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Ok, so here’s why #BorisJohnson will be so convincing today.

He doesn’t actually think he’s done anything wrong, yep you got it. He believes he was in the right, how could he be wrong? He has his own beliefs of what happened and he will stick to them. Nobody …. 1/
Told him what to do!!!

So in my job say I get a call for an unconscious baby, should I start CPR instructions?? Cause no one has told me to??? Yes I fucking do because I know what my job is!!! My job is to assist the parent to save that baby’s life!!
Johnson knew the rules he just believed they didn’t include him. He knew his job and couldn’t give a flying fuck about anyone other than himself.

He only constructed those rules he didn’t need to follow them 😡😡😡 #BorisTheLiar
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Today Johnson is going to lie about lying , when he gets caught out he’s going to talk about not being told he was breaking the law, you know the ones he wrote! He’s going to stutter and stammer, he’s going to pretend to be an idiot. He’s not !!! He’s a highly …. 1/
Intelligent man who knows exactly what he’s doing. He will blame others, because surely it can’t be his fault. He will say he had no idea what was going on at No 10, which we all know is bollocks. There will be blustering, head rubbing, fiddling, extreme body ….2/
Body movement. I’ll tell you now there won’t be any truth. He’s not capable of it. Even his supporters say he lied 🙄🙄 so sit back and watch how a narcissist works. #BorisTheLiar #BorisJohnson
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Today #partygate Johnson faces a cross party privileges committee of MPs. Let’s recall what #Colchester MP Will Quince, the Health Minister, had to say during this national scandal. Here he is the notorious #BorisJohnson apologist supporting Johnson in April 2022. 1/4 Image
Here is #Colchester Quince, the notorious Johnson apologist, backing Johnson on 6 June 2022. 2/4 Image
Here is #Colchester Quince the notorious Johnson apologist on TV on 4 July 2022 backing Johnson to the hilt over ‘Pincher by name Pincher by nature . 3/4
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Did #SueGray gather the evidence and report the facts of gatherings in Downing Street or did she set the narrative and set the wheels in motion to oust a democratically elected PM? 🧵👇

Was she motivated by her politics or did she simply report the facts?
There were parties - no one is denying that but was her first report prejudicial and was it even necessary?

Imo there are two main aspects of her first report that I find troubling

(FTR the second report I have no issue with- the damage was already done imo by the first)
1. Timings - as I have set out in a previous thread

Why did she publish that first report?

What motivated her?

Previous 🧵👇
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There has been an escalation of events over the last few days. Sue Gray defecting to Labour. Privileges Committee releasing documents and further photos. Timing is everything! 1/5
I suspect the escalation is because the "Windsor Framework" on Northern Ireland is falling apart and is a death knell for #rishisunak.
If I am right then Rishi will not last long which will pave the way for a Boris return. 2/5
The escalation by Labour is to block a #borisjohnson return before the "Windsor Framework" collapses.
The Privileges Committee is the lever to block a Boris return. 3/5
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So I’ve started reading the report from the privileges committee.

It’s a severe case of moving the goal posts from lying about parties to being reckless about social distancing

I’m going to create a thread as I go through it so it will take time 🧵 1/?

#borisjohnson #partygate
1. To intend to mislead is to lie

To inadvertently mislead is to report what you think is true but later find out that it wasn’t

