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I'm having a pretty serious problem reading through @nutrition_facts' book. It's slow going because I keep finding things that sound suspect and I end up having to check the citations in the book.

I'll give an example. Image
On page 8 it reads "...meat (including fish)... has been linked to shortened telomeres."

This is cited. I have linked here to the publication cited.
I have only read the abstract. Haven't even dived into the details of the article and I already have major problems.
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Last month, @WMO reported that methane emissions are rising faster than ever.

Today, we explore how governments fail to tackle methane emissions from animal agriculture—and why we need to slash methane emissions now to tackle #GlobalWarming and ensure a livable future. 1/13 Image
2020 and 2021 saw the largest increases in methane emissions since records began, according to @WMO.

Their data indicates that biological sources, such as agriculture, are responsible, rather than #methane from gas leaks. @ConservationOrg reports. 2/13…
Animal agriculture contributes to global warming through GHG emissions, including methane and nitrous oxide.

Millions of ruminant animals raised for food globally, such as cows and sheep, emit #methane through a process called enteric fermentation. 3/13…
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Our mission at @Sentient_Media is to tell animal stories and hold mainstream outlets accountable for misrepresenting #animal issues.

As October comes to a close, we are taking a look at six articles that caught our attention this month. 👇1/13 Image
🚫In a piece published via @unherd, @JLewisStempel warned that the rise of vegan companies threatens to create a #FoodSystem similar to the dystopia described by Aldous Huxley in "Brave New World." 2/13…
🔎The article failed to consider that a system run by massive agribusinesses that depend on industrially-produced crops and reproductive exploitation similar to #BraveNewWorld already exists.

@hemikim reports on modern #dairy farming. 3/13
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How #Carnivore healed my gut, depression, and a life altering injury.

Sharing my experience to help others through similar challenges and find what they're truly capable of.

This is my story, notes, and resources from 14+ months of strict carnivore

3 years ago I had extreme challenges:

- anxiety
- burnt out
- joints ached
- bloated after every meal
- lethargic throughout the day
- wake time 2+ hours and 3+ cups of coffee

I looked healthy, felt horrible, and needed help, fast.
I fell down the #PlantBased documentary rabbit hole

While highlighting factory farming issues, they spread a biased and unsupported science on plants providing optimal nutrition, masked in ethics.

If we eat meat, not only is it unhealthy for us/planet... we're bad people.
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This week, people have been discussing if eating #oysters conflicts with following a plant-based diet.

Today, we’re taking a look at the definition of sentience and #veganism—and at animal species that have been proven to be more sentient than humans used to think. 👇1/14 Image
Although there is legal and scientific disagreement about #sentience, there are some standards that are broadly accepted.

According to @SentienceInst, sentience is simply the ability to have positive and negative experiences, including pain. 2/14
The concept of animal #sentience is important for ethical reasons.

If #animals are sentient beings capable of feeling pain, most humans would agree that it is morally wrong to cause unnecessary pain or suffering to them. 3/14…
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This week, the media reported on a @Cornell study, warning that #meat alternatives could cost millions of jobs.

The reports did not consider the human costs of animal agriculture and that a more #PlantBased food system would create jobs that don't involve slaughter.👇1/13
🚫A new study has shown the devastating impact of #PlantBased beef alternatives on jobs, Rob Waugh reported via @YahooNews.

The article warned that #meat alternatives cost 440,000 jobs in the UK. 2/13…
🔍 The @Cornell study estimated that a shift to #PlantBased alternatives would result in job losses being offset by growth in other sectors.

The authors predict that workers in the beef sector "are likely to experience most of the economic losses." 3/13…
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With heat waves raging across the globe, more and more people are eager to take #ClimateAction.

Today, we share ten impactful action steps recommended by @EarthHeroOrg and @ProjectDrawdown to tackle the #ClimateCrisis and some recommendations on how to implement them.👇 1/12 Image
The @EarthHero app helps users set targets to reduce #emissions relative to global averages and #IPCC recommendations.

The app also includes action steps that involve working together, advocating for change, and holding decision-makers accountable. 2/12 Image
Action #1: Plant-Based Diets

@EarthHero identifies #PlantBased diet as one of the most effective ways to slow #ClimateChange and protect planetary health.

Browse our "Dietary Change" resources to put this step into practice:
3/12… Image
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Today is #NationalChickenWingDay, one of many US holidays celebrating animal-based products.

We honor this day by exploring the health, environmental, and ethical impacts of #poultry farming and celebrating plant-based chicken for providing an animal-free alternative. 1/12 Image
Despite their proven ability to experience suffering, #chickens account for 95% of land animals farmed for food globally.

@JenMishler explores research demonstrating chickens' emotional & cognitive abilities—ranging from feeling #empathy to dreaming. 2/12…
Chicken breeds that grow rapidly often suffer from cardiovascular problems, muscle deformities, #lameness, and external sores.

Linda Tyler reports on a @uofg study showing that genetic manipulation comes at a great physical cost to #chickens. 3/12…
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Soy is one of the most well-known sources of #PlantBased protein.

