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The. Truth. Will. Out.

"At a private engagement at the end of February, Cummings outlined the government's strategy. Those present say it was "#herdimmunity, protect the economy & if that means some pensioners die, too bad." (The Sunday Times).
#COVID19 #Covid_19 #coronavirus
People horrified or surprised, haven’t been paying attention.

On 5/3, @BorisJohnson went on national TV & said: "One of the theories is, that perhaps you could take it on the chin, take it all in one go & allow the disease to move thro the population...”
“Let us brace ourselves to our duties, & so bear ourselves that, if Britain lasts for 1,000 years, men will still say, ‘This was their finest hour.’” CHURCHILL

“One of the theories is you could take it on the chin, take it all in one go, let it run though the population.”
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@peterjukes @BorisJohnson 1/. It was actually TEN days ago that @BorisJohnson first mentioned the ‘take in on the chin’ theory.

He told it to @Schofe & @hollywills on #ThisMorning on Thursday, 5 March.

A clip of him saying this was tweeted by @mvdct on the same day.

What happened next was remarkable...
@peterjukes @BorisJohnson @Schofe @hollywills @mvdct On Sunday evening, after a tip off from @CereinynOrd (follow her for #coronavirus), I tracked down the clip of the interview.

The clip beings with Boris saying: "One of the theories is, that perhaps you could take it on the chin, take it all in one go..."
@peterjukes @BorisJohnson @Schofe @hollywills @mvdct @CereinynOrd 3./ He goes on: "...& allow the disease, as it were, to move through the population, without taking as many draconian measures. I think we need to strike a balance."

To me there were two possible explanations for what Boris had said.

The second far more chilling than the first.
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1. torno ancora sul racconto di @antoguerrera dei consulenti del governo di #BorisJohnson che accetta l'ipotesi del contagio di milioni di inglesi per arrivare all'immunità di gregge. Ci torno perché mi preme. E come ripeto NON ho alcuna competenza medica
2. raramente le decisioni sociali sono il frutto di una scienza ideologicamente neutra. E se sei un governo di persone che crescono tra #Eton e #Oxbridge difficilmente cresci pensando che gli esseri umani siano tutti uguali.
3. se sei abituato al privilegio, ai superuomini di #Eton e #Oxbridge, difficilmente guarderai gli esseri umani come tutti uguali. Difficilmente riuscirai perfino a vedere i deboli, i poveri. Saranno come gli alberi del paesaggio: uno sfondo a cui rarissimamente presti attenzione
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1. The govt strategy on #Coronavirus is more refined than those used in other countries and potentially very effective. But it is also riskier and based on a number of assumptions. They need to be correct, and the measures they introduce need to work when they are supposed to.
2. This all assumes I'm correct in what I think the govt are doing and why. I could be wrong - and wouldn't be surprised. But it looks to me like. . .
3. A UK starting assumption is that a high number of the population will inevitably get infected whatever is done – up to 80%. As you can’t stop it, so it is best to manage it.

There are limited health resources so the aim is to manage the flow of the seriously ill to these.
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As of ystdy, the US had tested fewer than 6,000 potential #coronavirus cases.

UK has tested 23,513 people.

By comparison, #SouthKorea tested 66,652 people in the first week after #COVID2019 was first diagnosed, & has now tested 170,000+ ppl.

