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13 Aug
A fair few notable anniversaries today for the Left. I’ve put them on this Thread.
We need to acknowledge and mark our history, mainstream media never will.
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7 Aug
1/ Thread on Starmer and the mess he's got himself into (1/11)

The thing about the #LabourLeaks fiasco is that it didn't have to be fiasco. That it is, is down entirely to Starmer.
2/ All he had to do is what Corbyn did, stay out of party squabbles, leave it to due process via the General Secretary and/or NEC to sort out. The same way PM's stay out of legal cases. Something you think a QC like Starmer should know by instinct.
3/ Yet he got involved from the start; not allowing due process to take place, eg suspensions pending investigation of the allegations in the leaks; starting an inquiry into how the leak happened not the allegations.
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11 Jul
1/ Kleptocracy: a society whose leaders make themselves rich and powerful by stealing from the rest of the people.
(from the Cambridge English dictionary)

2/ Kleptocracy: government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed.
(from the Merriam-Webster dictionary)
3/ Kleptocracy is a government with corrupt leaders (kleptocrats) that use their power to exploit the people and natural resources of their own territory in order to extend their personal wealth and political powers.
(from wikipedia)
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21 May
BE CAREFUL major distraction attempt being led today by the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg. She’s pushing the story fed to her by a source that the Government are “close to a solution on #socialcare
More in this Thread (1 of 7)...
If you listen to her, she’s selling hot air. She’s saying the Government had “90% of a solution” before #COVID hit and they were planning to launch the policy in the autumn. This is based on one source telling her this and is based only on a handful of meetings..
..Andrew Dilnot had with the PM, the Chancellor and Health Secretary.

None of this stands up to analysis. The Tories had no plan for social care in their manifesto in December. When pressed after the election they said their plan was..
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3 May
Just listen to this. The whole sham behind the Government’s #COVID testing target “achievement” busted. Turns out it’s just another Tory con trick!
COVID test centres that don't exist..…
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14 Dec 19
Thread - Thinking about the next Labour Leader? Think about this 1st

As many play fantasy Labour leader and to try to imagine who they’d like to replace Jeremy, something to think about first: the impact of the toxic media, it will restrict who stands and what they’ll represent
To get the damage done by media lies and smears, you know if you’re planning to run for Labour leader and you support
-Palestine you’ll be smeared as an anti Semite
-fair tax of the rich and proper NHS and schools spending you’ll be called a Marxist
and they’ll slap you everyday
So if you’re planning to run for leader your choice is:
Carry on with the manifesto Corbyn put forward knowing you, your family and anyone who supports you will attacked and smeared?
Have a programme the media will tolerate, knowing they’ll let you off until the next Election?
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26 Nov 19
Thread: Today is a test for the corporate media, especially the BBC. Will they treat the concerns of the Muslim community and their concerns about Islamophobia in the Tory Party as seriously and with as much focus as they have on the Labour Party?
A statement from the Muslim Council of Britain on comments by the Chief Rabbi and on the Tory Party. Let's see how much airtime and focus it is given:
Promient Muslims have called out Tory Islamophobia. There have been countless reports like the attached Thread by @miqdaad which have documented numerous examples. They have barely got any TV or radio airtime
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15 Nov 19
The establishment media are going mad about the Labour’s #freebroadband plan saying it will hurt people’s pension plans. Yet they provide no evidence for this.
In this Thread, I provide EVIDENCE that Labour’s plan will save money for people with cash pension pots..
The valuation of BT at the start of November was £20.09 billion
The most recent valuation of the FTSE 100 I could get is Jan 2018, which is £2.054 trillion
BT therefore represents about 1% of the FTSE 100
(NB this is generous as BT’s share price is now lower than Jan 18)
The default fund choice in most cash pension plans splits investments between the UK and global funds. Most typically 60% UK / 40% global.
BT would therefore represent 0.6% of someone’s cash pension fund.
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11 Nov 19
Thread: A question for the 1% and the Establishment: How do you think this will end?
It’s obvious the current system is not sustainable. The impacts of climate change and the tech revolution will be speed the end of the current system.
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There are no viable or durable solutions to these problems that don’t require a redistribution of wealth and resources. Ultimately we will be end up with a system that is dramatically fairer and more inclusive.
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The question is how we get to it? Even though in democracies, you the elite have the most political power.
Do we get there democratically and non violently by you allowing challengers like Corbyn and Sanders to win fairly and be allowed to start the process of change?
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8 Nov 19
Labour Online Activists - Here's my first resource pack for the Election.
8 images to 'Save' to your device and use for your own posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
Info on these pics sourced from tweets by @UKLabour @FisherAndrew79 and @ToryFibs
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What Labour Will Do
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Judge us on
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24 Oct 19
Another example today of the story you never see on the BBC or Sky, the sell off and greater profit making from the NHS.
Last night a Labour amendment to stop this was defated by the Tories helped by Fib Dem abstentions.
More details on this Thread 1/5
The figures below via @ToryFibs are from the NHS’ own data. It shows the colossal scale to which public money has been transferred to private companies through the NHS.
A short clip by Simon Baker shows the bigger threat to the NHS is it’s growing commercialisation. Despite Tory words we know giving US companies more of the NHS will a key part of a trade deal with Trump (that’s why they voted against Labour’s amendment)
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10 Oct 19
Socialists, get ready, we've got another battle coming, the biggest one so far!
Since supporting Jeremy for the leadership 4 years ago, it feels like we've haven't had a moments peace, we've gone from one battle to another..
Thread 1/6
From that first leadership battle, to the various coups, including the big one in 2016, the battles against the media and various smears they've tried to land, the battles with the Watson Tories and all their attempts to sabotage Labour from within..
...the battles with real Tories, local elections and the 2017 General Election, with the yellow Fib Dem Tories and their various tricks to enable the Tories and so on. Whew! It's been non stop.
We're now on the verge of the biggest battle yet, the decider!
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1 Oct 19
Fake Tory Promises
We all know the Tories are great at making promises but terrible at making them happen. But under Boris they can't event get their promises right! They're packed with spin and lies.
This Thread goes through the biggest fake promises from their 2019 conference..
Fake Promise (1) "We'll build 40 new hospitals"
- It's just money for 6 "reconfigurations" not new hospitals with money to "plan" 36 hospitals in "the future"
- Not one is a mental health trust
- Hospitals already have a £6 billion backlog of repairs
Fake Promise (2) "We've cut debt as we promised"
- The Tories came into power in 2010, the graph tells you the rest.
- They inherited public sector debt of around 1 Trillion in 2010. That debt has now RISEN to 1.79 Trillion, about a 70% increase.
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26 Sep 19
200 Policies a Jeremy Corbyn Government Will Deliver If We Win The Next General Election

