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"Knowledge is Power: Missouri v Biden Deep Dive"
#ICYMI @ThaWoodChipper with @JenLawrence21 did a deep dive of the #MissouriVsBiden case, using the awesome thread done by @tracybeanz of @UncoverDC.
Links to #TwitterSpace recordings, analysis, and documentation can be found in…… Image
@ThaWoodChipper @JenLawrence21 @tracybeanz @UncoverDC 🔥"New #TwitterFiles Supplemental drop review. Additional #censorship tools and departments within our Government."

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#ICYMI We have some amazing news - Tweet Binder is joining the Audiense family! 🚀

“We are thrilled to announce our second acquisition with the addition of @TweetBinder.” - @javierburon, Audiense CEO & Co-founder

Let’s dive into the full story.

We’ve known @fjabrego and the @TweetBinder team for over a decade, way back when we were SocialBro and our FollowFriday(.)com service still existed.
By combining the power of Tweet Binder and Audiense Connect, we’re creating the most complete suite of Twitter analytics and insights on the market.

This robust martech stack is for the social media, marketing, and audience strategists and researchers of the future.
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Our latest policy briefing is out!
The Coverage principle ensures all relevant corporate vehicles are included in the scope of #BeneficialOwnership disclosure requirements. Why is this important?
Read the full briefing here:… Image
The briefing explains that, to generate actionable and usable data across the widest set of policy aims, #BeneficialOwnership disclosure requirements should apply to all corporate vehicles through or by which assets can be owned, benefitted from, and controlled.
#ICYMI, the Open Ownership Principles set out best practice standards for effective #BeneficialOwnership disclosure.
Read the Principles here:
#transparency #OpenData #disclosure
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1/ A quick recap of March at DappRadar 🔥🧵⬇️ Image
2/ Not to toot our own horn, but in March, DappRadar received 3,390 media mentions. 🎉 Image
3/ Either hosting or attending events, last month was full of insightful discussions.

Stay tuned for the upcoming ones! ⏳ Image
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1/📣#GITwitter last but not least
#ShortBowelSyndrome #MNIBDTweetorial🧵w @valcohranmd @DCharabaty

🤝Role of MDT 4 strongest 💪team
🏥Intestinal rehab. program breakdown

🏆#CME ℹ️
Support by an edu grant from @TakedaPharma

📌Where r u in your career?
2/#MondayNightIBD #ShortBowelSyndrome #MedTwitter #GITwitter #MedPeds #BonumCE

🟠Earn #CME 🏆on Twitter!
🟠Full CME ℹ️ 🔗

📸 Faculty disclosures & important CME info 👇 Image
#IBDPoll 1️⃣

➡️50-yo pt w 1y hx of SBS after multiple short bowel resections for stricturing Crohn’s
Labs show dehydration & nutrient deficiencies
U discuss initiating #ParenteralNutrition

➡️You focus on educating pt on which of the possible complications...
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#ICYMI Earlier this week, I wrote a post @DukeFirearmsLaw laying out some of my findings from an in-depth review of the 174 Second Amendment fed court decisions issued in the first 8 months after Bruen came down. It showed huge effects in the aftermath.…
I also made public the spreadsheet I used to categorize these cases, so folks could check my math & see the type & variety of claims coming down & how I classified each of them.

📶That spreadsheet is available here 👇…
I disclosed the assumptions I made & people can quibble with details, but the full picture seems undeniable. Bruen's been monumental.

Here's what I found for the percent of cases in which at least one claim won:

✴️31.6% of civil cases
✴️6.6.% of crim cases
✴️12.1% all cases
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Very proud to work with @averytravistv on the @KXAN_News investigative team! She’s been relentless in her pursuit of answers and accountability following the recent winter weather disaster in Central Texas! Check out her latest: #KXANinvestigates
Here’s another @KXAN_News report from @averytravistv during the outages last week, based on more than a year of building her expertise on this topic: #KXANinvestigates
And here’s @averytravistv’s original @KXAN_News investigation on this topic a year after the deadly 2021 winter storm: #ICYMI #KXANinvestigates
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📣#GITwitter #PedsGI

⚕️Join experts @valcohranmd @Subramanian1MD ⚕️& @DCharabaty addressing the long & the short of:

🎯Optimizing care of #ShortBowelSyndrome

🏆🆓 #CME 🔗
Supported by an edu grant @TakedaPharma
2/#MondayNightIBD #GITwitter #PedsGI #MedEd #MedTwitter #MNIBDWebinar #BonumCE

Earn 🆓 #CME 🎫
ℹ️ 🔗

📸 Faculty disclosures & important CME info 👇 Image
3/#MondayNightIBD #GITwitter #PedsGI #MedEd #MedTwitter #MNIBDWebinar #BonumCE

🟠Full CME ℹ️ 🔗
🟠Make sure you answer the pre-polls! 👉

🔴 Where are you in your career?
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@realDonaldTrump @QLightening @elonmusk Q: An example of stoic, calculated discernment, cares about abused children and those who are otherwise politically unrepresented.