That’s what the ministerial code distinguishes between

What’s this addition of reckless? How are they defining that in action? Image
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It's pretty clear that #borisjohnson was stitched up over Partygate and removed from office because of it. Boris was a democratically elected Prime Minister, winning 43 percent of the popular vote and an eighty-seat majority. Boris was the electorate's choice. 1/5
The question is what happens now because if there was no stitch-up then #borisjohnson would still be Prime Minister, and there would be no "Windsor Framework" and other important bills, Government would look different. 2/5
Conservative MPs including #rishisunak should immediately call an emergency meeting to decide whether they have the mandate to lead the country after the forced and fraudulent removal of our elected Prime Minister 3/5
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Boris Johnson to reject "Northern Ireland Windsor Framework"
#borisjohnson has raised concerns about #rishisunak's new Brexit deal for Northern Ireland and said he will find it "very difficult" to vote for it.
In a Westminster speech, the former Prime Minister said "I'm going to find it very difficult to vote for something like this myself because I believed we should've done something very different. No matter how much plaster came off the ceiling in Brussels
"I hope that it will work and I also hope that if it doesn't work we will have the guts to employ that (Northern Ireland Protocol) bill again because I have no doubt at all that is what brought the EU to negotiate seriously" 3/6
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#UK "Si j'avais 80 ans, que je devais choisir entre détruire l'économie ou risquer une maladie avec 94% de chances de survie je sais ce que je préférerais"
Sympa, les discussions entre #BorisJohnson et Matt Hancock des #Lockdownfiles. 100.000 messages publiés par Telegraph 1/2⏬ Image
Vous apprécierez aussi Matt Hancock qui demande aux médias de gonfler artificiellement le nombre de tests Covid pour influencer les gens.
C'est la panique en UK. En France, le challenge sera de trouver des gens choqués dans l'ambiance gaslighting actuelle.… Image
La source des messages vient d'une journaliste, Isabel Oakeshott, qui écrivait un livre pour le compte de Matt Hancock sur la pandémie. C'est elle qui a révélé les 100000 messages Whatsapp entre le secrétaire de la santé et ministres pendant le confinement…
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Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! The dreams of #Russian President Vladimir #Putin to liquidate at least one leader of an "unfriendly" country or a large international organization, apparently, will never come true.
We talked about #Putin's attempts to stage an assassination attempt on several heads of state to provoke or demonstrate his strength and capabilities. In the past year, there have been several unsuccessful attempts to eliminate #Ukrainian President Volodymyr #Zelensky.
Also, #Putin personally ordered assassination attempts on #Polish President Andrzej #Duda, UN Secretary-General António Guterres and former British Prime Minister #BorisJohnson.
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Nella magica atmosfera di #WestminsterHall, dinanzi al "popolo del Regno Unito e i suoi onorevoli rappresentanti!", idealmente al cospetto di tutti i popoli dell'Inghilterra e della Scozia, del Galles e dell'Irlanda del Nord" e di "tutte le terre che hanno ospitato anime
Dice di parlare "a nome dei coraggiosi. A nome dei nostri guerrieri che ora sono in trincea sotto il fuoco dell'artiglieria nemica. A nome dei nostri aviatori e di tutti i difensori del cielo che proteggono l'Ucraina dagli aerei e dai missili nemici. A nome dei nostri
carristi che combattono per ripristinare il confine ucraino. A nome dei nostri coscritti che vengono addestrati ora, anche qui in Gran Bretagna.
Grazie, Gran Bretagna!
E che saranno poi schierati in prima linea - esperti, equipaggiati e desiderosi di vincere.
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"Per l'amor di Dio, trova un modo per prenderti cura di te stesso".

