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What does gender equity have to do with climate change? A lot - according to science. It sits within the larger issue of #climatejustice.

A brief thread on Gender in the #IPCC #WGII and #WGIII reports. TL;DR: Discourse has shifted from women as victims to agents of change. 🧵🧵
Let's start with the #WGII key message. Emphasis on 'for all' mine - but this is key. Climate action must be for everyone/ especially the most marginalised, like women often are. 'For all' comes from #SDGs in case you missed it.
AR6 is different from previous reports - it centres around equity and justice. It identifies LOTS of adaptation strategies around the world, but notes that many of these are not effective. BUT: Adaptation solutions that are effective and feasible conform to principles of justice.
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Kaum berichtet, daher als Thread: Die fossile Industrie rund um @Chevron @Shell @bp_plc @exxonmobil plant "im Stillen" eine Vielzahl von Öl- und Gasprojekten, die das Klima über die int. vereinbarten Grenzen hinaus anheizen und katastrophale Auswirkungen haben würden #klimakrise
Die kurzfristigen Expansionspläne der fossilen Industrie sehen den Beginn von Öl- und Gasprojekten vor, die Treibhausgase in einer Größenordnung produzieren werden, die den CO2-Emissionen von China, dem größten Umweltverschmutzer der Welt, in einem Jahrzehnt entsprechen.
Dazu zählen 195 (!) "Kohlenstoffbomben" - Öl- und Gasprojekte, von denen jedes während seiner Lebensdauer > eine Mrd. Tonnen CO2-Emissionen verursachen würde. Bei etwa 60 Prozent der Projekte haben die Förderarbeiten schon begonnen.
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Yesterday we sent a comment letter to the Office of Science & Technology Policy in the @WhiteHouse.

We urged @POTUS to curb the climate pollution associated w digital currencies relying on increasing amounts of electricity to mine & validate transactions.…
Unlike other industries that are subject to energy efficiency standards or pollution limits, crypto mining is like the wild, wild west right now.

With no guardrails to protect our climate and our economy, miners will do whatever makes them the quickest and easiest buck.
Miners increasingly rely on fossil fuels: The CO2 emissions from mining Ethereum & Bitcoin in 2021 equaled the tailpipe emissions of over 15 million gas-powered cars.

The most recent #IPCC report in April called soaring energy use of digital currencies a “growing concern.”
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#PB planetary_boundaries
5_pollution: Plastic, Microplastics, Glyphosate, 350 000 Chemicals
6_water 26.04.2022
0_human_population Image
#PB planetary_boundaries
1_climate_change #PB1
#PB planetary_boundaries
2_biodiversity_loss_&_extinction #PB2
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‼️ NEW ‼️

Analysis from @ciel_tweets & @boell_stiftung: "#IPCC Unsummarized: Unmasking Clear Warnings on Overshoot, Techno-fixes, and the Urgency of Climate Justice" ➡️…

Key takeaways in this thread 🧵👇
Early this month, the @IPCC_CH published the Contributions of Working Group III to the Sixth Assessment Report.

The subject? Mitigation of #ClimateChange.

#IPCC #ClimateReport #ActOnClimate
Like previous #IPCC Reports, this one demonstrates:
🚩#ClimateChange is a present emergency
🚩Each increment of warming accelerates the scale & severity of the crisis
🚩Phasing out ALL #FossilFuels is the quickest & most effective way to end #ClimateChaos.…
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This is a screenshot of the opening tweet in a thread of specific statements and charts from the #IPCC over the past few years.
I'll post a link to the thread in the next tweet, but in case I annoy its author and get blocked, I want the images to support my comments.
1a. Here's the link to his thread. I recommend reading it, if only to understand how profoundly our most respected scientific climate agency has failed us.
Not in their facts. They've got the facts. In their conclusions.
2. Here's the punch line:
"Rapid and deep and in most cases immediate greenhouse gas emissions reductions in all sectors."
See that word "immediate"?
That does not mean "in 2030." Or even "by 2030."
At no point does #IPCC advocate for any action which has this result. Immediate.
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I approve of Rachel and her work, but - we live in a society, a country, where this news article will be reprinted every 3 days forever except with new names.
Same with climate disasters. #IPCC reports.
I don't go to movies, but if I correctly understand the premise of Groundhog
2. Day, we live in it.
I am not in any way exaggerating when I tell you that I have been listening to the same promises and predictions of pie in the sky tomorrow, carbon free energy and poison free plastic, free free electricity from free free sources -
3. Y'all, I'm about to turn 75. I have been listening to this horseshit since grade school. I believed in it in grade school.
I've been writing since grade school. I was writing essays about electricity being too cheap to meter, because Ike said so.
Ike gave us the Interstate,
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🧵 Thread time:

