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Breaking: A federal appeals court has lifted an order blocking Texas from kicking Planned Parenthood out of Medicaid. #txlege
The ruling potentially imperils the health care provider’s participation in the federal-state health insurance program. #txlege
This case stems over a misleading video released in late 2015 that suggested that abortion providers at Planned Parenthood sold fetal tissue for profit.

A string of investigations that followed the video’s release were unable to confirm its claims.
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1/ After she left her spouse, Cheryl pulled her credit report and was shocked to find that her spouse had opened about 20 credit cards — many of them in her name.
2/ Sherry says her husband would choke and threaten her. When she left him, she found herself hamstrung by debt he had incurred in her name.
3/ This isn’t uncommon.

One-third of Texans who called the National Domestic Violence Hotline in the first half of 2018 reported some kind of economic abuse, says a @TexasAppleseed report.

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Filed today at #txlege:
HB 748 by Rep. Victoria Neave, D-Dallas, would repeal the law that lets motorcycle operators and riders, 21 or older, ride without a helmet if they have completed a training/safety course and have insurance.
Other bills filed earlier this week include:
HB 694 by Rep. Hubert Vo, D-Houston, would expand voter ID law to allow voters to present university/college IDs and state agency ID cards. #txlege
HB 705 by Rep. Charlie Geren R-Fort Worth, would let voters in TX counties decide whether to raise sales taxes 1%, with $ devoted to cutting property taxes.
Geren also has HJR 24, a constitutional amendment requiring state to pay at least half of public education costs.
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1/ Today: A group of Republicans in a North Texas county will vote on whether to remove their vice-chairman because he's Muslim. #txlege
2/ Shahid Shafi is a trauma surgeon and member of the Southlake City Council.

He says he identifies as a Republican because of his firm belief in small government, lower taxes and secure borders.
3/ But some local party members say his faith isn't representative of all Tarrant County Republicans.

They've said Islamic ideologies run counter to the U.S. Constitution — an assertion many Texas GOP officials have called bigoted.
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The 202-page House rules resolution was just filed. #HR4 has several changes for the upcoming @86thLegislature, so I'll be recapping some of those changes in this thread. #txlege
Rule 2, Section 9 is modified to allow "not more than two individuals to serve as parliamentarian." Speaker Bonnen announced that Sharon Carter and Hugh Brady will be the co-parliamentarians. #txlege
These committees will increase in members 7 to 9:
Ag. & Livestock
Bus. & Industry
Criminal Juris.
Culture, Rec. & Tourism
Defense & Veterans' Affairs
Interntl. Relations & Econ. Devel.
Juvenile Justice & Family Iss.
Land & Resource Man.
Urban Affairs
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1/3 The legislature in Texas has reduced expenditures per student for public #highered significantly over the past 15 years, in effect transferring the cost of having an educated workforce from society to the students and their families… via @TexasTribune
2/3 The resulting higher tuition limits access to #highered, reducing the talent and diversity of the prospective student pool that universities can educate and thus decreasing the impact of each dollar that the state spends.
3/3 Texas politicians tout #ATX's new $1B campus for Apple & @USarmy's 4-star command center as successes of a Texas model. But none of that will be possible moving forward without a robust, long-term funding plan from #txlege for public education, #highered, & infrastructure
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The campaign finance site owned by Empower Texans did a look back at the 2018 elections on 12/18/18. The question they asked was “Who’s Really Buying Texas?”
The site (again, owned by ET) pushes this “Context matters” point, but then provide a fairly skewed context. They mashed all of the dollars spent in campaigns into one massive bucket. Then they point to themselves and say “see, we didn’t give that much”.
By rolling everything up together, they obfuscate the reality that a handful of large donor groups DOMINATE the political landscape in certain races. It’s not the everyday Texans that drive our politics.
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Thread: Most folks know by now that last week U.S District Judge O’Connor in Fort Worth ruled the individual mandate in the ACA, and therefore the rest of the ACA, to be unconstitutional throwing the legislation that has protected and provided coverage for many into question. 1/8
The effort to have the ACA ruled unconstitutional was spearheaded by TX AG @KenPaxtonTX along with 19 other states. What most people don’t know is that Paxton is also currently under criminal indictment for two counts of securities fraud. 2/8
This is the second time that the Texas Attorney General has used his office as a political bludgeon to strike down a policy that has broad popular support and a mandate from the American people. 3/8
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1/ Texas police made more than $50 million in 2017 from seizing people’s property. Not everyone was guilty of a crime. #txlege
2/ It’s called civil asset forfeiture.

