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The Duchess of Shade May contain beach ball sized lady nuts #TheLondonIKnowAndLove #TheWorldWeKnowAndLove #LovelyPeoplesClub #NastyGreedyBastardsClub
Sep 19, 2022 5 tweets 4 min read
Boris and Carrie Johnston barging past Theresa and Phillip May, only to be stopped by officials and made to obey the correct order of process. And now he's in full sulk 🤣 #BorisJohnson

Receipts for the Naysayers 😎
Apr 1, 2020 11 tweets 10 min read
As another 563 people in the UK lose their lives to #Coronavirus, here's Boris Johnson explaining 3 weeks ago why we should just #TakeItOnTheChin

#TakeItOnTheChin #Another563

Here's Sir Patrick Vallance, gov CSA, explaining that the UK's #coronavirus strategy is to build up a "degree of #HerdImmunity so that more people are immune to the disease".
Sep 28, 2019 12 tweets 18 min read
This is the London I know and love ❤️
It's clear from the responses to my earlier #Clapham tweet that we could all do with some positivity to combat all the racism. So please enjoy some more examples of #TheLondonIKnowAndLove Feel free to post your own ❤️
(vid via @tiahparsan )