Per comprendere la portata della TERZA ed ULTIMA puntata del documentario "#Putin Vs the West" bisogna partire dalla fine. E da questa frase, pronunciata da #BorisJohnson nel corso di una drammatica Image
telefonata con Volodymyr #Zelensky nei minuti in cui la #Russia dà inizio all'invasione dell'#Ucraina.
È un BoJo evidentemente turbato dai ricordi, quello che svela di aver offerto al presidente ucraino il supporto del Regno Unito per mettersi in salvo. Offerta rifiutata dal
leader di #Kyiv rimasto, per dirla con le parole di Johnson, "eroicamente dov'era".
Eppure nessuno, nessuno dotato di onestà intellettuale, dopo aver preso visione delle incredibili testimonianze messe insieme dalla BBC potrà accusare l'Occidente di non aver tentato tutto il
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Dopo aver visionato in anteprima "#Putin Vs the West", in onda questa sera sulla BBC, posso dire che l'anticipazione sulla telefonata intercorsa fra #BorisJohnson e Vladimir Putin è solo una - e nemmeno la più fragorosa - delle bombe giornalistiche di cui oggi i cittadini del
Regno Unito potranno godere in prima serata.
Il documentario è di fatto una ricostruzione storica attraverso il metodo del "dietro le quinte", un susseguirsi di retroscena raccontati dai protagonisti che mette sotto la lente di ingrandimento gli avvenimenti e le negoziazioni
che hanno condotto fino all'odierna situazione tra #Russia e #Ucraina.
La prima delle tre puntate della serie prende le mosse dall'#Euromaidan e arriva fino alla firma degli accordi di #Minsk, ma per rendere chiaro quanto la cronaca sia strettamente collegata alla storia di
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Alle 21 di Londra, le 20 italiane, la BBC manderà in onda "#Putin Vs the West", documentario straordinario dedicato a Vladimir Putin e alle sue relazioni con il leader internazionali. Ma un'anticipazione dedicata alla telefonata intercorsa fra il leader del Cremlino e Boris
Johnson sta già facendo discutere.
I fatti: l'ex primo ministro del Regno Unito ha dichiarato di aver ricevuto - prima dell'invasione - una minaccia da parte del presidente russo.
Essa ha avuto luogo in quella che viene descritta come una "lunghissima" telefonata nel
febbraio 2022.
In risposta all'avviso di Johnson, secondo cui la guerra sarebbe stata per la #Russia una "catastrofe totale", Vladimir Putin rispose che "gli sarebbe bastato un minuto".
Come contestualizzare questa frase? Johnson ha ricostruito il colloquio, sostenendo di
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Former #British PM #BorisJohnson said that the Normandy format, which was created to peacefully resolve the conflict in southeastern #Ukraine, was a "diplomatic imitation".
He is now 3rd #European leader declares that all this was not in good Faith (before was Merkel & Hollande)
For clarification: "Normandy format" was agreement between a group of leaders of #Germany, #Russia, #Ukraine and #France to resolve the situation in the east of Ukraine. #Donbass
Following the negotiations in the Normandy format on February 12, 2015, the #Minsk agreements were developed, which provided for a ceasefire, the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the front line, the release of prisoners of war and constitutional reform in #Ukraine.
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L'intervento de-fi-ni-ti-vo sulla guerra in #Ucraina lo ha firmato un signore nato a New York, già sindaco di Londra, amante della storia di Roma, estimatore di Churchill, già inquilino di Downing Street, protagonista di una vita sregolata, accreditato di innumerevoli difetti
, ma fervente sostenitore di #Kyiv: si chiama #BorisJohnson.

La stampa italiana - chissà come mai - ha pressoché totalmente ignorato il suo ultimo editoriale sul Daily Mail. A rimediare ci pensa, con orgoglio, questo Blog.

"Venite con me nel fango ocra del cimitero di
#Bucha, oltre la chiesa di Sant'Andrea crivellata di colpi. Soffermatevi sulle tombe di alcuni dei 416 abitanti di questa città - di cui 9 bambini - che sono stati fucilati dai russi con l'intento di terrorizzare gli altri. Guardate le foto dei loro corpi, con le mani legate
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Three Prime Ministers in one year with #ConservativeParty members effectively disenfranchised from the process. Having voted for #borisjohnson and #liztruss we now have a Prime Minister rejected by members. 1/13
#democraticDOR is not against who leads our party so long as the members have their vote and endorse our leader. Any leader of our party needs the support of our membership. But it's not just a request it is our constitutional right! 2/13
Because that was what was promised by the William Hague reforms, which members backed and voted for! 3/13
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Una vera e propria 💣giornalistica l'intervista rilasciata da #BorisJohnson a CNN Portugal, in particolare per le parole pronunciate dall'ex primo ministro 🇬🇧sulla posizione dei Paesi UE prima dell'invasione 🇷🇺dell'#Ucraina.
BoJo ne ha per tutti: Italia, Germania, Francia.
Il racconto di Johnson è senza filtri: "Questa cosa (l'attacco russo, ndB) è stata un enorme shock...abbiamo potuto vedere i gruppi tattici del battaglione russo accumularsi, ma Paesi diversi avevano prospettive molto diverse".
Pesantissime le accuse indirizzate a Berlino:
l'idea del governo 🇩🇪, a detta di Boris, era di favorire una rapida sconfitta militare ucraina piuttosto che un lungo conflitto. "L'opinione tedesca a un certo punto era che se fosse successo, il che sarebbe stato un disastro, allora sarebbe stato meglio che tutto finisse
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#sunak & Co aren't even subtle about what they're doing, they think it's in the bag because they live in the bubble.