Today we launched ⚡ tracking G20 international public finance flows to fossil fuels vs. clean energy - over 14,000 transactions over a decade.

[1/16] So now let's get into why these public finance flows matter.
[2/16] Public finance shapes our future energy systems. All public finance institutions’ investments together total $2.2 trillion a year with a double-down impact of influencing decisions of private financiers - tipping the ⚖️ on which projects get built, and which don't.
[3/16] The science says we need to #StopFundingFossils NOW & a just transition to clean energy to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. But shows G20 public finance remains skewed towards fossil fuels 🔥 while support for clean energy has stagnated.
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We're in a Climate & Ecological Crisis, Sixth Mass Extinction, a threat to us all. Fossil fuels, though they account for over 80% of carbon emissions produced by humans, continue to be widely used. That's massively destabilising our biosphere, yet our Parliament says/does nothing Image
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Americans have a long history of protests and marches. To enact social change. To raise awareness of issues that directly impact their lives. But no one has ever marched to DEMAND BETTER REPORTING from for-profit media companies that dominate the news industry. It’s time.
The news media has the potential to become part of the solution to runaway climate change. But first, they will have to be committed to reporting on the subject regularly, and they will have to place those stories prominently. They don’t do that right now.
In their defense, delivering the news is a difficult business to be in, especially now. Cable News is run by corporate executives who report to profit-hungry shareholders. The competition is fierce. They look at ratings on a minute-by-minute basis and drop unpopular segments.
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I am tired of empty words,
promises, praise. I’ve been in the climate movement since I was 14 and now I’m 20. Throughout my whole time in the movement I’ve heard empty words on climate.

The #IPCCReport shows us empty words haven’t solved anything.

When people said “the youth are so inspiring” I thought that meant we were on track to make a real difference.⁣⁣ When leaders met with youth organizers and the streets were full of people marching for climate justice I thought there was no way our cries would be ignored.
In high school I thought it was sincere, all of the promises, all of these leaders and companies saying that they cared.⁣⁣

It’s only recently that I realized there was something much more insidious going on.
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Welcome to This Week in #ReFi, KlimaDAO's recap of the most newsworthy events in the #RegenerativeFinance space over the last seven days.

This week has been dominated by a truly seismic development, in the form of a #web3 behemoth's climate-positive pledge. Read on for more! 1/9
On Monday 11 April, the Polygon Network (@0xPolygon) announced a $20 million commitment to going carbon negative in 2022, and climate positive beyond that, using @KlimaDAO's #KlimaInfinity service.
#PolygonGoesGreen 2/9
Need a reminder of what Klima Infinity is? It's a suite of tools enabling actors to source, retire, and hold custody over carbon credits natively on the blockchain, transparently and efficiently, and showcase their positive climate impact. 3/9
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Our #IPCC #WG3 Chapter 13 broke new ground on 'National Policies and Institutions'. Here is the wonderful chapter team, and in this thread is my take on key insights from the chapter🧵
1/ 'Climate policy' is not just 'climate' policy and ‘climate laws’ are not just ‘climate’ laws. Policies and laws from other domains- energy, environment, housing, transport - are relevant to mitigation. Even macroecon & security policies can be seen through a climate lens.
2/ Existing policies have measurably avoided and reduced emissions. An exact number is hard to calculate. One (but only one!) study suggests laws and policies have reduced emissions about a tenth a year. Every year, more policies targeting new emissions are being introduced.
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United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022

Let us glance through the timeline of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
1968: UN takes up the environmental mantle.

