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Discussion this morning on local sources of power (aka distributed energy resources or DERs) at the @PUCTX. Cmsr McAdams has engaged w/ stakeholders on a pilot. He proposes a 3 step plan. First step set up an informal workshop on Monday July 11
#txlege #energytwitter 1/
In the 7/11 workshops, McAdams wants to consider key goals and objectives to be achieved in the pilot. Will consider scale, duration, participation, and reliability. Depending on feedback from stakeholders, Cmsrs McAdams and Glotfelty would summarize consensus in a memo (cont) 2/
... which will then be considered in open meeting July 14. Workshop is by invitaiton only. If members of the public or stakeholders want to participate they can reach out to Cmsr. McAdams staff leading the project.
#txenergy 3/
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The House State Affairs Committee is underway. @PUCTX Chair Peter Lake has made opening comment & now the questions have begun. Phil King is asking about a major market change called the Load Serving Entity Obligation which would add more costs. (cont.)
#energytwitter #txlege
King wants to know if #txlege will be able to weigh in before the LSEO is implemented. The design of the LSEO is being done by E3 to "independently" analyze the proposal even though they proposed it for a big generator (NRG) last year.…
@PhilKingTX expresses concerns about potential conflicts of interest from E3. He's right to be concerned.

@toddahunter says higher bills are coming and reminds the PUC Chair that the P in PUC stands for Public. Wants transparency for the public. cc: @DaveLieber
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🚨BREAKING: CMS just EXEMPTED officials hired to enforce their vaccine mandate...from the vaccine mandate! My office obtained the memo. Stunning hypocrisy. These mandates must end. #txlege
Biden's COVID mandates are not about public health, but about federal government control of our lives. They must end, and it's why I filed the Texas COVID Vaccine Freedom Act in #txlege.
"It turns out if you don't want to have to take a vaccine, just get a job enforcing the vaccine mandate," Harrison said. #txlege @newsmax…
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At ERCOT Board meeting tmrw & at a Texas House Cmte Wed, #ERCOT’s Independent Market Monitor (IMM) will present. The IMM quantified the cost of recent @PUCTX policy changes in her ERCOT presentation & there are some shocking numbers. 1/🧵
#txlege #txenergy…
Here’s the presentation she’ll make tomorrow. The kicker is in this slide: The “conservative operating posture” of the @PUCTX & @ERCOT_ISO have cost consumers a minimum of $670m over only five months. (The range is $670-$845m)
#txlege #energytwitter 2/…
The news here is the RUC costs, which market participants & consumer advocates have been sounding the alarm about for months. In my @REWorld article I said it was hard to tell exactly what RUCs cost, but now we know: $460m ytd thru 5/31/22. That’s more than I would've guessed. 3/
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Here's part of the proposed 2022 platform of the Republican Party of Texas.

"Homosexuality is an abnormal lifestyle choice." #txpol #txlege
More here:
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🧵 If you are a climate-concerned Texan, this thread is for you.

The #txlege reviews state agencies every 12 years. This week it's @TCEQ's turn, and climate organizers need folks help in the public comment arena to help hold corporate polluters accountable. #hounews
The TX Sunset Advisory Committee will do their sunset review and hold a public hearing on June 22 in Austin.

If you cannot attend in person, you can fill out the form, and submit your comment online before June 27, 2022. #txlege #hounews
The form takes LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES to fill out.

As @OneBreathHOU highlights in this graphic, this chance to share your comments won't happen again until 2034. #txlege #hounews
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#Breaking: Texas CPS has ruled out child abuse in the case of the Briggles, one of three families under state investigation for allowing their trans child to access gender-affirming care.

Info provided in court hearing today.

Background:… #txlege
Several other investigations into the families of transgender children remain active, @LambdaLegal lawyer states in court.

Some families were contacted just within last few days. #txlege
@LambdaLegal Judge asks state's attorney whether investigations into gender affirming care are unique in that CPS investigators were forced to pursue these cases?

State says it has no evidence to prove either way bc investigations were put on hold once suit filed. #txlege
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Inbox: Like many other reporters, the city of Uvalde has declined to release to me records related to the Robb Elementary gunman and will take me to the @txag.

They hired a private firm, which has cited two full pages of exceptions to records laws to bar public release. #txlege
@TXAG I'm guessing Uvalde is sending the same form letter to everyone who's requesting information b/c I did not ask for anything that should necessitate the notification of a third party re: proprietary interests.

@TXAG And yes, it appears Uvalde's lawyers did cite the section containing the so-called dead suspect loophole in their appeal to the @txag.

