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𝐀 𝐓𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝 🧵

ᴘʟᴇᴀꜱᴇ ʟɪᴋᴇ & ʀᴇᴛᴡᴇᴇᴛ ɪꜰ ʏᴏᴜ ꜰɪɴᴅ ᴛʜɪꜱ ᴜꜱᴇꜰᴜʟ


ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴠɪᴇᴡꜱ ᴀʀᴇ ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ
𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐩 1⃣: ꜱᴇᴄᴛᴏʀ ᴀɴᴀʟʏꜱɪꜱ

(A)Identify sectors that are in an established uptrend.

(B)Did the specific sector give a pullback? If yes, has it given any confirmation?

Example: ᴄɴx ᴍᴇᴛᴀʟ
(A) Nifty Metal is in an established uptrend for some time now.
(B) The sector had then pulled back and was in a range.
(C) Nifty Metal has formed a cup & handle pattern and broke out of a CTL on 11th June, which confirms the continuation of uptrend.
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06-June-21 Update, Here's a weekly post answering where, what how much & why of the action in Indian Markets

#stocks #stockmarket #dalalstreet #Trading #investing #investment #investing #tradenews #stockmarkettoday #sharemarketupdates #newstoday #Nifty ImageImageImageImage
(2/2) : Remaining of the list.

Don't forget to Follow Us & Visit at
for learn more. ImageImageImageImage
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#Uranium: Was 2020 The Turning Point?!↪️⚛️⛏️ Canaccord Genuity Uranium Analyst Katie Lachapelle provides her take on what she sees as the turning point in the Uranium Market.🚀 Excellent!🤠🐂 #mining #stocks #investing #Nuclear #Energy #NetZero #ESG 🌞🏄‍♂️
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Q&A 134

Q-> If some stock comes in #personalized #screener you have created for me ->
How should I interpret it ?
Should I just buy it ?
What are my options ?
Can you explain !

Steps to be taken !

Here is how R Systems stands on my various #screeners.

An example how one can interpret just by glancing at them !

Similarly you can interpret from your #screeners I have built for you !

Here is the link for the #screenshot

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(1/4) This reality has to be a f*cking simulation, this can't be real. LMAO. So BoA, one of the banks that f*cked my mom into bankruptcy due to 2008 crisis, ends coverage of $GME, $BBBY cuz they 'dOnT tRaDe oN fUnDaMeNtAlS'. They also...
(2/4) state that in their 'aNaLySt aNd eXpErTs' advice investors should not rely on their ratings, price objectives and estimates or opinons.
@BankofAmerica, let me tell you something. We never have, and never will rely on your analysis for anything. You have been helpful to...
(3/4) absolutely no one, helped thousands if not millions of families get f*cked in the housing crisis, doomed generations out of wealth, and now that we have a chance to restore order, you decided to terminate your dumb estimates. Good or bad, who knows, because nobody ever...
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS Part 2 of "The Recap" continuing into our dives of the SR-OCC-2021-003 rule:
Per the 801 rule section 3 and 4 were intentionally missing as it awaited the additional comments from SEC, OCC and its members in regard to items 3-5. So L2B what’s the
difference? Because people are saying this is about so many different things, I’m getting confused.
Let me go through each section so that I can help you make the connection:
First section 3 begins with the overall purpose of the rule itself…. “Amend the OCC’s rules, Capital
Management Policy, and certain other policies to establish a persistent minimum level of skin-in-the game that Occ would contribute to cover default losses or liquidity shortfalls.” I’m sorry what does that opening line sound like....I'm sorry, what rule might be? That is our
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS Alright, Good Evening Everyone and welcome to The Recap. I hope you all have had an amazing day thus far and I hope that you’ve been able to relax and enjoy all of the green we’ve had. Tonight, on the recap we will go back over “Skin-in-the-game” if you
remember from the video, I posted it talked about section 10 of the advanced notice. Now I’m going to help blow your mind a little bit as I talk about how the SR-OCC-2021-003 and the SR-2021-801 rules are 1 in the same. How the 003 fits into our “Skin in the game model.” Buckle
up and strap in as we take a dive into these rules. When we covered the SR-0CC-2021-801 rule a few months ago we talked about section 10 of the overall section of the SR-OCC-2021-801 rule. We said that the rule was to do each of the following:
1.Establish a persistent minimum
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Q: Are #Uranium #stocks overvalued vs Spot #U3O8 price?🤔 A: No. Global X ETF $URA used to track lock-step with Spot U but decoupled in 2018 after $URA changed from 100% to 50% U stocks.⤵️ Now, $URA has recovered to match the >70% rise in Spot U since November 2016 bottom⤴️ .../2 Image
2) You see.. in early 2018 Global X #Uranium ETF $URA held >US$400M AUM 100% in U #stocks, but changed its Index to just 50% U stocks.😡 $URA then dumped >$200M worth of U stocks into tiny U sector,⤵️ decoupling $URA from tracking U Spot price.🔀 Investors exited U space🐻 .../3 Image
3) But, in August 2020 Global X #Uranium ETF $URA increased its weighting of U #stocks from 50% to 75%, buying large volumes of U stocks🚛 which pushed up share prices↗️ and produced a Bullish market signal.🐂🛒 Investment firms began piling back into $URA & U stocks again⤴️.../4 Image
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It is a currently a buyer's market in #Singapore due to the #Covid19 crisis hence property developers have to price property conservatively.

