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Our new @NatureClimate paper just out! State-of-the-art estimates of economic impacts of climate change show that benefits of #ClimateAction outweigh the mitigation costs by a factor of 1.5 to 3.9 ➡️strong economic validation of #ParisAgreement 🔗 1/7
We combined climate impacts of
🟠sea-level rise,
🟡river floods,
🟢labour productivity,
🔵energy supply/demand,
🟤forestry and
⚫️road transportation
and transform this in financial costs. But not: ❌biodiversity loss❌health❌tipping points 2/7
For a 3°C scenario (RCP6.0, roughly current trend/baseline), economic impacts are 10-12% of GDP, with high regional differences. Even higher if sea-level rise adaptation is not optimal. 3/7
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Am Montag wurde der wichtigste Klimabericht des Jahrzehnts veröffentlicht, nachdem 195 Regierungen über die letzten Formulierungen gestritten hatten. Die einzigen Medien, die dabei sein durften, haben nun offengelegt, welche Staaten wofür lobbyiert haben. 1/
Danke an @NiranjanAjit für die fantastische Arbeit. Hier geht's zur vollständigen Recherche 2/
Das Earth Negotiations Bulletin durfte die Sitzungen der heiß umstrittenen Summary for Policymakers des #IPCC besuchen (wobei kein Zugang zu den Klausuren bestand, in denen die besonders detaillierten Diskussionen stattfanden). 3/…
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In recent #IPCC report, developing countries insisted a disclaimer be highlighted in a separate box. That models "do not make explicit assumptions about global equity, environmental justice or intra-regional income distribution." 🧵

For @carboncopyinfo…
So what does this disclaimer mean? What are the assumptions underlying modelled emission reduction pathways & why are they not driven by equity-based considerations like burden of energy transition on poorer countries?
Let's start with how models call for a rapid & drastic decline in only one fossil fuel which is primarily used in the developing world i.e. coal. A recent study by @FuelOnTheFire questioned the socio-political feasibility of such pathways & the leeway they provide for oil & gas
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“… hatte Wissings Ministerium bereits einen eigenen, weitgehenden Vorschlag vorgelegt. In ihm ist gar nicht vorgesehen, dass Autos ab 2035 nur unter der Bedingung mit Verbrennungsmotor zugelassen werden, dass sie keine Treibhausgase mehr ausstoßen”…
Jetzt haben @Wissing und @c_lindner endlich verraten, worum es ihnen in Wahrheit geht: Nicht um E-Fuels, nicht un “Technologieoffenheit”, sondern einfach darum, dass sich gar nichts ändert. Und das im Angesicht des neuen #IPCC-Berichts und des Versagens des @bmdv bei Sektorzielen
Hate to say I told you so.…
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We often talk in terms of future projections, but here's the thing: climate change is already driving major increases in food insecurity and malnutrition. A short #IPCC report🧵
"Increasing weather and climate extreme events have exposed millions of people to acute food insecurity (food insecurity with a severity that threatens lives, livelihoods or both)."
Food production is already constrained by changing weather conditions.
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It's fossil profits or life.

Achieving a full phase out of fossil fuels as demanded by the #IPCC means an end to fossil profits.

Yet they are still on the rise. The oil and gas industry has delivered $2.8bn a day in unearned profit for the last 50 years. A total of $52tn.
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9 years in the making, yesterday's #IPCC 6th assessment report synthesises a 6000-page (?) summary of climate and related sciences, and is arranged around 18 'headline statements'

I'm going to try and summarise it in 18 plain-language tweets 😬
1/ By burning stuff & emitting gasses we’ve DEFINITELY heated the world by 1.1C, but we haven’t stopped doing it. Wealthy countries and individuals have contributed much more to the problem, so we’re not equally to blame
2/ This has already had massive impacts on the weather, the oceans and the living world, everywhere on Earth. These changes have been catastrophic for people and nature, but those who have contributed least to the problem are the ones paying most of the costs
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Something I find infuriating in certain corners of UK discourse is the idea that addressing climate is a threat to working classes. It’s not. It’s a massive opportunity to make things better *if we get it right*. The biggest threat to all of us is the status quo.
The earth is warming, devastating people and places around the world, driven by governments and fossil fuel shareholders who are making more money than ever before while people spiral into destitution because of soaring energy bills.
Workers have to fight tooth and nail for a basic liveable wage while shareholders rake it in and plough their money into oil and gas investments. Lowest living standards on record. Climate in breakdown. People and ecosystems disappearing.
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nuevo informe del #IPCC sobre
La comunidad científica con mayor conocimiento del mundo sobre el cambio climático (e -IPCC-) acaba de publicar su última evaluación sobre la #emergenciaclimática y cómo abordarla. #EMERGENCIACLIMATICA Image
Es un informe crucial que llega en un momento clave, justo cuando los Gobiernos están evaluando las políticas puestas en marcha en estos últimos ocho años, en el marco del Acuerdo de París, aprobado en 2015. El veredicto de los científicos es este:
via @greenpeace_esp Image
“Todavía existen opciones para asegurar un futuro habitable y sostenible, pero lograrlo es cada vez más difícil, la ventana de oportunidad se está cerrando rápidamente”.