NeverQ: You are crazy you are dumb you are a joke you are wasting your time
@realDonaldTrump @QLightening @elonmusk #NeverQ : "I will never do research on the corruption of the individuals and institutions that Q has mentioned. If I do any research, it will be to discredit Q and anons. But, I've found it's much easier to just make fun of them."

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🔔Set your⏰
🗓TODAY, Mon 30 Jan @ 🇺🇸 2-2:30p ET/11a PT
🇪🇺7p GMT/8p CEST

⭐️Best of #IBD from #UEGWeek
👉🙋🏻LIVE Q&A w @Iris_Dotan @CharlieMuz @MRegueiroMD & @DCharabaty

📲Tweet your❓b4 & during the session
🗒Abstracts discussed📸👇
#CME ℹ️

#ICYMI 🎥🔗👇
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@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @TakedaPharma 2/ #MondayNightIBD #ShortBowelSyndrome #MedTwitter #GITwitter #MedPeds @BonumCe

🟠Earn #CME 🏆on Twitter!
🟠Full CME ℹ️ 🔗

📸 Faculty disclosures & important CME info 👇 Image
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @TakedaPharma 3/#MondayNightIBD

💊💉Meds = important 🛠 in mgmt of #ShortBowelSyndrome

💎Antimotility & antisecretory agents frequently used to control stool loss
💎Incl loperamide, diphenoxylate w atropine, codeine, & tincture of opium
💎Most effective ~30 min B4 meals & @ bedtime 🛏
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @TakedaPharma 4/Growth factors also available for #ShortBowelSyndrome
🚦Somatropin (rhGH) approved in SBS
🛑Use largely discontinued due to unacceptable toxicity & modest long-term efficacy

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#ThrowbackThursday. When #NevrePoilievre not only amplified the blatant lie made up by #Conservative MP Mark Strahl, but PP used the lie to data mine off it as well. #PierrePoilievreIsBroken #PierrePoilievreMustGo #PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou #cdnpoli #EmergenciesAct Image
And of course, #ICYMI, #PierrePoilievreMustGo figured that since the #BrianeFromChilliwack lie worked so well, that he’d make up his own fictitious ‘victim’. #MustafaFromCalgary.

#PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou #cdnpoli Image
Thanks @JohnCRoscoe for this. Apparently you can’t even start the process of getting married in Cuba from 🇨🇦 w/o a copy of your passport. Once again #PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou. Either that or he’s a gullible fool. Both options make him unfit for public office. #WhereIsMustafa Image
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A dollop of drama for your Monday morning as the alleged drug-fuelled sex cult story unravels 👀💣

1. FTX’s higher-ups reportedly encouraged new employees to try amphetamine and other stimulants.

@carolinecapital Image
2. FTX’s ten executives – including SBF, Caroline Ellison, co-founder Gary Wang – were at some point romantically involved and dated one another. 😬
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9 mai 2022, Thierry Breton se rend en personne à Austin au Texas pour rencontrer Elon Musk dans son usine Tesla. Le souhait de Musk de racheter Twitter n'agite pas que le réseau social.
Après un entretien privé, une courte vidéo est enregistrée. Image
Breton s'adresse à Musk sur un ton très professoral malgré une certaine bonhommie. Il semble lui avoir rappelé les règles européennes de régulation concernant Twitter. Musk, affable, acquiesce.
4 octobre 2022, après quelques turpitudes, Musk relance son offre d'achat de 44 Milliards de $.
Le 28 octobre, c'est par ce message laconique qu'il dévoile la conclusion : " l'oiseau est libéré "
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📽️Watch NOW & Summit #HCC Mts🏔---🧗🏽AEs w AA ICIs & combos--- 🧗‍♂️Practical approaches & nuances---🧭w @MarkYarchoan @marinabaretti @MPishvaian---🆓#CME BonumCE🔗… by edu grants from Eisai & @Merck---#TumorBoardTuesday…
🪂BEFORE diving in 🪂…
🔗👇open link below (right click🖱️> open in 🆕tab)
✅ Answer #PreTest polls
🔁Retweet & tag colleagues
3/ #TumorBoardTuesday #HCC #OncTwitter #GITwitter #LiverTwitter

