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Dan Patrick —

Your bank account is not more important than my MawMaw.

A Concerned Grandson
Putting profits over people is why Texans don’t have healthcare.

Putting profits over people is why Texans don’t have paid sick leave.

Putting profits over people is why Texans don’t have rural hospitals.
I’m concerned about our small businesses too, but I’ve got my priorities straight.

People come first.

The purpose of the economy is to support people. The purpose of people is not to support the economy.

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Today I wrote to @texastribune's readers around TX and across the country to say thanks for trusting us to keep them reliably informed. What a moment for the world. And what a moment for the news
@TexasTribune Public-service journalism — fair, thorough, accurate, faithful to its mission of holding powerful people and institutions accountable — has always been a necessary component of our democracy, and it’s absolutely essential today
@TexasTribune For nearly 11 years, from #txlege and elections to Hurricane Harvey and the humanitarian crisis at the border, our nonprofit newsroom has been focused on giving Texans the means to be more engaged, thoughtful and productive
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Dr. John Hellerstedt - the Commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services - is briefing state lawmakers right now on the state's preparedness for the potential spread of the Coronavirus. #txlege
He says DSHS is the lead agency on this right now. When asked about what has been done to prepare, Hellderstdt said they are amping up testing capabilities and opening lines of communications between agencies and other states.
Hellerstedt said right now Texas is at the point that there's no evidence of confirmed "community-spread" COVID-19 cases, like there are in places like Washington state.
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Outgoing #TxLege Speaker @RepDennisBonnen (R-Lake Jackson) is trying to rehabilitate himself after spending the summer lying to his colleagues and the public about his unethical activities. In an op-ed in his hometown newspaper, he whines at being held called out for his actions.
In trying to rehabilitate his tarnished image, #TxLege Bonnen is doubling-down on what got him in trouble in the first place: not his “leadership stye” or “direct approach,” but a troubling pattern of deceit and unethical behavior.
The @Dallasnews and other establishment media should not be asking to interview me. They should just ask Mr. Bonnen these questions:
(1) Did I invite Bonnen to a meeting, or did he invite me?
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Breaking: Dallas County officials are seeking a recount of the March 3 primary results after discovering that an unknown number of ballots were not initially counted. #txlege #texasprimary #texas2020
It’s unclear how many ballots were missing from the county’s tally of votes.

It also remains unclear whether a recount would alter the outcome of any race. #txlege #texasprimary #texas2020
Dallas County election administrator Toni Pippins-Poole said her office has discovered that ballots from 44 tabulating machines were not accounted for in the election results reported by the county on Super Tuesday.
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1/ Texas polls closed at 7 p.m. in most of the state.

It's 3-and-a-half hours later — and some people are STILL in line to vote.

#TexasPrimary #tx2020 #txlege #SuperTuesday
2/ Voters in Dallas and Houston and on college campuses late Tuesday evening reported remaining in line for more than two hours — with some still waiting behind dozens of voters ahead of them.
3/ The long lines stretched out of elementary schools, through public libraries and wrapped around the LBJ Student Center at Texas State University.
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Here's everything you need to know.

Retweet to help inform a friend!

#TexasPrimary #tx2020 #txlege #SuperTuesday
2/ All Texans’ ballots will include the statewide races, but the rest of the races on there will be determined by where you live. 

Enter your address here to learn more about your ballot.
3/ Polling locations are NOT always the same on election day as they are during early voting.

Check the open polling locations in your area before you head to cast your ballot.
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Here's everything you need to know about voting in Texas. Follow this thread for resources + guides + more.

RT to help inform a friend!

#txlege #tx2020 #TexasPrimary #SuperTuesday
2/ Put in your address here and we’ll show you the races you can vote in.