Police can take cash and property they believe to be related to criminal activity, even if the person involved is never charged with a crime. #txlege
3/ Prosecutors then sue the property — yes the property — and if they win, police can keep much of it for their own purposes.
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Texas School Finance Commission chair Scott Brister as meeting starts: "We have one more month before we turn into a pumpkin."
Commission is supposed to come out with recommendations by end of Dec. #txlege #txed
Brister: No quorum for next week bc of "holiday season" absences. School finance commission will have "several meetings" in mid-Dec and report is due Dec. 31.
Proposes having a small group put reports from all three workgroups together.
#txlege #txed
Brister: "As much as possible we would like the report to be unanimous" to recommend to #txlege.
Might need to include a "menu of options," in order of priority. #txed
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Texas Commission on Public School Finance has "one month left before we turn into a pumpkin" and has started its meeting live at
The Commission will consider proposals from the revenues working group, posted at…
A small drafting group will come up with a report, with the chairs of the Outcomes, Expenditures, and Revenues working groups primarily tasked with drafting. @SenRoyceWest points out the need for diversity. Suggestion made that @nicolekConley ideas will be put into appendix.
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A bunch of handwringing debate about Beto O'Rourke's performance in the smaller Texas counties - where his 26.6% of the vote underperformed Bill White's 32.4% but bettered Wendy Davis' all-time D low of 22.6%. #txlege 1/
And there is no question that doing better in rural Texas would have helped O'Rourke close the gap with Ted Cruz. But it's important to remember that the smaller counties only contribute around 21% of the vote, so the impact of "underperformance" can be exaggerated. #txlege 2/
Even if O'Rourke had won the same percentage of the vote in the smaller counties as Bill White, he still would have come up short (a lot closer to be sure but still short). #txlege 3/
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Fort Worth Telegram pretends they’re just now figuring out @RepKayGranger & @charliegeren’s “flood control” project is $1.2 billion tax-funded boondoggle. Too bad @startelegram gave “lukewarm” support for $250 MILLION property tax loan in May 2018 #txlege…
TRWD lied to voters on the ballot:
“Tarrant County property taxpayers will be asked on May 5 to loan $250 million to Fort Worth’s controversial land redevelopment project. But that’s not what voters will be told at the ballot box.” #txlege
“The ballot says the $250 million will be used for “flood control and drainage facilities.” Not true. The loan to Tarrant Regional Water District will be spent to turn downtown Fort Worth into an island, a project that’s been limping along for 12 yrs with little to show for it.”
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Pulling out a longer term lens and graphed a few things since 2008. It's striking how things are escalating.
Long term lens #1: Empower Texans
This is total contributions in, by year, and the major donors. Remember, election cycles are 13-14, 15-16, 17-18. Big funding surge when Paxton & Patrick run. Can we stop with any talk that ET is grassroots? It's not now, and never was.
Long term lens #2: Wilks Brothers
This is total contributions made, by year, who they gave to. Pay attention folks.
2012 cycle - $106,500
2014 cycle - $908,955
2016 cycle - $3,344,734
2018 cycle - $5,197,988
#txlege #txed
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Prompted by @rossramsey's column, I've been looking at seats that Dems flipped in the #txlege + the "barelys" - seats the GOP held but by far less than they did in 2016 (I won't #txlege every tweet here so follow along if you're interested)
I'm looking at 29 TX House/5 Senate seats, all w/margin separating R and D candidates of <15% in 2018. All but one of these (HD-107) were won by an R in 2016. in 2018, 12 House & 2 Senate flipped, Ds held onto HD-107 and Rs held onto the other 16 House & 3 Senate. 2/
I was curious: of the flips, how decisive was the win? Of those that didn't, how far did it swing toward purple?
(Note: for seats in which the R didn't have a D opponent in 2016, I used a proxy margin - the 2016 CCA 6 race - to get a sense of partisan voting in the district.) 3/
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Today, the @TXSBOE will hear public testimony on eliminating Helen Keller, Hillary Clinton and dozens of other people from the state's history curriculum.

Follow me for live tweets from the debate and read this for background:… #txlege #txed
@TXSBOE And we're off!

The @TXSBOE has gaveled in. Chair Bahorich says live stream is down, so I'm glad I'm here in person!

First up today is public testimony on the changes to the social studies curriculum. 35 people have signed up to speak. #txlege #txed
@TXSBOE Some curriculum changes have gotten more attention than others.

Yes, Helen Keller and Hillary Clinton (both recommended, not required, to be taught) are on the chopping block.