While many people enjoy dishes made from #soy, others are concerned about soy’s environmental and health impacts.

Today, we are taking a close look at the impacts of soy and the many myths that surround it.👇 1/8
Many people worry that #soy increases cancer risks.

However, these concerns are based on #animal studies, which found that rodents who were exposed to high doses of isoflavones, compounds found in soy, showed an increased risk of breast cancer. 2/8
Human studies produced different results.

A study, which followed 70,000 women over 7 years, showed that those who consumed the highest amounts of #soy had a 22% lower chance of getting breast cancer than those who consumed the least. @HarvardChanSPH 3/8…
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2/8 Plant based (WFPBD) and keto diets (KD) have gained popularity in oncology and this topic is often permeating clinical dialogue. It is of interest to patients, caregivers, physicians and oncologists. #plantbased #keto
3/8 WFPBD and KD have starkly different nutrition composition. WFPBD maximizes nutrient-dense plant foods and minimizes processed foods, oils, and animal foods. KD focuses on ketone body production and is typically very low carbohydrate and with high animal-based foods.
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If you ONLY show up in my comment section to COMPLAIN, this is about YOU.

Bro, I just want to get my community exercising, being healthy and utilizing ALL options around to see what brings them optimum health.

THATS why from now until July 31st.. (cont)
you can go to @tigerfitness site ( and use the code “Solutionary” to get 10% off your ENTIRE purchase.

Does this mean I’m dissing meat eaters? No.
Does this mean I’m going vegan? No.
Does this mean you can’t enjoy whatever YOU like? No. (Cont.)
Hopping in my comments because you’re triggered because I said I’m currently enjoying TF outta the #AmbrosiaCollective’s #plantbased #protein is a waste of time my man.
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Kicking off day 3 with more on ultra processed foods (a theme?). This time in the context of #PlantBased diets (aka plant-centered) and how we can increase plant intake while avoiding ultra processing. #Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline
First talk, "What are 'utra-processed' foods?" Seems like a good place to start the conversation. #Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline
The classification system for ultra processed foods is NOVA. Is NOVA about nutrients? Well, this seems to be. #Nutrition2022 #NutritionLiveOnline
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🔴 BREAKING: XR Animal took over @McDonalds in the center of Brussels and the Place de la Bourse for a #StopEcocideFood action.
We denounce the responsibility of @McDonalds in the ongoing ecocide and its links with #FactoryFarms of intensive breeding.
#Stopspeciesm #XRAnimal
#FactoryFarms are ecocidal enterprises
- #IntensiveFarming is responsible for over 60% of the deforestation of the Amazon and over 15% of CO² emissions
- This industry is responsible for 25% of soil acidification and 74% of the degradation of aquatic areas according to the @FAO
... #IntensiveFarming plays a major role in global warming, zoonoses and pandemics, thus endangering global health and food security.
However, multinational food companies such as @McDonalds, @kfc , @BurgerKing... are mainly sourcing from #factoryfarms.
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🔴 BREAKING: XR Animal blocks #Viangro, Brussels' major meat processing site. We denounce the company's #GreenWashing and gov't funding of animal agriculture.
@DavidClarinval, it's high time for a transition to a resilient #PlantBased, #SustainableAgriculture‼️ Thanks to Brieux Van Elst a...
...#Viangro boasts about its progress in sustainability (e.g. new packaging) and presents itself as an #AnimalWelfare advisor, but in fact their suppliers are #FactoryFarms which sell products that are disastrous for #AnimalWelfare and the #Environment... Image
...The group's financial health has been deteriorating since 2013. Already benefiting from a 20,000 m² plot of land owned by @CityDevBrussels, the belgian government recently granted #Viangro a loan of €3m... Image
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🔴Action by XR Animal to demand a halt to all #FactoryFarms.
#Meat production needs to be reduced by 83% by 2050 in 🇧🇪 to reduce greenhouse gases by 58% and nitrogen emissions by 40%. This would reduce pressure on biodiversity by 76%. #RebelForLife #StopSpeciesism Image
...Proximity, violence and disease are the daily lot of the animals exploited in factory farms.
No-man's-lands where cruelty is a daily occurrence and where ethical and health scandals are constantly breaking out. #AnimalCruelty Image
...From the mad cows (1997) to eggs contaminated with Finopril (2017), via the dioxin crisis (1999) and the massacre of thousands of poultry due to the umpteenth re-emergence of avian flu, factory farms favour the proliferation of dangerous pathologies. #zoonoses Image
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June 8 marks #WorldOceanDay.

We honor this day by highlighting the need to protect marine life from human #fishing activities—a step that has the potential to both tackle biodiversity loss and the ongoing climate crisis. @WorldOceansDay👇 1/10
Ocean ecosystems are vital since oceans:

🗺️ make up 70% of Earth’s surface
🫁 produce 80% of the oxygen we breathe
🐠 house 80% of all life on Earth

At the same time:
🎣98.5% of the #ocean is open to fishing fleets

Human activity is the number one threat to #ocean health.