All Texans’ ballots will include the statewide races, but the rest of the races on there will be determined by where you live!
3/ This guide will also help you learn what you need to know about showing up to the polls, including what to bring with you (and what not to wear).
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Early voting ends tomorrow. Here's how turnout in the first 8 days of early voting in the primary compares with elections past in the state's biggest counties:

#txlege #tx2020
Our early voting tracker has been updated with 9 days of early voting figures. Check them out: #tx2020
And here are our tips for interpreting early voting statistics accurately. #txlege #tx2020
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THREAD: New Texas presidential poll of 1,045 likely Democratic primary voters. Commissioned by @ProgressTX with @ppppolls, conducted Feb. 24th & 25th via phone and text. Margin of error +/- 3%. To get data this quickly we had to keep it short. Here we go... 1/10
@ProgressTX @ppppolls Super Tuesday is the first time Bloomberg will be on the ballot, we wanted to see how his appearance impacts the race. So we asked voters their preferences with and without Bloomberg. We also tested approval/disapproval ratings and top issue. 2/10
@ProgressTX @ppppolls With Bloomberg on the Texas ballot:
Biden 24
Bernie 24
Bloomberg 17
Warren 14
Buttigieg 10
Klobuchar 4
Gabbard 1
Steyer 1

Without Bloomberg on Texas ballot:
Biden 31
Bernie 25
Warren 17
Buttigieg 11
Klobuchar 7
Steyer 3
Gabbard 1

#txelge #txdem #tx2020 #TexasPrimary

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Check out this thread to find everything you need to feel ready to vote. RT to share with a friend who could use it!

#txlege #tx2020 #TexasPrimary
2/ If you're wondering which races you get to participate in, you can input your address here to find out.

We've got links to information on your local elections and the dates you should be keeping track of.
3/ This guide will also help you learn what you need to know about showing up to the polls, including what to bring with you (and what not to wear).
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@Aprildsalazar1 @Farris_actual @travbot2 @MayorAdler @DGarzaforD2 @chrisharris101 @JustLibertyTX1 @Shakira70737492 @policingproject @TexasCJC @GregAbbott_TX @TXAG @KenPaxtonTX @ToddJeffries @NewsRadioKLBJ @RepDanCrenshaw @replouiegohmert @RepKevinBrady @BreitbartNews @TravisGOP Non-profit end-of-policing activist @iGiveYouMoore
rec'd a $150,000.00 grant from the Nathan Cummings Foundation of New York, New York, a philanthropic org that provides grants to fund decriminalization, environmental justice, LBGTQ justice, etc NGOs to impact local policy.
@Aprildsalazar1 @Farris_actual @travbot2 @MayorAdler @DGarzaforD2 @chrisharris101 @JustLibertyTX1 @Shakira70737492 @policingproject @TexasCJC @GregAbbott_TX @TXAG @KenPaxtonTX @ToddJeffries @NewsRadioKLBJ @RepDanCrenshaw @replouiegohmert @RepKevinBrady @BreitbartNews @TravisGOP @iGiveYouMoore For 4+ yrs thru his group Austin Justice Coalition (AJC), Chas Moore works 2 strengthen the BLM movmnt against the police in the U.S., funneling extremist, leftist tactics into legalism & the writing of end of policing policies in local govts, namely drafting anti-APD contract.
@Aprildsalazar1 @Farris_actual @travbot2 @MayorAdler @DGarzaforD2 @chrisharris101 @JustLibertyTX1 @Shakira70737492 @policingproject @TexasCJC @GregAbbott_TX @TXAG @KenPaxtonTX @ToddJeffries @NewsRadioKLBJ @RepDanCrenshaw @replouiegohmert @RepKevinBrady @BreitbartNews @TravisGOP @iGiveYouMoore Cc: @GregAbbott_TX @KenPaxtonTX @TXAG
Wish we could bypass all the ppl in the middle & meet w/
@realDonaldTrump 's Administration and let them know what these decriminalization/end-of-policing advocates/activist non-profit NGOs are doing 2 #atx. We could save them a lot of time.
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Cc: @chiproytx @DanPatrick @RepRatcliffe
@JustLibertyTX1 @Grits4Breakfast w/ "black" activist, leader in d NATIONAL, post-Ferguson police accountability mvmnt @samswey "volunteering" 4 21st century Obama exec order policing policy CAMPAIGN ZERO = NOT a bipartisan effort #txlege
@chiproytx @DanPatrick @RepRatcliffe @JustLibertyTX1 @Grits4Breakfast @samswey @TXAG @KenPaxtonTX @PoliceOne @Austin_Police @RepDanCrenshaw @tedcruz @replouiegohmert @RepKevinBrady @GregAbbott_TX @NewsRadioKLBJ @samswey interviewed by Just Liberty's @Grits4Breakfast - @samswey talks "racism" in "predominantly white" school where he said it's "funny" how his "activism" began when he & friends got a "wild" teacher fired for disciplining him. #txlege @chiproytx…
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@UnlivableATX @chrisharris101 END OF POLICING CONSULTANT/LOBBYIST @chrisharris101 of JUST LIBERTY has been very busy w/ his heavy lobbying activities for the goal of THE END OF POLICING movement for #Texas repping #Austin . He's already been reporting to the NY SCHOOL OF LAW POLICING PROJECT leaders. #txlege
@UnlivableATX @chrisharris101 @GregAbbott_TX @KenPaxtonTX @TXAG @PoliceOne @NewsRadioKLBJ @OANN @BreibartNews @ToddJeffries @ToddandDon @FoxNews What's the POLICING PROJECT of the NYU SCHOOL OF LAW? They tasked the NGO activists/consultants/lobbyists w/ using "President Obama's 21st Century Principles of Policing" & the Police Executive Research Forum's "Guiding Principles on the Use of Force."
@UnlivableATX @chrisharris101 @GregAbbott_TX @KenPaxtonTX @TXAG @PoliceOne @NewsRadioKLBJ @OANN @BreibartNews @ToddJeffries @ToddandDon @FoxNews @BreitbartNews Furthermore, THE NYU SCHOOL OF LAW POLICING PROJECT vetted x ACLU NJ has d goal of getting (8) key metrics met x 25 of the largest CITY POLICE DEPARTMENTS in d U.S. The only 2 CITY PDs that have met all 8 metrics are Camden NJ & San Francisco PDs. #txlege…
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Cc: @GregAbbott_TX @chiproytx @KenPaxtonTX @TXAG @DanPatrick @RepDanCrenshaw @RepChipRoy @replouiegohmert @RepRatcliffe @RepKevinBrady @SenTedCruz @JohnCornyn