Italy has tested tens of thousands.
“This is the most frightening disease I've ever encountered in my career,”
Richard Hatchett, the doctor leading efforts to find a vaccine for #coronavirus, tells @cathynewman. Early detection of #COVID19 through testing, is key. #COVIDー19 #COVID
Here the US @Surgeon_General, Jerome Adams, struggles to give @jaketapper an answer to the simple question of how many Americans have been tested for #coronavirus. (via @atrupar) #COVID19 #COVID2019 #CoronavirusUSA @JeromeAdamsMD
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I often question why I am expressing opinions on social media .? I am not a politician, just an ordinary everyday person ..But, I can put my hand up for my Children & Grandchildren to say .I did my upmost to challenge, change & make this world better for you .
I resolutely refuse to be complicit to #Tory Gov Economic Murder of vulnerable people, I tried hard to keep our magnificent #NHS for your future care & safety.
It is A Labour of Love & My Duty as a Mother Grand Parent & concerned Citizen of the #UK #Britain
I know I am not alone worrying about the sheer lack of real & decent #governance. The toxic level of #greed & #Corruption & Lack of Accountability ...& worst of all the disgrace of the #Tories #Media & #Press Blaming All their woes & shortcomings on Immigrants & Refugee's
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Who is Prasenjit Singh Kumar.? How is he connected to #Russia and #BorisJohnson is he a #RussianAsset .? What does he have to do with the #russianreport .? | Thread 🧵
More Connections Between #BorisJohnson Johnson and
#Russian Influencers Emerge #prasenjitsinghkumar
While Parliament’s Intelligence Security Committee report into Russian influence on British public life remains suppressed by the PM and his advisor Dominic Cummings, Byline Times has uncovered concerning new connections between Boris Johnson and a network of wealthy oligarchs.
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In 2005 #BorisJohnson had his novel "Seventy Two Virgins" published. Here are some of the revealing reviews left on Amazon: "Puerile drivel, offensive stereotypes and language (spastic, n****r, coon). A 12 year old (or even Bruce Dickinson) could do better. Simply embarrassing"
"It was so bigoted and stereotypical even back then. Now it just feels crass"
"Really awful. Stick to the non fiction Boris. Novels need characters Not stereotypes. I wish I had not bothered!"
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1) #BorisJohnson will capitulate to #Trump’s selfish, authoritarian, erratic & dangerous foreign politics re: #Iran bc he’s desperate for a post Brexit deal & desperate to prove right the #Tory party’s campaign slogan right, potentially at any cost it seems
2) UK having signed an international agreement re: #Iran nuclear deal is now under pressure to break it & go with a #Trump deal. Last night @BorisJohnson said “let’s go for a Trump deal” completely disrespecting an agreement that several countries took years to accomplish
3) This morning a #USA National Security Advisor made it clear that if UK wants to have a post #Brexit deal with #Trump then it has to align its (anti) #Iran policy with that of US. Notice the pressure: if you want our money then you do as we say! So much the post Brexit freedom!
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Current German attitudes to #Brexit

As we're approaching new Brexit negotiations at the beginning of the #transition period, let me give you a feel for current #German attitudes to the #UK, its politics & departure from the #EU.
It's important to understand the debate in #Germany about #Brexit has been much less emotional than in the UK. We've been astounded at the decision. On balance, we believe the benefits of membership outweigh the EU's deficiencies & Brexit isn't in national interest.
We followed the UK's debate, w/ peaks of interest last yr during the struggle between government & parliament &, again, during the elections. (Your choice has, forgive me, caused some amusement.)
We also realised that #Brexit is unavoidable. We welcome the certainty.
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Brexit parenting.
It's painful.
It's an awful feeling when you have to tell your kids to be careful becouse you are not British.
Make them ready what to do if they been attacked.
Make them ready to move to a new country when they built up friendships over the years.
Help them to understand, we are not safe anymore in the country where they lived 95%of their life.
Look their tears because of the loss.
And despite all these, they still have to do their best in school.
Be ready for half term exams.
#Brexit parenting is painful.
#BrexitParenting is awful not just for immigrants. British kids with brexiter parents will spread hate. Because Johnson made it normal to be racist, male chauvinist, homophobic in the UK. There is no punishment. God save the Queen...
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Breve thread sulla curiosa reazione a #BorisJohnson che recita (un po' farfuglia) in greco dei versi di Omero.

