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Also interesting: Chapter 66 of the Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code

"Quo Warranto" removal of elected officials who commit "an act or allows an act that by law causes a forfeiture of his office" - a different adjudication process than #txlege watchers have focused on
This is key, because Bonnen's "Insurance Policy" for himself of appointing a Democrat Speaker pro Tempore might serve to deter #TXlege members seeking his ouster, but it may not matter to an individual citizen serving as an individual relator seeking to compel his removal
NOTE: the Speaker Pro Tempore (currently Dem Joe Moody) assumes role of Speaker in case of resignation or removal of Bonnen. BUT, Speaker Pro Tempore serves by appointment of the Speaker, so he can be replaced at any time.

Thus the "insurance policy" gives Bonnen leverage
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1/ The Texas House Speaker is accused of offering a quid pro quo and betraying members of his own Republican party during a secret meeting in June.

Today, a recording of that meeting came out.

Here's everything we know:

2/ In June, Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen had a secret meeting with a conservative activist named Michael Quinn Sullivan.

Rep. Dustin Burrows, then the House GOP Caucus chair, was also at the meeting. #txlege
3/ Dennis Bonnen framed this meeting by telling Michael Quinn Sullivan that he’s “trying to win in 2020 in November.” #txlege
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During closed-door meeting, @Burrows4TX told @MQSullivan his plan for lowering property taxes — take 2 cents of 8.25-cent sales tax away from cities. “We don't raise anything, it's already a statewide average, it's economic development dollars, we hate cities and counties.”
@Burrows4TX @MQSullivan While state gets 6.25-cents of sales taxes, cities can charge up to 2 cents for every $1. They earmark portions of that revenue on everything from economic development to public transit. For example, Arlington is using that to help fund new @Rangers ballpark.
.@Burrows4TX & @MQSullivan discussed whether debt or contracts are tied to those local sales tax revenues as they apparently questioned whether the money could replace local property taxes immediately or in the future.
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Breaking: Michael Quinn Sullivan has released his recording of a controversial meeting with Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen.

Reporters at The Texas Tribune are listening to Sullivan’s recording and will have updates soon.
Breaking: Dennis Bonnen urged hardline conservative activist Michael Quinn Sullivan to target members of their own party in the 2020 primaries.

Bonnen then suggested he could get Sullivan’s group media access to the House floor. #txlege
“Let me tell you what I can do for you,” Dennis Bonnen tells Michael Quinn Sullivan on the recording. "We can make this work. I’ll put your guys on the floor next session.” #txlege
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Atatiana Jefferson, 28, was a student at Xavier University of Louisiana. After a neighbor reported her open door, she was fatally shot by a Fort Worth police officer in her home. She‘d been playing video games with an 8-year-old nephew. #AtatianaJefferson…
The shooting of #AtatianaJefferson, a Black woman, by a white police officer during a wellness check was the seventh time since June 1 that a Fort Worth police officer has shot a civilian. Six of those people died. #txlege #BlackLivesMatter…
Fort Worth police said the officer fired after "perceiving a threat" without specifying what it was, and that entered they’d “located a firearm” in the home.

Texas is an open carry state. The governor encourages citizens to be armed. #AtatianaJefferson
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1/ The 2019 Texas inauguration for @GregAbbott_TX and @DanPatrick cost a record $5.3 million.

Every single dollar was spent. But officials aren't giving us receipts. They claim no such records exist.

So we're suing. #txlege
@GregAbbott_TX @DanPatrick 2/ The inauguration consisted of two days of VIP events that included a ball with George Strait and a candlelight dinner with top elected officials.

The money was raised mostly from lobbying firms, corporations, wealthy people and trade groups.
@GregAbbott_TX @DanPatrick 3/ We tried this summer to obtain expense records from multiple state agencies as well as the inaugural committee, a group of private donors appointed by Abbott and Patrick. They claim no such records exist.
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1/Short thread alert.

On Sept. 20, a transgender woman was shot six times on the streets of Dallas. For more than a week, we didn't know who she was or how she was faring.… #txlege #LGBT #LGBTQ Cc @LaVendrickS
@LaVendrickS 2/When a 29-year-old man was arrested for the shooting, the affidavit gave us some more details about the crime. In it, the transgender woman said the man who shot her said homo/trans-phobic things.

But I still didn't know who she was.… #txlege #LGBT
@LaVendrickS 3/ The arrest affidavit included a name for the victim. But we knew that probably wasn't the one she used. We didn't include it in our reporting.