If you're #Singaporean, here's a thread on why you might want to consider a new private property 🏘️ in Singapore:

2/ Prior to 2013, people could easily flip #property and make tens of thousands just by buying an option to purchase.

Fast forward to 2013, various measures were introduced (#TDSR, #ABSD, #SSD)

This curbed demand lead to - /3…
3/ How is the #Singapore #RealEstate market different today?

- Healthy demand and less speculative buying
- Ample liquidity & low interest rates
- Declining unsold supply
- People are upsizing due to Work From Home (#WFH) changes…
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My fav thing about @sprucepointcap is how, when called out for basic & material errors, he just ignores it and/or blocks the messenger
@sprucepointcap This took 10 seconds of googling to figure out was wrong
Correction - it's my second fav thing about him. This is my first:
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If you're new to #Uranium & #mining #stocks in general👼 then I hope this thread will help you to understand why this mined commodity⛏️ used for #nuclear reactor fuel⚛️🌞 is famous for delivering extraordinary life-changing returns when it enters, as it is now, a boom cycle🚀...2
2/ #Uranium is a cyclical commodity🔃 that goes through boom & bust cycles based on supply vs demand imbalances⚖️ magnified to extremes by supply security fears😨 as there is no available substitute fuel for #nuclear reactors & production is concentrated in so few countries .../3
3/ Like other commodities, #Uranium rises in value when supply is scarce🏜️ which in turn triggers more production to meet demand⛏️ but because its the most regulated mined metal📚 subject to the greatest environmental scrutiny,🧐 bringing new mines online is costly & slow🐌 .../4
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#RealInvestmentReport is out!
Despite the expected #surge in #inflation early in the week, #bulls picked themselves up to rally #stocks into Friday. We discuss the potential for a short-term #bounce, why the #Fed will make a #mistake, and #postioning now.…
#LessonLearned - don't anticipate the turn in your #technicalsignals. As noted last week, it "seemed" the signal had turned, but it didn't. The #signal is very #oversold, so set up for a short-term #bounce is likely. Caution is still advised for now.…
If we are #correct in our assessment about the roll-off #effect of #stimulus and #liquidity, we could well see #bonds outperform #stocks in 2022. We are watching very closely as we currently hold minimal duration in our fixed-income #portfolios.…
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First, I would like to thank the cast of the @slaptheaskshow - @LukeKnouse and @man_growth. They all should be followed (hint on the trader spotlight tomorrow by the way). I appreciate their asking about my nightly top 10. Well here are my top 10 most undervalued #stocks tonight
1) $DROP - Custodianship last summer, reinstatement 3/17, same owner took two months for another reinstated company to go "company updated profile". And the best part - 80MM A/S & no dirty D. Some R/M process plays have a market cap so high that DROP would be $3-5 without an R/S.
2) $TGRR Tons of action at bid when not much is needed to move the ask up. We saw how it went from 0018 to 0049 in 2 hours after reinstatement. Every time an 8k got released, it resulted in a multi bagger. Speaking of 8k, one stated that Intersection Capital will take it over!
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$VNUE is about as real as it gets for #OTC #stocks. Special thanks to @Cdp3_cdp3, @RiberaoPrego, @Chaka20477958, and @sullythegreat1 for their recent DD. If you're still not convinced, here are 50 reasons why you should own/accumulate $VNUE
1) #Soundstr product is revolutionizing live music, making sure artists get their fair cut
2) $VNUE radio plays a wide variety of rock music and will generate a lot of ad revenue. What OTC stock has its own radio station.
3) Furthermore, VNUE radio and NEWHD radio is helping
employ people with disabilities.
4) Set fm another disruptive product
5) Live music is coming back due to the vaccine
6) Matchbox 20 tour in 2022
7) Artists like @CarissaBiele are signing with $VNUE
8) CEO is focusing on VNUE instead of owning 15 different penny companies
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I am planning to write Stock mkt related thread (/writeup) on..


E.g. Why prior Support acts as Resistance?
If u have such questions related to Data/ TA, DM me. If possible, I shall incorporate reasoning for that as well.....
#learning #stocks
Here we go.....

In this running thread, I shall explain my understanding/ observations on WHY aspect of Trading/ Investing/ Market analysis..