“Para ello, se necesitan cambios rápidos y muy ambiciosos en todos los sectores y a todas las escalas”.
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This amazing figure from yesterday's #IPCC report shows the potential of different approaches to mitigate climate change

It exposes two common misconceptions about 'natural climate solutions'
First, BECCS (growing trees or logging forests to burn for energy) has very limited potential compared to solar and wind

Since it also destroys nature and competes for land with food, it is bad news. Burning trees is not a climate solution
Second, protecting existing forests is more important than planting trees

A forest of mature trees is also an irreplaceable community of beings that provides essential services, while a plantation of saplings is not
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14. März: @welt behauptet Kipppunkte gibt’s wohl gar nicht, sind „Fata Morgana“.
20. März: #IPCC-Bericht warnt vor wachsendem Klima-Kipppunkte-Risiko. „High confidence“ heißt wissenschaftlich gut belegt.
Wem glauben? Bericht hunderter Forscher oder medialen Klimaskeptikerthesen?
Die Aussagen des #IPCC sind auch nicht neu; der Synthesebericht fasst nur zusammen was ausführlicher schon im 6. Bericht (Teil 1) dargestellt war. Hier Screenshots daraus. Über viele Kipppunkte gibt es „high confidence“, sie sind gut belegt.
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Es basiert alles auf gefälschten Daten.

Die kompletten #Climategate eMails können hier nachgelesen werden. Wer in die Abgründe wissenschaftlicher #Korruption eintauchen will, dem sei der Link empfohlen. 👇 Image
Acht Abbildungen, die zeigen, dass die menschengemachte #Klimakrise ein #Computermodell, und #keineRealität, ist.
1/2 ImageImageImageImage
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Exactly. So why are false solutions such a big problem? And why don't we need them?

A thread in the context of today's newly published #IPCC report 🧵
In the face of an undeniably changing climate, the fossil fuel industry and other high-emissions industries, as well as the banks, financiers and other actors who prop them up, have had to invent new tactics. For decades, the tactic was simple: lie
The lies run deep + long. New research this year showed that #ExxonKnew. Their scientists predicted global warming with shocking accuracy yet repeatedly exaggerated climate science uncertainties. Read an important thread from report author @GeoffreySupran
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10 key quotes from the IPPC report

1. “There is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all”

> What is at stake? – everything…

“The choices and actions implemented in this decade [ie by 2030] will have impacts now and for thousands of years”

> After a 10,000-year journey, human civilisation has reached a climate crossroads

#IPCC #climatecrisis
“For any given future warming level, many climate-related risks are higher than [previously] assessed.”

> it is even worse than we thought

#IPCC #climatecrisis
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#IPCC Synthesis report is out - what does it mean for climate messages and behavior change?

1 - Of course, there are no surprises, this is a synthesis of all the reports already published. Policy makers will comb through the fine print but for comms worth noting...
2 - The news isn’t good, obvs. But IPCC go into great depth on how much each tiny increment of warming matters. That’s to lower the obsession on ‘1.5 or bust’ messages will reinforce doomism if/when 1.5 is missed. Note the highlighted passage. IPCC v firm that we CAN slow this!
3- The highlighted line below is one I expect to be seen repeated. IPCC reinforces that this is happening on our watch, that our choices matter today. This will be used to draw everyones attention back from 2050 targets and to immediate action in next 7 years.
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What is the new #IPCC AR6 report, and what's it about?

The report is written by hundreds of climate scientists, summarising thousands of papers.

It's basically the world's climate scientists saying "If You Read One Thing This Decade, Read This."…

2) This #IPCC report catalogues a terrifying flood of evidence that climate impacts are far worse, harming billions more people, than was predicted just a few years ago.

It marks a shift from climate change talked about as something in the future, to something that IS happening
3) The #IPCC report confirms what communities are telling us: that floods, droughts, cyclones & rising sea levels are increasing in intensity & frequency.