Instead, we wrote a longer piece about the most recent attack and anti-trans violence in Texas.… #txlege
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BREAKING: A judge has ruled a jury can consider the Castle Doctrine - basically a Stand Your Ground law - during deliberations to determine whether a Texas woman should be punished for entering the wrong apartment and fatally shooting an unarmed Black man.…
Stand Your Ground laws allow residents to use force, including deadly force, if they "reasonably believe" they‘re at risk of death or bodily harm. The law specifies that people have "no duty to retreat" from their homes or vehicles if they feel threatened. #BothamJean #txlege
The @urbaninstitute found that when white shooters kill Black victims, homicides are 11 times more likely to be deemed justifiable. Justifiable homicide rates among people shot to death among the Black population doubled between 2005 to 2011 in Stand Your Ground states.
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Unemployment is at record lows, but the uninsured rate is growing; the economy is expanding, but so is poverty. A thread and a column about why conservative promises about trickledown economics didn’t pan out.… @HoustonChron #txlege
@HoustonChron The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer despite a record-long economic expansion and massive tax cuts. And nowhere is America’s economic divide more evident than in Texas.
@HoustonChron Houston employers have complained for years about a workforce shortage, with the unemployment rate below 4.5% for two years. Companies should offer better pay and benefits. But Houston’s uninsured rate is the worst in the, more than double the national rate of 8.5%.
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1/ Crystal Mason's ballot was never counted. Will she still serve five years in prison for illegally voting?

Her lawyers say if her sentence stands, it could discourage low-information voters from going to the polls at all.

2/ Crystal Mason was months out of federal prison on supervised release, working full-time at Santander Bank in downtown Dallas and enrolled in night classes at Ogle Beauty School when she went to vote on Election Day in 2016. #txlege
3/ She was surprised to learn that her name wasn’t on the roll.

On the advice of a poll worker, she cast a provisional ballot instead.

A month later, she learned that her ballot had been rejected, and a few months after that, she was arrested. #txlege
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1/ Texas State University says it misreported campus crime numbers in recent years and is overhauling the way it tracks and records crime statistics.

The university is now under scrutiny from federal authorities. #txlege #highered
2/ At issue is Texas State’s compliance with the Clery Act, a federal statute that requires universities to report campus crime data and promptly warn students about ongoing or serious safety threats.
3/3 School officials say the correct crime figures will be in the October report, and they expect some numbers to differ from those published before.
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1/ Beto O'Rourke proclaimed at Thursday night's debate that, "hell yes," he plans to take Americans' AR-15s and AK-47s.

Soon after, a Republican Texas House member posted on Twitter: "My AR is ready for you Robert Francis."

The tweet was removed. #txlege
2/ Twitter took the comment down within hours because it violated a rule forbidding threats of violence.

Beto O'Rourke's campaign planned to report the tweet to the FBI. #txlege
3/3 "This is a death threat, Representative," Beto O'Rourke said on Twitter. "Clearly, you shouldn't own an AR-15—and neither should anyone else." #txlege
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I’m at the Houston airport. In 2015, Texas lawmakers forced airports to allow concealed and open carry of guns in public areas, including baggage, ticketing, garages and sidewalks. Texas doesn’t require a permit for long guns or background checks on unlicensed gun sales. #txlege
Federal law prohibits guns from going through airport security, but a 2015 Texas law says passengers found with a permitted gun at an airport checkpoint won’t be subject to felony charges as long as the gun was taken to the airport *accidentally*
Four Texas airports ranked in the top 10 of all guns recovered at checkpoints last year; 86% of the total guns recovered were loaded. #txlege…
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1/ Texas told cities they couldn’t fund abortion providers.

So Austin is funding abortion access instead.

The city became the first in the nation Tuesday to approve public funding to help women better access abortion. #txlege #SB22
2/ This year, Texas passed a new law prohibiting local and state governments from giving money and some resources to abortion providers.

It was partially a legislative reaction to Planned Parenthood's $1-per-year lease for its East Austin clinic.
3/ State Sen. Donna Campbell, the primary author of that new law, said the budget "... defiantly violates the spirit of Senate Bill 22."

Campbell said it could be "an outright violation against the law." #txlege
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1/ A federal judge has threatened to lock up Texas prison officials for violating his court order to place some inmates in air conditioning.

"We ought to have prison officials in prison at the same temperature." #txlege
2/ Friday's hearing was the latest development in a five-year lawsuit over the heat in one of 75 Texas prison units that do not have air conditioning in inmate housing areas.

Texas has reported nearly two dozen prisoner heat-related deaths since 1998.
3/ In 2014, several inmates at the William Pack prison near College Station sued the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for keeping prisoners in uncooled housing where temperatures routinely surpassed 100 degrees.
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1/ A judge told Texas to give some inmates air conditioning.

