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Asahi India Glass Ltd Analysis!🇮🇳

A Detailed Thread🧵👇🏻
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AIG is India's largest integrated glass solutions company & a dominant player both in the automotive & architectural segments. It commands over 74% market share in the Indian passenger car glass market.

Business Verticals:

AIG has significant presence in the glass value chains through the following business verticals-

• Automative Glass

• Consumer Glass

• Architectural Glass
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Best Buying Levels for all #Nifty50 #Stocks as per Demand Zone:

1️⃣ #ADANIPORTS: ₹562
2️⃣ #ASIANPAINT: ₹2,552
3️⃣ #AXISBANK: ₹620
4️⃣ #BAJAJFINSV: ₹10,445
5️⃣ #BAJAJAUTO: ₹3,280

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#StockMarket #NSE #Nifty #Trading #Investing #sharemarket

Best Buying Levels for all #Nifty50 #Stocks as per Demand Zone:

6️⃣ #BAJFINANCE: ₹4,668
7️⃣ #BHARTIARTL: ₹552
8️⃣ #BPCL: ₹255
9️⃣ #BRITANNIA: ₹2,534
🔟 #CIPLA: ₹850

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#StockMarket #NSE #Nifty #Trading #Investing #sharemarket #Trader #OI

Best Buying Levels for all #Nifty50 #Stocks as per Demand Zone:

1️⃣ #COALINDIA: ₹163
2️⃣ #DIVISLAB: ₹3,154
3️⃣ #DRREDDY: ₹3,365
4️⃣ #EICHERMOT: ₹2,431
5️⃣ #GRASIM: ₹1,221

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#StockMarket #NSE #Nifty #Trading #Investing #sharemarket #BSE

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Cineline- MovieMax with Max Potential? A unique special situation

A long thread 🧵

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I don’t think any of us can now imagine our lives without our own version of Netflix and Chill. But, there’s also the looming nostalgia of visiting theatres, isn’t it? Yes, we are social beings, after all, and the numbers confirm it.
In the listed space, we have only two cinema exhibition players, PVR and Inox. The COVID-19 pandemic, being a severe shocker for the industry, is now witnessing a lot of consolidation including closure of single-screen cinemas,few players in NCLT,& the merger of these two leaders
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Q&A Insights: Nitin Gandhi of @KifsTrade asked about reason for volatility in EBITDA margin. Udit S Director said it's because of demand supply imbalance due to COVID for last couple of qtrs. The volatility is expected to continue for a while, though a bit of moderation is seen.
Q&A Insights: Nitin Gandhi of @KifsTrade also asked about nature of huge loans extended in 2022. Udit Sethia Director said that these are loans given by INTLCONV under the respective approvals and are given under market ICD rate, which will give market rate return to the company.
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Q&A Insights: Vivek Subbaraman of Ambit Capital asked if company's current balance sheet allows it to bid for IPL at all. Punit Goenka MD replied that it does and ZEEL can participate on its own. ZEEL has zero debt and has qualification to participate in the tender.
Q&A Insights: Vivek Subbaraman of Ambit Capital also enquired if ZEEL is contemplating taking on debt to bid for IPL rights. Punit Goenka MD said it's currently studying all options. There is no need to pay a large sum upfront. Only when the rights start, it will have to pay.
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Q&A Insights: Harsh Shah of @lntmutualfund asked about full year revenue growth breakdown in terms of volume and value. Pratik Bora CFO said most of the growth came from volume. For BHA, the most margin-accretive product in portfolio, witnessed around 50% volume growth.
Q&A Insights: Harsh Shah of @lntmutualfund enquired about overall client additions. Siddharth Sikchi ED said it first added 2 new products; para benzoquinone and TBHQ. In products like BHA, added some new customers in LatAm.
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1 New to investing?

2 Confused by #fintwit jargon?

3 Do we trust people presenting “valuation” to know what they don't know?
(Hint: “my-laser-eyed-golden-skin-ape-pic-is-worth-at-least-twice-your-diamond-skin-ape-pic” = relative pricing. Not valuation)

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Equity = Assets - Liabilities

But what asset and liability values are we going to use?

The answer as always: it depends on what we are going to use it for.

Here is a summary of equity metrics, from the most conservative:

Price/”Net-Net” Working Capital (P/NNWC)

Classic Graham/Dodd strategy

Assumes: Use only most liquid current assets, deduct subjective discounts.

Conditions (often missed in screens):
1) Not consuming assets (melting ice cube/negative cash-flow)
2) Historical profitability

3/X Image
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Q&A Insights: Gagan Thareja of @ASK_WM asked if growth would get constrained due to lack of capacity for first 3 qtrs of FY23. Rohan D Director said it is currently at 80% utilization and is constantly debottlenecking plants to increase capacity. Expects to reach 90-92% in FY23.
Q&A Insights: Gagan Thareja of @ASK_WM enquired about breakdown of sales growth into volume growth and price of sales mix for FY22. Rohan Desai Director replied that price increased by only 1.5-2% on an avg. overall, therefore whole growth in FY22 was due to volume.
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Bharat Electronics Ltd Analysis! 🇮🇳

A detailed thread 🧵👇🏻
#investing #Stocks


BEL, a Navratna defence public sector undertaking, was established in 1954 under the Ministry of Defence, the GOI, to
cater to the electronic equipment requirements of the defence sector. The GOI remains BEL's largest shareholder with the
shareholding of 51.14%.

