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Ecologist. Antifa. Born 354 ppm. Independent top candidate for European Parliament on the list of @dieLinke. Climate Justice, Biodiversity & Agriculture
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Jan 15 17 tweets 3 min read
Ich war heute bei #B1501: Das war eine Mischung aus allem Möglichen. Teils Bauern, teils Ampel-muss-weg-Kram, der nix mit Bauern zu tun hatte. #Lindner wurde ausgebuht und das zu Recht. Warum? Eine Menge von Demonstrierenden in Berlin. Rechts unten im Bild ist Carola Rackete. In der Mitte halten Menschen ein Plakat hoch, auf dem steht "Landwirt:innen gegen RECHTS". Zunächst mal ist die Landwirtschaft genau wie Gesundheit, ÖPNV oder Bildung fundamental für unsere Gesellschaft. Die aktuelle Agrarpolitik funktioniert nicht, weder ökologisch noch sozial.
Jan 5 18 tweets 3 min read
Rechte und AfD versuchen für ihre eigenen Zwecke in die #Bauernproteste einzusteigen und die Bauern stehen zunehmend als rechte Deppen da. Ihre Anliegen hört niemand mehr. Aber warum sind die Bauern so wütend? 1/ Es gibt einen ganzen Blumenstrauß verschiedener landwirtschaftlicher Probleme. Die Agrarpolitik der letzten Jahrzehnte wurde maßgeblich von CDU/CSU gemacht und sie wurde schlecht gemacht. 2/
Nov 28, 2023 9 tweets 2 min read
Yesterday I visited the 'Collettivo di Fabbrica' at the former factory of automotive supplier GKN near Florence. It's a laboratory for the social & ecological restructuring of industry - driven by workers & activists. Here's why:
🧵 (1/9) Carola Rackete and the workers of Insorgiamo. About 2.5 years years ago, around 500 GKN workers received their redundancy letters as the company was taken over by a British private equity fund.
Jul 17, 2023 11 tweets 2 min read
Leute, ich kandidiere für's Europaparlament! Damit habt ihr nicht gerechnet? Dann ratet erstmal mit wem... mit @dieLinke! Warum es mich als Bewegungs-Ökologin parteilos nach Brüssel zieht und weshalb wir die LINKE #GemeinsamNeu machen müssen, möchte ich hier erklären. Ein Portrait von Carola Rackete mit dem Zitat: „Das sozial-ökologische Desaster in dem wir leben, lässt sich aus dem Parlament allein nicht beheben. Ohne eine stabile linke Partei aber auch nicht. Deswegen müssen wir DIE LINKE jetzt #GemeinsamNeu machen - dafür will ich in's Europaparlament." Vorab: diese Entscheidung ist mir nicht leicht gefallen. Im letzten Jahr habe ich mich wiederholt gefragt, wo der beste Platz im Ökosystem unserer Bewegung für mich ist. Wo kann ich in den nächsten Jahren des #ClimateEmergency den größten Unterschied machen?
Apr 12, 2023 31 tweets 12 min read
Some words – indeed a long 🧵 – on Antarctica, having recently returned from a fin whale population survey on RV Maria S Merian.

Thoughts on krill, climate and green-washing. And what to do.

Pictures by whale scientist @kenneders 1/x Image Twitter crashed twice while I was writing on this thread so I gave up and will write it piece by piece.. sorry. 2/x
Dec 20, 2022 11 tweets 3 min read
A couple of words on the biodiversity treaty negotiated in Montreal. #COP15montreal

It could have failed completely so an agreement is a good step.

However, it is not legally binding and therefore different from Paris Agreement. 1/x It is also not the first such agreement though many news outlets claim that..

In 2010 in Aichi 20 quite good targets were set, however, none of them were achieved until 2020.

Similar to climate treaties the problem is implementation not primarily targets. 2/x
Feb 28, 2022 8 tweets 4 min read
This year, I thought it would be important to create stronger links between climate justice, peace/disarmament and migration movements.

Whatever you are personally most engaged with, all of these are interconnected.

Here is a very short thread with some resources🧵 First of all, this is what the head of the Ukrainian delegation said yesterday at the #IPCC meeting

"Human-induced climate change and the war on Ukraine have the same roots -- fossil fuels -- and our dependence on them,"…
Jan 29, 2022 7 tweets 3 min read
150.000 Maasai in Tanzania face violent eviction from their lands in February.

