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Wie #Putin der Delegation afrikanischer Regierungen mitten ins Gesicht lügt.

Ein Thread 🧵:

Dieser Ausschnitt aus Putins Vortrag wird gerade fleissig bei Putinfans geteilt.

Putin behauptet darin,
1) es habe einen vom ukrainischen Leiter der Delegation bei den Friedensverhandlungen in Istanbul unterschriebenen Vertragsentwurf gegeben, den er in den Händen halte. ❌
2) Es sei der vorbereitendende Text der ukrainischen Seite gewesen.❌
3) Er trage den Titel: "Vertrag über dauerhafte Neutralität und Sicherheitsgarantien der Ukraine".✅
4) An den Präsidenten Südafrikas gewandt, behauptet er, über die "Garantien" gäbe es 18 Artikel.❌
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1) Like #BorisJohnson, #NigelAdams is corrupt to the bone. He is a bankrolled shill for Drax, the UK's biggest carbon emitter, located in his former constituency. He has been integral to ensuring that £billions from our energy bills are pocketed by the climate villain🧵
2) GREENWASHING! Between 2012 and 2016, Drax donated more than £60,000 to Nigel Adams, whilst he lobbied the government to divert onshore wind subsidies towards corporations who burn trees for electricity (biomass). This emits more carbon per unit of energy that any fossil fuel. Image
3) 🤑🤑The donations include £30,000 for luxury travel and hotels in the states to attend a series of conferences 🤔
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As Boris Johnson's political career ends in disgrace and humiliation, it's worth returning to this 2019 piece by Sir Max Hastings in The Guardian
#BorisJohnson #MaxHastings…
'I have argued for a decade that, while he is a brilliant entertainer who made a popular maître d’ for London as its mayor, he is unfit for national office, because it seems he cares for no interest save his own fame and gratification.'
'Dignity still matters in public office, and Johnson will never have it. Yet his graver vice is cowardice, reflected in a willingness to tell any audience, whatever he thinks most likely to please, heedless of the inevitability of its contradiction an hour later.'
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🧵1/ The UK government is seeking a judicial review over an order to release PM Boris Johnson's WhatsApp messages, diaries, and notebooks to the COVID inquiry. This move raises important questions about transparency, accountability, and the use of government resources.
2/ While it's crucial to understand the decisions made during the COVID-19 pandemic, it's also important to consider the impact of this ongoing saga on the functioning of the government and civil service.
3/ Mistakes were undoubtedly made during the handling of the pandemic. However, the focus should now be on learning from these mistakes and moving forward, rather than getting mired in a potentially lengthy and resource-intensive legal battle.
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Hey @Guto_Harri

I’ve just listened to your interview w/ @TheNewsAgents & strongly reject your assertion that “some ppl are addicted to #Partygate”.

In fact hearing you defend the actions, inactions & RELENTLESS LIES of #BorisJohnson during his premiership is sickening.
I can only assume that you are able to block out the avoidable harm & visceral pain felt by millions of ppl in the UK, since Mar 2020, which could have been lessened by us having a decent, honest, compassionate PM who wasn’t only interested in himself & furthering his career?
You know the type of ppl I am referring to…

Those who died of #COVID, many alone or in hospital, those who couldn’t be w/ their sick or dying loved ones, those who couldn’t attend births/weddings/graduations/funerals/special PARTIES 🍾🥂🎉
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esp 3 of #unprecedented by @Guto_Harri. 3 things: 1/Guto says #BorisJohnson caused own demise by lack of decisive /timely action - maybe advice was sufficiently compelling but also surprising as BJ never one to throw himself under a bus when there's someone else he could throw.
2/ Sue Gray (and #standards
Committe) was "obviously" out to get Johnson, and he's repeated this elsewhere. #unprecedented
3/ yes it was a clusterf**k with the parties etc but - and precious- "they" (the party types) had "also suffered" so this excuses all that they did. #unprecedented by @Guto_Harri is transparently "the case for Boris" and timing has been planned to influence @HarrietHarman et al
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🇪🇺Your reminder : EU citizens domiciled in the UK, paying council tax/ income tax were forbidden to vote in Cameron’s Brexit Referendum. #Ridge that’s over 3 million votes not counted.
Gerrymandering didn’t start with Voter ID. And they had lied told about them by #BorisJohnson Image
🇪🇺EU citizens were in the UK because the UK was in the EU
It was called Freedom of Movement.