But lawyers say prison officials are violating that order. #txlege
2/ The lawyers representing inmates in a long and costly legal battle over a lack of air conditioning in Texas prisons claimed the state continues to jeopardize the lives of some of the nearly 900 inmates a judge ruled must be kept in cool temperatures.
3/ Lawyers also accused the agency of hiding multiple instances of noncompliance with the court order.
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1/ Until now, it was nearly impossible for voters to estimate how much state Sen. Royce West made from his private business interests.

But his U.S. Senate run means the public can now get a better look at his considerable wealth. #txlege #tx2020
2/ For years, West has raked in millions in legal fees representing various governmental entities and major Texas cities.

Some say he is using his influence as a state lawmaker to score business deals that average citizens can’t get. #tx2020
3/ According to a Texas Tribune analysis of a recent U.S. Senate disclosure, the Wests have assets worth between $8.7 million and $28 million.
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In other words, background checks work when they’re required on every gun sale. In Texas, background checks are not required on unlicensed sales: purchases at gun shows or sales arranged online and made in person.


The Senate must act. #txlege
Here’s what Texas @NRA lobbyist Alice Tripp said after El Paso about closing the state’s loophole that allows unlicensed gun sales without a background check: “NO, NO and NO.” #txlege…
.@GregAbbott_TX: If you want to protect your constituents, stop doing the bidding of the gun lobby and ACT. Pass a law closing the background check loophole and a strong Red Flag law. Not Laws like the ones you allowed to go into effect yesterday 👇

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1/ More than 800 new Texas laws are going into effect on Sept. 1. Let's talk about the ones that might change your life. #txlege
2/ Texans will have to wait until their 21st birthday to buy tobacco and nicotine products (with the exception of young military members.) #txlege
3/ In an attempt to defund clinics that provide abortions, Texas is prohibiting state and local governments from partnering with agencies that perform abortions, even if they contract for services not related to the procedure. #txlege
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1/ Texas is one of several states without a statewide plan for the U.S. Census in 2020.

So, some local officials are turning to children to help avoid an undercount. Here’s how. #txlege
2/ With billions in federal funding at stake and a possible undercount of the state's Hispanic and black population looming, counties and community groups across Texas are making schools and students a cornerstone in their strategy.
3/ Last Spring, a group in Alief ISD threw its first major event, where students competed for prizes as they learned more about the census and ways to get their families engaged.
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First of several*** #txlege

Received calls today complaining of Republican operatives staked outside @TxDPS Driver License offices — Hurst and Fort Worth — talking to citizens about abortion and trying to register voters. So, I went to see for myself.
Sure enough. This is FW megacenter. All four of these folks are with Engage TEXAS.

Not familiar? No reason you would be. They are a brand new GOP Super PAC, aimed at trying to save the TX GOP from demise. They’re starting out with a modest $10M:…
Here’s the TENT they have set up at the Hurst DL office.
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1/ Many Texans are seeing their marijuana possession cases dismissed because of a new law legalizing hemp.

Texas State Troopers were told to stop arresting people for low-level pot possession.

What's going on here?

2/ The new law changed the definition of marijuana.

The law didn’t decriminalize small amounts of marijuana, but it legalized hemp and hemp-derived products, like CBD oil. #txlege
3/ But here's the problem: this law has made it difficult for law enforcement to tell if a substance is marijuana or hemp.

State crime labs say they don’t have the resources to detect the difference between the two.
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Last week, we released the Texas House public education report cards. On the whole, the Texas House earned an 86 in (not joking) the 86th Session of the Texas Legislature. Lots of legislators earning A's, supporting public ed. How will the Texas Senate stack up? Let's see #txlege
Carol Alvarado - Senate District 6 earned an A for Public Education in the 86th Session! #txed #EarnedNotGiven
Paul Bettencourt - Senate District 7 earned an F for Public Education in the 86th Session #txed #EarnedNotGiven
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ADF appears to be fueling a Christian nationalist movement in Mexico, organized around anti-LGBTQ and anti-abortion views.
I finally translated this (and learned a few new words!). Highlights, threaded:
A Trump advisor + the U.S. organization ADF (a force behind anti-LGBTQ action in America) are backing a movement in Mexico to recruit politicians who want to instill Biblical law.
Trump's pastor and WH bible study leader, Ralph Drollinger has met with Mexican evangelical leaders to discuss the idea that "the word of God gives us principles to direct a nation." Drollinger's org Capitol Ministries remains active in Mx, headed by a pastor Ricardo Arizmendi.
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