But to be fair, that section is expansive and they also cited every other exception to the TPIA as well.…

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@Tesla & @ERCOT_ISO are holding a workshop on changes proposed by Tesla to enable more local power sources to contribute to grid reliability & lower costs. @ArushiSF is kicking off the workshop w/ an overview of virtual power plants
#energytwitter #txlege…
Virtual power plants (or VPPs) are aggregations of distributed energy resources, or small energy sources close to or at homes and businesses. Take enough small storage or solar or reductions in demand and add them up and you can reach levels that add up to large power plants.
@ArushiSF says DERs are available today but are "unrealized dispatchable assets to ERCOT." @Tesla believes minor changes to existing practice could "immediately unlock grid reliability services from small DERs that can be dispatched as an 'aggregation'" #txlege #txenergy
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Sunday column: Voters in the @TexasGOP runoffs chose corruption and coercion rather than change last week. Republican leaders have put business people on notice to get with the program. Let me explain how in this thread:… @HoustonChron #txlege
The Republican primary has been the only statewide election that has counted since 1994, the last time a Democrat won. Tuesday’s run-offs were a chance for Republicans to dump controversial incumbents. They didn’t.
Two-thirds of voters didn’t care that AG Ken Paxton has used every maneuver to avoid resolving his seven-year-old indictments for fraud. As the state’s top law enforcement officer, who claims he’s innocent, you’d think he’d want to prove it in court.…
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"gun don't shoot themselves"

Chemical fertilizers don't turn themselves into bombs.

Box cutters don't hijack planes by themselves.

Pipe bombs don't send themselves through the mail.


Yet we have regulations and restrictions on all of them.
Despite all of those things being inanimate objects, without thought or motive power, we have agreed to regulate their sale, use, or possession.

This is because we agree that, despite being inanimate objects, they can BE USED by people to cause unspeakable harm.
Pipe bombs are illegal to own or create because there is no justifiable legal use.

Total ban.

Box cutters can be purchased anywhere, the restriction is only on location such as planes.

Low restriction.

Chemical fertilizers highly regulated and supervised.

High restriction.
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.@GovAbbott's press conference is a long list of "things we can pay for after we allow your children to be preventably slaughtered inside their elementary school classrooms." That list includes lost and broken glasses. #txlege
.@GovAbbott says no laws on the books and no new laws would have stopped the shooting, but he's open to passing new laws in the wake of the shooting... Uh ok.

"There will be committees formed, meetings held, proposals devised." #txlege
"Everyone wants to seize on a particular strategy," @GovAbbott says about background checks. Then he says background checks aren't ideal because they don't stop every single shooting that ever occurs. #txlege
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Going downtown to protest the NRA & GOP in #Houston tomorrow? Please be prepared and take care of yourself. Allow me to offer tips based on my decades of experience as a lawyer (tho this is NOT legal advice), activist, and person who hates hot weather. A thread:
Practically speaking, be prepared for the weather. Hydrate, wear sunscreen & a hat, sturdy walking shoes, have a minor first aid kit (bandaids, mostly), a soft plastic water bottle, and a couple of small quick snacks in case you have a dizzy spell.
Commit to be safe & nonviolent, but have a plan for things getting bad. Have a place to meet your friends if you have to disperse quickly. Don't wear jewelry or baggy clothes that can be grabbed and yanked. Let someone know if you are going alone & check in when you get home.
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Dallas police refused to open a case for a child who went missing after using the restroom at a Mavericks game, citing Texas code dictating “missing juveniles are investigated as runaways unless there are circumstances which appear as involuntary." #txlege…
The girl’s parents sought a nonprofit handling Texas trafficking cases called the Texas Counter-Trafficking Initiative to help them locate their daughter. The organization was able to track down explicit images of the victim on a prostitution website out of Oklahoma City. #txlege
.@ExtendedStay also did not implement security protocols to protect the girl from a registered sex offender, who used a fake name and ID card to rent rooms at the hotel chain's location in Oklahoma City. The offender was able to purchase multiple hotel rooms for multiple nights.
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Why school vouchers are just as bad for conservatives as they are for kids #txed #txlege @txstatepta…
"Accountability comes via school boards & Texas Education Agency...Since private schools are not accountable to TEA, there is no oversight. A failing private school can continue to fail kids year after year without anyone ever even knowing it — with no risk of closure" #txlege
Vouchers undermine separation of church & state (since many private schools have religious affiliation) create government bureaucracy & undermine funding for public schools (since the funding follows the kid) where resources can be better allocated at scale" for student success
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@AustinISD is considering granting #Chapter313 tax breaks to @NXP for two new plants. Long thread follows. #txlege #txed 1/
The districts says this “would be considered a net benefit to Austin ISD, especially due to their 'Property Wealthy' status and their standing as the largest single-payer in the State's 'Recapture' system." #txlege #txed