1. PARTY: They will render impotent, the Conservative Post petition - Sunak is already creating his own chosen member stooges to head it off at Conference
2. ECONOMY: #sunak said "profound economic crisis" setting the crisis in motion - even though that's patently not the case! This was supported by the useless OBR but worse, the Bank of England.
3. DISTRATION PR: They're currently sending up loads of kites - the Steve Barclay announcement about NHS penpushers this morning - which are clearly just distractions.
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So BoJo will be talking from #SharmElSheikh on saving the planet about right NOW (livestream linked), and Rishi only gets to address #COP27 this afternoon? How does this even work?…
...oh, good Lord, it's a pre-emptive strike, is it? As "the Shdow of Glasgow", he's already referenced the much put-upon @AlokSharma_RDG. Now essentially giving The Speech expected from, er, Rishi, with a dash of King Charles.
#SharmElSheikh #COP27… sidesweep at @trussliz on fracking...
#SharmElSheikh #COP27
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Matt Hancock to join #ImACeleb!

When @DawnButlerBrent asked Hancock if he was aware of the rprtdly links between Palantir (who he allowed to run the NHS Covid data store) & Cambridge Analytica, he said:

“ don’t think I was aware of that”
In Sept 2020, #MattHancock launched a 10-year strategy, #GenomeUK, which will transform the NHS & put genomics at the heart of the programme for govt

Incredibly it was launched quietly (on a Saturday!) & received no media coverage

Were #Palantir central? #ImACeleb @imacelebrity
“Still boiling!”

On 13 May 2020, I broke the #CareHomeScandal

The govt had ordered hospitals to send elderly #COVID19 patients to care homes without testing

Who signed the order?
#MattHancock #ImACeleb @imacelebrity #ImACelebrity #Imaceleb2022 #Hancock
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#RishiSunak #NewPM

Rishi Sunak – live 🔴

- Rishi Sunak poised to be next prime minister
- Boris Johnson pulls out of race to replace Liz Truss
- ‘Impossible’ to avoid general election, says Nadine Dorries


- Sunak looks set for the coronation today as the UK’s third prime minister this year after Boris Johnson pulled out of the Tory leadership race

- FOLLOW LIVE ⬇️🔴… Image
- Mr Johnson’s retreat leaves Mr Sunak and leader of the Commons Penny Mordaunt as the only declared contenders in the contest to succeed Liz Truss

- FOLLOW LIVE ⬇️🔴… ImageImage
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1 soutien inattendu et majeur dans la course pour devenir leader Tory et PM en Grande Bretagne: Kemi Badenoch, étoile montante du conservatisme culturel droitier, issue de l'immigration nigériane, vote Rishi #Sunak. L'ébauche d'un tout sauf #BorisJohnson?…
2. Le ralliement de #Badenoch à #Sunak semble indiquer qu'1 éventuel duel avec #BorisJohnson- toujours pas candidat- ne se fera pas sur 1 clivage modérés/radicaux chez les conservateurs mais bien plus sur le degré d'adhésion ou de rejet de la personnalité et du style de l'ex PM.
3. #Badenoch, qui a étonnamment brillé lors de 1a précédente course au #leadership en juillet sans se prononcer alors entre #Sunak et #Truss, joue aussi clairement le coup d'après #BorisJohnson s'il est écarté. Très jeune (42 ans), elle peut mener l'aile droite Tory à l'avenir...
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And with one bound, she joined the Conservatives .
My POINT is: no checking procedures. From application to confirmation took an hour.
If my cat can join(and in time vote) who else has joined? From where? With what intent?
Political parties can be infiltrated ! ImageImage
This was a ‘test’. They failed. I proved my point. Remember, my cat won’t vote for the next leader, but who WILL be voting? Conservatives Abroad are also , I gather, horrifyingly easy to join. #tories
😿It has already happened. And these sort of people ( plus their foreign friends) are the ones who are responsible for the ‘final’ say on the future leader of the party.
Are you scared?
I fecking well am. #borisjohnson #ToryCorruption #ConservativeParty Image
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