1972: UN Conference on the Human Environment was convened in Stockholm, Sweden. It is the first step toward the development of international environmental law &recognition of the importance of a healthy environment for people.
1972: After successfully leading the UN Conference on the Human Environment, the UN General Assembly elects Strong, a Canadian Maurice Strong, as UNEP’s first Executive Director.
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Last week, @IPESfood published a report exploring widespread #protein claims.

The report discussed 8 claims, but media coverage focused on criticizing meat alternatives as an ineffective climate solution—a claim also pushed by #livestock groups.👇 1/10
🚫An expert panel warns that fake #meat will not save the planet, @KatyAskew1 reports via @FoodNavigator.

According to the article, the report shows that "alternative proteins aren’t necessarily the silver bullet solution they have been billed as." 2/10…
🔍According to the latest @IPCC report, cultured meat and #PlantBased alternatives to animal products "can bring substantial reduction in direct #GHG emissions from food production."

Eloise Gibson reports on the 2022 #IPCC report via @NZStuff. 3/10…
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➡️Only 6 out of 97 scenarios in the #IPCC #AR6 WG3 category C1 ('no to limited overshoot') never cross 1.5C
➡️91 out of 97 cross 1.5C temporarily, and then go back to 1.5°C by 2100

If you read the Summary for Policymakers of IPCC AR6 WG1 (Aug. 2021), this cannot come as surprise
Below the numbers from #IPCC #AR6 WG1. Not sure if this knowledge was conciously included in "keeping 1.5C alive and within reach" messaging around #COP26.
'Overshoot' pathways (= exceedance & return) didn't make it onto the high-level #UNFCCC agenda yet…
The overshoot logic might also a little bit hard to detect in this #IPCC #AR6 WG1 SPM figure. That's because overshoot is quite small (0.1°C) for SSP1-1.9, while at the same time all standard RCP levels (1.9-8.5) are shown in one figure…
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Aus meiner Sicht die wichtigste Abbildung des #IPCC-Berichts zur Mitigation (=Minderung) des Klimawandels.

Sie zeigt, dass eine Halbierung der 2019-Treibhausgasemissionen bis 2030 für weniger als 100 $/tCO₂-eq möglich ist🙌

Schauen wir sie uns im Detail an: Image
Eine Lesehilfe vorweg:
🟦 = kommt uns günstiger, als so weiter zu machen wie bisher, bzw. defekte Dinge wieder durch die alte Option zu ersetzen.
🟨🟧🟥 = die Option kostet zwischen 0-200$ mehr pro eingesparter Tonne CO₂-eq, exkl. allfälligem CO2-Preis😉 Image
Wind- & Solarenergie haben das grösste aller Potenziale, um Emissionen bis 2030 zu reduzieren! Image
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Het nieuwste #IPCC rapport stelt dat gedragsverandering een sleutelrol speelt in de oplossing van de klimaatcrisis. Des te pijnlijker dat tot nu toe de rol van gedragswetenschappers minimaal is.

Draadje over hoe ‘t anders moet. 🧵 /1…
Al vaker is vastgesteld dat het aandeel sociaal en gedragswetenschappers in #IPCC verontrustend klein is. Dat komt o.a. door een onderschatting van de waarde van deze kennis voor een effectieve klimaat-mitigatie en adaptatie aanpak. /2…
Echter, misschien veel belangrijker waarom zo weinig gedragswetenschappers een rol spelen in het actief bestrijden van de klimaatcrisis is de geringe aandacht binnen de discipline voor het praktische nut van hun werk op het behalen van de klimaatdoelen. /3
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So, at the start of this week, @IPCC_CH released a huge, ultra-detailed summary of solutions available to eliminate fossil fuels ASAP.

Here's a fun, happy thread of all the times leaders, decisions makers, etc severely failed to listen.

