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9 Nov
In honor of Ep. 200 of @PlanetMicroCap, thought I’d put together a thread of #MicroCap #Investing observations over the years since launching the pod in July 2015. I’m not a great tweeter, nor sharer of wise, philosophical, investor-y quotes, but this was fun to reflect...
Would love to see some of your takes from the show over the years, please forgive typos or poor punctuation...
MicroCap stocks are unique and still an inefficient market: giant universe of companies, most institutions stay away even from the quality ones, management teams are accessible, and yet, most tend to shy away from looking here usually b/c of bias, myths
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8 Nov
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Compounders Season 1: Highlights, Lessons and Takeaways | Compounders: The Anatomy of a Multibagger @BenClaremon

Thank you for listening to Season 1! Season 2 coming soon...

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Ep. 199 - Merger Arbitrage, Naked Wines and Value Traps with Luis Sanchez, Investor/Founder of LVS Advisory | Planet MicroCap Podcast @LuisVSanchez777 @PlanetMicroCap #Investing #Education


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