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*Pelvic floor disorder clinic*

The artificial intelligence (AI) agent will see you now...

Does this sound like science fiction to you? Follow this #ThesisThread to see how this is more science than fiction! 1/19
To start: pelvic floor disorders (PFDs) are a group of conditions (i.e. incontinence, prolapse, sexual dysfunction..) caused by weakening of the pelvic floor. 25% of women experience at least 1 PFD.
(@tenawomen may advertise that peeing yourself is normal, but it is not!) 2/19
A doctor needs to investigate your symptoms👩‍⚕️🔎
But how? Gone are the days of physical inspection (no thank you forceps), ultrasound (US) imaging is here!
US allows us to see the pelvic floor function in real time and in 3D! It is cheap, accessible and comfortable.
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Natuurlijk kunnen we niet zonder wetenschap en technologie. Kiezen voor #STEM is kiezen voor de toekomst, vertellen we de kinderen – althans via het onderwijs en @STEMplatform. Maar wat vertellen jeugdboeken? @UAntwerpen @UAntwerpenFLW #ThesisThread (1/20)
Ik bestudeerde in +100 hedendaagse jeugdboeken hoe zij wetenschappers en technologen portretteren. Ideeën over wie wetenschap uitvoert, bepalen immers mee hoe mensen naar wetenschap kijken – elke #STEMinist is van tel. @hHetty @AnnDooms @avombergen @FChombar (2/20) Image
Ook personages in fictie en non-fictie zijn een toetssteen. Zoals mensen zich spiegelen aan anderen, zo doen zij dat ook met personages. Op die manier helpen personages om na te denken over de invulling van wetenschap en technologie. (3/20) Image
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Do you eat meat or other animal products?
Should you?

Last month, I defended my PhD thesis about perceptions of vegetarians and vegans (short: veg*ns) in promoting #plantbased diets.

Why did I pursue this topic and what did I discover?
Find out in this #ThesisThread.

Why this topic? The widespread consumption of animal products🥓🥛🍳causes a lot of harm:
🐖billions of animals suffer & die each year
🌍it damages planetary health
💙threatens public health

👨‍🔬To reduce these harms, we can adopt #plantbased diets


📢Calls for change by those who do not eat meat #vegetarians or other animal products #vegans are often challenged by the majority of people who continue to eat meat #omnivores.

❓How can veg*ns attract more omnivores and promote #plantbased diets?

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Wat de relatie is tussen spelende Joodse kinderen op een begraafplaats, het bewust breken van je heup en een fundamentele angst voor dichtslaande autodeuren... dat tonen dagboeken uit het Derde Rijk aan. #Holocaustresearch #wecom #phd #UAntwerpen #VUB #fwo #thesisthread (1/20) Image
#AnneFrank leerde de wereld met haar dagboek hoe het is om verdoken te leven. Hoe het leven in Duitse steden veranderde toen Hitler de macht greep op 1 januari 1933 en of er voor Joden nog veilige oorden waren, ook dat leren dagboeken uit 1933-1945. #Holocaustdiary (2/20) Image
Een blik op het leven in de stad is vernieuwend in Holocaust-onderzoek. Uit ethische verantwoordelijkheid werd lang gefocust op het leven in getto’s en concentratiekampen: massamoord vond hier plaats. Toch waren stedelijke veranderingen belangrijke stappen in dit proces. (3/20) Image
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This news article “Drunk man helps emergency services search for himself” appeared on the website of a Flemish newspaper. Would you consider clicking on it? #ThesisThread 🧵1/
You may not, but it was recently one of their most read articles on the news website. It may not come as a surprise that these “most read lists” are often filled with the “softer news”, funny or bizarre articles rather than the harder, political or economic news. 2/
We don’t think about it that much, but our behavior on news websites is increasingly put into numbers by #analytics software. That is then aggregated into metrics like “clicks” or “time on page” that give an indication of popularity. But what are those numbers good for?📊3/
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Last week, I defended my Phd on 'The relevance of muscle fiber typology in sports'🎓.

Next to the PhD, I also made a practical & illustrated guide for the general public & sport coaches!

Following thread summarizes the most important findings.👇👇

What is the muscle fiber typology?

Two different types of muscle fibers are responsible for production of movements:

👉slow-twitch 🔴 & fast-twitch fibers ⭕️

Both types are present in all muscles, but their proportion differs between individuals & determines the 'myotype'.
Why are muscle fibers important?

Muscle fibers have different properties (see picture👇), which result in different characteristics.

Slow-twitch fibers 🔴 are made for low-intensity & long lasting activities


Fast-twitch fibers ⭕️ are made for fast & powerful actions.
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In this thread, I will concisely explain what my #PhD (in history), which I defended last month (@UAntwerpen), is about. #ThesisThread #twitterstorians #medievaltwitter

If you're interested in premodern (or late medieval) famines and grain price shocks, read on! 👇 1/20
The big debate within the study of hunger and food crises largely hinges on the question of if the production rather than the allocation of food was decisive in the development of famine.

The (inter)regional trade in food is crucial in that debate. 2/20
A lot of research has focussed on how poorly functioning markets caused famines, while we shall see that this was not the case in 14th C Flanders. Furthermore, that 14th C is perfect to study these price shocks, as it is central in the debate on the late medieval crisis. 3/20
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Ever think about changing the world, by starting in Europe? #thesisthread #ECI
Ever heard of the European Citizens' Initiative, to join forces with millions of kindred spirits? #thesisthread #ECI
Not as easy as 1.2.3... But so worth it! TTIP, Stop Vivisection, End the Cage Age... Your idea next? #thesisthread #ECI
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