🟠Earn 🆓 #CME 🏆
🟠#CME ℹ️🔗

📸 Faculty disclosures & important CME info 👇 Image
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#ICYMI: Lagos King Flees Community With Daughter To Save Her From #FGM 🙏🏽
#Nigeria: A Lagos State monarch in Ashasa kingdom of Agbowa, His Royal Highness, Adekoya Adeolu Olaonipekun has fled his community to escape attacks by armed hoodlums, who reportedly invaded his residence
over his refusal to present his daughter for #FGM.
The monarch, who alleged threat to his life, disclosed that he lost his first child, Adekoya Grace Olushola, to the traditional rites when she was circumcised and later died of #tetanus infection at the age of 7.
Olushola died of
tetanus infection caused by the genital mutilation as established by a #Medical report issued by Dr A.A. Ajibike, a senior medical officer at the Lagos State University Teaching #Hospital, LASUTH.
The sad news of the death of his beloved #daughter, the monarch explained, was
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#ICYMI: A Mother's Cry - Save Me, He's Been Beating me Because I Refused #FGM On Our Daughter!
#Nigeria: Naomi Jolly (an accountant at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital) has cried out to the police how her husband (a medical doctor) has been serially battering her over
her refusal to circumcise their daughter.
She told police interrogators that when she was subjected to FGM, she almost bled to death years ago.
“It all started in December 2015 when I gave birth to my daughter, Amanda. After delivery, my husband asked me what I know about female
circumcision and I told him I don’t like it at all. I narrated my own experience to him. That was when I was 12 years. My parents did it and I bled to the point of death. So I said to him that I will not want anyone to have such an experience.
“He said that’s why he wants our
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#ICYMI Only received one transmission from early morning Ghosts in the Air Glow HAARP broadcast, 9.5 MHz. Lower #HAARP frequencies didn't reach Oklahoma.
I've already programmed recording schedule for tomorrow morning event.
HAARP signal 9.5 MHz 23 Oct 0607-0612 UT. Location : Oklahoma, Receiver : USB SDR, Antenna: 30ft wire terminated with 18 inch coil filled with iron mereorite fragments. #HAARP #swl #shortwave #radio
Termination of my 30 ft wire antenna with this.. 18 inch coil filled with iron mereorite fragments.
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#ICYMI, we recently launched Shopping Ads — a 3-in-1 solution with new formats to adopt and combine: Video Shopping Ads, Catalog Listing Ads, and LIVE Shopping Ads.
Here's the breakdown from #TikTokWorld2022: 🧵 (1/4)
Video Shopping Ads place hyper-relevant, shoppable videos across the FYP to connect you with customers most likely to buy. 🛍️
@AEO used Video Shopping Ads to promote their recent summer collection — driving sales with 40% higher ROAS. #TikTokWorld2022 (2/4)
Catalog Listing Ads help scale + maximize conversion beyond the FYP, driving viewers to a new shoppable destination featuring products from merchant catalogs.
@ultabeauty used CLAs to scale more than 1K SKUs and saw a 76% lower cost per Add to Cart.
#TikTokWorld2022 (3/4)
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#ICYMI Residents of Kondo Village in Chipinge District, Zimbabwe are celebrating a massive legal victory after the High Court of Zimbabwe ordered that the Chipinge Rural District Council stop urbanising the Kondo Communal Lands without following due process.
The Court also ordered the District Council to pay attorney fees for the applicants on the case.
The council had issued eviction notices and demarcated communal land without seeking consent from the community.
Read more about the history of these disputes here:

PLAAS senior researcher Dr Phillan Zamchiya has called for an urgent moratorium on evictions of people living on customary land. Read more here:
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Thread 🧵- Phase by phase scoring rate (batting run-rate) of ICC full member teams in T20I, since the start of 2020, as of 24th Sept 2022:
Powerplay (Overs 1-6):
1. India= 8.48,
2. WI= 8.37
3. Eng= 8.18
4. Aus= 8.15
5. SA= 8.07
6. Ire= 7.95
7. Afg= 7.65
8. NZ= 7.62
9. Pak= 7.12
10. Zim= 6.92
11. Sri= 6.87
12. Bang= 6.44 >>
Middle-overs (Overs 7-16):
1. Eng= 8.72
2. NZ= 8.41
3. Ind= 8.35
4. SA= 8.21
5. Pak= 8.15
6. Aus= 7.69
7. WI= 7.52
8. Ire= 7.18
9. Afg= 7.10
10. Zim= 6.96
11. Sri= 6.91
12. Bang= 6.91 >>
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From visiting scholars, and faculty discussions to movie screenings, a lot is happening at @FletcherRussia.

Stay updated with this week's top analyses, opinions, and event updates from @FletcherSchool's @FletcherRussia on #RussiaUkraineWar + other Eurasian affairs. Image
"Three stories Russians tell themselves about the war in Ukraine — and why they point to a long conflict."

Read @FletcherSchool #FletcherProf @dandrezner's analysis of reasons why Russians believe they can win the war in #Ukraine. @voxdotcom… Image
Crucial perspective from @FletcherSchool's Dean Emeritus @stavridisj on Russia's recent mobilization:

"It will take months before Russia’s reserve troops can be brought into battle, where they will likely perform even worse than the frontline forces." Image
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(1) #ICYMI - Time for a roundup of #myart documenting current events from my somewhat twisted perspective. Big love to those who retweet and all that stuff, it is appreciated. Special shoutout to @BaddCompani, thank you. As usual, prints available.
(2) #ICYMI - Time for a roundup of #myart documenting current events from my somewhat twisted perspective. Big love to those who retweet and all that stuff, it is appreciated. Special shoutout to @BaddCompani for his support. As usual, prints available.
(3) #ICYMI - Time for a roundup of #myart documenting current events from my somewhat twisted perspective. Big love to those who retweet and all that stuff, it is appreciated. Special shoutout to @BaddCompani, you rock. As usual, prints available.
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