Cont 2 see d same lobbyists/NGOs/NPOs involved in changing d complete identity of #Austin at d City, County, & State lvl
@GregAbbott_TX @chiproytx @KenPaxtonTX @TXAG @DanPatrick @RepDanCrenshaw @RepChipRoy @replouiegohmert @RepRatcliffe @RepKevinBrady @SenTedCruz @JohnCornyn Chris Harris of Grassroots Leadership/Homes Not Handcuffs/Just Liberty/COA Public Safety Commissioner/Travis County Public Defender’s Office; Why do d People of #Austin have no voice when they're out working/taking care of family while these ppl lobby?…
@GregAbbott_TX @chiproytx @KenPaxtonTX @TXAG @DanPatrick @RepDanCrenshaw @RepChipRoy @replouiegohmert @RepRatcliffe @RepKevinBrady @SenTedCruz @JohnCornyn Activist Jennifer Pumphrey played d woe is me, typical "Austinite" who testified at the COA ending arrests & fines for low-level marijuana possession press conf about how a pot charge when she was younger changed her life. Paul Quinzi, Chris Harris, Chas Moore was there, too.
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THREAD: Today, we're joining with @DeedsActionFund, @naraltx, @PPTXVotes, and @texrising to take a stand and oppose state Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. in the March Democratic Primary.

It's time for #SucioLucio to retire.
#txlege #RGV
@DeedsActionFund @naraltx @PPTXVotes @texrising 2/ #SucioLucio has a well-known record of supporting discrimination against LGBTQ+ Texans, opposing women’s right to make their own reproductive health care decisions, and scheming to take money away from public schools. #txlege #RGV
3/ #SucioLucio was the only Democrat to support Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s transphobic “bathroom bill” and other legislation to justify discrimination against LGBTQ+ Texans. #txlege #RGV…
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TRAGIC: Two people are dead and a third person is wounded after a shooting in a Texas A&M University-Commerce residence hall.