An initiative led by @aquaticlifeins urges consumers to protect oceans by choosing #PlantBased seafood alternatives and improving the legal protection of marine animals, @matthewzampa reports. 3/10…
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June 3 is #NationalEggDay. We honor today by taking a close look at the environmental, ethical, and health impacts of poultry farming and highlighting ways to help hens raised for their #eggs. 1/13 Image
Studies show that #chickens are socially complex beings capable of self-control and empathy.

Despite their proven sentience, the #poultry industry raises billions of chickens for their meat and eggs every year. @JenMishler reports. 2/13…
Before the 1920s, #chickens were thought of as smart and industrious.

When chickens became the first factory-farmed animal in the world, #chicken representation in the media evolved to justify their treatment within farms. @LillieGardner reports. 3/13…
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NEW REPORT: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems - Comparing contrasting and contested versions…

#vegan #food #farming #ukfarming #chathamhouse
Chatham House published a report yesterday looking at how farming and food systems are related and they can become more sustainable.

#plantbased #veganic #ukfarming
It compared the current status quo approach (increasing productivity while sparing land for nature and minimising the environmental impact) to an approach which emphasized nature-friendly farming and dietary and consumer demand change to reduce the amount of agricultural land.
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Oat milk costing more than dairy is a false narrative.

Let's start with this. How is raising 9.34M lactating dairy cows in the US weighing ~1,300lb each eating ~100lbs feed/day + drinking ~35 gallons water/day cheaper than growing crops of oats?

Time for a 🧵 of context 1/
This simple Twitter poll is a great example of the impact Big Dairy lobbying and propaganda has on misguiding consumers.

In 2021, Big Dairy spent $6.9M in lobbying. The highest spent in 2013 at $8.3M.

There is no Big Oats. 2/…
There are 2 USDA checkoff programs dedicated to dairy + milk.

Fluid Milk Checkoff Program:…

Dairy Checkoff Program. Remember "Got Milk" campaign?…

There is no Oat Board nor even a general US Grains Board. No checkoff for oats. 3/
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Did you know that this week marks #EndangeredSpeciesDay and #BiodiversityDay?

We honor these days by highlighting the need to change our eating habits and fashion choices to protect animals from going extinct.👇1/10
Animals play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy #environment. For example:

- beaver dams prevent fires
- squirrels help trees take root
- #fish feces can lock carbon away for 600 years
- elephants create water sources for other species

Our current food system is a key driver of #BiodiversityLoss, a 2021 report by @ChathamHouse found.

The expansion of #AnimalAgriculture, in particular, destroys ecosystems by turning them into pasture or farmland to grow feed. @CaroChristen reports. 3/10…
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Last week, @IPESfood published a report exploring widespread #protein claims.

The report discussed 8 claims, but media coverage focused on criticizing meat alternatives as an ineffective climate solution—a claim also pushed by #livestock groups.👇 1/10
🚫An expert panel warns that fake #meat will not save the planet, @KatyAskew1 reports via @FoodNavigator.

According to the article, the report shows that "alternative proteins aren’t necessarily the silver bullet solution they have been billed as." 2/10…
🔍According to the latest @IPCC report, cultured meat and #PlantBased alternatives to animal products "can bring substantial reduction in direct #GHG emissions from food production."

Eloise Gibson reports on the 2022 #IPCC report via @NZStuff. 3/10…
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Here's the story of our POLITICS OF PROTEIN report out today. A thread 🧵

For decades, governments & corporations expanded factory farming - claiming more protein was needed for #foodsecurity.

Now they're confronted with the consequences... /1
Devastating deforestation, immense land use, pollution, impacts on health, climate & animals from intensive factory farming are clear for all to see.

Thankfully momentum for change is growing. /2 ImageImage
But those same actors (and some new philanthropists & venture capital) are now pushing a number of techno-fix solutions. These are many of the same firms that already dominate sales of conventional (factory-farmed) products. /3 ImageImage
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A co-worker of mine said to me the other day “I’m vegan man, I need to be careful about my #Protein” This in the context of wanting to get some #pipes. Got me thinking about how #vegan & #plantbased compare with omnivorous diets for building muscle/strength.

A paper published in 2021, by Victoria Hevia-Larrain and Hamilton Roschel. Here they sought out to assess the effect of dietary protein source on changes in muscle mass/strength.

They took 19 habitual vegan men and 19 habitual omnivores. They did a 12wk, twice wkly, resistance program. Habitual protein intake assessed and adjusted to 1.6g/kg per day with supp (Soy v Whey).

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Russia's attack on #Ukraine has intensified calls for a transition away from #FossilFuels.

The war also highlights the need for #FoodSystem change. Today, we explore how #AnimalAgriculture fuels global crises by creating high levels of dependency between countries. 1/11👇
Ukraine produces large quantities of wheat, barley, rye, and #maize. Russia is the world’s top #wheat exporter.

The two countries taken together account for almost a third of the global wheat export market, @weizent reports via @CNBC. 2/11…
Maize and wheat are just two examples of crops #meat and dairy producers feed to animals.

The #livestock sector currently uses 61% of global maize and 20% of global wheat as animal fodder, according to a 2021 study about #FoodSecurity. 3/11…
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