#trading #StockMarket
1. WHY Support turns Resistance and vice versa.... Image
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Extracts from the investor presentation by the company for March 2021

#Nifty #sensex #stocks #pharma #cdmo #API #specialitychemicals
Extracts from the investor presentation by the company for March 2021

Extracts from the investor presentation by the company for March 2021

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(1/n) Some notes from my trading journal – A thread
With this thread I shall attempt to explain how I select my trading picks.

I have learn't this concept from @markminervini 's books. Hope it helps.

#Trade #Investment #invest #StockMarket #stocks #india
(2/n) Stock trading above 200 and 50 DMA

Buy high to gain higher. CMP above 50 Day Moving Average (DMA) and 50 DMA above 200 DMA signifies the stock to be in an uptrend. This is an uncompromisable rule. @ZerodhaVarsity @zerodhaonline
(3/n) Volume

Volume is the key factor. The stock should show clear signs of accumulation. Generally, accumulation should happen over multiple periods of time. Attached image in the case of #BALAMINES can be used as an eg.

#stocks #StockMarket Image
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS #OCGN good morning everyone, I hope and trust you have had a wonderful morning despite what is going on in the market. Below is your ortex data and a few words of wisdom as we go through this valley today.
Hold if you can only buy more if you can afford to. Don't jump one ship to get to the other one just to have to come back. Reason is that you create an undue tax burden by selling short just to take whatever gains you get to apply it to the next stock. I'm sorry but nothing
short of a squeeze will get me to sell either my GME or AMC. I'm not going to dump one for the other as I like options and I always have. I'm definitely not going to pay Short term capital gains at my ordinary tax rate. Nope, as my nephew say's it's never going to happen. I'm
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS now that I have a few moments let’s talk ortex. I’ll give you an update on the rules DD. Below is your ortex info. Biggest change is that AMC is at 99% utilized since yesterday. The breakdown is this when a stock gets closer to 100% of shares being utilized
The more likelihood short sellers will face a buy in if investors recall their loan shares meaning investors turn off their borrowing indicators and bring the shares back into their account and collect the interest payment from them being loaned out. Now if we get to 100% of the
Shares being loaned out that means every share humanly possibly available to borrow is already out on loan taking away HF ability to short the stock without having to buy back the shares sold short. Once this avenue is used HF and MM will automatically moved to selling calls
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#GME #AMC #TSLA #KOSS this morning like all mornings. I will provide the ortex data. But before I do that let me say this. I’m not worried or phased as to what is going on in the market. I have my own money in it and I believe in what will happen.
Aka our squeeze. Nothing has changed in my resolve or spirit to reflect otherwise. The video for the 801 rule will post today. This rule sets the stage for our protection and provides cover and a safety net. We are fine and you’ll understand when you see the video. Now ortex... ImageImageImageImage
For those that like the borrow rate not to be the average. You can check your very own brokerage for details I’ve contacted mine to see what those might be but for now using the average of 160 brokerage firms and etfs is good enough for me. #stonks #wallstreetsbets #mooning
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Three Reasons Why #Nifty Is Due for a Correction:

1. 20 EMA and Nifty Connection
2. Fibonacci Pullbacks and correction modes
3. Metals rally in the past few months

Please retweet if you find the analysis useful and accurate ❤️
@rohit_katwal @kapildhama @gurdeeparora971

1. 20 EMA and Nifty:

As a thumb rule, for the past 18 years data, "Everytime Nifty starts a rally, it takes a pause at 20 EMA-Monthly support".

👉🏽 Important: I am not claiming that Nifty will fall instantly to 13000 zone tomorrow. But, 20MEMA will catch up with Nifty. Agree?
2. #Fibonacci ❤️

If you connect 2020 High and Low for the year, you would observe that markets followed the uptrend in a huge upward rally.

👉🏽 By Fib Extension rules, rallies usually take a stop/correct at 1.272 or 1.618 levels.

See chart. Best support around 13755-13664 🌟
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS #OCGN #MEMESTOCK #MOONING #L2BU Part 2 Skin In The Game - We were talking about the importance of the clearing is what it is used for "The Clearing Fund may also be used to make good losses or expenses suffered by the Corporation or losses
suffered by the Clearing Fund resulting from borrowings pursuant to the authority in Rule 1006(f): (i) as a result of the failure of any Clearing Member to discharge duly any obligation on or arising from any confirmed trade accepted by the Corporation, (ii) as a result of the
failure of any Clearing Member (including any Appointed Clearing Member) or of CDS to perform its obligations (including its obligations to the correspondent clearing corporation) under or arising from any exercised or assigned option contract or matured future or any other
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1/ In a recent series of papers, I argue that many important behaviors are shaped by neglect of selection bias in social observation.

HT to @Ben_Golub for a fascinating thread about effects of neglect of selection bias.
2/ In a “call to arms” paper, I argue that neglect of selection bias in social observation is one of the key sources of bias in the transmission of ideas and behaviors.
3/ And that in turn, bias in the social transmission of ideas and behaviors is a key intellectual building block for social economics.…
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