit inhumane systems.…
One aspect that the article does not mention and that we clearly indicated as being problematic is animal suffering during #experiments involving #CRISPR: painful #malformations, #abortions, are common "side effects" of such experiments.
Our original statement said "#CRISPR has a high potential for causing severe #animal #suffering during the research phases (such as abortions, perinatal mortality, malformations)
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#EarthDay #ExtinctionRebellion #Vegan #PlantBased #GoVegan #Meat #Environment #Climate

Impact of Animal Agriculture

The farm animal production sector is the single largest anthropogenic user of land, contributing to soil degradation, dwindling water supplies, & air pollution.
The animal agriculture sector also encompasses feed grain production which requires substantial water, energy, and chemical inputs, as well as energy expenditures to transport feed, live animals, and animal
products. All of this comes at a substantial cost to the environment.
One of animal agriculture’s greatest environmental impacts is its contribution to global warming and climate change...
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To kick off #Sustainuary then, let's talk about #dairy alternatives like nut juice, oat juice and various other #plantbased drinks. We've never had more choice, but what are the actual #sustainability credentials of these products vs animal milk? #Veganuary Image
#Dairy production has received widespread criticism for its #carbonfootprint .
The average UK dairy system produces around 1.2Kg Co2eq. per Kg milk . However this varies hugely, mainly depending on the cows' diets and how much fertiliser is used on the pasture. #sustainuary
The most #sustainable #dairy farms in the UK can have carbon footprints as low as 0.5 KgCO2 eq. per Kg milk produced, which are comparable to many dairy alternatives. #Sustainuary #Veganuary
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👀 how I self-coached, self-trained, & manifested my way to 1st PLACE, my FIRST time as a #vegan bikini athlete 🏆🌱
#plantpowered #powerofself

1. Deciding

I made the decision that I wanted to, was going to, and had already won from the START of my prep.

Nothing ever happens until you make the decision that it will happen in your MIND first.
2. Planning

Having compete only once before, I knew the outline of what I needed to do to get my body to optimal physique.

But since it was my first time competing 100% #vegan, I planned what foods/meals I needed to focus on AHEAD OF TIME.

You only win when you are prepared.
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1/ Finally getting around to watching the @joerogan podcast with @drjkahn and @chriskresser. I’ll be tweeting occasionally responses into this thread....
2/ at around 13:30: @chriskresser “Back in the 13th century you had Frances Bacon who said for something to be scientific it has to be independently measurable, and falsifiable, and then accurate and valid.”...
3/ “... If you’re sitting there eating an apple. And I’m watching you do that. I can observe you’re eating the apple, I can measure how much is the apple you eat, and I can confirm or refute that you were eating the apple...”
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NEW THREAD on #LCHF-raud & #KetoDiet.
The following article I wrote has references to over 1200 studies on nutrition, including Randomized Control Trials. 👉…
5 Reasons I Don't Recommend a Keto Diet by Dr. Michelle McMacken @Veg_MD 👉…
Gary Taubes, author of several books and articles on low carb high fat #LCHF-raud diet (fad), FINALLY concedes that saturated fats are the enemy in this BMJ article: 👉…
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