Thanks to @GovAbbott and @NRA lobbyists, knives, swords and pellet guns not allowed in Texas dorms, but real guns are. #txlege…
@GovAbbott @NRA I'm sure @GovAbbott will offer his thoughts and prayers to the families now ripped apart by gun violence, yet he and other Texas lawmakers forced guns onto college campuses in 2015 despite overwhelming opposition from faculty, students, parents and police. #txlege
Gun violence is the 2nd-leading cause of death for Texas children/teens. Each year, about 3,000 people in Texas killed with guns, and thousands more are wounded.

#TXlege rolled back public safety laws during the 2019 legislative session, despite numerous high-profile shootings.
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It’s the last day to register to vote in Texas before the March primary, folks ‼️

Here’s everything you need to know to get registered in time. #txlege #tx2020
2/ You can find a voter registration application at places like county voter registrar’s offices, post offices, government offices or high schools.

You can also print one out and mail it to your local voter registrar by TODAY (with a postmark).
3/ You’ll need to re-register to vote If you recently moved to a different county in Texas.

And if you’ve moved within your county or changed your name, you’ll need to update your registration.
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Here’s everything you need to know to get registered in time for the 2020 primaries. #txlege #tx2020
2/ You can find a voter registration application at places like county voter registrar’s offices, post offices, government offices or high schools.

You can also print out an application and mail it to your local voter registrar by Feb. 3.
3/ If you recently moved to a different county in Texas, you’ll need to re-register to vote.

And if you’ve moved within your county or changed your name, you’ll need to update your registration.
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As the results from HD-28 in Texas come in, it’s worth remembering that HD-28 is competitive mainly because of a gerrymander of HD-26 (which is also a GOP seat). #txlege 1/
That gerrymander split apart Asian communities in Fort Bend County. The initial court-drawn interim map undid the gerrymandering and left HD-26 as a D leaning seat. #txlege 2/
But SCOTUS undid the interim map in 2012 and restored the original (gerrymandered) configurations of HD-26 & HD-28 - which, if tonight’s early results bear out, mean two GOP districts. #txlege 3/
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1/ Today is the special election runoff for Texas House District 28, a battleground race that's gotten lots of attention (and money) from national Democrats.

Here's what you need to know about it.
2/ This is a special election to fill the seat of former Republican Rep. John Zerwas, who won reelection in 2018 by 8 percentage points while @betoorourke lost the suburban Houston district by 3.
@BetoORourke 3/ Why does this matter?

In addition to holding on to the 12 seats Democrats flipped in 2018, the party only needs to pick up nine in 2020 to win control of the Texas House. #tx2020 #txlege
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This is a profound speech by @DonHuffines . He tells grassroots Republicans what we've always suspected- that elected Republicans couldn't care less about them. At our meeting, Senator Don Huffines tells you some uncomfortable truths here...


@DonHuffines "Republicans in Austin like to be held the liberal media, to lobbyists, to big donors, to leadership and they like being accountable to Democrats. They don't want to be held accountable to you. They don't like a matter of fact, they hate you...
@DonHuffines They belittle you, they laugh at you when the doors are shut. They ridicule our State Party Platform...have you ever seen our Governor talk about our State Party Platform? Have you ever seen any state-wide leaders talk about it...or our Lt. Governor? They don't believe in it.
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1/ Three towns in Texas recently voted in favor of becoming "sanctuary cities for the unborn.”

Six other Texas towns have also recently passed similar versions of an ordinance aiming to outlaw abortion. But what exactly do these ordinances mean?…
2/ These anti-abortion ordinances:

+ outlaw abortion and Plan B if the U.S. Supreme Court makes it possible
+ allows family members of women who have abortions to sue the provider for emotional distress.
+ criminalizes reproductive rights groups…
3/ None of the nine towns — most with populations under 3,000 — have abortion clinics.

The goals of the ordinances are to prevent clinics from moving in to these towns and provoke a legal challenge that could further curtail abortion rights.…
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