Starting with Australia...
@IPCC_CH Comfortably the most climate-damaging project ever proposed in Australian history was approved. Great news!!! Very happy about it…
Australia's state broadcaster turned down an offer to have climate experts on their panel show discussing the IPCC report; choosing avowed climate denier from a fossil-funded lobby group instead.

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Ce matin sur @franceinter, @LeaSalame a évoqué le rapport du #GIEC en posant la question du rôle du nucléaire dans la lutte contre le changement climatique.

Qu'en est-il vraiment ? Pourquoi parle-t-on autant des renouvelables dans ce dernier rapport?

Petit éclairage🧵
Pour commencer, rappelons que d’après le GIEC, réduire de moitié nos émissions de gaz à effet de serre d’ici 2030 est une priorité absolue. Il est donc essentiel de se poser la question de l’énergie la plus efficace pour atteindre nos objectifs.
Côté solutions pour “atténuer le changement climatique”, ce rapport donne un état des lieux des sources d’énergie qui permettront de faire baisser drastiquement notre empreinte carbone au niveau global.
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💥Klimabewegung: Let‘s get our Staatsverständnis together💥

Der #IPCC-Bericht spricht sich mit überraschender Klarheit für die Notwendigkeit einer progressiven Revolution aus. Vielleicht ein guter Moment für die Klimabewegung, den Staat nach ihren Vorstellungen zu beanspruchen?
Der IPCC steht seit langem in der Kritik, in seinen Szenarien unhinterfragt an Wirtschaftswachstum festzuhalten. All die Jahre hatte die Bewegung die kaum zu bewältigende Doppelverantwortung:
1) systemische Ursachen aufzuzeigen (s. Video, das kam 2020 raus) & 2) für systemische Veränderungen zu streiten.

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E o Brasil no último relatório divulgado pelo #IPCC?
Vamos de fio 🧶🇧🇷!

1) Estamos dentre os países onde se verifica que a ambição da política climática é limitada p/capacidade das indústrias incumbentes de moldar ação governamental.
(Cap1.4 Fatores e Restrições da Mitigação)
É citado o trabalho da professora @hochstet acerca de Economias Políticas de Transição Energética, publicado p/ Universidade de Cambridge. Nele, ela aborda a transição energética no Brasil, olhando como solar e eólica se desenvolveram de modos diferentes. Além de outras fontes.
2)O Brasil está no rol dos 10 países que contribuíram, em conjunto com 75% para o aumento de emissões líquidas (de 6.5 GtCO2eqyr-1) entre os anos 2010-2019 c/ China, India, Indonesia, Vietnã, Irã, Turquia, Arábia Saudita, Paquistão, Rússia.

(Cap. 2 sb Tendências de Emissões)
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Over 1,000 scientists in over 25 countries worldwide took disruptive, non-violent actions and engaged in civil disobedience targeting governmental, scientific and corporate institutions to highlight the urgency and injustice of the climate and ecological crisis. 1/ scientists standing outside...
In Madrid, Spain, 53 of the roughly 100 scientists were arrested after throwing fake blood on the facade of the National Congress in Spain. 2/ scientist with megaphone st...
In Copenhagen, Denmark, the street in front of the Climate Ministry was blocked by 40 people, half of them scientists, holding posters of scientific papers and reading the IPCC report. 3/ scientist block a street wi...
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¿Que lugares de #México serán inhabitables para el 2100?

Aunque suena muy catastrófico los modelos climáticos actuales muestran que para fines de este siglo, la vida normal no será posible en muchos lugares. #Hilo 🧵👇
Los escenarios actuales estiman un calentamiento global entre 2.5 ° C y 3 ° C para 2100 en comparación con los niveles preindustriales.

Este calentamiento podría incrementar las olas de calor, el estrés hídrico y un aumento en el nivel del mar en muchas regiones del globo.
El sistema de enfriamiento del cuerpo humano empieza a fallar en condiciones donde el calor del ambiente está saturado de humedad. 🥵

Todo apunta que para el 2100 buena parte de de Sinaloa y Sonora se enfrentarán a olas de calor saturado de humedad recurrentes.
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