BEL is the dominant supplier of radar, communication & electronic warfare equipment to the Indian armed forces. It has 9 manufacturing units & 2 research units. The Bangalore unit is BEL's largest unit, contributing the largest share to it’s total revenue & profits.
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TWL said the company backed the highest ever wagon order placed in the history of Indian Railways for a basic value of about INR7800 crore and a total value of INR9000 crore plus, taking the order backlog to INR10,00 crore for the Indian operation.
Q&A Insights: Abhijeet Dey of Equentis enquired about the avg. blended margins over 3 years for the Indian Railways order. Umesh Chowdhary MD said that avg. blended margin at EBITDA level in TWL’s business is 8-10%. And with the Indian Railways order, it expects the same guidance
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Despite two COVID waves, AFL grew revenues 32%, and reduced net debt by more than INR525 crores in the year. Expects retail and online channels to continue to drive growth and account for 60% to 65% of overall sales.
Q&A Insights: Nishit Rathi of CWC asked if US Polo, Tommy, Arrow, and Flying Machine, those will reach double-digit. Shailesh Chaturvedi MD said AFL’s guidance is that it should hit total portfolio double-digit pre-IndAS EBITDA in 12 to 18 months.
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1/14)#Uranium #mining #stocks have been thrashed by global market meltdown⏬ but U #investing thesis👨‍🏫 is most bullish in 4 decades!🤠🐂 This🧵will bring U up to speed🏇 on how a record U supply deficit⤵️⛏️ is colliding💥 with a global #Nuclear #Energy Renaissance⤴️🌞🏗️⚛️ 🌊🏄‍♀️👇2
2)Entering 2022, #Nuclear fuel consultants UxC & TradeTech estimated 200M lbs of #Uranium demand versus just 135M lbs of mined supply🔀 for a ~65M lbs primary deficit.↕️ #Nuclear utilities are drawing down inventory & relying on ~20M lbs of Secondary Supply to fill the gap.⛏️👇3
3)But then #Russia invaded #Ukraine🪖 turning global #Nuclear fuel market on its head.🙃 Russia's 39% of global enriched #Uranium, 27% conversion & 14% of mined U supply have been disrupted by US & EU sanctions, shipping bans & self-sanctioning by western utilities🇷🇺⚛️⛏️⛔️🇺🇸🇪🇺👇4
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here is a preemptive half-apology for my love of all that is verbose and my utter lack of ability for brevity. You may walk away from my threads and musings coping, seething, laughing or crying but you'll walk away with a little more than you knew before. 🤞
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The Largest #IPO India Has Ever Seen & Even After Its Listing LIC Has Still Remained In The Spot Light!

LIC's Stock Is Down 28% From Its IPO Price

I Spoke To MR Kumar, Chairperson At LIC On All Opportunities & Uncertainities Around The Biz

#LIC #LICIPO #IPO #market #stocks

▪️LIC Stock Corrected Because Of Market Correction

▪️Don't See Any Concerns Around Biz

▪️LIC Is Doing As Good As Private Players On Biz Front

▪️LIC Investors Have To Remain Patient For Sometime

▪️Had VNB Margin Of 9.3% As On Sep 30, Pre-Bifurcated Margins Stood At 12%

▪️Looking At Growing Margin To At Least 15% In Medium Term

▪️Expect To Be On Par On Margin With Pvt Players (20-25%) In Long Term
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Fine Organic Ind Ltd Analysis!🇮🇳

A Detailed Thread! 🧵👇🏻
#investing #stocks


Fine Organics was incorporated in May 2002 & started operations in 2006 by setting up a manufacturing facility in Maharashtra.

It manufactures oleochemical additives for various end-user industries such as food, plastic, rubber, paint, ink, cosmetics, coatings.

What is Oleochemical?

Oleochemicals are chemical compounds derived from natural fats & oils that can be used as RM in a variety of industries. It can be used as a substitute for petrol-based products known as petrochemicals.

It’s demand goes up when crude prices go up.
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"Lending someone money to get double the money after 3 years.
Sounds interesting.

I posted this on my Whatsapp status and some people actually said that doubling your money in 3 years isn't a good Idea?

Someone even said anything that doesn't double his money in 1 year - ❌
I laughed...😅😂😂

Before I start explaining, I want to make some points.

1. If you networth is less than $1m, you are prolly a gambler. Yh, we are basically looking for things to multiply small money fast. That's gambling, and not what Real Investors do with all their money
2. There's a difference between making money (via a job or some'n) and investing money to make money.