Al di là del suo effettivo successo o insuccesso negli studi, Boris è una persona decisamente ben istruita. Non è lì il punto.
L'upper class inglese (pre)destinata "per nascita" a ruoli di governo segue un modello culturale tipicamente britannico, brillantemente sintetizzato qui (vista dall'altro capo, quello vicino alla working class e per lo più anche irlandese):

"Some people have gaps in their knowledge, Johnson's knowledge is a little gap in his ignorance… He comes from Eton after all…"
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Ive been asked to comment on why @UKLabour was defeated in the #UKelection2019 & so many working class people voted for right wing #Tories. Outsider humility dictates caution in responding, but I have collated some articles containing incisive analyses.They suggest some answers👇
@OwenJones84 argues #Labours loss was combination of mishandling of #Brexit & Corbyns leadership, but that the policies were right.…
This survey👇shows Labours policies in fact do have majority support:
But "Labour did not succeed in turning the big manifesto offer into a short, sharp set of priorities that showed that they would make you ...directly better off"…
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Then there’s this ONE #EricPickles, now LORD PICKLES. Back in the day he trawled the Red Light Streets of Yorkshire, going around telling Sex Workers he was a Judge, ( AKA Judge Pickles) his fetish was to wear Nappies. He once got caught by the Police but was let off. #Peerages
#BorisJohnson will surround himself with those that have murky pasts and the desperate. That’s how he rolls, surrounds himself with degenerates, like he clearly is.
#EricPickles now LORD PICKLES, didn’t stop there, he then made a conscious effort to seek out Women addicted to Crack. I met a London Cabbie once who used to drive him to a particular Sex Worker. If you’re out there Cabbie, and see this Tweet, DM me? I lost your number. 😤
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A reminder - setting deadlines in legislation that can't move when you don't have a plan.
(After the WA)

#Gove #NotMyPM #unequalsgovernment #fbpe

Everyone, including the PMs aide ⏬, Farage, etc. that Article 50 without a plan is what caused the mess.

More reminders.
No one in the Government, and no MP in the Tory party has negotiatiated a Trade Agreement.


Nor have our Civil Servants

Amazing confidence for one of the most complicated trade deals ever to need to be completed.

I thought humility was the boris word?
Our deadline is self imposed and has therefore an inbuilt assumption that the EU share our priorities.

In fact #BorisJohnson even has the gall to say it will help.

Big flaw, the EU have some far more interesting deals to do. GoldieOldie from steve⏬

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#Qanon #Thread 12/16 Post 3693: who was listening in? 12 periods. #Barack_Obama?! 6 counts! Look at prior watches for clues for when #Durham will drop these 6 counts of spying, likely to be redacted for #Declass. Oh boy, oh boy. 🎄 is coming early Anons! #TheStorm is raging.
#Qanon post 3694: Q alludes to #Barack_Obama sending the directive to illegally spy on @realDonaldTrump #LisaPage keep your promise!
#Qanon post 3695: Q wants us to think logically, why would #Barack_Obama make #Renegade, a term for a traitor, as his #SecretService name? #BillBarr is on the hunt!
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For what it's worth, as wounds from #Brexit and #GE2019 are licked, this is what I think needs to happen (and not happen) next (THREAD).
1. It's crystal clear that you can't win an election in modern Britain if you're to the left of where Blair & Brown were. The argument #Corbyn wasn't Brexity or left wing enough is barely worth dignifying with a retort. Look at history post 1979, and the new electoral map.
2. It's also clear that the #LibDems will only ever, at best, be in a position to hold the balance of power, like a DUP. Our flawed electoral system means they will never break through beyond that.
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A new thread as #COP25 begins.
I am totally fed up with the messages about 1.5C or 2 C warming
And fed up with the "Lalaland" way of thinking that "we are about to cut emissions"
So i decided to sum up the data i call this BULLSHIT
It's time for all to WAKE UP
Please RT
Let's have a look at every sector emitting Co2 or methane
tropical forests co2 capture ended…
Soil not capturing co2……
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@BBCPolitics @BBCNews 1/ I’ve set up a twitter account just for this response. It seems the MSM are not reporting this across far reaching formats. This will gain a lot of traction with the youth vote on social media. We need this to teach the boomers #Election2019 #labour #Conservatives #BorisJohnson
@BBCPolitics @BBCNews 2/ the mothers waking up tomorrow morning, the children eating their cereal, the elderly before reading their morning paper, the factory workers on the TVs in their lunch break, the commuters tuning in on the radio on their drive home. This needs to be heard!
@BBCPolitics @BBCNews 3/ if nothing is done, this message will fade out over the weekend and be completely forgotten, or even worse, not absorbed by Thursday. We have to force the media’s hand on this. Let’s make this tweet from the BBC trend worldwide. To the point where it is newsworthy in itself.
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THREAD: Here's my attempt to think beyond the #GeneralElection2019, and even #Brexit (as far as possible) to look at the fundamentals of the UK party system and where we're heading.

