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Cardiac Surgeon, Medical Researcher & Innovator. Attained Financial Freedom at 29 with Value Investing. Tweets abt Stocks are Educational & NOT Recommendations.
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12 Oct

“Expecting All Stocks to RISE Together.”

Even worse,“Expecting them to keep Rising Continuously, esp if NIFTY is in the GREEN & Up Trending.

This is NEVER Going to Happen. If it DOES, then…

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…either you are in the 1st/initial part of a Brand New BULL MARKET or at the FAG-END of it or of a Long BULLISH PHASE!

So,Very Rarely do all Sectors/Stocks trend in the same direction, which is because Money has to park in some place and leave some other place. This is a very..
…”DYNAMIC” Process and you have highly diverse Individual Investors, DIIs, & FIIs who all have a mind of their own.

The NET Collective Wisdom of all of these participants with a skew towards ones with greater weight around them ultimately dictate a trend, that’s ultimately…
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9 May
NOT A RECOMMENDATION,Only For Educational Purpose

Stock Idea For “More RESEARCH”-

DHUNSERI VENTURES-A Stock tht Can Benefit frm Stock Market Boom

CMP-117.50, MktCap-411 Cr, BV-391, EPS-Rs 17.94, PE-6.55 (However,9 Months FY21 EPS-Rs 32.60, hence, scope to raise it with Q4... ImageImageImage
3 Verticals-
1. Stock Market Treasury Operations (Now the main one)-Value of investments inc. listed stocks which forms the bulk is abt 1766 Cr as of DEC 2020 (Up frm 1428 Cr in SEP 2020)
2. PET Resin-Anti dumping tariff levied on 30th March should help the Co
3. Confectionery...
...Business in Singapore.

Regards to 2. -
DVL is entitled to receive royalty income from IVL Dhunseri Petrochem Industries Pvt Ltd (IVLDPL) & IVLDPC for use of “ASPET’ brand owned by DVL. Royalty income is to be based on the sale value of IVLDPL & IVLDPC..
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9 Sep 20
(Aft Few Cycles,You’ll have a PF tht WON’T See LOSSES Again!)

During Every CORRECTION,DO the Ground Work of Improving Quality of Your PF;Accumulate Target Scrips @ Bargain Prices;

During BULLISH PHASE Next, Better those Prices Further by Booking in Parts on Good Rises;


Simple Explanation(With a Practical Example Again)-

Imagine You Bought 100 Shares of Gujarat Gas@ 286 Today. After a few weeks,Say,You Sell 50 Shares@ 328. You then Hold balance 50 Shares@ a Low Avg of 244 for LT.

This was Just One Simple Example.
...Now Imagine, having a Portfolio Full of these Kind of Entries - Say 30/50/100 Different Scrips All@ Much Lower Levels frm CMP (25-30% Lower)

Try & Aim For Such a “FOREVER IN GREEN PF” Early in Your Career, So that LOSSES Become History ASAP.

Managing Such a LOW COST PF...
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8 Aug 20
SAREGAMA-A Forgotten Musical Gem! Low Risk-Low to Moderate Steady Return Bet-Riding the Stay at Home Wave!
CMP-459.65;Mkt Cap-801 Cr;PE- ;Almost Debt Free(6 Cr debt). Excerpts from AR2020-“Cos offering Content without disproportionate dependence on advertising revenue will be... Image
...able to capitalize on Stay-at-Home wave.There is more content getting consumed by more no of people in the post-Covid era than the pre- Covid one.The explosion of smartphone ownership which has put a smart TV screen in the hands of 500-550 Mn people in the country.The next... Image
...driver is low cost of data which is taking away the cost barrier from the minds of customers while they are streaming content (a 2 hr movie in HD uses 1.8 GB data at INR 9, while an hour of high-quality music streaming uses 115 MB data at 56 paisa).Other positive change is... Image
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6 Aug 20
CIRCUIT STOCKS-Safety First Approach!

UCs are very beautiful. But, both as a doctor and a value investor, I am a very strong advocate of ‘Safety’.
Profits are all “Virtual” until booked!
So, how to make money in UC Stocks
(A rough guide - thumb’s rule) -
1. Have a comfortable PE to fall upon. For me it is 12 for small caps and 12-15 for midcaps (as suitable for current market conditions - Note, that this itself is highly variable, as there’s no perfect safe PE for all seasons!). PE refers to TTM (Trailing 12 months) PE here.
2. Sometimes, you have stocks trading at PEs much higher and still going higher in UCs. These may be cases of excellent earning visibility; wherein you can take comfort from a forward PE factoring in the upcoming qtrs (EPS improvement).
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30 Jul 20
SAGARSOFT: A Lesser Known Software MicroCap. Q1 (declared Today) has shown good promise and the stock price suggests an already bottomed out pattern. CMP-45.50; Mkt Cap-25 Cr; PE-8.82; Q1 PAT Up 1.15 Cr Vs 0.62 (YoY) & Vs 0.48 Cr (QoQ). Image
AR2020 Excerpts encouraging - “Customers want solutions to business problems and not just technology skills. We have successfully shifted to WFH model, thus achieving the operational stability to deliver on client commitments and ensuring our own business continuity...
...All our clients are extremely happy with our approach of managing services through WFH infrastructure, employee engagement, and work monitoring-reporting-review mechanisms. Sagarsoft highlights responsiveness on Pandemic disruption highlights need for operational resilience...
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