But there are DOZENS of other proposed changes too.… #txlege
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Midterms are done, at least as far as contribution to campaigns are concerned. There have been several looks at spending by the far right groups, specifically Empower Texans. I think they are seeing part of the picture, but not the whole enchilada. This will be the enchilada.
When I define ET World, it's three categories of donors to Texas elections
The first category of donor in ET World is
(ET) = Empower Texans PAC, Texans For Fiscal Responsibility PAC, and Texas Right To Life PAC
Continuing the levels of ET World
The second category of donor is
(ET9) = The 9 largest donors to the Empower Texans PAC.
These 9 donors make up 97% of the ET PAC, 96% of the TFFR PAC, and 78% of TRL. This overwhelming funding to the 3 PACs is why all three are flagged as ET
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1/ Gerrymandering has backfired for Republicans in Dallas County.

Republicans had hoped to keep a majority of Texas House seats there when they redrew district boundaries.

Now, they hold onto only two of 14.

#Midterms2018 #Election2018 #txlege
2/ In 2010 amid a red wave, Republicans picked up several Dallas County seats just before the next round of redistricting.

#Midterms2018 #Election2018 #tx2018 #txlege
3/ Democrats allege Republicans packed and cracked Latino voters across the county to diminish their voting strength overall and ensure a GOP majority.

#Midterms2018 #Election2018 #tx2018 #txlege
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How did ET World do last night? Here are the pie charts for the TX House and Senate, with all contributions going to ET backed candidates from those in the Empower Texans orbit from 05/23 - 10/27/18. Green are winners.
Some big plays that didn't get winners in the TX Senate. Who were the ET World backers for Konni Burton in SD10 from 5/23 - 10/27/18? Who were the backers for Don Huffines in SD16?
Some big plays didn't get winners in the TX House either. Who were the ET World backers for Matt Rinaldi in HD115 from 5/23 - 10/27/18? Who were the backers for Deanna Metzger in HD107? And what about Jonathan Boos in HD113? And let's include Lisa Luby Ryan in HD114 too.
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AP (and NYT) had previously called this for the Republican incumbent.

Democrat @GinaOrtizJones has flipped #TX23.
Now #TX23 has reversed BACK to GOP control.

Not sure if there are any provisional or other ballots out there, but this race is close enough to merit counting every ballot.

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Final EV (through D12 Friday) stats are in for the 30 largest counties in TX.

2018 - 39.86% of registered voters have cast a ballot (4.47% on Thursday). That's 4,884,528 votes.
2016 - 46.08% (5.07% on the 12th day)
2014 - 19.11% (2.08% on the 12th day)
#txlege #Midterms2018
If we look at the total Early Vote count in just the 15 biggest counties:
2018 - 4,114,335
2016 - 4,497,431
2014 - 1,715,731

2018 is so impressive!
The top 5 counties getting out the vote on Friday were:
1. Hays County - 5.68%
2. Fort Bend County - 5.54%
3. Collin County - 5.53%
4. Ellis - 5.31%
5. Travis - 5.30%

Full charts for all 30 counties at

#txlege #Midterms2018 #txed
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My closing #Midterm2018 THREAD: Let's look at how Ted Cruz has knowingly worked to divide and mislead Texans. #txlege
Please RT
#VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #GOPVotingBlue
Ted Cruz FACT: He's invested millions of dollars in digital influence campaigns.
Maliciously targeting you, your family & friends.

Operating largely in the shadows, using firm that harvested data on stolen from millions of unwitting FB users. #TXSen #txlege #TX14 #Psywar #Psyop
Ted Cruz FACT: Files reveal that AggregateIQ—also known as “AIQ”—is the developer behind campaign apps created for Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott, as well as a Ukrainian steel magnate named Serhiy Taruta.
#txlege #TXSen #BetoForTexas #Midterm2018 #CruzCrew…
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Day 11 (through Thursday) EV stats are in for the 30 largest counties in TX.

2018 - 35.39% of registered voters have cast a ballot (2.83% on Thursday). That's 4,337,435 votes.
2016 - 41.01% (3.51% on the 11th day)
2014 - 16.31% (1.92% on the 11th day)
#txlege #Midterms2018
Total turnout for these counties in 2014, including Election Day, was 33.7%. We officially have more turnout in 11 Early Voting days!!!!

Last day of EV is happening now. It looks to be closing strong!

Full charts for all 30 counties at
Early Vote kudos to these top 5 counties for really getting out the vote on Day 11. Amounts are % of registered voters casting on ballot on Thursday.
1. Hays County - 4.21%
2. Travis County - 3.91%
3. Denton County - 3.50%
4. Fort Bend County - 3.40%
5. Collin County - 3.34%
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Will be listening to Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath and others on a panel in Fort Worth, at event hosted by Fort Worth Chanber of Commerce. #txlege
Sponsors of the FW Chamber event on public education in Texas #txlege:
Program and panelists:
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