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22 Apr 20
We all want businesses reopened as soon as possible, but we have to follow doctors' orders for it to be safe to do so. That starts with better testing.

THREAD on testing - what Gov. Abbott has said, what the data shows, and what his and other experts recommend (1/28)

...@Senfronia4Texas, the TX House Chair of Public Health, made it clear:

"We have not even been able to scratch the surface of testing. We're all ready to get out of our houses and go back to work. But we don't even know what's out there"…

#txlege (2/28)
...Texas regularly ranks between 48th and 50th in the country in per capita testing, and everyone on the front lines -- doctors, nurses, hospitals, local officials -- say we need more tests

Better testing is the top priority, so we are following it closely...

#txlege (3/28)
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26 Aug 19
First of several*** #txlege

Received calls today complaining of Republican operatives staked outside @TxDPS Driver License offices — Hurst and Fort Worth — talking to citizens about abortion and trying to register voters. So, I went to see for myself.
Sure enough. This is FW megacenter. All four of these folks are with Engage TEXAS.

Not familiar? No reason you would be. They are a brand new GOP Super PAC, aimed at trying to save the TX GOP from demise. They’re starting out with a modest $10M:…
Here’s the TENT they have set up at the Hurst DL office.
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4 Aug 19
Several things to say about this:

Just because Republicans are too afraid of @NRA and Tea Party to even discuss modest gun safety measures, they shouldn’t get away with exclusively scapegoating people with mental health challenges.


If we want to identify “large contributors,” let’s start with the demonization of immigrants that has been so in vogue in Trump’s GOP.

@realDonaldTrump dangerous, racist rhetoric is part of the problem.

So are unnecessary, fear-based laws such as #txlege #SB4.

With respect to the intersection of mental illness and gun violence, one way to take that on is to do what law enforcement leaders have asked #txlege to do: pass #RedFlagLaws to prevent guns from being in the hands of unstable/dangerous people.

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