Credit to @p_surridge, on whose analysis of economic/values divides this derives.

The chart looks complicated, so let me break it down.

I'm interested in what political coalitions might be possible in future and thus determine policy.

The vertical axis is a values divide, the left-right axis economics. The positions of the parties are just indicative.

What the #Brexit process has shown is that it's easier to cross the left-right divide than it is the vertical values divide.

So the conservative (Con-BXP) and liberal (opposition) coalitions are easier to form than the left (Lab-BXP) and right (Con-Lib) ones.

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I could go into the middle of my city and be one of those annoying shouty people but it's not a good look and I would rather annoy people on here. So lets make it loud and clear:
#BorisJohnson #Raad #Patel #Gove and the rest of the neoliberal Conservative Party hold you, 1
The british people in contempt. They want you to fight and another, engage in petty identity politics over #brexit whilst they rob you and make life worse for not only you and the next generation. They dont care about racism and #antisemitism, their ease at blowing the latter 2
Out of proportion in order to hinder Labour, demonstrates they are no friends to jewish people (The fact that the supposedly progressive Libdems, engage in these smears is revealing as well). With neoliberalism, we are all expendable in name of unethical and elitist capitalism. 3
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@tayl0rwa @ChildOfAlba @JamesCleverly @bendepear @realDonaldTrump @BorisJohnson @Conservatives 1. And what about the Green delegate

Who's co-leader

And a councillor

Who are #Channel4 to rule that Gove as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster-effectively Deputy Leader of a major UK party-& former Secretary of State for Environment wasn't a suitable opponent to debate her
@tayl0rwa @ChildOfAlba @JamesCleverly @bendepear @realDonaldTrump @BorisJohnson @Conservatives 2. And what right has anyone never mind #Channel4 to expect #BorisJohnson to accept an "invitation" to a "debate" being run by a body whose

News boss brands Boris Johnson a ‘known liar’ & likens him to Putin
Dorothy Byrne said it's time for broadcasters to start using the L-word
@tayl0rwa @ChildOfAlba @JamesCleverly @bendepear @realDonaldTrump @BorisJohnson @Conservatives 3. Incidentally all claims about #Boris being a liar racist etc are based on out of context quotes from satirical parliamentary sketch type articles-verbal lampoons & cartoons about OTHER people NOT his own beliefs & opinions

And no I'm not a #BorisJohnson but a TRUTH supporter!
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@Peston @jeremycorbyn @Schofe @hollywills Rabbi made a malicious and vicious attack timed & designed to help #BorisJohnson win. Why is there no mention of rabid & explicit Islamophobia from Johnson & #ToryRacism or he doesn't care about all hatred & racism? It's about the election & #Corbyn criticism of Israel. See pics:
@Peston @jeremycorbyn @Schofe @hollywills Here are #JohnsonTheCoward's vile Islamophobic and anti-Muslim comments. Any word from the #ToryRabbi?

And how many more times should Jeremy Corbyn apologise?
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Hey. We’re new to Twitter. To open our account, we’ve analysed what MPs earned - in addition to their salaries - in the last Parliament. MPs declare such earnings, but in a super unstructured way. So, we’ve written some code to create a neat dataset of all their declarations.
Since the last #GeneralElection, MPs have earned £8.4 million in addition to their parliamentary salary (an average of £12,900 per MP).
Over half of this £8.4million was earned by just 15 MPs.
#BorisJohnson earned the most, nearly £800,000. That’s equivalent to an additional £27,440 a month. The other 14 top-earners were all men too…
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