And that it is those in the Global South, particularly marginalised ppl and especially women, who are suffering the most.
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Today because of the #IPCC report (it's isn't good news), I feel the need to remind you that participating in sustainable and ethical fashion is a crucial part of fighting the climate crisis. I get new people every so often so it's always a good time to revisit the facts.
Mitigating the climate crisis sounds scary and hard. But that's only because we have poor leadership. Many of the solutions to this ALREADY EXIST! We just need the type of leadership that will implement. This is an opportunity to create a revolutionary moment for humanity.
I know you feel powerless. I know I have in the past. I know that people tell you that individual action is pointless. But you know what individual action creates? A cultural shift. And without individual action, we will never have that societal and cultural shift.
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Was uns jungen Menschen auf der ganzen Welt bevorsteht, lässt sich nicht in Worte fassen.

Wenn der klimapolitische Kurswechsel ausbleibt, sind wir eine verlorene Generation - geopfert für eine zusätzliche Dekade des Weiter-wie-Bisher.

Wie viele #IPCC-Berichte braucht es noch?
📢@FFF_Austria protestierte heute vor dem Bundeskanzleramt für ein wirksames #Klimaschutzgesetz.

Wenn Kanzler #Nehammer den Krisen unserer Zeit nicht gewachsen ist, soll er zurücktreten und anderen den Platz überlassen.
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Heute hat der Weltklimarat (#IPCC), der sich aus den weltweit führenden Klimawissenschaftler:innen zusammensetzt, den Sythese-Teil seines umfassenden 6. Sachstandsbericht vorgelegt. Ein 🧵Thread mit den zentralen Aussagen:
Bei der Pressekonferenz meinte UNO-Generalsekretär Guterres: "Dieser Bericht ist ein klarer Aufruf, die Klimabemühungen in jedem Land und jedem Sektor massiv zu beschleunigen. Unsere Welt braucht Klimamaßnahmen an allen Fronten: alles, überall, auf einmal."
1. Klimakrise ist jetzt: Klimabedingte Wetterextreme haben in allen Regionen zu einer Zunahme der Todesfälle durch immer stärkere Hitzewellen und zur Zerstörung von Millionen von Menschenleben durch Dürren und Überschwemmungen geführt.
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Hetki sitten julkaistu #IPCC:n koontiraportti vetää yhteen aiempien raporttien tiedot #ilmastokriisi'stä ja sen ratkaisemisesta.

Tässä koottuna tiivistykset kolmesta sen pohjalla olevasta #AR6-osaraportista.

Ensimmäinen osaraportti tarkasteli ilmaston kuumenemisen tilaa ja syitä.

Se osoitti mm., että muutamme ilmastoa peruuttamattomasti vuosituhansiksi eteenpäin.…

Toinen osaraportti paneutui kuumenemisen vaikutuksiin ja niihin sopeutumiseen.

Se kertoi mm., että ilmastokriisi kohtelee ihmisiä hyvin eriarvoisesti.…

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📔 There's a report out today, signed off by governments across the world, including the UK.

In a statement to launch the #IPCC report, @antonioguterres said:

No new coal
Cease all licensing or funding of new oil and gas
Stop any expansion of existing oil and gas reserves.
is failing to follow.…
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#IPCC SYR Figure SPM.3 shows how projected impacts indicate rising pressures on ecosystems, human health, crops and fisheries with higher global warming. These projections are without additional adaptation, but underscore the urgency of prevention and preparation. @IPCC_CH 1/5
These examples are some of the multiple lines of evidence used in more comprehensive underlying assessments within WGII chapters on land and ocean ecosystems, health and food. Those chapters also provide info on adaptation options. 2/5
Thanks to William Cheung for leading on this figure, and figure team members @christrisos, @gueladiocisse, and Meeyoung Ha
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Sechster #IPCC-Sachstandsbericht ist draußen. Und für die zögernde unklare Politik der #FDP sowie der #CDUCSU enthält er mehrere Ohrfeigen.
Die Erde ist an dem Punkt angelangt, an dem die Politik zwingend bestimmen muss, dass jetzt gehandelt werden muss. Wir können nicht warten.
Eine Begrenzung auf +1,5 °C über dem Referenzwert wird kaum noch zu halten sein. Auch das Halten von +2 °C über Referenzwert wird schwierig.
Es muss tiefgreifend und schnell gehandelt werden, in diesem Jahrzehnt.
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