In Loliondo bc of hunting reserve @OBC_Tanzania for UAE royal family, while Ngorongoro case involves @UNESCO and @IUCN.🧵

Don't allow land grabs of communities pastures & livelihoods @SuluhuSamia The Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the Loliondo were shaped as ecosystems by centuries of pastoralist use by the very Maasai communities who are now threatened with eviction. Without Maasai land use no such ecosystems. 2/x
Sep 1, 2021 15 tweets 5 min read
In the next days @IUCN is hosting its world conservation congress. But we need to scrutinise the solutions of the conservation industry from an angle of justice and rights.

A short 🧵why the alternative summit (watch online tomorrow!) is so important.1/x Why am I so interested in this topic? I studied a MSc in conservation management in the UK and I do think we all should criticise the sectors or industries we work in and push them to improve. Conservation has a racist, colonial past and in some places a neo-colonial present. 2/x
Jul 5, 2021 11 tweets 3 min read
The death of 43 people at sea doesn't create a fraction of the media attention compared to a pipeline rupture extinguished in 5 hours.

The worsening climate crisis - and pictures on social media - will not shock people into action. What matters is personal, real experience. 1/x I am not saying the pipeline rupture isn't terrible. But people care for 5 seconds and then move on. In case of shipwrecks hardly anyone cares. That's the risk we are facing with the climate crisis. Everyone getting used to people dying from heat strokes or wildfires. 2/x
Sep 22, 2020 12 tweets 3 min read
On the topic of my representation in the media. I find it frustrating.

If I see anyone writing an article saying "Carola the voice of the migrants" again, I will seriously consider to never speak to any journalist again. It seems mostly completely pointless.

Here is why.
First, as anyone can tell you, migrants and refugees have voices of their own. I have never claimed to speak for them. It's completely wrong to make it appear as if I was talking on behalf of someone else, I will never speak "for migrants" as they can speak for themselves.

Jun 29, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read
Some media frame questions about international maritime law as a matter of personal opinion and perspective.

Equally, human rights abuses of @Frontex, like their involvements in pushbacks at sea and land are facts - not opinions - and well documented.

1/x Push backs at the Croatian border

Jun 20, 2020 9 tweets 3 min read
Yesterday I wrote #AbolishFrontex and @Frontex started following me.

I think it's hard to make that hashtag trend cause my understanding is the majority of EU citizens don't know that agency even exists, less so what they do.

/1 Image The European border agency "protects" the EU external borders at land and sea.

Often, they protect it from people who try to get here to claim asylum. Why do people want to get here at all? Because of massive global inequality, caused by capitalism, colonialism, racism. /2
Apr 26, 2020 6 tweets 2 min read
Today it's the day of #Chernobyl disaster. Many people still suffer from health impacts.

A large part of the contaminated area is now a biosphere reserve (Ukraine & Belarus). Here some short parts of an interview I did in 12/18 with reserve educator Viktoria Melnychuk.

1/x Image "A lot of visitors are scared to come here, especially Ukrainians. There was no information. People didn't know what had happened and which process has been made since. We try to change this and provide information."

Apr 11, 2020 6 tweets 2 min read
I feel I have lived that same Easter weekend many years now: boats in distress and not enough help at all, while technically help is available.

Right now, not a single rescue ship bc of Covid-19. Refugees still flee the civil war and that won't stop. /1 Apart from rescue capacity we also lack the possibility to see and report what is going on in the Med. This week a Maltese gov vessel refused to rescue and destroyed the engine of a rubber boat as reported in a call to Alarm Phone. /2
Nov 29, 2019 7 tweets 5 min read
Today, I will be joining the #GlobalClimateStrike in Santiago de Chile with @FFFSantiago

Since many parents are rightly worried about the police violence, which has cost the lives of several people and left 200 blinded since September, they may not allow their kids to join.

/1 Image I will be staying in Santiago for the time of the climate conference #COP25 during which activist groups (who can't just easily travel to Madrid) will be organising as

1. Civil Society for Climate Action @SCAC_Chile and 2. People's Summit

/2 Image
Jul 30, 2019 5 tweets 2 min read
Hey all. Starting to use this account to further speak out against the erosion of human rights though my focus is and always will be the protection of our biosphere and prevention of climate breakdown. For all of those interconntected topics there is a clear need to act. /1 Overconsumption of nature's resources within our current growth-based economic system is driving the destruction of the very planet we are living on. If some dream of settling in space, be aware that this is also a form of migration and just as now only possible for the rich. /2