3. There are many things that can double your money overnight, even scams. We know! the question is the sustainability.

You can find a Crypto, Stock, Startup that can 10x but..
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1/19) #Uranium - a Tutorial👨‍🏫 walking U thru the #Nuclear fuel cycle, what it is, the stages & issues involved, so U can understand the term that has every Uranium investor smacking their lips today: Overfeeding!😋 Here's a thread that I hope gives U some key insights.🌞⚛️⛏️🧵👇2
2) #Uranium is a very different fuel than #coal & #gas that are burned "as is" in #electricity power plants.🏭⚡️ #Nuclear reactor fuel needs to be specially processed & then loaded into fuel rods that are then loaded into reactors to generate #CarbonFree electricity.🌞⚛️⚡️👇3
3) Mined #Uranium⛏️ is processed into drums of Yellow Cake #U3O8🛢️ that in the west are shipped🚢🚛 to plants in Canada, US & France for "Conversion" into a new form called #UF6 which is then shipped in cylinders🚛 to plants in US & Europe for "Enrichment" into reactor fuel.⚛️👇4
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9️⃣ Animals of the Stock Market Investment & Trading that you may not know:

Almost every investor knows about Bull 🐂 & Bear 🐻 but few know that there are other animals in the market too.
Let's See Below👇🏻

#StockMarket #Trading #Stocks #Nifty #investing

Thread 🧵
1️⃣ Bull 🐂
Bulls are investors who are optimistic about the Stock Market. They believe the price will continue to rise. A sustained uptrend is called a Bull run.

#StockMarket #Trading #Stocks #Nifty #investing #DayTrading #NSE #BSE #SGXNIFTY #Traders

Thread 🧵
2️⃣ Bear 🐻
Bears are the opposite of bull. They are pessimistic about the Stock Market & believe that prices are likely to fall. When shares consistently decline, it is called a Bear Market.

#StockMarket #Trading #Stocks #Nifty #investing #DayTrading #NSE

Thread 🧵
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1/ In this thread I will briefly explain how banksters SCAM you through money printing and organising #PumpAndDump schemes using #stocks, #Crypto and #RealEstate assets as a bridge to transfer digitally printed money from central banks to private hands.
2/ Many renowned economists say that central banks are incompetent in producing adequate monetary policies. They are only half right - the monetary policies are indeed inadequate for the economy but not because central banks are incompetent…it is because they want to SCAM YOU!
3/ Reserve banks’ actions seem to not make sense because people are naive to banksters’ motives. Banksters, politicians and financial regulators don’t want healthy economy, they want to steal as much liquidity as they can pumping and dumping entire economies.
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Deepak Nitrite Analysis! 🇮🇳

A Detailed thread 🧵👇🏻
#investing #stocks

DNL started as a sodium nitrite & sodium nitrate manufacturer, before gradually widening its product portfolio over the years. Now it has a leading market position in most of its products.

It has also been doing smart acquisitions of companies with complementary product.

Phenol Market:

The global phenol market is estimated to grow by a CAGR of 4.2% between 2022 & 2027 to reach a value of $24.07 bn.

Asia Pacific currently has the largest market share (52.5%) followed by Europe and North America.
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Mutual Funds - The Future of Investing

A decade of pension fund growth in Nigeria has prepared the ground for a boom in the country’s mutual fund sector.

Investments in carefully constructed higher performing risk-managed funds now outperform interest on bank deposits and... Image
...even land.

In 2020 alone, for example, assets under management in Nigeria’s Mutual Funds grew by 50% - topping N1.6 trillion.

Mutual funds are investment funds that pool money from many investors to purchase securities, like stocks, bonds, money market instruments,....
....and other assets.

Mutual funds are operated by professional money managers who seek to assemble the right mix of funds, balancing risk with growth according to investors’ risk appetite, growth needs and investment horizons.

It is in the management of these funds that...
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Globus spirits - Business Analysis

A great play on ethanol theme?

Sometimes I drink water to surprise liver, But can Globus spirits surprise with its performance?

A thread🧵
#globussprits #unitedspirits #diageo #radicokhaitan #investing #stocks #nse
2) Story/ theme

- Contract Manufacturing
- Ethanol blending
- Premiumization of spirits
3) About Company
It is engaged in manufacturing of IMIL, IMFL, bulk alcohol, hand sanitizer & franchise alcohol blotting

It's a unique 360° business model with forward & backward Integration
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Jamuna Auto Industries Analysis!🇮🇳

A detailed thread 🧵👇🏻
#investing #stocks


Jamna Auto Industries is India’s market leader in automotive suspension solutions and is the second largest producer in the world of multi-leaf springs. It has plants at various locations in India.

The promoters, the Jauhar family, own 50% stake in the company.


Indian CV manufacturers feel that the need to replace ageing fleet and a revival in the economy may generate demand for close to half a million light-medium and heavy-duty trucks worth $10 bn over the next 12-18 months.
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Long thread on what's going on in the chinese real estate market
Sales of developers have plummeted. Of 31 listed Chinese developers 26 cited falls of at least 50% in April (YoY).
#stocks #realestate #China #Lockdown #Crash $SPY $SPX $NDX
Link:… ImageImage
"Real estate accounts for about 25% of China’s GDP and has been a key driver of growth. Beijing needs to strike the right balance in supporting Evergrande while at the same time not enabling a moral hazard"… Image
China state-backed builder Greenland asked for a delay in repayment by a year, "a rare sign of stress at a state-linked firm".… Image
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