Thanks to #borisjohnson* we were seen an ‘illegal migrants’.
A LIE perpetuated by Farage etc.
#ridge #brexit
*about to be ‘let off’ a long suspension for lying to Parlt.
#BBCLauraK ImageImageImageImage
🇪🇺Even today, i am asked ‘why don’t you go back to your own country’ by the sort of people who are ignorant and gullible and read the Mail/Express
The Conservatives have reduced this country to something akin to 1930s Germany.
They are utterly despicable ImageImageImage
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My latest @locusmag column is "The Swivel-Eyed Loons Have A Point," about all the ways that I agree with the Right's paranoid fringe, whom I mostly *disagree* with:…

1/ A row of silhouetted protes...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

The impetus for the article was a widely reported, bizarre protest against the plan to create a #15MinuteCity in Oxford, England.

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"Io sono il Führer. Io sono il re che prende le decisioni".

Vittima o carnefice? Fuoriclasse o incompetente? Uomo del destino o mediocre baciato dalla dea Fortuna? L'enigma non sarà sciolto neanche oggi, nemmeno dopo questo articolo. #BorisJohnson è e resterà un mistero Image
fino all'ultimo istante che gli sarà dato di vivere. Il populista brexiter e il fervente sostenitore di Kyiv. Il demagogo e lo studioso dei classici. Il leader imbattuto alle elezioni e quello più odiato del Regno Unito.
Male e Bene, Bene e Male, sono da sempre forze in
competizione nelle stanze del potere. C'è chi prova a dominarle, chi nel tentativo di giocarle a suo vantaggio ne finisce divorato. E infine chi, da entrambe, risulta posseduto: alla mercé di se stesso, dei propri demoni, di umanissime debolezze, di irresistibili ambizioni.
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1/ The tories are an absolute stain on decent politics

It really doesn’t matter which side of “#brexit” you fall on, or which side of “refugees should put in harms way by sending them to a dictatorship in #rwanda” you fall on

But surely everyone sees the obvious?
2/ The election of #BorisJohnson led way to worsening of political practice in this country… through a populist agenda (BREXIT… which was a dog whistle for f*ck foreigners) British people were seduced into electing tories!

This was aided by a strong smear campaign against JC😳
3/ Along came #BorisJohnson - with him came the promotion of politically ambitious (but lacking in experience and grace) people such as @pritipatel @KemiBadenoch etc- the Tories competed to out do each other on “who can attack foreigners the most” - to appease a white electorate
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Ok, so here’s why #BorisJohnson will be so convincing today.

He doesn’t actually think he’s done anything wrong, yep you got it. He believes he was in the right, how could he be wrong? He has his own beliefs of what happened and he will stick to them. Nobody …. 1/
Told him what to do!!!

So in my job say I get a call for an unconscious baby, should I start CPR instructions?? Cause no one has told me to??? Yes I fucking do because I know what my job is!!! My job is to assist the parent to save that baby’s life!!
Johnson knew the rules he just believed they didn’t include him. He knew his job and couldn’t give a flying fuck about anyone other than himself.

He only constructed those rules he didn’t need to follow them 😡😡😡 #BorisTheLiar
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Today Johnson is going to lie about lying , when he gets caught out he’s going to talk about not being told he was breaking the law, you know the ones he wrote! He’s going to stutter and stammer, he’s going to pretend to be an idiot. He’s not !!! He’s a highly …. 1/
Intelligent man who knows exactly what he’s doing. He will blame others, because surely it can’t be his fault. He will say he had no idea what was going on at No 10, which we all know is bollocks. There will be blustering, head rubbing, fiddling, extreme body ….2/
Body movement. I’ll tell you now there won’t be any truth. He’s not capable of it. Even his supporters say he lied 🙄🙄 so sit back and watch how a narcissist works. #BorisTheLiar #BorisJohnson
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Today #partygate Johnson faces a cross party privileges committee of MPs. Let’s recall what #Colchester MP Will Quince, the Health Minister, had to say during this national scandal. Here he is the notorious #BorisJohnson apologist supporting Johnson in April 2022. 1/4
Here is #Colchester Quince, the notorious Johnson apologist, backing Johnson on 6 June 2022. 2/4
Here is #Colchester Quince the notorious Johnson apologist on TV on 4 July 2022 backing Johnson to the hilt over ‘Pincher by name Pincher by nature . 3/4
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Did #SueGray gather the evidence and report the facts of gatherings in Downing Street or did she set the narrative and set the wheels in motion to oust a democratically elected PM? 🧵👇

Was she motivated by her politics or did she simply report the facts?
There were parties - no one is denying that but was her first report prejudicial and was it even necessary?