AISD gets this wrong. 2/
The amount paid in recapture has NO EFFECT on net district revenue. It will get only its “entitlement,” which is based on attendance and student characteristics, regardless of amount of recapture. #txlege #txed 3/
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It should surprise no one that the #ERCOT grid isn't fixed. There's a good chance there will be outages at some point over the next 3 days. Here's a look at what's going on.
1/🧵#txlege #txenergy #energytwitter
A LOT of thermal power plants are out for maintenance (~16GW) & Friday, more broke: 6 gas plants = to ~3GW, roughly an Austin worth of power. I'll get into why power plants are breaking below.
#txenergy 2/…
Here are four key things to remember as Texans spend the weekend obsessively checking @ERCOT_ISO’s dashboard to see how the grid is holding up. 3/…
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In the midst of this historic May heat wave, the @PUCTX meets this morning. Should be some interesting discussions of ongoing market design changes, transmission, etc. Tweet thread with a few updates below.
Agenda and livestream here:…
#txlege #txenergy
Staff filed a memo to implement #SB1281 on #transmission in #ERCOT. Commissioner Cobos says its important to alleviate congestion "Today's economic problem is tomorrow's reliability problem." We need to get these projects going.

Staff memo here:…
Commissioners and staff having a discussion about how resiliency fits into reliability metrics.

Cmsr Glotfelty said "transmission is hard to build, takes a long time." He knows of what he speaks.
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Whether or not Roe v. Wade is overturned, Texas abortion funds can be prosecuted today.

Just need a DA with the guts to do it.

Both SB8 (Texas Heartbeat Act) and HB1280 (Human Life Protection Act / aka the Trigger Bill) contain a provision reminding the world that the pre-Roe criminal statutes were never repealed by the #txlege

Following Roe, those statutes were recodified and are included herein.

Art. 4512.2 is the provision to be used to #ProsecuteTexasAbortionFunds

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This Saturday, ERCOT expects 69.3GW of demand, an insane amount for a weekend in early May.

Temps likely to be ~92-93 in DFW and Houston, 95 in Austin, 100 in Midland & 104 (!) in Laredo. These would likely be records (or near records) for May 7.
#txlege #txenergy #txwx 1/5
I believe the previous record demand in May is ~67GW & all time summer peak is 74.8GW. That we would reach that much demand on a Saturday in May is extraordinary. Usually demand is much lower on the weekends. Extreme weather from #climatechange is already happening.
#txlege 2/5
#ERCOT expects 20GW of thermal plants to be offline. Wind expected to be @ 12GW & solar's likely to break a record ~9GW. I expect every battery on the grid will be ready for peak @ 5pm. Still, there will likely be tight conditions. Buckle up.
#txlege #energytwitter 3/5
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Good morning folks! Welcome to a day where Texans from across the state call for meaningful action on our growing water challenges.

We'll be live-tweeting today's public hearing on the Texas Water Development Board.

What does the Board do & why does it matter?

#txwater #txlege Image
Glad you asked! TWDB is the agency charged with "securing Texas' water future."

It leads the regional water & flood planning processes, it provides data collection & dissemination, financial assistance, & technical assistance to communities across the state.
In short, if surface or groundwater flows through your taps, if floods threaten your community, or if creeks & rivers you love are drying up, then you should care about how TWDB shapes Texas’ water future.

There are signs that future is increasingly threatened:
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Once every 12 yrs Texans have a chance to help shape their water future.

That chance comes tomorrow.

WATCH THIS SPACE: tomorrow starting @ 9am we'll be live-tweeting the #txlege Sunset hearing on the Texas Water Development Board.

Why is the Board so important? 1/

Most Texans have never heard of the TWDB, but it’s crucial to you and your community. 2/
If groundwater or surface water flows through your tap, or if floods ever threaten your community, or if creeks and rivers you love are drying up, then you should care about how TWDB shapes Texas’ water future. 3/
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There’s no evidence that privatizing public education will improve student outcomes.
#txlege #txed
None of the cherry picked data presented by right-wing privatizers can convince the vast majority of parents to abandon public schools and their teachers.
Parents see through the manufactured outrage.
Pro-charter Right-wing Bots are out here claiming victory for retweeting & quoting themselves. 😂🤣
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🚨 NEW: Texas asks the federal 3-judge panel hearing the redistricting cases to pause the cases until after the Supreme Court rules in the Alabama case, saying that the "current formulation of Gingles and the VRA more broadly is on borrowed time." #txlege 1/
In addition to arguing that the Texas redistricting cases need to be put on hold to wait for the Alabama decision (which might not come until summer 2023), Texas says the state will redraw legislative maps in 2023 per requirements of the state constitution. #txlege 3/
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