Thread 1 of 14
@ToryFibs has done a truly excellent job of bringing together these 200 policies. To make it easier to digest and share I've broken them down in categories.
Green New Deal
Thread 2 of 14
Creating An Economy That Works For All
Thread 3 of 14
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6 Sep 19
Don't all yell at me at once but I see too many Labour supporters being optimistic about how we'll do in the upcoming General Election. I think we have real issues to worry about.
Before you yell disagreement, at least read this Thread to see why I say that..
The optimism for Labour is mostly based on:
1) What happened in 2017: the polls were wrong, Labour added on c.20% to what the polls were saying, we'll do it again.
2) Once we get the fair airtime a General Election requires, people will see our policies and Jeremy properly.

3) It's the policies that will do it. People will see beyond Brexit at the sort of country we want going forward and will pick Labour

Here's why I think these 3 points don't apply as much they seem

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28 Aug 19
There it is, confirmation Johnson wants to shut down Parliament. What will those Tory ministers who said they would never stand for that, like Hancock, do now that they are in Johnson’s Cabinet?
Exhibit 1- Matt Hancock, currently Sec of State for the NHS.
Here's what he said about proroguing when he was in the Tory leadership campaign. Lying then or now?
Exhibit 2 - Nicky Morgan, currently Sec of State for Media and Culture
Here she says she would support legal action against the prorogation of Parliament. Lying then or now?
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18 Aug 19
Thread on how Swinson and Umunna have made a No Deal more likely by removing one of Johnson’s excuses for not letting a No Deal happen..
As much we may criticise Johnson, he isn’t dumb and his own political reputation matters mrore to him than anything else. He knows a No Deal would be a catastrophe and he knows that once that carnage becomes clear it will politically destroy him and the Tories.
Johnson’s strategy from day one as PM as been to prepare for blame shifting. On the one hand he wants to show he would go for a No Deal and ‘do Brexit’ to shore up the Brexit side of the Tory vote. At the same time he needs to politically hedge for the disaster No Deal would be.
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11 Apr 19
The BBC have been "disappearing" Labour from their news coverage. This Thread on what"disappearing means and how you can help fight it.
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By "disappearing" I mean news coverage that simply excludes Labour and its policies. This happened all throughout Brexit from the referendum onwards. Not covering for months Labour's customs union plan is an example, only interviewing hostile back benchers another.
The Thread below is one example of how the BBC do "disappearing" in news bulletins. This is just one example from this week but you would have seen them do likewise many, many times over on both TV and radio all through Brexit.
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3 Apr 19
All the papers and most of the TV reporters are assuming that May is acting in good faith in inviting Jeremy Corbyn for talks on a Brexit deal, But she hasn't had any conversion, this yet another May trick. Here's why this is an insincere offer..
a) Her extension isn't possible
The EU have already said they're not open to another short extension. She knows that, we all know that, yet she's asking for a short extension. She is expecting that to be knocked back and that'll she be offered no extension or a long extension
b) She is asking Labour to agree something she can't guarantee
She's said the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) is not negotiable. The only thing to negotiate on is the Political Agreement. This is NOT legally binding and she has said she will go after the WA.
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31 Mar 19
70% of the electorate DIDN’T vote for the Tories in the 2017 General Election. How does the BBC represent their views in its Sunday morning paper reviews?
This Thread on how they did today (31st March)
Firstly the concept of “paper reviews” is deeply unrepresentative. Not only are their circulations at all time lows but the majority are owned by off shore non UK tax paying oligarchs who are deeply Conservative. Their papers reflect their views and interests.
This already deeply unrepresentative flaw is made worse by selecting “paper reviewers” who come from those same organisations OR who have the same polictical views and interests as the right wing pro-Tory press. Two examples to follow..
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15 Mar 19
Truly amazing and appalling. The TV news in their coverage of the #NewZealandTerroristAttack are talking about the rise of Islamophobia WITHOUT mentioning #ToryIslamophobia, the comments of politicians like Farage and Johnson and the daily hate fest in the newspapers. Amazing.
And according to the TV News, it’s all the fault of social media NOT the hate speech and othering of Muslims we’ve seen from leading politicians in the UK, the US, across Europe and Australia nor anything to do with the mainstream media themselves...
If we look race hate outrages like the various pogroms against Jews in Europe culminating in the Holocaust, the lynchings of black people in the US and the racist attacks in the UK since the 1960s, the common thread ISN’T social media but..
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