Imo there are two main aspects of her first report that I find troubling

(FTR the second report I have no issue with- the damage was already done imo by the first)
1. Timings - as I have set out in a previous thread

Why did she publish that first report?

What motivated her?

Previous 🧵👇
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There has been an escalation of events over the last few days. Sue Gray defecting to Labour. Privileges Committee releasing documents and further photos. Timing is everything! 1/5
I suspect the escalation is because the "Windsor Framework" on Northern Ireland is falling apart and is a death knell for #rishisunak.
If I am right then Rishi will not last long which will pave the way for a Boris return. 2/5
The escalation by Labour is to block a #borisjohnson return before the "Windsor Framework" collapses.
The Privileges Committee is the lever to block a Boris return. 3/5
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So I’ve started reading the report from the privileges committee.

It’s a severe case of moving the goal posts from lying about parties to being reckless about social distancing

I’m going to create a thread as I go through it so it will take time 🧵 1/?

#borisjohnson #partygate
1. To intend to mislead is to lie

To inadvertently mislead is to report what you think is true but later find out that it wasn’t

That’s what the ministerial code distinguishes between

What’s this addition of reckless? How are they defining that in action? Image
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It's pretty clear that #borisjohnson was stitched up over Partygate and removed from office because of it. Boris was a democratically elected Prime Minister, winning 43 percent of the popular vote and an eighty-seat majority. Boris was the electorate's choice. 1/5
The question is what happens now because if there was no stitch-up then #borisjohnson would still be Prime Minister, and there would be no "Windsor Framework" and other important bills, Government would look different. 2/5
Conservative MPs including #rishisunak should immediately call an emergency meeting to decide whether they have the mandate to lead the country after the forced and fraudulent removal of our elected Prime Minister 3/5
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Boris Johnson to reject "Northern Ireland Windsor Framework"
#borisjohnson has raised concerns about #rishisunak's new Brexit deal for Northern Ireland and said he will find it "very difficult" to vote for it.
In a Westminster speech, the former Prime Minister said "I'm going to find it very difficult to vote for something like this myself because I believed we should've done something very different. No matter how much plaster came off the ceiling in Brussels
"I hope that it will work and I also hope that if it doesn't work we will have the guts to employ that (Northern Ireland Protocol) bill again because I have no doubt at all that is what brought the EU to negotiate seriously" 3/6
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#UK "Si j'avais 80 ans, que je devais choisir entre détruire l'économie ou risquer une maladie avec 94% de chances de survie je sais ce que je préférerais"
Sympa, les discussions entre #BorisJohnson et Matt Hancock des #Lockdownfiles. 100.000 messages publiés par Telegraph 1/2⏬ Image
Vous apprécierez aussi Matt Hancock qui demande aux médias de gonfler artificiellement le nombre de tests Covid pour influencer les gens.
C'est la panique en UK. En France, le challenge sera de trouver des gens choqués dans l'ambiance gaslighting actuelle.… Image
La source des messages vient d'une journaliste, Isabel Oakeshott, qui écrivait un livre pour le compte de Matt Hancock sur la pandémie. C'est elle qui a révélé les 100000 messages Whatsapp entre le secrétaire de la santé et ministres pendant le confinement…
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Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! The dreams of #Russian President Vladimir #Putin to liquidate at least one leader of an "unfriendly" country or a large international organization, apparently, will never come true.
We talked about #Putin's attempts to stage an assassination attempt on several heads of state to provoke or demonstrate his strength and capabilities. In the past year, there have been several unsuccessful attempts to eliminate #Ukrainian President Volodymyr #Zelensky.
Also, #Putin personally ordered assassination attempts on #Polish President Andrzej #Duda, UN Secretary-General António Guterres and former British Prime Minister #BorisJohnson.
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Nella magica atmosfera di #WestminsterHall, dinanzi al "popolo del Regno Unito e i suoi onorevoli rappresentanti!", idealmente al cospetto di tutti i popoli dell'Inghilterra e della Scozia, del Galles e dell'Irlanda del Nord" e di "tutte le terre che hanno ospitato anime
Dice di parlare "a nome dei coraggiosi. A nome dei nostri guerrieri che ora sono in trincea sotto il fuoco dell'artiglieria nemica. A nome dei nostri aviatori e di tutti i difensori del cielo che proteggono l'Ucraina dagli aerei e dai missili nemici. A nome dei nostri
carristi che combattono per ripristinare il confine ucraino. A nome dei nostri coscritti che vengono addestrati ora, anche qui in Gran Bretagna.
Grazie, Gran Bretagna!
E che saranno poi schierati in prima linea - esperti, equipaggiati e desiderosi di vincere.
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